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Listing of burials & photos of Dunlap Cemetery Woodward County, Oklahoma  
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Dunlap Cemetery

Jeannie Shires has photographed some of the headstones/markers in Dunlap Cemetery. She has graciously given permission to post the photos online.I am in the process of updating the cemetery and taking photos of all markers.Click the surname of the person to see the photo I have taken. Under comments, Jennie's photos will be a clickable link JS).If the name does not appear as a linka photo is not available.

Feel free to download any of Jeannie Shires photos to your computer. You may copy, edit or distribute the restrictions. My photos are © by me and may be used for your own genealogy. They may not be used for any commercial purpose.

Dunlap Cemetery

Woodward County, OK

3 miles east of Mutual, 1 mile south on east side of road.
Southeast on Highway 183 to NS 218 country road, east about 1 1/2 miles.
SW Section 10 - Township 20 - Range 18
Cemetery was canvassed in February 1984 by Maude Roan and Fredia Patterson. Typing by LaDonna Seachris and Ellabell Eker, members of the Northwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society. Updated and photographed June 2004.
RowSurnameName Birth DeathComment
12ALLISONJoe28 Jul 18839 Apr 1965Sarah ALLISON
12ALLISONSarah13 May 188526 Dec 1971Joe ALLISON
09ANDERSONMary Francis09 Sep 1917 19 Sep 1974 Reo Andraas  JS
Nee - Huffman married Jan. 19 1944 - Stecher Mortuary
09ANDERSONReo Andraas 12 Sep 1910 06 Apr 1991Mary Francis  JS
14ARTHAUDAlma May 15 Dec 18974 Dec 1972d/o Alvin & Lena C.  JS
14ARTHAUDAlvin02 Oct 187131 Dec 1957 Lena C. ARTHAUDJS
IARTHAUDGaylord W. 28 Feb 190816 May 1953 s/o Alvin & Lena C. JS
14ARTHAUDLena C.03 Apr 187214 Dec 1939 Alvin ARTHAUD  JS
12ARTHAUDLee E. 22 Mar 1901xx Jun 1963 Loa G. ARTHAUD
12ARTHAUDLoa G. 04 Sep 1906 xx Jul1975Lee E. ARTHAUD
14ARTHAUDLouie Eugene30 Mar 191128 Apr 1978 s/o Alvin & Lena C.  JS
14ARTHAUDMillard09 Sep 1899 18 Dec 1982Velma ARTHAUD  JS
 ARTHAUDNorman15 Mar 193005 Sep 1996 Reba ARTHAUD  JS
 ARTHAUDReba L.25 Feb 1935 Married 20 Oct 1974JS
14ARTHAUDVelma20 Jun 1903 20 Jan 1991Millard ARTHAUD  JS
IATWELLAlfred M.21 Mar 186809 Apr 1947Louwilda ATWELL
When evening is nigh - Homesteaded 1893 6 1/2 miles East of Mutual Okla.
10ATWELLBen F. 03 Feb 187617 Oct 1968Lillian M. ATWELL
09ATWELLBobby Lee05 Sep 1923 s/o F. L. & V. F. ATWELL
09ATWELLBonnie27 Jan 1929  d/o F. L. & V. F. ATWELL
I ATWELLCorrine28 Nov 192112 Dec 1939 
10ATWELLEarl 11 Oct 189224 Jan 1963Isabell ATWELL
09ATWELLFred Lemuel15 Dec 189727 Jul 1976Vura ATWELL
Footstone: Fred Lemuel ATWELL - Pvt. U. S. Army - World War II
10ATWELLIsabell 23 Sep 1900 15 Dec 1987Earl ATWELL
09ATWELLJ. Edward 04 Sep 187129 Jun 1945 
09ATWELLJohn E. 17 Sep 184008 Feb 1930 Mrs. J. E. ATWELL
09ATWELLMrs. John E. 10 Apr 184514 Jan 1930 John E. ATWELL
10ATWELLLillian M.29 Jan 188102 Nov 1936Ben F. ATWELL
IATWELLLouwilda16 Jun 187311 Dec 1914Nee: Dunshee
IATWELLRaymond09 Mar 191717 Sep 1917 
09ATWELLVura20 Oct 190304 Sep 1988Fred Lemuel ATWELL
Parents of Peggy - Virgil - Wanda
IBAKERInfant    d/o Mr./Mrs. James Baker
12BARNEYDelliah Esther18 Mar 188229 Nov 1971William S. BARNEY
VIBARNEYDorothy Winifred25 Dec 1918 Married 16 Apr 1938  JS
VIBARNEYHarold Nelson14 Aug 191612 Jul 1979Married 16 Apr 1938  JS
12BARNEYWilliam Sherman08 Dec 187626 Dec 1926Delliah E. BARNEY
VBENNETTPhebe M.xx xxx 1844xx xxx 1935 "Mother" in Russell plot
II BERGPearl 10 Jun 188308 May 1966 Queen Esther Chapter 117 O.E.S.
