William EMPIE / Maria Margaretha (Laucks) LOUCKS

William EMPIE / Maria Margaretha (Laucks) LOUCKS

Husband : William EMPIE

Male Born : 29 APR 1728at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Married : 29 NOV 1751at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Died : 05 DEC 1803at : Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario
Buried : 06 DEC 1803at : Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario
Father : Johannes (Empey) EMPIE
Mother : Elizabeth SNELL
Spouses : Maria Margaretha (Laucks) LOUCKS
Notes : [1139]

Wife : Maria Margaretha (Laucks) LOUCKS

Female Born : abt 1726at : Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York
Died : 1789at : Cornwall, Stormont, Ontario
Father : Johan Dietrich LAUX
Mother : Maria Catharina STARRING
Spouses : William EMPIE


Name : John William EMPEY [1140]
Male Born : 01 MAY 1751at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Married : abt 1783at :
Died : 23 FEB 1816at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Spouses : Catherine SHEETS

Name : Johan Dieterich EMPEY [1141]
Male Born : 28 MAR 1755at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Baptised : 1755at : Trinity Lutheran Church, Stone Arabia, Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Died : aft 1792at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Spouses :

Name : Catharine EMPEY
Female Born : 29 APR 1757at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Baptised : 12 JUN 1757at : Reformed Church, Stone Arabia, Montgomery, NY
Died : ABT 1759at :
Spouses :

Name : Adam William EMPEY [1142]
Male Born : ABT 1759at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Married : 08 DEC 1803at : Cornwall, Stormont, Ontario
Died : 03 APR 1824at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Buried : 04 APR 1824at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Spouses : Margaret VON STEINBERG

Name : Maria Catharine EMPEY
Female Born : 30 JUL 1761at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Baptised : 09 AUG 1761at : Reformed Church, Stone Arabia, Montgomery, NY
Married : 1787at : Montreal, Quebec
Died : 13 NOV 1838at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Buried : 16 NOV 1838at : North Lunenburg Cemetery, Lunenburg, Stormont, Ontario
Spouses : Christian John HANES

Name : Anna Eva EMPEY
Female Born : 25 SEP 1763at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Baptised : 28 SEP 1763at : Reformed Church, Stone Arabia, Montgomery, NY
Married : abt 1780at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Died : MAY 1853at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Spouses : Conrad Abraham DAFOE

Name : Margretha EMPEY
Female Born : 19 JUL 1766at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Baptised : 27 JUL 1766at : Reformed Church, Stone Arabia, Montgomery, NY
Married : 23 JUN 1790at : Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario
Died : aft 1850at :
Spouses : Jacob STATA

Name : Elizabeth EMPEY
Female Born : 10 DEC 1768at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Baptised : 18 DEC 1768at : Reformed Church, Stone Arabia, Montgomery, NY
Married : 19 JAN 1796at : Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario
Died : at : Ontario
Spouses : David ZERAN

Name : William EMPEY
Male Born : abt 1773at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Married : at :
Died : 28 MAY 1857at : Ontario
Spouses : Mary ULLMAN

Name : Richard William EMPEY
Male Born : 27 SEP 1774at : Palatine, Montgomery, New York
Married : 25 FEB 1806at :
Died : 27 SEP 1856at : Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Buried : 30 SEP 1856at : St Lawrence Valley Union Cemetery, Osnabruck, Stormont, Ontario
Spouses : Hannah BAKER


