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Ioland Cemetery

SEC-14 TWP-17 R-22

LOCATION: 8 miles east of Arnett, 5 1/2 miles south, 2 miles east and apporsimately 8 miles southeast and 3/4 mile back south.

The Ioland School was located about 1/2 miles morth of the cemetery. The town name was developed from the word Iosa.

The oldest recorded burial in this cemetery was of a young girl named Lula May Duncan. She died of tuberculosis in 1892. Matilda Duncan also died of tuberculosis in 1895.

The cemetery was established on John Greenfield's homeplace.
There are several unknowns in this cemetery, a few are known locations that are unmarked. The locations of others have been lost to time.

In 1996 the cemetery map and records are kept by Mr. Frank Moore.


BARKERSarahElizabeth  12-22-16
BARKERInfantSon#1 --------
BARKERInfantSon#2 ------15
BIGGSUnnamed   ------04
BROWNJohnWilliam I10-10-80
BROWNArnold   06-27-94
BROWNCatherene "Kate" 07-25-41
BROWNEllen   05-04-60
BROWNJack   04-09-71
COLDIRONWilliamR."Red Buck" ------12
CROSSLesterRay  12-28-07
CURTISInfant   ------08
DOANEJosephineLouise  05-10-21
DUDLEYInfantSon  04-26-04
DUDLEYMaggie   03-28-00
DUNCANLulaMay  11-15*92
DUNCANJ.R. poss12-20-09
DUNCANCynthia   09-15-15
DUNCANEffie   04-10-10
DUNCANMatilda   06-12*95
GILMOREJ.M.Mrs. 04-04-02
GREENFIELDJohnWilliam  01-07-03
HABEKOTTWilliamNicholas  11-19-76
HARRELInfant#1  ------18
HARRELInfant#2  12-22-17
HAWKINSMahalaT.  10-17-38
HOGESInfant   ------12
HOWELLGroverWalter  05-06-16
HOWELLGreenfield   ------16
JONESInfant   ------15
KEENANShermanS.  05-07-36
LONGFemale AKA ------05
LONGJohnRiley  07-22-56
LONGVerina AKA 10-14-33
MCCUMBERW.F.  --------
MCCUMBERW.F.  ------22
MCCUMBERLoyRay  03-18-20
MCCUMBERInfant   09-22-19
MITCHELLInfant   ------12
MITCHELLInfant   ------13
MOORERoseAnna  02-27-96
NUTTALLJohnFranklinSr. 03-15-33
NUTTALLElsiePermelia  01-14-70
NUTTALLInfantSon  08----52
NUTTALLJohn Jr. 03-16-29
OSBORNEHarry   ------12
PARVINAliceEdith  06-12-95
PARVINHoraceEdwin"Edd" ------63
PARVINHoraceW.  11-07-30
PARVINOrenWesley  04-13-61
PARVINOllie   02-11-09
PARVINRosella   07-06-36
RAINWATERInfantSon  07-19-27
ROBERTSONInfant   ------07
SHIELDSCampbell "Captain"C/N02-21-13
SHIELDSRebeccaPrudence  10-17-30
SHIELDSInfant   ------03
SUTTONEdd Jr. ------18
SUTTONFemale See:Long --------
SUTTONEddSr."Daddy" ------15
SUTTONCharley   ------02
SUTTONClaude   ------27
SUTTONHenry   ------06
SUTTONVerina See:Long --------
THOMPSONWaldemerRErnest"Walley" 02-20-29
THOMPSONMatildaMay  08-25-83
UNKNOWN31-R9NDecorated1960 --------
UNKNOWN57-R6SNo Grave here  --------
UNKNOWN17-R4N   --------
UNKNOWN18-R4N   --------
UNKNOWN19-R4N   --------
UNKNOWN24-R6N   --------
UNKNOWN26-R7N   --------
UNKNOWN27-R7N   --------
UNKNOWN28-R7N   --------
UNKNOWN32-R10N   --------
UNKNOWN54-R6S   --------
UNKNOWN62-R8S   --------
UNKNOWN63-R8S   --------
UNKNOWN64-R9S   ------12
WATSONNancy   12-19-09
WESTCharley   ------04
WILSONSamuel   11-14-04
DYERLaura   --------

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