IVBERTELSENAnnie26 Mar 183228 May 1902George BERTELSEN
I BERTELSENChris05 Feb 186928 Mar 1946wtih Nellie BERTELSEN
IBERTELSENNellie 07 Oct 188308 Aug 1966"Mother"
14BESTOrin B.26 Dec 189514 Sep 1968 
Military Marker - Oklahoma - Pfc. Hospital Train World War I
10 BILLINGSLEYEdith May10 Feb 189823 Jul 1992On stone with Emeth  JS
10BILLINGSLEYEmeth Lee19 Dec 186906 Jun 1960  JS
V BILLINGSLEYEssie B.xx xxx 1916xx xxx 1917Next to Loma A. BILLINGSLEY
IIIBILLINGSLEYInfant Sonxx xxx 1908 Next to Loma A. BILLINGSLEY
09BILLINGSLEYJohn V.14 Apr 191010 Jan 1973 
III BILLINGSLEYLillie Mae21 May 191315 Nov 1995 
III BILLINGSLEYLoma A.xx xxx 1906xx xxx 1912 Next toEssie B. BILLINGSLEY
11BIRDFloyd E.09 Nov 189825 Feb 1929 
"No Pain No Grief No Anxious Fear Can Reach Our Loved One Sleeping Here"
07BIRDLaura A. 26 Nov 187320 Jun 1940Walter S. BIRD
07BIRDViolet   d/o W. S. & L. A. Bird
07BIRDWalter S. 06 Aug 1870 11 Feb 1949Laura A. BIRD
IBISELEva Ann14 Aug 1917 Only dateInfant
IBISELHattie A.xx xxx 1875xx xxx 1948"Mother"
IBISELKelsie H. xx xxx 1875xx xxx 1951"Father"
I BISELLavina M.14 May 1906 17 Dec 1978 Levi S. BISEL
I BISELLevi S.01 Apr 190326 Nov 1986Lavina M. BISEL
VIBISSELLInfant   Roberts Brothers Mortuary Marker
IIBOOTHEstellexx xxx 1876xx xxx 1959John C. BOOTH
IIBOOTHJohn C.xx xxx 1871xx xxx 1951Estelle BOOTH
IIIBROWNAlva Earl 05 Jun 19154 Feb 1998WW II   JS
III BROWNMary Bernice24 Dec 191124 Apr 1989Alva Earl BROWN JS
VIBUELLJesse09 May 186513 Feb 1945Leota BUELL
VIBUELLLeota27 Sep 1874 13 Mar 1923Jesse BUELL
09BYERSEdith M.xx xxx 1888xx xxx 1961Percy E. BYERS
09BYERSPercy E.xx xxx 1873 xx xxx 1926Edith M. BYERS
IICAVINSBenjamine28 Dec 184803 Jul 1911 
VICALKINSAlbert J.01 May 185215 Jan 1939Ellen Calkins
VICALKINSEllen03 May 185820 Jan 1925Nee: Bingham
VICALKINSHenirettaxx xxx 1831 xx xxx 1901 
VICALKINSThelma Louise31 Dec 193213 Jan 1933 
IVCHILDERSInfant23 Feb 190223 Feb 1902s/o E. J. & R. B. Childers
IIICORYInfant22 Jan 190321 Feb 1903s/o W. M. & A. L.
IICRAYCharles31 May 187830 Jun 1914 
IICRAYHarry21 Mar 187713 Nov 1946JS
IICRAYMartinxx xxx 1840xx xxx 1926Olive Cray
IICRAYOlivexx xxx 1849xx xxx 1933Nee: Nelson
IICRISPINNaomi05 Oct 187808 Jun 1963 
IICUNNINGHAMHerbert E.16 Dec 191024 Apr 1982Anita M.
IICUNNINGHAMAnita M.  Herbert E.
IVDOCKERTYCora Nelson15 Oct 188106 Oct 1957Eastern Star Emblem  JS
IVDOCKERTYDeVerl 08 Aug 190522 Feb 1908 d/o Ross & Cora  JS
IVDOCKERTYElizabeth 03 Jun 183703 Dec 1910JS
IVDOCKERTYMillard09 Aug 191510 Aug 1915 s/o Ross & Cora  JS
IVDOCKERTYRoss Duane23 Aug 187825 Sep 1948 Masonic Lodge  JS
12DOHERTYClyde Arthur 16 Nov 190915 Jun 1938 
07DOHERTYInfant 19 Jan 191919 Jan 1919 s/o Thomas & Minnie
12DOHERTYMinnie M. 18 Apr 187618 Dec 1943Thomas H. DOHERTY
12DOHERTYSon   s/o Thomas H. and Minnie M.
Son "Bill" is supposed to be buried here - no stone or any sign of a stone
12DOHERTYThomas H. 10 Mar 186909 Aug 1952Minnie M. DOHERTY
II DONLEYElla B. xx xxx 1875xx xxx 1955 
11DONLEYJames 31 Mar 190129 Dec 1951 
11DONLEYLenexx xxx 1894xx xxx 1982Charles A. DONLEY
11DONLEYVernon C.xx xxx 1920xx xxx 1923"Son" - Next to Son - Carol Lee Donley
IIDONLEYWillard E.xx xxx 1872 xx xxx 1949 Oddfellow Lodge
IIDONLEYWillis Edwinxx xxx 1896xx xxx 1910Funeral Home Marker
09DUNSHEEGuy H.xx xxx1903 xx xxx1929 
09DUNSHEELawerence A.24 May 190512 Oct 1983Stecher Mortuary marker
09DUNSHEENannie xx xxx 1870xx xxx1963 
09DUNSHEEOrlando F. xx xxx 1867xx xxx 1945 
07DWYERDorothy Lavon30 Jan 191821 Jun 1946Next to Lola Savere
09EADESCharles L.xx xxx 1852xx xx 1933Mary L. EADES
09EADESMary L. xx xxx 1859xx xxx1951Charles L. EADES
09EAMESDennis A.xx xxx 1903xx xxx 1928Armstrong Funeral Marker
09EAMESHery A.xx xxx 1863xx xxx 1945Armstrong Funeral Marker
09EAMESMecy A.xx xxx 1872xx xxx 1948Armstrong Funeral Marker
Cement stone with marbles and sea shells name or picture plate missing.