[1139] BIRTH: Stone Arabia, Palatine, Montgomery Co., NY.
OCCUPATION: Farmer and Yeoman. Awarded land in Osnabruck Twsp., Stormont Co., Ontario Canada. (EKF)
CHURCH: He was noted on Pastor Sommer's list of 1744.
CHILDRENS' BAPTISMS: There are baptisms recorded in Zion Lutheran Church, Athens, Greene Co., NY, for
the children of Willem Emmerich and Margaretha and a marriage record for them, but BEG, EKF and DKM agree
they are not the marriage and baptisms of the children of our William Empie. Different family.
CHILDREN: There is a gap of five years between the date of birth of his eighth child, Elizabeth, born 10 Dec 1768,
and the birth of his ninth child, William, born about 1773 and his tenth child, Richard W., born 27 Sep 1774. Is it
possible that there were other children born?; Possibly still births?;
FAMILY: The Loyalist Victualling List for 1 Jul to 31 Aug 1786 for Twsp #3 (Osnabruck) included William
Empey, with a household of 1 man, 1 woman, 2 sons over ten years and 4 daughters over ten. Son Adam is listed
by himself. (DKM)
EKF adds: "Sgt John W. Empey, eldest son, did not come to Upper Canada until 1795 (UCLP)."
William Sr.'s son William's UCLP dated 2 Jan 1850 lists his siblings as:
"John, if living about 90, Adam if living about 88, Margurita about 86?; (not sure), Annette about 80,
Betsy about 78, Richard living about 69, himself, William 74."
M issing from this list are children Johan Dieterich b 1755 and Catherine, b 1757, both of whom died early.
BIOGRAPHICAL: (BEG) "Philip and his Brother William Empey were the two oldest Empey sons of Johannes
The Loyalist Canadian Empey Family - 19
Empie and Elizabeth Snell, and they were both Loyalists, although William was not a Loyalist soldier.
Copies of NY State Conspiracies Board Minutes call the prisoner Phillip Empey, his brother, "a Disaffected and
Dangerous Person" (31 Jul 1779). Another entry for 15 June 1779 places William Empey under arrest at the Tryon
County Goal". (Along with an Adam Shafer and a John Shafer)
William had had service in Lieut. Soffrines Deychert Militia Company - 20 March 1757 (French and Indian War)
. By an order of Sir William Johnson, "To march with my company to Fort William Henry as followeth - Returned
home ye 29 instant."
William, Sr., is known to have been a prisoner of the NYS Commissioners for detecting and defeating
conspiracies at Albany on 15 June 1779.
MILITARY: Reimensnyder's Bush mentioned below was located in what is now the town of Manheim, Herkimer
Co. The Town of Manheim was originally located in the district called Stone Arabia, a large district extending
north of the Mohawk up the river to Little Falls. Stone Arabia was renamed Palatine in March 8, 1773 and
Manheim was set off from Palatine on March 3, 1797.
From Minutes of the Tryon County Committee of Safety: Document 66, dated Tryon County, Canajohary
District April 23, 1777:
"Whereas John Bellinger, a Member of the Palatine Committee, informed the General Nicholas Herkimer that a
plot was was laid by several persons in this County to run off to our Foes in Canada and in particular the Names of
all the Empeys (of) Riemensnyder's Bush were mentioned to be concerned in the said plot: Therefore the said
suspected persons have been apprehended and brought before the said General and Major John Eisenlord, the
Chairman of Committee of Conajohary Dist. to be...and to answer for their conduct -
William Empey of Riemensnyder's Bush being duly Sworn upon Oath declarest and saith, that he knows nothing
of any plot either of any the Empeys or of one Dieterich Casselman of Stone Araby and is not acquainted with any
meeting of them on such purpose and further saith not -
Severinus Casselman upon Oath declareth and saith that he is quite ignorant of any Suspected of the Empeys in
his neighborhood and also of Det. Casselman of Stonearaby. That he knows nothing of a meeting of them on that [
- ], but he heard that his Brother William was run away last week, and of no more. & He further saith not --
John Ritter of the place above ment. on Oath declareth and saith, that on last Monday the 21st inst. William
Empey at the house of John Smith at N. Germantown began to argue with the Dept. about the raising of Taxes by
Congress. Said Empey Said, the Congress had no right to raise Taxes not yet before he has conquered the County,
and further acknowledged that the Oath which he had lately taken to associate with the county be a forced oath and
that he, the Dept. & others who have taken Such oath voluntarily would repent once for it -- and that last the said
Empey threatened the Dept. that he would meet him therefore another Time -- and the Dept. further saith not --
Whereas William P. Empey was found guilty by the Meeting agreeable to Evidence, that he has misconducted
himself in inimical Expressions against our Cause - Therefore...
Resolved & Ordered that he shall pay the Sum of Three pounds (money), New York Currency in part and also
the Costs arisen for apprehending and bringing him by a party of Militia before this board -- the same money to be
delivered to Lt. Adam Bellinger within a fort nights Time after this Date.
