Beechgrove Presbyterian Cemetery

Beechgrove Presbyterian Cemetery


Gone Home
Nannie E. Watterson
Wife of ? MM Jacobs
Died August 3, 1873
V. S. Wife of W. M. McMichael
Born May 16, 1844
Died October 7, 1868
Probably the strangest thing we discovered at this cemetery was the stacked stones between some of head/foot stones.  Does anyone know why they did this?  We found many gravesites like this. If you know the story please email our webmaster.  If you would like your answer displayed please give the webmaster permission to do so.


Subj: Beechgrove Tennessee Cemetery 
Date: 1/13/03 7:51:34 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Dr. Denis A. Bekaert

On the question of why the stacked stones between the foot and head stones I might suggest they might have been put there to protect the loved one from digging animals, particularly if the corpse was not embalmed.  This is an ancient practice, although not often seen in this country in
the last hundred years.  Embalming has reduced the need for such practices, but in somewhat isolated areas, like this particular cemetery, survivors might have desired additional protection.

 Son of J. B. and C.T. Tune

Charles R. Tune
 September 19, 1859
October 19, 1859

Elizabeth Thomas
William Jacobs

October 19, 1830
April 25, 1883

Aged 52 Years

James A. Brantley

November 1, 1874 
Aged 66 Years 6 months 1 day

Mary J. Rayburn 
Daughter of James and Margaret McGill 
Wife of R. D. Rayburn 
Born in the year 1839 died Feb. 1858
Mary Moore wife of Charles More 
Born Sept 3 1781 Died April 14, 1862
Born September 20, 1802 
Died July 26, 1867

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