The O'Hara Family

The O'Hara Family

NOTE: some information provided by Elise Martin, granddaughter of Francis O'Hara

The Family of John O'Hara & Mary Laden

John O'Hara [1] May 1846 Ballinisloe (?) Galway, Ireland 11 July 1910
Derby, New Haven Co., Connecticut April 1870 Derby, New Haven Co., Connecticut Mary Laden/Leyden/Leaden
William M. O'Hara [3] b. February 1871

New Haven Co., Connecticut

buried 9 November 1940

Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut

Abt. 1896 likely Derby, New Haven Co., Connecticut Elizabeth ??
Edward (Edwin) O'Hara [4] b. May 1873 New Haven Co., Connecticut    

1) bef. 1913

2) abt. 1925

1) likely New York

2) likely New York

1) Margaret ??

2) Mary

Catherine (Kittie) O'Hara December 1875 New Haven Co., Connecticut          
John J. O'Hara [5] b. abt. 1876 New Haven Co., Connecticut buried 28 December 1939 Derby, New Haven Co., Connecticut    

1) Tilly ??

2) Ellen ??

Marie (Mary) O'Hara [6] b. abt. 1879 New Haven Co., Connecticut buried 3 February 1892 Derby, New Haven Co., Connecticut ~ ~ ~
Charles R. O'Hara [7]

December 1880

New Haven Co., Connecticut buried 30 June 1904 Derby, New Haven Co., Connecticut     ? ?
George O'Hara [8] January 1889 New Haven Co., Connecticut 1957 Derby, New Haven Co., Connecticut     Anna Bunting
Elizabeth A.O'Hara January 1884 New Haven Co., Connecticut     abt. 1915   Herman R. Everding [9]
Francis (Frank) A. O'Hara [10] March 1886 New Haven Co., Connecticut 1968 New York City, New York 1918 New York Margaret McCarthy
Robert Henry O'Hara February 09, 1888 Derby, New Haven Co., Connecticut 16 January 1959 Rome, Oneida, New York November 26, 1917 Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA Jessie Marie Schwartz
Joseph P. O'Hara [11] March 1890 New Haven Co., Connecticut 4 October 1956 Derby, New Haven Co., Connecticut     Margaret (Peg) V.

[1] John's occupation in the USA was shoemaker. John shows up living with many of his children in Derby, New Haven County, CT in 1900 and with Francis (Frank), Elizabeth and Joseph in 1910, still in Derby. John was buried 13 July 1910, at 63 yrs old in Mt. St. Peter's Cemetery in Derby, CT. His death certificate states that his father's name was John. Also buried, but relationship not know in the family plot are: Robert O'Hara, buried 4/22/1892; Helen Beecher, buried 3/27/61; Marie O'Hara, b. 1900, buried 7/6/73.

[2] For charts on Mary, click on her name. Francis' Birth Certificate shows him as her 10th child, w/ 9 currently living at the time. This means we are missing one child. That child would have died before 1884, and doesn't appear to be in the cemetery plot with John & Mary.

[3] 1900 Census shows William living at 53 Derby Avenue, married 4 years to Elizabeth (b. March 1872) with children; Lester W. b. September 1897, CT and Stanley G. b. July 1899, CT. William is a Contractor. In 1910, the family has moved to Milford, New Haven County, CT and has added two more children to the family: Marie W. b. abt. 1901 CT and Helen G. b. 1903 in New Hampshire ( who later m. James Beecher) and d. 1961 - buried in the Derby, CT family plot. William works as an Electrician at a Gas Plant in both 1910 and 1920. No records have been found in 1930, however, William and wife, Elizabeth are buried together in Milford, Connecticut. Elizabeth was 61 when she died, date of burial 11 June 1937.

In 1920, still living in Milford, Helen has married William F. McCarthy and they live with her folks plus their own two children; Lester W. b. November 1918 and Robert N. b. December 1919.

By 1930, Stanley has moved on to 20 Reed St., Milford, CT and has married Dorothy A. in 1927; he works as a Policeman. Lester has also moved on and married Alice E. in 1924, they live at 843 Orange St., New Haven, CT and have two children: Florence M. (3 9/12) and Joan E. (1 10/12) ~ Lester is a Railroad Electrician.