Minutes of the Commissioners for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies in the State of New York, Albany Co.,
Sessions: Minutes for Albany, June 15, 1779.
These show William Empey under arrest at the Tryon County Goal. "A letter from Col. Lewis De Bois dated at
John's Town in Tryon County was laid before the Board informing us that he sends to us under Guard by order of
Brigadier General Clinton the following Persons who were confined in Tryon County Goal, and for want of
sufficient guard to take care of them at that place, he now sends us to have them confined here (to wit)...(among 23
others)...WILLIAM EMPEY."
From minutes of same Board: "Albany, 18th June 1781 The Honorable Brigadier James Clinton having
requested to the Board to take the Examinations of WILLIAM EMPEY and RANDELL HEWIT, who were taken
prisoners by a Party of Oneida Indians near Crown Point and they being brought before the Board and Examined
say as follows; (to wit) (see the Examinations on File) Resolved that they be recommitted." (P 737, Vol 2)
WILLIAM EMPEY again appeared before the Conspiracies Board, Albany, 21st June 1781. "William Empey,
who was on the 18th inst committed was ordered to be brought before the Board and being again examined, his
examination is in the following words, (to wit) (see examination on files)."
Albany, 8th August, 1781, "Jellis Legrange at present in Confinement having informed the Board that Waltimier
has been in Town with Letters from Canada and that he has received his information from William Empey and
Terence Smith, who are also in confinement wherefore resolved that the said William Empey and Terence Smith be
brought before the Board and examined as to the same. William Empey and Terence Smith being examined refused
to give any satisfactory answers to the questions proposed to them therefore resolved that they be recommitted."
(Herman Witthoft, 12 March 1997): It is interesting to me that the "Waltimier" referred to is my wife's ancestor,
Johannes/Hans (Walden Meyers) Waltimire. He was a Loyalist during the Revolutionary War and the British used
him a lot as a courier.
Also, he and some Indians visited the General Philip Schuyler home in Albany intending to capture General
Philip Schuyler, and would have, except for the fact that the General was not home!
Court of General Session Minutes, Tryon and Montgomery County, 1772-1806, June Term 1781, Thursday 14th,
3 o'clock p.m.: "The Grand Jury coming into Court present bills of Indictment against the following persons Viz:...
(among the 101 names) EMPEY, Adam P., EMPEY, John P., EMPEY, Philip, EMPEY, Philip P., EMPEY,
William P...."
MILITARY: He was in Captain Soffrines Deychert's Company in 1757. (Report of the State Historian), Vol II, p
783. But during the Revolutionary War, he became a Loyalist, although not a Loyalist soldier.
E. Keith Fitzgerald says: "No substantive evidence of Revolutionary War military service although he was
alloted land with other veterans of 1KKNY in the third Township (Osnabruck) in Stormont Co. (Concession 1, Lot
32W and Concession II, Lot 29W for William Impey and family.).
NOTE: The Loucks Family book says: "Wilhelm had no military service with the Loyalists in the Revolutionary
War, but was still awarded land in Osnabruck Township."
Williams's two youngest sons, Richard W. and William W., Jr., petitioned for land as sons of a Loyalist in
consecutive UCLP's, E4/40 and E4/41, both dated 26 Oct 1797, but did not specify as others did that their father
served in some military or civilian capacity.
William, Sr., is known to have been a prisoner of the NYS Commissioners for detecting and defeating
conspiracies at Albany on 15 June 1779.
DEATH: Henry Jones, "The Palatine Families of NY", 1985, p 202 says, "b. 29 Apr 1728 and d. 8 Dec 1803
(Anglican Church Records, Diocese of Ottawa, Canada)".
The Williamsburgh Township Lutheran Church records of Rev. Johann Samuel Swerdtfeger read:
"Empy, William Sen., of Osnabruck, born 29 Apr. 1728. Died 5 Dec 1803, buried 6 Dec 1803. Aged 75yrs
7mos 6days."
BURIAL: Williamsburg, Dundas Co., Ontario, Canada.
WILL: Henry Jones writes: "The Will of Wilhelmus Emmerich was dated 12 June 1792 and probated 8 Oct 1792
(Ulster Co. Will Book.)":
"William Empey's will is written by hand in "Old Dutch" (German). Dr. Fitzgerald thinks it is possible that
William wrote it himself, since the signature seems to match the writing of the Will. Dr. Fitzgerald list the main
points of the will as:
William, eldest son, to have the old place, Lot #6 in front of the 2nd Twsp. (Cornwall Twsp),
Wife to be mistress of the place as long as she bears his name. (Does not remarry.)
Everyone of his (William, Jr.'s) younger brethren to receive one cow and one horse when they marry.
The four younger brothers to receive 400 acres in the Third Twsp. (Osnabruck Twsp.) viz. Lot #29, 11th
Concession, 29/IV. (Each lot is 200 acres.)
The Mill Place that he bought from Henry M
erkle is to be his wife's as long as she bears his name. If she is re-
married, the five brothers are to share the Mill Place.
Two Town lots go to his wife.