II ELDERJanis Moser05 Nov 194604 Jan 1973 
Vietnam OK PFC U. S. Army
III ELLINGTONCash W.13 Jul 189426 Nov 1969Mildred ELLINGTON
III ELLINGTONEugene P.28 Aug 189209 Jan 1983 Ruth W. ORR
The last of the Cowboys Eastern Star Emblem
IIIELLINGTONMary A.28 Jan 186927 May 1926Wm. H. ELLINGTON
Large family stone with Log house and covered wagon. On back of stone "Pioneer Settlers of 1893"
IIIELLINGTONMildred I.23 Jul 190823 Apr 2000Nee: McMillian
III ELLINGTONWilliam H.25 Nov 186312 Sep 1904 Mary A. ELLINGTON
I ERWINBernice M.17 Apr 188906 Mar 1966 Jess M. ERWIN
I ERWINCornelius09 Apr 1927   
I ERWINInfant 02 Apr 191302 Apr 1913 i/o Jesse & Bernice
I ERWINJess M.17 May 188810 Jun 1963Bernice M. ERWIN
IERWINPaul Lewis13 May 1921  
07EVANSLea O.V Aug 191323 Jun 1993Patricia G. EVANS
IVEVANSLille Belle 23 May 1915 02 Sep 1917 
07 EVANSPatricia G.10 Jan 191413 Sep 1978Married: 19 Jul 1945
IVEVANSSarah E.18 Jul 187218 Feb 1954 William EVANS
IVEVANSWilliam20 Jun 186613 Dec 1933Sarah E. EVANS
VFOTHERGILLIrma01 Feb 190423 Jan 1991"Father"
VFOTHERGILLL. C. "Mike"20 Dec 1898 30 Oct 1974"Father"
VFOTHERGILLRoberta21 Apr 192303 May 1923 "Our Darling"
IIIGILLENWATERFreddie T.01 Aug 190210 May 1903s/o L. T. and Ona JS
IIIGILLENWATERHarold Nelson21 Feb 191825 Sep 2003 
WW II 1st Sgt. US Army
IIIGILLENWATERLindsey T.xx xxx 1874xx xxx 1935Ona GILLENWATER  JS
IIIGILLENWATEROnaxx xxx 1878xx xxx 1958L. T. GILLENWATER  JS
IGLENDINNINGBernice20 May 189211 Apr 1967 With Harry & Neva
11GLENDINNINGHarry01 Feb 1892xx Feb 1984With Bernice and Neva
11GLENDINNINGNeva 10 Jan 192318 Jul 1926With Bernice & Harry
VGOODHUEErma Russell xx xxx 1899xx xxx 1934 In Russell Plot
I GORDONClarence H. Jr. 20 Mar 1930  
07GORDONJustin Levi 22 Feb 1982  s/o Ivan & Marilyn
VGREENMinnie Agnes28 Sep 189718 Aug 1907d/o T. S. & N. M. GREEN
IIIGREENPearl 06 Nov 187809 Dec 1918 w/o S. P. GREEN
VIGRIBBLERobert W. 15 Mar 1918 20 Mar 1987Viola Mae
VIGRIBBLEViola Maexx xxx 1923xx xxx 1972Robert W.
08GRIFFITHGrace Engle02 Jun 1875 09 Oct 1954w/o H. S. GRIFFITH
VGRIFFITHHarlan B.xx xxx 1895xx xxx 1963 Mary C. GRIFFITH  JS
08GRIFFITHH. S. 09 Jan 186625 Nov 1930Grace G. ENGLE
12GRIFFITHLoran Leo xx xxx1900xx xxx1939In plot with Harry LAMM
VGRIFFITHMary C.xx xxx 1899xx xxx 1993Harlan B. GRIFFITH  JS
IIGRIFFITHMelvin D.22 Mar 193005 Aug 2002 
11GRUNEWALDMary Joyce 18 Feb 1930 16 Feb 1938 
12HARDINGRachel Ann 09 May 185226 Jan 1933"Mother"
09HARGISCharlotte Lily19 Oct 190718 Sep 1924"At Rest"
10HARGISEmily G.23 Dec 1863 09 Oct 1930Eastern Star Emblem
09HARGISJ. Enoch 21 Feb 1884 30 Oct 1956Maude F. HARGIS
09HARGISJoe W. 06 Jun 191009 Apr 1965s/o J. E. & Maude
10HARGISJosiah N. 27 Sep 186108 Dec 1924Eastern Star Emblem
09HARGISMaude F.10 Aug 188202 Oct 1973J. Enoch HARGIS
09HARPERGuy C. xx xxx 1867xx xxx 1932 
VIHARPERLloyd C.14 Oct 189715 Oct 1961 Olive C. HARPER
09HARPERMary R.xx xxx1875xx xxx 1961 
VIHARPEROlive C.25 Oct 190015 Jan 1988Lloyd C. HARPER
III HARRISONMartha 17 Oct 184008 Mar 1902 
I HARTLEColumbusxx xx 1858xx xx 1920 
IHARTLEFred10 Mar 186109 Jul 1915"Father At Rest"
I HARTLEFred H.27 Jan 1908 17 Jan 1896Sylvia P. HARTLE
IHARTLESylvia P.10 Mar 191210 Feb 1981Fred H. HARTLE
11HAUGHTMarion E.04 Feb 189918 Aug 1981Velma K. HAUGHT
11HAUGHTVelma K.17 Oct 1902 20 Jan 1981Marion E. HAUGHT
10HAYBobby Dean28 Oct 193928 Oct 1939"Our Baby"
10HAYDonna Louise05 Sep 194505 Sep 1945"Our Baby"
