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I am looking for relatives that I do not know about. Here is all the information I have. If this information ties into your family or you know anything about these people please contact me.

They had 2 sons. My father Luther Calvin Bowles, who later changed the spelling of his name to Boles,  born 1899 in St. Joe Texas and died April 1965 in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
His brothers name was George Bowles, born around 1903 to 1905 somewhere in Texas. The date of his death is unknown.

This is the information I have on the BOLES/BOWLES side of my family, which is an ongoing search. I am thankful I found my great grandfather. I hope this information will help someone  that might be looking for one of these people  from the census. This is where I acquired my information. From the census I found both spellings  of the BOLES/BOWLES name were used by my family. I think many people will find this in their family  history and a few mistakes are made in the census as far as spellings , birthdates and months are concerned. But there is enough information you can use to be able to lock on to your family members.

This is what, I have found.
My grandfather was GEORGE A. BOLES, B 1878,  Texas,
The following is from the 1910 soundex MARSHALL COUNTY, OKLA.
GEORGE A BOLES, 31,  b Texas  (My Grandfather )
Nannie Harrison Boles wife 29 b Texas
Luther  C Boles, 10, b Cooke county, Texas, ( my father )
George w age 6 b Okla
Willie A age  04 b Texas
Andy Harrison, boarder, brother of Nannie Harrison Boles, age 26 b Texas

Following from 1880 Soundex  Montaque County, Texas
J N Boles 34, b Miss. (My great grandfather )

  1. F.    wife age 29 b Texas

  1. M. A.  daughter, 8, b Texas

  2. M. F.  daughter, 6, b Texas

  3. J. O. son. 4, b Texas

  4. G. A. age 1, b Texas, (my grandfather)

Betty Jean Boles  -- Father was --Luther Calvin Boles Sr. B St Joe Tx. Oct 14 1899 d April 20  1965  Boles  Acres Alamogordo, NM

Luther sr. Married Gladys Inez Scribner b 1901 Powell Ok Marshall co.Married July 14 1919 Powell Ok
d Dec. 28,1978  Glendale Az.

Father of Luther C Boles was  George A. Bowles ,  b St Joe Tx, Cooke Co Tx.  Born 1878. Died 
between 1912-1914  believe  in Willis Okla, married  Annie C. Harrison, in Texas,

Georges father was…
James  Boles  , born 1846, in MS,  Married to a woman with initials D F , last name unknown, born  in
Tx,  1900Census  shows his wife as being Isabella, born Oct 1850, TX, age 49, in 1900

Father of James Bowles was  Anderson Bowles  jr,  born 1786 in Va., wife Sarah Ann Harvey, born 1804 in KY,  married Sept 20 1824 Lawrence cnty, MS,  Anderson Boles  Jr. Died in MS abt 1853.

Father of  Anderson Bowles  Jr, was  Anderson Boles Sr,. He was born VA, 3 May 1764, and he was the son of Gideon . and Ann Charity Hughes Bowles,  He is believed to have died 1813  in Mo. He married Jane Thomas 12 Nov 1783, 

Gideon Bowles and Ann Charity Hughes the parents of Anderson Bowles Sr. were Married in  1757.

Betty Boles Johnson,  e mail:

The above picture is  a family picture of my  grandmother Nannie
Harrison Boles and  the Harrison family.  Date of picture unknown.
This picture was  taken  in Cook County, Texas or Marshall County,
Oklahoma or somewhere in that area.

My Mom (Far Right), Sisters, and some Brothers

1928 Luther & Gladis Boles w/Children Ishmael,
Calvin, Virginia, Nadine

Luther (My Dad) & Betty Boles

Gladys Boles
(My Mom)

1935 Betty 4yrs 
Edwin 1yr

Betty & Virgina 1934

Luther & Gladys ( Dad & Mom)