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Johann (Jury Elik) Georg (Elich) ELIGH / Elisabeth UNKNOWN

Johann (Jury Elik) Georg (Elich) ELIGH / Elisabeth UNKNOWN

Husband : Johann (Jury Elik) Georg (Elich) ELIGH

Male Born : 1707at : Neckar Burcken, New York
Married : at : Ulster, New York
Died : 06 DEC 1780at : Beverkil, Ulster, New York
Father : Andreas (Georg Andreas) (Ellich) ELIGH
Mother : Anna Rossina BENDER
Spouses : Elisabeth UNKNOWN , Catharina EMMERICH
Notes : [1202]

Wife : Elisabeth UNKNOWN

Female Born : at :
Died : at :
Father :
Mother :
Spouses : Johann (Jury Elik) Georg (Elich) ELIGH


Name : Jacob Ehlig ELIGH [1196]
Male Born : 28 MAR 1746at : Ulster, New York
Married : 23 JAN 1774at : Schoharie, New York
Died : ABT 1830at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Spouses : Maria Best BORST

  • OCCUPATION: Colonel,

Name : Catharina Ehlig ELIGH
Female Born : 03 JUL 1751at : Ulster, New York
Died : at :
Spouses :

Name : Margaretha Ehlig ELIGH
Female Born : 03 JUL 1751at :
Died : at :
Spouses :


[1202] George was baptized August 27, 1706 at Neckar Bureken.

John Ury Eligh, farmer, of the Beaver Kill, Ulster County, being very sick and weak. I leave to Catherine, my dear and loving wife, �50; Also, one teakettle, one trammel, two pewter tea pots, six China tea cups and saucers, one pewter sugar box, one pewter milk pot, three pewter plates, six glass bottles, one pewter chamber pot, one little flat pot, and one small skillet, one small pewter bason; Also, all her Cloaths of woolen and linen, also the cloth of linen and woolen except what is given to my
eldest daughter, Elesebath's heirs; Also, her feather bed and four blankets and everything belonging to the bed. All which she is to have for life, while my widow. After her death, the money left in her hands is to be equally divided among my two sons, Andries and Jacob and to my three daughters. My wife to have ��4 from both my sons, Jacob and Andries, as an annuity. Unto my eldest son, Andries, for his birthright, one cross-cut saw, the value of �1, 5s.; Also, the farm whereon he now lives, lying on the Caters Kill in the County of Ulster; he paying to his three sisters, Elizabeth, Chatarina, and Margriet, or their heirs, �30 each, out of his estate. Unto my son Johannes, during his life, the farm now possessed by his wife, lying on the Blue Mountains, County of Ulster; after his death, to his only son William. Should my son Johannes die before his wife, she is to have the benefit of said farm so long as she is his widow. Unto my son Jacob, the farm whereon he now lives, lying on Beaver Creek in said county; he paying to his three sisters ��20 each out of his estate. Unto the six heirs of my daughter Elizabeth, one woolen sprea, one calico sprea, three sheets and two toe blankets, one iron stove, two pair andirons, one tong, one shovel, one hang iron, one iron tea kettle, in equal shares. Unto her youngest heir named Sarah, one brass bed pan; unto the said six heirs five Barrick bolts and nine drag teeth, in equal shares; Also, �150 (including �60 lent to her husband, making it �90), which net sum is to be levied out of my bonds, notes and book debts, and equally distributed. Unto my two daughters, Cathrena and Margriet, �150 each. Any overplus to be equally paid to my sons, Andries and Jacob, the heirs of my daughter Elizabeth, and my two daughters, Cathrena and Margriet. I make my son, Andrie Eligh, and my true and trusty friends, Adam Beer and Jacob Moure, executors; they to sell that piece of land at Freehold in the County of Albany which I bought of Johannes Becker); the proceeds to be equally shared by my two sons, Andries and Jacob, and my three daughters, Elisabeth, Chatrina, and Margriet, or their heirs. If any of my children have a mind to purchase the land at Freehold, they shall be entitled to the land for �100. Dated December 6, 1780. Witnesses, Wilhelmus Rouw; Geysbert Diederick, and Peter West, both of Sagerties, in said County, farmer. Proved, September 2, 1783.

---Sources: Pelletreau, William S., Abstracts of Wills on File in the Surrogate's Office, City of New York, pub. as Collections of the New York Historical Society, Vol XII, 1782-1784, pages 148-150 (will of John Ury Eligh).

[1196] Title of Colonel came from package from Carolyn Whipple, produced by Eleanor Eckstein, Family History Consultant, 521 Fifth Avenue, Apt. 201, Salt Lake City, Utah Jacob is shown as owning all of Lots 5 and 12, Con 111, Twp. of Matilda. Source: Story of Dundas, by J. Smyth Carter


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