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Welcome to my family history website. You will find names, dates, places, and relationships of my ancestors and relatives. Research is in various degrees of completion on the various lines, and I am always adding more. I've barely begun collecting information about some of the families; others I have been working on for years.

For reasons of privacy, I have not included living people and have followed the rule that those who were born in 1900 or later are also not included if I have no knowledge of their deaths. Please email me ( if you find any connections or possible relationships.

All of the information presented is documented in some degree, but please realize that it may not all be correct. I will be happy to learn of any corrections that should be made. This is not final family information, but I hope presenting it on the web will help others and myself in our research.

Note: The Fehmarn information is from John Kostick. If you have Fehmarn ancestors, please take a look at his wonderful site.







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