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Woodward County Obits E Surnames
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Cedardale Cemetery

Formed: 1901
Location: Woodward Co., OK
NE Section 3 - Township 21 - Range 17
Map: In possession of Leonard Clayton
Canvassed by Glenda Maggard Mullins & Delois Smith in 1983.

BRADSHAWCharles A.19 Apr 1868 08 Aug 1918Minnie BRADSHAW
BRADSHAWFinley4 Oct 1906 Married 27 Apr 1929
BRADSHAWInfant  Son of Charles & Minnie
BRADSHAWMaurice Dean16 Jul 19316 Jan 1947 
BRADSHAWMinnie21 Apr 187614 Oct 1966Charles A. BRADSHAW
BRADSHAWPearl19 Mar 190712 Mar 1978Married 27 Apr 1929
BRAWNERJames R.  18 Jul 1904Age 65yrs 1mo 4days
CLAYTONBetty L. 30 Jan 1925 Married 30 17 Jun 1944
CLAYTONClara B. 14 Mar 189927 Jan 1901 
CLAYTONEldon Theo26 Jul 192114 Feb 1922Our Darling
CLAYTONElmer E. 00 000 189700 0001964 Leta Loleta CLAYTON
CLAYTONElmer M. 7 Mar 193425 Jun 1957Son of Elmer & Leota
CLAYTONEmaline E.00 000 1909  Roscoe T. CLAYTON
CLAYTONHoward R.19 Apr 191310 Mar 1916Our Darling
CLAYTONIra Marion 24 Jun 1894 21 Dec 1968 Maude L. CLAYTON
Oklahoma PVT. Co. F., 142 Inf. PH World War I
CLAYTONLeonard3 May 1901 Married 8 May 1929
CLAYTONLeta Loleta00 000 1899 Elmer E. CLAYTON
CLAYTONLois  Father, Harry CLAYTON
CLAYTONLyle M. 30 Jun 192426 Jul 1982 Married 30 17 Jun 1944
FLTO U. S. Army World War II
CLAYTONMaude L.16 May 1903 Ira M. CLAYTON
CLAYTONMinnie E. 00 000 187500 0001969William I. CLAYTON
CLAYTONNelda24 Jul 194124 Jul 1941Daughter
CLAYTON Olga  See Olga Miller
CLAYTONPearl1 May 1903  Married 8 May 1929
CLAYTONRoscoe T. 00 000 1903 00 000 1976Emaline E. CLAYTON
CLAYTONWilliam I.00 000 185800 000 1929 Minnie E. CLAYTON
COBBHartsel 8 Mar 186116 Jan 1919 
COBBRuby Miree 12 Aug 19047 Feb 1920 
DERRDamaree L.00 000 1886 00 000 1955Elsie L. DERR
DERRElsie L.0 000 1891  Damaree L. DERR
DERRLoring T.11 Dec 185513 Apr 1934Sarah Ann DERR
DERRSarah Ann14 Mar 18622 Apr 1937Loring T. DERR
FINLEYJohn P.12 Aug 185803 Jan 1908 
FINLEYKate L.09 Apr 185430 Oct 1903 
FINLEYOctavia A.5 Jul 186720 Apr 1954 Thomas H. FINLEY
FINLEYPearl C.10 Jan 190014 Feb 1977Married 23 Mar 1917
FINLEYRaymond W.01 Sep 189706 Nov 1972Married 23 Mar 1917
FINLEYThomas H.16 Jun 186414 May 1946Octavia A. FINLEY
FONESArther30 Nov 190006 Sep 1901Son of Wm. & Daisy
FONESEdna 26 Jun 190221 Dec 1902Dau. of Wm. & Daisy
GINGRICHKenneth R.13 Jul 190926 Dec 1969Married 6 May 1934
GINGRICHLela E.11 Oct 1915 Married 6 May 1934
HENDRICKSMartha A.28 Mar 184404 Apr 1934b. in Sangamon Co., IL
HENDRICKSWilliam H.14 May 183611 Jun 1918b. in Adams Co., IL
HOWEDavid E.30 Sep 190502 Sep 1907Son of T. A. & J. M
MILLEROlga 21 May 191802 Mar 1935Harry CLAYTON
MUNSONMondel M. 22 Dec 190603 Jan 1922Father Bert MUNSON
NASHItha B.30 Oct 18845 Mar 1904 
PATTERSONSamuel F.11 Jun 1890 Married 2 Sep 1914
PATTERSONViola A. F.16 Jul 189526 Mar 1981Married 2 Sep 1914
PAYNECarl Allen16 May 1941  
PAYNEZane Ken21 Mar 1939  
SELLPhoebe Mlinda00 Jun 1918  
SELLSolomon C.  Co. K. 146 Ill. Inf.
SHUCKFrank00 000 188100 000 1966Married 14 Apr 1923
SHUCKLillian  see Lillian Wriston
WEBBERAnna M.00 000 186200 000 1937Edward J. WEBBER
WEBBERClarence W.00 000 189100 000 1976 Iva I. WEBBER
Parents of Howard, Gilbert, Bernadine, & Harlan
WEBBEREdward J.00 000 185900 000 1937Anna M. WEBBER
WEBBERGilbert 16 Sep 191903 Jan 1922Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Webber
WEBBERIva I.00 000 189500 000 1975Clarence W. WEBBER
Parents of Howard, Gilbert, Bernadine, & Harlan
WHITWORTHLula10 Oct 188719 Jun 1906T. W. WHITWORTH
WRISTONGeorge L.00 000 187200 000 1936Viola WRISTON
WRISTONLillian00 000 189815 Feb 1977Married 14 Apr 1923
WRISTONMrs. William   William WRISTON
WRISTONRosamond Mae08 May 192626 Oct 1926 
WRISTONViola00 000 186700 000 1939George L. WRISTON
WRISTONWilliam  Mrs. William WRISTON

*12 stones indicating graves, but are illegible.

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