Husband : Edward SPARLING

Male Born : 14 OCT 1837at : Adare, Limerick, Ireland
Married : 08 AUG 1862at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Died : 12 JUL 1918at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Buried : at : Maitlandbank Cem, Seaforth, Ontario
Father : John SPARLING
Mother : Amelia SPARLING
Spouses : Mary SMITH

  • REFERENCE: Jn VI 2 a

Wife : Mary SMITH

Female Born : 1838at : Ontario
Died : 10 OCT 1924at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Buried : 12 OCT 1924at : Maitlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth, Ontario
Father : John SMITH
Mother : Fanny SMITH
Spouses : Edward SPARLING

  • CENSUS: 1921, McKillop, Huron South, Ontario
Notes : [699]

Family :
  • CENSUS: 1881, McKillop, Huron Centre, Ontario
  • CENSUS: 1891, McKillop, Huron, Ontario
  • CENSUS: 1901, McKillop, Huron, Ontario


Name : Robert SPARLING [700]
Male Born : 08 AUG 1862at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Married : 28 APR 1886at : Wingham, Huron, Ontario
Died : 28 MAR 1925at : Vancouver, British Columbia
Spouses : Sarah Elizabeth KING

  • OCCUPATION: Teacher, 1890
  • REFERENCE: Jn VI 2 a i

Name : Albert E SPARLING
Male Born : 21 JUL 1864at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Married : 18 NOV 1903at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Died : SEP 1945at : Seaforth, Huron, Ontario
Spouses : Catherine Emily BEATTIE

  • REFERENCE: Jn VI 2 a ii

Name : Mary Eliza SPARLING [701]
Female Born : 01 OCT 1866at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Married : 23 JUN 1909at : Seaforth, Huron, Ontario
Died : at : Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario
Spouses : Robert James HARRISON

  • REFERENCE: Jn VI 2 a iii

Name : Arthur SPARLING
Male Born : 04 MAY 1868at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Married : 15 AUG 1901at : Vancouver, British Columbia
Died : at : Edmonton, Alberta
Spouses : Jennie FLETCHER

  • REFERENCE: Jn VI 2 a iv

Name : Allen Gordon SPARLING
Male Born : 08 JUN 1870[702] at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Married : 12 SEP 1894at : Stanley, Huron, Ontario
Died : 27 APR 1950at : Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio
Buried : 29 APR 1950at : Lakewood Park Cemetery, Rocky River, Ohio
Spouses : Clara Victoria WALSH , Grace HUMPHREY

  • OCCUPATION: Manager - Furniture Store, 1920
  • OCCUPATION: Organbuilder, 1930
  • REFERENCE: Jn VI 2 a v

Name : Adelaine SPARLING
Female Born : 04 APR 1872at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Married : 20 NOV 1900at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Died : 05 JUN 1951at : Egmondville, Huron, Ontario
Spouses : William Richard SHADE

  • REFERENCE: Jn VI 2 a vi

Name : Ernest Alexander SPARLING
Male Born : 10 OCT 1876at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Married : 13 DEC 1905at : Hibbert Twp, Perth, Ontario
Died : 25 AUG 1933at : Kincardine, Bruce, Ontario
Buried : at : Kincardine, Bruce, Ontario
Spouses : Margaret MORRISON

  • OCCUPATION: Blacksmith, 1906
  • REFERENCE: Jn VI 2 a viii

Name : Alonzo SPARLING
Male Born : 04 APR 1874at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Married : 08 APR 1918at : Seaforth, Huron, Ontario
Died : 1947at : Wroxeter, Huron, Ontario
Spouses : Emma Elizabeth HART

  • REFERENCE: Jn VI 2 a vii

Name : Charlotte SPARLING
Female Born : 21 JAN 1878at : McKillop, Huron, Ontario
Married : 31 JAN 1906at : Egmondville, Huron, Ontario
Died : APR 1944at : Cartwright, Manitoba
Spouses : Walter JAMIESON

  • REFERENCE: Jn VI 2 a ix


[699] Allen ??? - Some of the children's marriage registrations list Mary's maiden name as Allen.