IVHAYESBetty L.25 Mar 192807 Jan 1999Gerald L. Hayes
VHEADLEECurtis D.12 Jan 186812 Jul 1928 Mary A. HEADLEE
10HEADLEEElmer L. 10 Jun 189518 Apr 1952Minnie HEADLEE
Pvt. Evacuation Hosp. 31 World War I
10HEADLEELeroy22 Aug 189302 Feb 1938 
VHEADLEEMary A.22 Jul 187514 May 1907Curtis D. HEADLEE
10HEADLEEMinnie M. 26 Jul 189903 Jul 1980 Elmer L. HEADLEE
VIHECKARTAlta03 Jan 190105 Apr 1901 
VHECKARTClarkxx xxx 1894xx xxx 1955 Zella HECKART
11HECKARTMinnerva J.01 Apr 187325 Jan 1923 William P. HECKART
11HECKARTWilliam P. 20 Mar 187208 Aug 1952Minerva J. HECKART
VHECKARTZella30 Mar 1897xx Jan 1986Clark HECKART
III HENDERSONFrancis J.28 Dec 182913 Aug 1907L. P. HENDERSON
IIIHENDERSONL. P. 01 Aug 182228 Nov 1910 F. J. HENDERSON
Farewell Dear Mother Sweet Thy Rest Weary with Years and worn with pain
Fairwell till in some Happy Place we Shall behold Thy face again"
II HENRYBertha Belle07 Nov 190007 Feb 1922 
IVHENRYIvy M. 30 May 189726 Dec 1901d/o J. P. & I. P. Henry
IVHENRYJohn P. 08 Mar 186315 May 1921 
10HILLHaroldxx xxx 1909xx xx 1940 
10HILLJ. T.08 Mar 193018 Jun 1930 s/o John & Esther HILL
07HOPPERAnna xx xxx 1877xx xxx 1953 
07HOPPERGanetta xx xxx 1904xx xxx 1927"At Rest"
07HOPPERIda B.28 Oct 186014 Oct 1900 John HOPPER
12HOPPERJessie M.28 May 190114 Aug 1995Leslie M. HOPPER
IHOPPERJohn08 Aug 185812 Jul 1938Ida B. HOPPER
VIHOPPERLeo John16 Aug 191021 Jun 1980Martha HOPPER
07HOPPERLeroy Craton 05 Aug 188318 Apr 1904 
"Because I Live Ye Shall Live Also" John XIV - 19
12HOPPERLeslie M.15 Sep 189609 Dec 1982Jessie M. HOPPER
VIHOPPERMartha Jean   
VIHOPPERMarva Lee18 Jul 1956 d/o Leo & Patty
VIHORNBECKAgnes09 Apr 188221 Jun 1910B. D. HORNBECK
08HORNBECKAnnis A.01 Oct 185017 Jan 1928Judson O. HORNBECK
VIHORNBECKBen D.xx xxx 1874xx xxx 1947Josie L. HORNBECK
VIHORNBECKBlaine B.15 Dec 191120 Oct 1922 s/o B. D. & N. HORNBECK
VIHORNBECKDorothy  "Our Darling Baby"
VIHORNBECKJosie L. xx xxx 1891x xxx 1941Ben D. HORNBECK
08HORNBECKJudson O.06 Nov 184018 May 1923Annis A. HORNBECK
VIHORNBECKMary  "Our Darling Baby"
IHUFFMANAlonzo11 Mar 185819 Aug 1941Rosellie HUFFMAN
?HUFFMANCharles11 Jan 192007 Aug 1988 Married 13 Dec 1941  JS
IHUFFMANGeorge Washington22 Feb 186402 Feb 1933JS
VIHUFFMANJessie Nelson28 Oct 188630 Oct 1973Samuel C. HUFFMAN  JS
07HUFFMANLilly Annxx xxx 1883xx xxx 1967Married: 04 Oct 1909  JS
 HUFFMANLuella21 Mar 1921 Charles HUFFMAN  JS
IHUFFMANMinnie B.29 May 186712 Feb 1920w/o G. W. HUFFMANJS
07HUFFMANRobert Rayxx xxx1885xx xxx 1974Lilly Ann HUFFMAN  JS
I HUFFMANRosellie04 Jul 186304 Jun 1946Nee: Archer
VIHUFFMANSamuel Charles16 Jun 1883 29 Sep 1973Jessie N. HUFFMAN  JS
07HUTCHENSElizabethxx xxx 1868xx xxx 1932George M. HUTCHENS
07HUTCHENSGeorge M.xx xxx 1852xx xxx 1908Elizabeth HUTCHENS
09JOHNSONAnna B.xx xxx 1860xx xxx 1925 J. W. JOHNSON
12JOHNSONCarol R.20 Jan 193731 Jul 1982s/o Clay & Pearl
AIC U. S. Air ForceFather of Rickey
IV JOHNSONClaude L.    
10JOHNSONDelorise Alline22 Mar 193123 Apr 1931d/o Bill E. & Emma JOHNSON
IVJOHNSONEmma Belle01 Mar 187731 May 1915Martin L. JOHNSON
14JOHNSONHarvey Clayxx xxx 1884xx xxx 1956 
09JOHNSONJ. W. xx xxx 1855xx xxx 1927 Anna B. JOHNSON
IVJOHNSONJessie C. 11 Oct 190918 Feb 1998 
10JOHNSONJessie Owena15 Oct 188516 Feb 1963"Mother"
10JOHNSONKatie Grey02 Mar 188819 Apr 1946 
IVJOHNSONLawrence L. 26 Jun 190717 May 1997Mary L. Johnson
IVJOHNSONMartin L.18 Dec 187312 Oct 1962Emma Belle JOHNSON
IVJOHNSONMary L.12 Nov 191131 Aug 2002Lawrence L.
