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"Most Wanted" List


There are some elusive persons in the Karns family line. I am especially interesting in finding the following:

The ancestors of Philip Karns, Sr., whose birth date is estimated to be between 1750 and 1760. He is the ancestor of the Karns families I have been researching. We know little about his background, except that probably he came through Virginia to Pennsylvania .

Any information on Henry Karns, born April 25, 1851, and Jacob "Jake" Karns, born October 24, 1852. Both were sons of John Heft Karns.

Any information on Joseph Karns, who at age 50 was buried in a private lot in the Grand View Cemetery. He was killed in the Johnstown, PA flood of 1889, and apparently lived on Locust Street in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

The parents of the following ancestors:

Mariah (Maria) Magdaline Schoch, who married Peter Heft, Jr.
Elizabeth Diehl, who also married Peter Heft, Jr.
Mary Forney, who married John Hixon
Rachel Lacey, who married Timothy Hixson
Sarah Rolfe, who married William Hanks
Ruth Shiplley, who married William Hanks "The Quaker"
Mary Beez, who married Peter Hanks

Updated 23 Nov 2005.