[700] Robert Sparling. educator and lecturer, whose life work has been one of continuous activity in the educational field, is now principal of the Aberdeen school of Vancouver. He was born near Seaforth, in McKillop township, in the county of Huron, Ontario, August 8, 1862, a son of Edward and Mary (Smith) Sparling, the former having been born near Limerick, Ireland, and the latter near Brockville, Ontario, her parents having settled in that province on coming to the new world from Londonderry, Ireland. Mr. Sparling was a contractor and builder of Huron county, where he and his wife have made their home for many years. While he was long an active factor in industrial circles, he is now living retired and both he and his wife are enjoying good health, although now well advanced in years. They have ever had the respect and confidence of the community in which they reside and during the long period of their residence there have gained many warm friends.
Robert Sparling was educated in the rural public schools of Huron county, the Seaforth Collegiate Institute and the Model school at Goderich, Ontario. Turning to the profession of teaching as a life work, he taught for two years in the district schools of Huron county and then turned aside for a brief period from the educational field. In March, 1888, he founded the Algoma Advocate, which he published at Thessalon, Ontario, becoming the first editor and proprietor. He conducted that paper for two and a half years and then sold out. In August, 1890, he came to Vancouver, where for a short time he was substitute teacher in the Vancouver public schools. He afterward went to Seattle, Washington, where he spent a few months but later returned to Vancouver and in January, 1891, accepted the position of teacher of the school on Lulu island, where he remained for six months. In August of the same year he joined the staff of teachers of the Vancouver public schools, becoming first assistant in the West End school, where he remained for one term. There were then only four schools in the city. He next became principal of the East End school, in which he continued for a year and a half. In 1893 he opened a private academy for training teachers for the public schools, which he conducted for two and a half years during which time he graduated more than seventy teachers. In January, 1896, he was called to the principalship of the public schools at Vernon, holding that position until August, 1900, at which date he became first assistant at the Central school of Vancouver. In 1907 he was appointed principal of the Aberdeen school and so continues to the present. He is also well known on the lecture platform, in which connection he has won wide renown. He has traveled extensively along the Pacific coast, going as far south as Mexico and traveling eastward through the United States and Canada almost to the Atlantic ocean. His lectures are illustrated with stereopticon views, he giving travel talks on the Yellowstone National Park, the Yosemite Valley, the Grand Canyon of Arizona, another lecture called "From Ocean to Ocean," and many other interesting subjects. Many of these lectures are delivered to children in the public schools and before various young people's societies. Professor Sparling is widely recognized as a man of scholarly attainments and broad general information and is continually extending his knowledge through reading, study and research. He is a member of the Art, Historical and Scientific Society of Vancouver, the Archaeological Institute of America and is moreover identified with many interests formed to promote educational work. He is a member of the Vancouver public library board, is president of the Vancouver Schools' Principals' Association and president of the Coast Teachers' Institute, which includes Vancouver island and the Coast of British Columbia. He is also an active member of the National Educational Association of America and is especially interested in the development of school libraries. Aside from his activities along those lines he is the president and one of the directors of the Burrard Building Society, becoming one of its founders arid charter members on its organization in Vancouver in 1905.
On the 28th of April, 1886, at Wingham. Ontario, Professor Sparling was married to Miss Sarah Elizabeth King, of a United Empire Loyalist family of Ontario, and they have one daughter, Ellen M., who is a teacher in the Fairview school. In politics Professor Sparling is independent. While in the east and in newspaper work he was very active in support of the conservative party but now casts an independent ballot, supporting men and measures as his judgment dictates. For the past twelve years he has been a trustee and the treasurer of the Mount Pleasant Methodist church and he is deeply interested in all that pertains to the social and moral as well as the intellectual progress of the city.

- BRITISH COLUMBIA, From the Earliest Times to the Present, Biographical - Volume III, by Ethelbert Olaf Staurt Scholefield, Published by The S J Clarke Publishing Company (Vancouver Portland San Francisco Chicago) - 1914, Pgs 555,556

[701] Had one child who died in infancy

[702] Late Registration of birth 16 oct 1945 list birth date of 06 aug 1870


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