Percival SPARLING / Jane GUNN

Percival SPARLING / Jane GUNN

Husband : Percival SPARLING

Male Born : 01 MAY 1825at :
Married : 21 FEB 1871at : Ogonnoloe
Died : 1888at :
Buried : 29 SEP 1888at :
Father : Philip SPARLING
Mother : Anne SPARLING
Spouses : Jane COE , Jane GUNN


Wife : Jane GUNN

Female Born : abt 1840at : Clare, Ireland
Died : 1920at :
Buried : 16 MAR 1920at :
Father : Robert GUNN
Mother :
Spouses : Percival SPARLING

Family :
  • CENSUS: 1911, Faha, Castletown, Tipperary, Ireland
  • CENSUS: 1901, Faha, Castletown, Tipperary, Ireland


Name : Robert William SPARLING
Male Born : 06 DEC 1871at : Portroe, Tiperrary, Ireland
Died : 15 JUN 1929at : Pran, Victoria, Australia
Spouses :

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Name : Percival SPARLING
Male Born : 25 JUN 1874at : Portroe, Tiperrary, Ireland
Married : 01 MAR 1916at : Castleton Ch., Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Died : 1928at :
Buried : 27 APR 1928at :
Spouses : Mary Elizabeth DAGG

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Name : Anna Maria Louise SPARLING
Female Born : 01 SEP 1876at : Tipperary, Ireland
Married : 16 FEB 1915at : Castletown, Tipperary, Ireland
Died : at :
Spouses : William EVANS

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Name : Edwin George SPARLING [444]
Male Born : 10 FEB 1879at :
Married : 03 JAN 1914at : Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Died : 14 OCT 1937at : Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Buried : at : Kalgoorlie Cemetery, Western Australia
Spouses : Anne FITZGERALD

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Name : Augustus SPARLING
Male Born : 09 AUG 1883at :
Died : 17 AUG 1883at :
Spouses :

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Following a severe attack of ton- silitis, Mr. Edwin George Sparling (56), proprietor of Sparling's Dairy, and well-known goldfields identity, died in Perth yesterday. Born at Tipperary, Ireland, Mr. Sparling came to Kalgoorlie in 1907, and has lived here ever since. He is survived by a widow, two sons and a daughter, all of whom reside in the district. His remains will be brought to Kalgoorlie by the train leaving Perth to-day. The funeral will be held on Sunday.

Kalgoorlie Miner (Kalgoorlie, WA) Friday 15 oct 1937, Pg. 4


A resident of the goldfields for over 30 years, Mr. Edwin George Sparling, who recently died in Perth, was buried in the Anglican portion of the Kalgoorlie Cemetery following a service at St. John's Anglican Cathedral, Kalgoorlie.

The late Mr. Sparling was 64 years of age and a native of Tipperary. Ireland.. He was interested in dairy- ing tor the greater portion of his life on the 'fields. Chief mourners were Miss. Phyliss. Sparling (daughter) and Mr. Percival Sparling (son). The pall-bearera were Messrs. A. Wright, J. Barnes, J. W. Hair, E. O'Longhlin. W. C. Harris and E. Lane.

Among those present were the Mayor of Kalgoorlie, Mr. R. -G. Moore, the Mayor of Boulder, Mr. W. V. Coath, and the. Town. Clerk.. Mr. H. J. Edwards, the chairman of the Kalgoorlie Road Board, Mr. W. R. Hall, and the secretary. Mr. R. H. Bennett; Messrs. R. Miller, F. Scriven, D. Jones, B. Tola, Fenn, S. Bovell, N. Tippett, A. G. Philpott, j. Bailey, P. C. Cowle, J. Geddes, J. Harvey, J. Barnes. J. W- Hair. M. Dillon, R. Saunders, T. Webster, M. Lively, J. Quinlan, B. Starr, A. Starr. R. Beaton, W. Wright, P. Franetovich, W. T� Moran, D. Mc- Donald, J. W. Anderson, J. Graham, G. Burkett, J. W. Sheehan. Thomas. E. J. Treby. L. A. Alman, K. A. Burton, J. Elshury, A. G. Cowle, L. G. Bennit; J. Hennigan, F. Brown. J. Fitzpatrick, C. Zowe, H. D S. Maco- boy, E. Rosman, J L. Smith, E. Dawe, Winning, J. Ranclaud, J. May, J. P. Hehir, A.,Thompson, Annear, S. LeBoydre, J. Krause, T. Webster, W. O'Brien, H. Harse. J. W, Haw- kins, L. Burke, C. B. Manners. Doukas, Horan, R. Angell. T. Doo gue. Haynes, J. Mannix, C. Ferguson. Clauson;, Mesdames L. Burke and A. Casey; Misses E. Ferguson and Billyand Maud Perman.

Funeral arrangements were car- ried ont by W. Strother.

Sunday Times (Perth, WA) Sunday 24 October 1937, Pg 13


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