09JOHNSONOpp15 Nov 187823 Dec 1947"Father"
10JOHNSONWilliam "Bill" 15 Feb 190602 May 1953 
12JONESAlva 01 Aug 190830 Mar 1966 
11JONESEvaline xx xxx 1876xx xxx 1960George Riley JONES
11JONESGeorge Rileyxx xxx 1869xx xxx 1950Evaline JONES
IIJONESIrene E.12 Sep 188811 Dec 1971 Orlo JONES
IIJONESOrlo 01 Jan 187430 Nov 1953Irene E. JONES
09KEEGANAndrewxx xxx 1866xx xxx 1939 
09KEEGANAnthony M. xx xxx 1870xx xxx 1938 
IIIKEENEYElvin Cleo04 Oct 192403 Jun 1925 
08KIRKWOODAnna M.11 Dec 186710 Dec 1950Chas. H. KIRKWOOD
10KIRKWOODCharles H.30 Oct 186721 Aug 1957Anna M. KIRKWOOD
10KIRKWOODJohn H. 06 Oct 193318 Sep 1974 
PFC U. S. Army "Dear Dad"
11KIRKWOODReuben H.20 Oct 1904 09 Jan 1982Thelma L. KIRKWOOD
11KIRKWOODThelma L. 05 Jan 190704 Oct 1996Reuben H. KIRKWOOD
12LAMMHarry X.xx xxx 1891xx xxx 1960with Loran Lee GRIFFITH
08LEAGUECornelia K.xx xxx 1841xx xxx 1925R. Martin LEAGUE
08LEAGUELexie E.xx xxx 1886xx xxx 1972Walter B. LEAGUE
08LEAGUER. Martinxx xxx 1855xx xxx 1932 Cornelia K. LEAGUE
07LEAGUEVirgil R.01 Dec 191319 Nov 1979Anna LEAGUE
S-Sgt U S Army World War II
08LEAGUEWalter B.xx xxx 1882xx xxx 1962Lexie E. LEAGUE
09LEVINERuth19 Dec 195228 Aug 1953 
IVLINKOrpha E.24 Jul 189730 Apr 1901Age 3y 9m 6d
IVLONGDora V.26 May 186523 May 1907C. T. LONG
IVLONGInfant   d/o C. T. and Dora V. LONG
IILOUTHANMary 24 Aug 183830 May 1928 
VIMARRISONBertiexx xxx 1892xx xxx 1909 
VIMARRISONM. Elizabeth xx xxx 1869xx xxx 1958Sheridan MARRISON
VIMARRISONSheridanxx xx 1864xx xxx 1933M. E. MARRISON
07MARTINCoralie S.xx Apr 1916 xx May 1916 
07MARTINEdna F.06 Apr 191507 Jun 1915 
07MARTINEmma J.xx xxx 1863xx xxx 1923 Thomas H. MARTIN
12MARTINGreta Vee 24 Feb 1928 d/o Mr./Mrs. G. A. MARTIN
08MARTINHugh V.xx xxx 1888xx xxx 1922 
08MARTINLaura E. xx xxx 1859xx xxx 1934 
07MARTINLuther30 Jun 19066 Jul 1906s/o T. & E. Martin
07MARTINShirley M.03 Jan 190803 Jan 1908 
07MARTINThomas H. xx xxx 1853xx xxx 1937Emma J. MARTIN
08MARTINWilliam J.xx xxx 1850xx xxx 1934 
09MASONHuddelxx xxx 1913xx xxx 1981 
09MASONMary E. Burchett xx xxx 1874xx xxx 1947 
VIMAULSBYAnna E. 12 May 187516 Dec 1950Howard F. MAULSBY
IVMAULSBYBertha Price xx xxx 1873xx xxx 1926John Rust MAULSBY
VIMAULSBYCale Mxx xxx 1908xx xxx 1969Ruth N. MAULSBY  JS
VIMAULSBYGerald E.24 Jul 190002 Feb 1986 
VIMAULSBYHoward F.26 Jan 186817 May 1940Anna E. MAULSBY
VIMAULSBYHiram M.07 Jan 190218 Mar 1989  
World War II US Army Air Corps
IVMAULSBYJohn Rustxx xxx 1870xx xxx 1936Bertha P. MAULSBY
VIMAULSBYMartha J.20 Nov 184314 Mar 1912 
VIMAULSBYPeachxx xxx 1886xx xxx 1924 
IVMAULSBYRuth N.11 Dec 190819 May 2003Cale M. MAULSBY  JS
IVMAULSBYWill Forrest21 Sep 190502 Apr 1944 
VIMAULSBYWoodrow Layman03 Dec 191231 Jul 1975 
Tec 5 U S Armey World War II
07MAUPINBilly Dean 11 Oct 193429 Feb 1936 
07MAUPINClaudie23 Dec 189810 Jun 1901Next to William D. MAUPIN
07MAUPINEffie A.01 Jan 1876V Mar 1974William D. MAUPIN
VMAUPINElihu 20 Aug 183809 Feb 1911 
07MAUPINWilliam D.09 Feb 187427 Aug 1912Effie A. MAUPIN
11MAXSONPatrick13 Apr 189325 May 1923  
IIMAYGuy E.27 Oct 188913 Sep 1973 
Oklahopics/may_jw120.jpgma Pvt. U S Army World War I
IIMAYJoel W.08 Dec 192408 Aug 1970 
Oklahoma Pfc. 805 Chemical Co. - World War II
IIMAYOpal E. Price 09 May 1898 31 Jan 1981 
11MAYHUGHElmerxx xxx 1885xx xxx 1964  
11MAYHUGHElmerxx xxx 1934 s/o Mr./Mrs. Elmer MAYHUGH
11MAYHUGHRose Ettaxx xxx 1900xx xxx 1933Elmer MAYHUGH
IIIMcCLELLANAnsil A. F.11 Aug 1908 20 Jan 1910R. R. & M. McCLELLAN
IIIMcCLELLANEthel M.24 Mar 190712 Jul 1909d/o C. A. & L. A.