- From "The Descendants of Johan Ernst Emichen : Volume II - The Loyalist Canadian Empey Family" - http://www.magma.ca/~ekipp/

[1140] IDENTITY: John W. Empie, son of William Empie and Maria Margaret Laux, was the great-great-great
grandfather of E. Keith Fitzgerald (EKF), who compiled most of the early records of the Empey Family.
BIRTH: Stone Arabia, Palatine, Montgomery Co., NY.
Since his brother William's UC land petition states that his brother, John, if living, would be about 90 in 1850,
thus he was born about 1760, a reasonable date from the point of view of his marriage and date of birth of his first
child. However, his father's will lists him as the eldest son, so he had to have been born before John Dieterich (b.
1755), thus perhaps about 1754.
OCCUPATION: He was a farmer and blacksmith in Osnabruck, Stormont Co., Ontario Canada.
When he came to Upper Canada he worked for the Indian Department (Canada) until 1796.
MILITARY: (Edward Kipp) "He was a Sergeant in the KRRNY, Battalion 1, Grenadier Co., and enlisted on
August 15, 1777. He was in Captain Angus Mc Donnell's company in 1777. He was a Corporal and then Sergeant
of Grenadiers, 1781-83. He had property confiscated in the Palatine and Stone Arabia districts of Tryon Co.
(Montgomery Co., NY), as per judgement signed 14 July 1783."
In 1784 he had drawn lots for land in Royal Township #2, Cornwall.
A new claim made to Montreal, 26 Feb 1788, reads: "Evidence on the Claim of John Empy, late of Tryon Co.,
NY Province: Claimt sworn: Says he was a soldier in Sir John Johnsons, 1st Batal, in quarters at St. Martins and
gave his Claim to Capt. Angus Mc Donell."
He is a native of America. In 1775 he lived in Snyders Bush. He joined the Army at Fort Stanwix in 1777 and
came to Canada and has been in the British Lines ever since. He served all the War. Produces his discharge.
Resides now at New Johnson.
Says he lived on his father's land in Snyders Bush. He claims stock, 2 breeding Mares, 2 Cows & Heifer, 6
Sheep, 3 Hogs, Indian Corn, a House and Stable, Shoe Makers Tools....
Witness: Silvanus Casamur sworn: Remembers claimant had 2 Mares, 2 Cows & some Hogs on his father's
Lands. He had built a house on these lands. He worked as a Shoe Maker.
Note: Is Silvanus "Casumur" a Casselman and related in some manner to the husband of John's Aunt, Anna
Margaret (Empey) Casselman?;
EMPLOYMENT: He worked for the Indian Department (Canada) until 1796, when he came to Upper Canada.
"In another Haldimand Papers List, dated 17 Sep 1784, is another record: 1KRRNY, John Empey, one man, one
woman, one male under 10 years of age, drawing 2 1/2 rations per day, employed as Black Smithy in the Indian
Department." (EKF)
LAND: Per EKF: "On Patrick Mc Niff's map of 1 Nov 1786, "Serjt, I (J) Impey (Empey) is allocated Lot 26W in
both the First and Second Concessions of the Third Township (Osnabruck) for 400 acres."
MARRIAGE: John William's marriage was confirmed by #4 & #5; # 4 refers to "Upper Canada Land Petitions; # 5
refers to "Various Church Records in Stormont and Dundas Co., Canada."
BIOGRAPHICAL: Edith Van Heusen, "Empey Family", p. 6 writes: SIMMS vol 2:557 says a "John, William and
Philip Empie were among the first settlers of Fairfield, Herkimer Co., NY; John add Philip were Tories." This
would account for the birth and death records of his father, William Empie, the marriage of John, and several other
family records appearing in the records of the Reformed Dutch Church of German Flatts. Did father William begin
life in Stone Arabia, then move to Fairfield/German Flatts about the time his children were grown?;
DEATH: Died as a result of "having been killed by his horse leaping over a bridge." (DKM) (EKF)
EKF cites his death date as "23 Feb 1816/15 October 1817", when the source listed as Upper Canada Land
- From "The Descendants of Johan Ernst Emichen : Volume II - The Loyalist Canadian Empey Family" - http://www.magma.ca/~ekipp/

