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Allmon Cemetery

SEC-4 TWP-18 R-25
LOCATION: 4 1/2 Miles south of the 283 and 60 highway junction and 1/2 mile east. This cemetery could have been known as the "Tierce Chapel" Cemetery. However, no recording as such has been found.

The land was donated by the Hall family. The cemetery name came from the Allmon School which was 1/2 mile West.

One evening, after the cemetery was fenced off and available for use, a lone cowboy was seen going to the area. The next day the observer went to the cemetery and found a fresh grave of infant size. Another story is that a neighbor was in attendance for a short service. No name was ever known.

This grave and two others, the Davis and Lillie infants, were located in what later became the roadway. In the mid fifties, these graves were moved to the east side--sougheast part of the cemetery. At this time three recorded removals from this cemetery went to the Shattuck Cemetery. (Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt and the Grimes Infant) The Grimes infant removal was ceremonial only; the infant has stones in both cemeteries.

A visitor to this cemetery will find a large square-flat topped stone approximately 1' X 2' with the number "15" in the center of the top. There is no record of what "15" stands for. The map shows this stone location is on Chaney lot. Burial records were found for Paris Chaney. Place of burial: "Allmon Cemetery." On the map the GP Chanep is possibly James Sr., who was the father of Paris.

The cemetery has a stone reading Zocoe kincade in the same area where the map shows a Miss Mary Cincade is buried. There are possibly two graves here. Another homemade stone reads Maska Stevens. The map records this space to have two graves. Baby Zeke Stevens lies on the east end of ___rod Maks_ burial space. The name is now unreadable. Jack and Norma Lee McCartor, and Roy Wiedenkofer take care of this cemetery. The late John Pratt and Pearle Truitt were caretakers in the past.

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?___RODMask__   --------
ALLENEllen   ------12
ALLENHarryH.  ------16
ALLENLula   --------
BEAMANFernA.  ------20
BEAMANPet   05-03-06
BLACKMONIda Alice See: Hall --------
BOSWORTHLucyA. AKA 02-03-23
BRANDTCharley   --------
BURNSIDESBonnieMaeAKA 10-24-68
CAMPBELLLilaMae  12-19-81
CHANEYGrandpaProb. James Sr.  --------
CHANEYParis   01-10-38
CINCADEMaryMiss"AKA Kincade --------
DAVISInfant Dau.   --------
DEANCharlotteLottie"  02-09-15
DEANDavidFrank  04-28-08
DEANGeorgeHarry  ------62
DEANHenryRichmond C/N--------
DEANSarahE.  ------66
ERSKINEGeorgeFredrickFred" 07-04-29
ERSKINEJosephD.Dody" 01-17-24
EVANSInfant   10-03-28
EVANSLeroy   --------
FONNERMaudeLeeSee:Kennedy --------
GRIMESMaribelle See Shattuck Cem --------
HALLCelustyE.  01-15-84
HALLChesterRay  01-26-51
HALLChristopherL. poss02-27-17
HALLEmmettF.  09-05-09
HALLIdaAlice AKA  01-31-52
HALLRoscoeG.  04-29-17
HALLSusannahNA  03-24-13
HARMONInfant Son #1"Unnamed"  02-04-28
HARMONInfant Son #2"Unnamed"  06----28
HARPERHelenKatherine  09-14-80
HARRELLInfant   --------
HAWKINSAmanda Jane See: Thompson --------
HOLTAndy   ------32
HOLTJohnW.Johnny" 07-29-12
HOLTNettie   09-02-39
HOPPERLizzie AKA 02-19-15
JENKINSInfant   --------
KELLERMANAnnieH.  01-28-41
KELLERMANFredricHenryFred" 12-25-88
KELLERMANLizzie See: Hooper --------
KELLERMANMaryJosephine  09-24-78
KENNEDYMaudeLeeFonner 12-21-63
KENNEDYOscarMarion Jr. II12-27-79
KINCADEMary See: Cincade --------
KINCAIDElizabethZosco  03-21-13
LILLIEInfant Dau.   --------
LOVEFernBrich  04-09-53
LOVEInfant Son   ------07
LOVERuthiaAlice  12-16-61
MCNUTTAda   05-14-13
MCNUTTInfant   --------
MCNUTTUnknown #1   --------
MCNUTTUnknown #2   --------
PIERCYInfant Son   --------
PRATTBillieRay  12-07-58
PRATTBonnieMaeSee:Burnsides --------
PRATTDonnaVae  --------
PRATTEarlLeo II>06-24-91
PRATTEmmaBelle  12-14-96
PRATTJesseEARL Sr.  06-29-86
PRATTJesseJr.  ------21
PRATTJohnAdam  12-26-83
PRATTLewisWalter  11-10-37
PRATTLindenDale SERV07-27-94
PRATTLloydA.  10-27-89
PRATTLydiaRebecka  02-27-35
PRATTMaggie   07-04-92
PRATTMartah   09-13-83
PRATTOraAvery Jr. II02-04-87
PRATTOraAvery Sr.  06-25-55
PRATTSusannah   ------37
PRATTWalterBarrett  11-20-37
PRATTWillieFayeEula" 01-25-61
ROWLANDBelleZorah  05-03-57
ROWLANDDanielEllison  01-24-35
ROWLANDLeonJr.  12-10-32
SHERAROraA.  05-28-71
SHERARWilliamH.  02-01-68
SLOANCarrieEstella  01-14-65
SLOANJohnWesely G. poss------20
SLOANOrvilleOrlando  05-31-53
SLOANRachelE.Bettie" 09-14-27
SQUIREBeulahLaticia  02-24-09
SQUIREChesterArthurArt" 03-10-69
SQUIREEphraimMarion C/N12-21-08
SQUIREVictor   07-20-27
STEELELyllyAddie  11-10-02
STEELERuth   ------02
STEVENSZeak   --------
STUCKERDollieMae  03-12-34
THOMASAlbertJoseph  01-06-55
THOMASLucy   05-17-07
THOMASMR.   --------
THOMPSonAmanda Jane AKAGranny 11-29-36
THOMPSonEdwardH.  02-16-50
THOMPSonJohnRace  11-17-40
THOMPSONSarahU.  03-11-47
TIERCEEtta   03-07-12
TRUITTBonnieL.  04-07-86
TRUITTDarrellWarren K09-30-83
TRUITTMaryEllen  03-12-58
TRUITTMaryEllen  ------12
TRUITTPatsyFae  12-03-44
TRUITTPearlieWarren  08-26-78
TRUITTRosalee   10-15-28
TRUITTWilliamWarren  ------16
UnknownInfant   --------
WAYLANDAlbertGalington C/N12-01-29
WAYLANDClariceCordell  10-08-10
WAYLANDEvelynJosephine  02-09-14
WAYLANDIvaRose  11-18-81
WAYLANDJohnAlexander Logan  06-19-64
WAYLANDRaymond   10-12-09
WHITEEthanOren I**02-05-18
WHITEGeorge   10-05-08
WHITELucyJane  03-26-50
WINDERBillieGean  03-10-91
WINDERRussel   --------
WOODSEugeneHarold  04-27/2003
WOODSOpalLoretta  09-30-32
ZEIGLERMaryR.Mollie" 04-18-04

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