IIIMcCLELLANWesley21 Dec 190830 Jan 1910s/o Z. H. & E. M. McCLELLAN
11MCGINNISAnna C. xx xxx 1872xx xxx 1948Christian MCGINNIS
11MCGINNISChristian T.xx xxx 1864xx xxx 1937Anna C. MCGINNIS
IIMCMAINSIshmal N. 22 Sep 184701 Apr 1926 
IIMCMAINSMarinda19 Mar 184518 Apr 1905 
VIMcVICKERSCleophus Woodford xx xxx 1875xx xxx 1963 
VIMcVICKERSOlive Cray xx xxx 1885xx xxx 1972 
IIMILLERIola Winfred16 Feb 190902 May 1997 Nee: Huffman  JS
07MORGANAnnie LV May 185109 Jul 1907Lewis MORGAN
08MORGANArthurxx xxx 1851xx xxx 1937Mary A. MORGAN
07MORGANLewis 19 Jan 184503 Dec 1923Annie L. MORGAN
08MORGANLewis T.02 Apr 188010 Aug 1970Rachel C. MORGAN
VMORGANLittle Jeff V Oct 190809 Feb 1909s/o J. M. & Gena
08MORGANMary A.xx xxx 1852xx xxx 1921Arthur MORGAN
VMORGANMaxine 21 Dec 1906 19 Sep 1917d/o J. M. & Gena
08MORGANRachel C.23 Aug 1887IV Oct 1951Lewis T. MORGAN
IIMULLClara M.   d/o J. H. & R. A. MULL
VMURRAYAlma A.27 Nov 186110 Sep 1934 John C. MURRAY
VMURRAYBeulah S.18 Nov 1888 01 Nov 1959Glenn C. MURRAY
I0 MURRAYCourtland E.01 Oct 188123 May 1934Lily M. MURRAY
VMURRAYEarl H.IV Mar 188813 May 1950L. Hazel MURRAY
10MURRAYFrancis D.19 Aug 192723 Oct 1946 
Oklahoma Pvt. 96 Mil Govt. GP World War II
VMURRAYGlenn C.28 Jun 188625 May 1952Beulah S. MURRAY
VMURRAYJohn C.10 Jan 1854 25 Dec 1922Alma A. MURRAY
VMURRAYL. Hazel07 Nov 188824 Nov 1970 Earl H. MURRAY
10MURRAYLily M.15 May 188512 Oct 1979C. E. MURRAY
VMURRAYRoss G.27 Jan 1900IV Jan 1907 
IVMYERSEma D.xx xxx 1897 xx xxx 1922 JS
IVMYERSGeorge W.xx xxx 1859xx xxx 1938Gertrude MYERS  JS
IVMYERSGertrudexx xxx 1876 xx xxx 1955George W. MYERS  JS
13NEAGLEConrad 02 Dec 1873IV Sep 1964 with Willliam H.
13NEAGLEEarl S.11 Mar 1900 14 Mar 1955 
13NEAGLEFern31 Oct 189625 May 1980 Daughter
13NEAGLEFloyd H. 15 Aug 1904IV Aug 1977Son
13NEAGLEHomer A.31 Mar 1898xx Jul 1983 Nellie E. NEAGLE
13NEAGLENellie E.29 Jun 189731 Jan 1981Homer A. NEAGLE
13NEAGLERay L. 23 Jan 1902xx Jul 1989 
13NEAGLEWilliam H.18 May 186707 Aug 1943with Conrad
INELSONAgnes RamseyV Feb 184822 Dec 1916Alfred NELSON  JS
IIINELSONAletha B.28 Apr 189530 Apr 1987R. Clark NELSON  JS
INELSONAlfred19 Aug 184425 Feb 1922Agnes R. NELSON  JS
VNELSONAlpha01 Jan 187111 Dec 1938JS
14NELSON Andrew Charles29 Jul 188819 Mar 1978Orpha NELSON  JS
Footstone: Pvt U. S. Army World War II 1888-1978
VNELSONCatherine07 Apr 1876 18 Jul 1951JS
IINELSONElla Mae09 Mar 1911V Dec 1999Fred M. NELSON JS
IINELSONFred M.20 Mar 190725 Sep 1977Ella Mae NELSO&Nnbsp;JS
14NELSONGene A.08 Oct 192207 Jul 1974 Eula NELSON  JS
Footstone: Tec 5 U S Army
IVNELSONGertrude E.07 Jun 191209 Jun 1912 
13NELSONInfantxx Oct 1946 s/o Wendell & Mavis  JS
IVNELSONLawrence A.  Pauline M. NELSON  JS
VNELSONLeslie15 Sep 1884 22 Jan 1946Eastern Star Marker  JS
VNELSONLeslieJr.21 Jul 1928 27 Oct 1943  JS
VNELSONMary L.17 Jun 188901 Sep 1943Leslie NELSON JS
VNELSONMary Olive01 Aug 1854 29 Jul 1907Robert NELSON  JS
14NELSONOrpha21 Jun 189610 May 1989Andrew C. NELSON  JS
IVNELSONPauline M.xx xxx 1917xx xxx 1967Lawrence NELSON  JS
IIINELSONR. Clark19 Jul 189212 Jan 1982Aletha B. NELSON  JS
13NELSONRilla Janet 06 Feb 189102 Oct 1982 William Z. NELSON  JS
VNELSONRobert18 Sep 184603 Nov 1919Mary Olive NELSON   JS
13NELSONWilliam ZenasVI Apr 1880VI Jan 1940Rilla Janet NELSON  JS
08NEWCOMBLepha A. xx xxx 1870xx xxx 1923 
IINEWMANHilder 23 Aug 1891 xx Nov 1977Roscoe NEWMAN
IINEWMANRoscoe07 May 189707 Feb 1977Hilder NEWMAN
IINEWMANStella R.04 Jul 189925 Sep 1989Sister of Roscoe
12NICHOLSGeorgexx xxx 1864xx xxx 1939Nellie NICHOLS