[1141] DEATH: Probably died early, as he is not listed in William Empey's UCLP, 2 Jan 1850, with
the rest of his brothers and sisters. However, his father, William Empey's will bequeaths "the
old place, (Lot 6, 2nd Concession, Cornwall)" to his eldest son, William, and gives 400 acres of
land in the 3rd Twp. to his four younger sons, saying that the "five" brothers are "to share the
Mill Place." (Upon his wife's death). This would indicate that all of the sons, including
Dieterich, were still alive on 12 June 1792, when his father´┐Żs was written.

- From "The Descendants of Johan Ernst Emichen : Volume II - The Loyalist Canadian Empey Family" - http://www.magma.ca/~ekipp/

[1142] ORIGIN: Dr. Fitzgerald writes: "There were two Adam W. Empeys, married at approximately the same time. One
was born at Stone Arabia, Albany (later Tryon and even later Montgomery) County, NYS, whose parents were
William Empey Sr. (1728-1803) and Maria Margaret Lauxs (Louchs). He married Margaret Von Steinberg 7 Feb
1804. She was d/o Henry of Osnabruck and Hannah Servos and was born at Albany, NY, c. Oct 1783. The elder
Adam was a yeoman of Osnabruck Twsp.
The other Adam William was born & bapt. 18 March 1789 of Wm. Jnr. (s/o Philip Snr.) and Catherine Von
Hildebrandt. The younger Adam was of Cornwall Town and a butcher. He married Ann __?;__.
Their respective children are difficult to separate for certain, but using their residences and occupations one can
be reasonably sure of oneself."
BIRTH: Stone Arabia, Palatine, Montgomery Co., NY USA, per Empey Famiy Family chart, compiled by E. Keith
Fitzgerald, 1988.
Birth date based on his brother William's UCLP of 1850, which said he would, "if living" be 88 at the time.
However, there is room for doubt here, as the petition was not accurate about the dates of any of the other children.
All we know is that his brother William lists him as the 2nd oldest living son of William, Sr.
OCCUPATION: Farmer. He was a yeoman of Osnabruck Twsp., Stormont Co., Ontario Canada. (EKF)
In 1784 he had gone to Montreal to get seed wheat. (Ed Kipp)
MARRIAGE: Williamsburg/Matilda/Osnabruck/Edwardsburgh Parish Record, 1790-1886,, MS 201 (6) Liber A,
Page 11: "Marriage, 7 Feb 1804, Adam Empey, son of William Empey of Osna and Peggy Steinberg, daughter of
Henry Steinberg of Osna."
MILITARY: During the Revolution he served as a private in the Kings Royal Regiment of New York and had land
confiscated in Stone Arabia as a Yeoman. (DKM)
Edward Kipp says "He was a private in the KRRNY, Battalion 1, and enlisted on August 15, 1777. He was in
Angus Mc Donnell's Company, 1777. He is shown as a member of Capt. John McDonnell's Co. of Grenadiers and
was age 22 on 24 December 1783 when 1 KRRNY was disbanded. He was a Grenadier from 1781-83".
In the 1786 Victualling List for Osnabruck Twp., he is shown as single." (EKF)
As a Loyalist he appears on list of land confiscated in Palatine Montgomery Co., NY, per J. Reilly, 1974: The
Confiscation and sale of the Loyalist Estates and its Effect Upon...etc," NYS Library, Albany, NY.
DEATH: Died 3 Apr 1824, aged 64 1/2, per Osnabruck Church Register # 36. (EKF)
- From "The Descendants of Johan Ernst Emichen : Volume II - The Loyalist Canadian Empey Family" - http://www.magma.ca/~ekipp/


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