Adam William EMPEY / Margaret VON STEINBERG

Adam William EMPEY / Margaret VON STEINBERG

Husband : Adam William EMPEY

Male Born : ABT 1759at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Married : 08 DEC 1803at : Cornwall, Stormont, Ontario
Died : 03 APR 1824at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Buried : 04 APR 1824at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Father : William EMPIE
Mother : Maria Margaretha (Laucks) LOUCKS
Spouses : Margaret VON STEINBERG
Notes : [1142]

Wife : Margaret VON STEINBERG

Female Born : OCT 1783at : Albany, New York
Died : at :
Father :
Mother :
Spouses : Adam William EMPEY


Name : Margaret EMPEY
Female Born : 05 NOV 1803at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Married : 15 MAR 1825at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Died : 21 NOV 1885at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Spouses : William HUTCHINS

Name : William Adam EMPEY
Male Born : 04 JUL 1808at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Married : at :
Died : 19 AUG 1890at : St George, Washington, Utah
Spouses : Mary Ann MORGAN , Mary Harriet PORTER , Martha FIELDING

Name : David Levi EMPEY
Male Born : 19 NOV 1814at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Married : 02 JUL 1839at :
Died : 17 JUN 1891at : Midway, Summit, Utah
Spouses : Margaret Polly WOOD

Name : Catharine Caroline EMPEY
Female Born : 28 APR 1821at :
Died : ABT 1824at :
Spouses :


[1142] ORIGIN: Dr. Fitzgerald writes: "There were two Adam W. Empeys, married at approximately the same time. One
was born at Stone Arabia, Albany (later Tryon and even later Montgomery) County, NYS, whose parents were
William Empey Sr. (1728-1803) and Maria Margaret Lauxs (Louchs). He married Margaret Von Steinberg 7 Feb
1804. She was d/o Henry of Osnabruck and Hannah Servos and was born at Albany, NY, c. Oct 1783. The elder
Adam was a yeoman of Osnabruck Twsp.
The other Adam William was born & bapt. 18 March 1789 of Wm. Jnr. (s/o Philip Snr.) and Catherine Von
Hildebrandt. The younger Adam was of Cornwall Town and a butcher. He married Ann __?;__.
Their respective children are difficult to separate for certain, but using their residences and occupations one can
be reasonably sure of oneself."
BIRTH: Stone Arabia, Palatine, Montgomery Co., NY USA, per Empey Famiy Family chart, compiled by E. Keith
Fitzgerald, 1988.
Birth date based on his brother William's UCLP of 1850, which said he would, "if living" be 88 at the time.
However, there is room for doubt here, as the petition was not accurate about the dates of any of the other children.
All we know is that his brother William lists him as the 2nd oldest living son of William, Sr.
OCCUPATION: Farmer. He was a yeoman of Osnabruck Twsp., Stormont Co., Ontario Canada. (EKF)
In 1784 he had gone to Montreal to get seed wheat. (Ed Kipp)
MARRIAGE: Williamsburg/Matilda/Osnabruck/Edwardsburgh Parish Record, 1790-1886,, MS 201 (6) Liber A,
Page 11: "Marriage, 7 Feb 1804, Adam Empey, son of William Empey of Osna and Peggy Steinberg, daughter of
Henry Steinberg of Osna."
MILITARY: During the Revolution he served as a private in the Kings Royal Regiment of New York and had land
confiscated in Stone Arabia as a Yeoman. (DKM)
Edward Kipp says "He was a private in the KRRNY, Battalion 1, and enlisted on August 15, 1777. He was in
Angus Mc Donnell's Company, 1777. He is shown as a member of Capt. John McDonnell's Co. of Grenadiers and
was age 22 on 24 December 1783 when 1 KRRNY was disbanded. He was a Grenadier from 1781-83".
In the 1786 Victualling List for Osnabruck Twp., he is shown as single." (EKF)
As a Loyalist he appears on list of land confiscated in Palatine Montgomery Co., NY, per J. Reilly, 1974: The
Confiscation and sale of the Loyalist Estates and its Effect Upon...etc," NYS Library, Albany, NY.
DEATH: Died 3 Apr 1824, aged 64 1/2, per Osnabruck Church Register # 36. (EKF)
- From "The Descendants of Johan Ernst Emichen : Volume II - The Loyalist Canadian Empey Family" -


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