12NICHOLSNelliexx xxx 1879xx xxx 1938George NICHOLS
02NUGENTJamima E.25 Dec 186131 Oct 1946Martin NUGENT
IINUGENTMartin 29 Dec 185023 Sep 1912Jamima E. NUGENT
IIIORRRuth W.17 Feb 1899 2 Jul 1978 w/o Gene P. ELLINGTON
IVOWENSArthur W.09 May 186810 Dec 1949 
13PERKINSCharles D.14 Nov 186802 Mar 1966Laura V. PERKINS
13PERKINSLaura V.14 Apr 187630 Dec 1952Charles D. PERKINS
12PERKINSLucinda A.xx xxx 1841xx xxx 1926Willaim E. PERKINS
12PERKINSWillaim E.xx xxx 1843xx xxx 1928Lucinda A. PERKINS
10PIKEBertha L.18 Oct 1875 29 Sep 1962 
10PIKEHazel M.   LawrenceH. PIKE
10PIKELawrence H. 13 May 190329 Oct 1969Hazel M. PIKE
10PIKEMarguerite C.18 Jul 190420 May 1943 
07POTTSAddieIV Feb 187209 Jan 1922 
VPUGHWilliam T.11 Mar 191707 Dec 1917 
VQUEENAlvin M.xx xxx 1854xx xxx 1932 
VQUEENFrank I.15 Jun 189526 Aug 1950 
New Mexico Pfc. U S Army - World War I
VQUEENLula E.07 Aug 188801 Feb 1919w/o A. M. QUEEN
VIRADARNeva D.IV Oct 1909IV Jul 1942d/o H. F. & Anna MAULSBY
14RAPPCharles Carl16 Sep 1866 19 Nov 1948  
14RAPPFrank02 Nov 18701 Feb 1961parents of Hubert D.
14RAPPNellis Day11 Nov 187924 Jan 1958Frank RAPP
08RICHARDSD. V.30 Oct 184503 Dec 1925"Mother"
08RICHARDSThomas Benton07 Mar 185401 May 1921 
08RITTERHOUSEBilly Frank 05 Aug 192905 Nov 1938 s/o E. H. & Irma
World War I U. S. Army
08RITTERHOUSECora14 Sep 186901 Jun 1945George RITTERHOUSE
IIRITTERHOUSEEdna J. 26 Jul 1902 11 Aug 1987C. E. RITTERHOUSE
IIRITTERHOUSEGeorge E.21 Apr 192316 Dec 1991Wilda RITTERHOUSE
World War II BM2 U. S. Navy
8RITTERHOUSEGeorge W.28 May 186220 Jan 1924Cora RITTERHOUSE
08RITTERHOUSEIrma xx xxx 1910xx xxx 1983Shaw Funeral Home
I RITTERHOUSEMyrtle S.xx xxx 1897xx xxx 1921 
IIRITTERHOUSERay L.29 Oct 195029 Oct 1950"Our Infant Son"
I RITTERHOUSEVena May31 Jul 1917 Infant
IIRITTERHOUSEWilda M.01 Oct 192403 Apr 2002George E. RITTERHOUSE
IIROGERSElla 03 Oct 186320 Dec 1944 
4RUSSELLAlva Benton xx xxx 1895xx xxx 1983 Next to N. O. RUSSELL
13RUSSELLAmelia B. 21 Aug 187229 May 1961Rigby Ray RUSSELL
VRUSSELLBenton L.13 Mar 18695 Nov 1918Hannah M. RUSSELL
VRUSSELLHannah M.18 Mar 186601 Dec 1951 Benton L. RUSSELL
IVRUSSELLInfant17 Mar 190717 Mar 1907s/o Mr./Mrs. B. L. RUSSELL
14RUSSELLIrene 13 Jan 1906  With N. O.  "Nick" RUSSELL
14RUSSELLLee  Next to Irene RUSSELL
14RUSSELLNicholas O.30 May 190312 Jul 1983 
13RUSSELLRigby Ray 22 Oct 186713 Dec 1947Amelia B. RUSSELL
09SALLEEElectie B.xx xxx 1876xx xxx 1926"Mother"
VISARGENTOaran A.30 Mar 1899 14 Oct 1906 
11SAVEREForest M.28 Jan 189308 Aug 1972Mary E. SAVERE
07SAVERELola27 Aug 187119 Feb 1958 
11SAVEREMary E.19 Jul 189519 Jun 1962Forest M. SAVERE
11SAVERERex15 Oct 192109 Aug 1937 
ISEIDELNellie02 Jun 187829 Dec 1963A dear Sister  JS
07SHANNONBelle Morgan xx xxx 1884xx xxx 1915 
VISQUIRESEarl G.01 Mar 189209 Nov 1962Mabel E. SQUIRES
Married 5 mi E 1 mi N of MutualOkla 27 Feb 1913
VISQUIRESMabel E. 23 Sep 189426 Apr 1977Earl G. SQUIRES
14STIMMELElnoraxx xxx 1879xx xxx 1968With Francis M. STIMMEL
14STIMMELFrancis M.xx xxx 1859xx xxx 1940 With Elnora STIMMELL
14STIMMELIra C.xx xxx 1866xx xxx 1952 
Unmarked marble stone between John Travis Stump & Minnie M. Stump
IVSTUMPAdolphus M. 08 Jan 187008 Oct 1953 
ISTUMPBessie J.28 Sep 18878 Jan 1916w/o L. H. E. Stump
Nee: Stephens - At rest in peace
STUMPCharles Larabee14 Jan 192331 Aug 1997Della M. Stump
STUMPDella M.   Charles L. Stump
 STUMPEugene Foley 15 Aug 1910V Oct 1990JS
Capt. USAF - World War II - Korea
ISTUMPGladys 15 Nov 1894  
ISTUMPHarry18 Mar 188517 Jun 1976 
IVSTUMPJohn22 Mar 182613 Dec 1911 
