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Prefectural Symbol

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Prefectural Symbol
The outer circle of the Okinawa Prefecture symbol represents the ocean. The white circle symbolizes a peace-loving Okinawa and the inner circle symbolizes a globally developing Okinawa. In short, the mark symbolizes "Ocean" "Peace" and "Development."

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This site is dedicated to assisting researchers find their roots on Okinawa.  The listed on-line sites are  in three basic categories:  (1) Those which are in some way related directly to genealogy on Okinawa; (2) Those which may, in some way, help you do your research; and, (3) Those which will help familiarize you with Okinawa Prefecture and Okinawan culture. 
If anyone knows of on-line sites which may be added to these pages, please send me the name(s) of the site(s) and the URL(s) so that I may add them to the listings.

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