Andreas (Georg Andreas) (Ellich) ELIGH / Anna SOPHIA

Andreas (Georg Andreas) (Ellich) ELIGH / Anna SOPHIA

Husband : Andreas (Georg Andreas) (Ellich) ELIGH

Male Born : 1683at : Neckarburken, Germany
Married : 09 MAY 1715at : New York
Died : AFT 1751at :
Father : Hans Ehlig ELIGH
Mother :
Spouses : Anna MARGARETHA , Anna Rossina BENDER , Anna SOPHIA
Notes : [1205]

Wife : Anna SOPHIA

Female Born : 1687at : New York
Died : at :
Father :
Mother :
Spouses : Andreas (Georg Andreas) (Ellich) ELIGH


Name : Johann Wilhelm (William Ealik) EALICK [1206]
Male Born : 07 SEP 1717at : West Camp, Ulster, New York
Died : abt 15 OCT 1783at : West Camp, Ulster, New York
Spouses :

Name : Anna Margaretha ELIGH
Female Born : NOV 1720at : Newton, Ulster, New York
Died : at :
Spouses :


[1205] Andreas - Widower of Necke-Burcken in the commune of Mossbach in the Pfaltz.
Elich, Andreas, age 37, New York(State), is shown in 1710, #6301, p. 563 of the Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, along with Elich, Anna Rosina, age 23, New York (State) and Elich, John George, age 3, New York (State).

Elich, Andreas is also shown as 7820, p. 443 for 1710 traveling by himself.

In 1727, Andres Elich is shown as #9041, p. 12, and 6665, p. 304 as departing from Philadelphia, PLA
Andreas is also shown in the book "Palatines Families of New York" by Henry Z. Jones

Andres Elick was a passenger on the ship "Molly" ; qualified September 30, 1727

Anna Margaretha Frolich was confirmed at the age of 15 years on January 14, 1730 at Andreas Elig's house at Newton.

[1206] Johann Wilhelm was christened September 15, 1717 and recorded in St.
Pauls /evangelical Lutheran Church, West Camp, Ulster, New York

William Ealik was a freeholder of Caters Kill and Cats Kill in 1763
(Albany Co. Freeholders). Willem Eligh was in Capt. Cornelus Dubois Co.,
at Caskill in 1767.
Source: Report of the State Historian, Vol. II, p. 876

William Eligh, farmer, of the West Camp, Ulster County. I leave to my
sister Margriet's oldest son, Johannes Fearo, for his birthright, ten
shillings. Unto Jeremiah, eldest son of Andries Eligh, all my freeholds,
lands and tenements whereon I now live, together with the house, barn,
Unto Margriet, my wife, 50, payable within six months after my decease;
and sufficient meat, drink, washing and lodging allowed out of my real
estate, while my widow; Also, one feather bed, bolsters, pillows and
bed-clothes; all her clothes and cloath of linen and of woolen; one
trunk. Unto Rachel, wife of Hezekiah Dubois, for her good care and
service, 20, payable within said term; likewise sufficient provisions
and lodging, out of my estate, during her life; Also, one good milch cow.
Unto William, son of Johannes Eligh, 5; unto my brother's sons, namely:
Andries and Jacob Eligh, 3 each to buy them mourning. Unto William and
Sophia Rushel (eldest children of Ludwigh Rushel), 2, 10s. each. Unto
Jeremiah (son of Andries Eligh), the residue of my chattels, bonds,
book-debts, etc., and of my personal estate, after debts, funeral charges
and legacies are paid. I make my true and trusty friends, Andries Eligh
and Jacob Eligh and Peter West, executors; they to have sufficient wages
for their trouble. Dated August 14, 1782. Witnesses, Petrus Maurer, of
West Camp, farmer; Adam Bacerr or Baar; Jacob Musier, of West Camp,
farmer. Proved, October 15, 1783.

---Sources: Pelletreau, William S., Abstracts of Wills on File in the
Surrogate's Office, City of New York, pub. as Collections of the New York
Historical Society, Vol XII, 1782-1784, page 151 (will of William Eligh)


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