ISTUMPJohn Travis21 Nov 186716 Nov 1938Minnie M. STUMP
ISTUMPLaurie J.07 Dec 190114 Jun 1985JS
ISTUMPLyndon John D.VI Nov 191916 Apr 1920Baby
ISTUMPMinnie M. 12 Mar 187207 Dec 1922 w/o J. T. STUMP
ISTUMPMyron16 Aug 191127 Jan 1915s/o J. T. & M. M. STUMP
ISTUMPSadie A.14 Jul 190012 Feb 1979JS
IVSTUMPWilliam L.6 May 186301 Aug 1946 
10STYLESTerry L. 17 Jul 195616 Jan 1977 
12SWEARINGENIsaac VI Jun 185927 Jul 1930 
13SYMESClara M.24 Dec 187516 Jul 1966on north side of row 14
13SYMESJ. Howard xx xxx 1901xx xxx 1936Ruby Grace SYMES
13SYMESLouis12 Sep 187017 Oct 1948on north side of row 14
13SYMESOlive Louisexx xxx 1924xx xxx 1936d/o J. Howard SYMES
13SYMESRuby Grace xx xxx 1901 J. Howard SYMES
VTABORStewart W.xx xxx1954xx xxx 1954In Nelson plot
IVTILMANSilas Wesley21 Feb 183910 Apr 1930Susanna B.TILMAN
IVTILMANSusanna Barnett 15 Oct 184214 Nov 1916Silas W. TILMAN
IIUNKNOWNCross  South of Ella Rogers
IIIUNKNOWNHeadstone  South of Baby Nelson
VUNKNOWNHeadstone  Between Frank Queen & Ross Murray
VIUNKNOWNHeadstone  North of Wm. Watson
IIVINCENTBodetta28 Apr 1928IV Apr 1935 
IIVINCENTCharlie E.18 Mar 188610 Apr 1955 
IIVINCENTForest04 Jul 191025 Dec 1911 
VIVINCENTGeorge W.xx xxx 1871xx xxx 1934 
IIIVINCENTLouie H. 23 Oct 188820 Jul 1948 
VIVINCENTMary L. xx xxx 1872xx xxx 1959 
IIIVINCENTWilliam J.xx xxx 1831xx xxx 1904 
VWARDNannieV Dec 185222 Feb 1923William P. WARD
VWARDWilliam P.13 May 184709 Jun 1918 Nannie WARD
IIWATERSIra25 Sep 187012 Aug 1912 
VIWATSONViolet 27 Oct 189318 May 1979William R. WATSON
VIWATSONWilliam R. 12 Mar 1879 19 Feb 1966Violet WATSON
IVWELLBORNClarence O. xx xxx 1918xx xxx 1920Our Darling Baby
IVWELLBORNDoris M.31 Jan 1909xx Sep 1984 Nelson A. WELLBORN
IVWELLBORNHelen M.xx xxx 1895xx Jan 1975Married 13 Feb 1916
13WELLBORNLizzie L.xx xxx1866xx xxx 1955 Thomas D. WELLBORN
13WELLBORNThomas D.xx xxx 1861xx xxx 1931Lizzie L. WELLBORN
IVWELLBORNWilliam F. xx xxx 1888xx xxx 1975Married 13 Fen 1916
IIIWHEELERInfant21 Apr 191322 Apr 1913s/o L. & L. WHEELER
13WHITSITTAncil B.26 Aug 1859 25 Oct 1946 
12WHITSITTDonald Eugene16 Jul 192910 May 1960 
12WHITSITTJohn S. 28 Aug 188822 Jan 1973 
Oklahoma Pvt U S Army World War I
13WHITSITTNannie A.21 Jul 186217 Apr 1942In Plot with Ancil
11WILLIAMSONAileenxx xxx 1930xx xxx 1977Redinger Funeral Home
IIIWILLIAMSONAlbertxx xxx 1910xx xxx 1920 
IIIWILLIAMSONAlethaxx xxx 1884xx xxx 1913 With Pauline & Joel
09WILLIAMSONArthur M. 25 Nov 191615 Mar 1931Next to Fisher WILLIAMSON
09WILLIAMSONFisher IV Jan 190202 Dec 1977Ruby M. WILLIAMSON
Married 53 years - parents of Linn - Betty - Alta Mae
IIIWILLIAMSONJoelxx xxx 1854xx xxx 1925With Paulina & Aletha
IIIWILLIAMSONPaulinaxx xxx 1861xx xxx1916With Aletha & Joel
09WILLIAMSONRuby M21 Oct 190713 Jan 2000 Fisher WILLIAMSON
10WILLOUGHBYJohn xx xxx 1888xx xxx 1960Ruth M. WILLOUGHBY Stecher Mortuary
10WILLOUGHBYRuth Mearl18 Sep 189503 Jan 1925John WILLOUGHBY
VIWOODSEliza28 Mar 185928 Mar 1914 Lee WOODS
VIWOODSLee28 Feb 185930 Sep 1929 Eliza WOODS
12WREATHDavid W. 17 Dec 1917xx Oct 1977Stecher Mortuary
IVWREATHHarlan Leroy21 Mar 194117 May 2000Virginia WREATH
The following are graves that are unmarked or unreadable stones with as much information given as possible.

7 Unmarked stone next to John HOPPER
7Cememt stone can't read - 2 south of HOPPER
7Unmarked grave next to Violet BIRD
8Unmarked grave just North of Anna M. & Charles H.
9 No name - metal marker from Byron Mason funeral - next to Edith M. Byers
12 Small blank stone
14 two empty graves