[4] In 1900, Edward lives at 285 Gold Street, Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York. He is unmarried and working as a machinist. We do not find him in 1910, however, by 1920, he is married to Margaret (b. abt. 1875), lives at 54 Linden Street, is a Machinist for American Lithograph and the couple has two children; Edward b. abt. 1913 in CT and Eileen b. abt. September 1915 in CT. Apparently, Margaret died before 1930 as Edward and the children show up in Queens on Linden Street, but Edward is now married to a Mary. His first marriage is listed at age 36 to her 44 and he is 54 while she is 49 suggesting they married abt. 1925.

[5] John does not seem to show up in census records until 1910 when he lives in Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Mass as a dairy farmer with a wife, Tilly (b. abt. 1876) and children; Mary L. b. 1900, Alicia b. abt. 1903, Sarah b. abt. 1904, John b. abt. 1906, Frances b. abt. 1908, Gertrude b. abt 1909 and James b. abt. 1912. All the children are born in Massachusetts however John is listed as born in Massachusetts as well. Tilly immigrated from Ireland in 1899. In 1920, he lives at the same location with all the children but the eldest daughter, Mary (who likely has moved on) and his wife is named Ellen (also b. abt. 1876) and immigrated from Ireland in 1895. John's birthplace this time is listed as Connecticut. Apparently, Tilly has died and John has remarried? No 1930 record is found and John is buried in the family plot at Mt. St. Peter's Cemetery in Derby, CT; age 63 yrs old (d. abt. 1939).

[6] Mary was buried in the family plot at Mt. St. Peter's Cemetery in Derby, CT, 3 February 1892, 13 yrs old.

[7] Buried 30 June 1904 in the family plot at Mt. St. Peter's Cemetery in Derby, CT is Charles O'Hara, 23 yrs old. Also buried in the same plot is Charles S. O'Hara, buried 12/23/1904 at 3 months of age, assumed to be Charles' infant son; mother unknown.

[8] George moved to Buffalo sometime before 1906 and had three children with Anna Bunting: George J, b.1909, d. 2002 in Toledo, OH, Robert, b. 1914, d. 2000 in Toledo, OH, and Anna, b. abt. 1916. Robert (O'Hara sibling # 10) lived with George and his family in Buffalo for a while, at least in 1910 - thus perhaps the reason for the naming of their second son. In 1920, the family lives in Erie, Pennsylvania, and in 1930, they live in Toledo, Ohio. At this point, son Robert is now listed in census as Edwin R. Same birthdate, must be the same child as listed in 1920. George is still alive in 1942, and completes a draft registration card. After George d. in 1957, his widow, Dorothy(see footnote #3 above) married Helen's widowed husband James Beecher.

[9] Elizabeth shows up in the 1900 and 1910 censuses with the family, then has married by 1920 living in Springfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts where they have two sons, Vincent H., b. abt. 1916 and William F., b. abt. 1920. In 1930, the family has moved to Cook Co., IL.

[10] Frank lives with his father up until 1910. NOTE from Elise Martin, direct descendant of Francis: "Francis moved from Derby, where he lived w/ his father John, to Manhattan sometime between 1910 and 1917. He became a police officer in Manhattan, as was his brother Joseph. Francis married Margaret McCarthy in 1918, and they had somewhere between 4-6 children, all of whom died either in childbirth, or as young children, except Virginia Marie O'Hara." Virginia married Joseph Cox, also from Manhattan, and they had three children. Virginia is buried w/ her parents, Francis and Margaret O'Hara, in one plot at Mt. St. Peter's Cemetery in Derby, CT, along with Margaret's parents. Francis died in 1968, Margaret died in 1969.

[11] In 1920, Joseph has moved to 43 W. 114th Street in Manhattan and married Margaret V. (b. abt. 1891 in New York). He works as a Police Patrolman. In 1930, they have moved to the 35 Nelson Ave. in the Bronx and have no children. Joseph continues to work as an NYC Policeman. He and his wife are both buried in the family plot at Mt. St. Peter's Cemetery in Derby, CT. Margaret V. O'Hara, died 31 July 1957, age 66. Click on Joseph's name in the chart above to see his picture.

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