Husband : John SPARLING

Male Born : 27 AUG 1825at : Upper Canada
Baptised : 17 AUG 1827[139] at :
Married : 06 OCT 1851at : Clarendon Anglican, Pontiac, Quebec
Died : 01 SEP 1902at :
Buried : at : Craig Methodist Cem, Greermount, Quebec
Father : John SPARLING
Mother : Elizabeth CRONAVERRY
Spouses : Jane Ann FARRAH

  • CENSUS: 1901, Thorne, Pontiac, Quebec
Notes : [140]

Wife : Jane Ann FARRAH

Female Born : 1836at : Ireland
Died : 07 APR 1897at : Greermount, Pontiac, Quebec
Buried : at : Craig Methodist Cem, Greermount, Quebec
Father :
Mother :
Spouses : John SPARLING
Notes : [372]

Family :
  • CENSUS: 1861, Clarendon, Pontiac, Canada East
  • CENSUS: 1871, Thorne, Pontiac South, Quebec
  • CENSUS: 1881, Thorne, Pontiac, Quebec
  • CENSUS: 1891, Thorne, Pontiac, Quebec


Name : Elizabeth SPARLING [373]
Female Born : 07 FEB 1854at : Thorne, Pontiac, Quebec
Married : 22 AUG 1888at : Litchfield, Pontiac, Quebec
Died : 17 JUN 1931at :
Buried : at : Union Church Cem, Dunraven, Calumet Island, Quebec
Spouses : James PITT

  • REFERENCE: Sh 2 a

Name : Maria Harriet SPARLING [374]
Female Born : 03 FEB 1854at : Thorne, Pontiac, Quebec
Married : 19 NOV 1889at : Fort Coulonge, Pontiac, Quebec
Died : 13 FEB 1937at :
Buried : at : Union Church Cem, Dunraven, Calumet Island, Quebec
Spouses : Adam STEWART

  • REFERENCE: Sh 2 b

Name : John Farrah SPARLING [34]
Male Born : 27 MAY 1857at : Pontiac County, Quebec
Married : 19 SEP 1884at : Westmeath, Renfrew , Ontario
Died : 07 NOV 1921at : Milestone, Saskatchewan
Spouses : Catherine SPARLING

  • REFERENCE: Sh 2 c

Name : Francis SPARLING [375]
Male Born : 1859at : Lower Canada
Married : at :
Died : 14 OCT 1921at :

  • REFERENCE: Sh 2 d

Name : George F SPARLING [376]
Male Born : 23 AUG 1862at : Quebec
Married : 17 JUN 1891at : Portage du Fort, Pontiac, Quebec
Died : 1934at :
Buried : at : Maple Grove United Cemetery, Shawville, Clarendon, Quebec
Spouses : Sarah Emily WOODS

  • REFERENCE: Sh 2 e

Name : Sarah Jane SPARLING [377]
Female Born : FEB 1865at : Quebec
Married : 12 MAR 1884at : Craig Methodist Cem, Greermount, Quebec
Died : MAR 1937at :
Buried : at : Craig Methodist Cem, Greermount, Quebec
Spouses : Joseph BLACK

  • REFERENCE: Sh 2 f

Name : Rose Anna SPARLING [378]
Female Born : 19 MAR 1868at : Clarendon, Pontiac, Quebec
Baptised : 14 NOV 1868at : Wesleyen Meth, Portage du Fort, Quebec
Married : 17 JUL 1889at : Clarendon Methodist, Pontiac, Quebec
Died : 25 MAR 1962at : Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario
Buried : at : Lakeview Cemetery, Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario
Spouses : John MCCORRISTON

  • REFERENCE: Sh 2 g

Name : Charles Edward SPARLING [379] [380]
Male Born : 1876at : Thorne, Pontiac, Quebec
Married : 22 JUN 1898at :
Died : 30 SEP 1898at : Shawville, Clarendon, Pontiac, Quebec
Buried : at : Craig Methodist Cem, Greermount, Quebec
Spouses : Alice STEEL

  • REFERENCE: Sh 2 h


[140] Listed as 34,46,60 in 1861,71,81 census Lived on Conc 5 Lot 47. Thorne, Pontiac, Quebec. Owned 200 acres

[139] Baptized by Reverand Amos Ansley, Church of England, Wright Settlement (Hull), missionary to Clarendon

[372] Listed as 27,37,47 in 1861,71,81 census

[373] Listed as 7,17 in 1861,71 census

[374] Listed as 6,14,24 in 1861,71,81 census. YOB is likely 1855

[34] Listed as 4,13,23 in 1861,71,81 census ??? Sharon Milsom has dob 16 may 1858, dod 07 nov 1921 ??? Gladys Johnston has dob as 27 aug 1857

[375] Listed as 2,12,21 in 1861,71,81 census

[376] Listed as 8,19 in 1871,81 census

[377] Listed as 6,17 in 1871,81 census

[378] Listed as 3,15 in 1871,81 census

[379] Edward's father disinherited him when they married. It appears that Edward took seriously ill, the Doctor was called and told that Edward had taken Paris Green. He died shortly after, when dying he accused his wife of poisoning him. She was arrested for murder. (Ottawa Citizen, Oct 1898)

[380] Articles from The Shawville Equity

Was he poisoned?
Charles Sparling of this village, a young man 22 years of age, son of John Sparling of Thorne, died on Thursday night under rather peculiar if not suspicious circumstances; so suspicious in fact, that the authorities deemed it necessary to hold an inquest to ascertain the cause of death if possible.

The inquest was held at the Pontiac House on Saturday by Coroner Hurdman, after the remains of the deceased had been thoroughly examined by the jury which was composed of Messrs Robt McCredie, foreman; Hugh Hobbs, John M Hodgins, A N Wilson, Jas McArthur, T H Argue, I J Turner, J R Horner, A Smiley, Geo Findlay, Alex McDonald and Thos Dale.

The deceased young man, it may be stated, was married on the 22nd of June last to Miss Alice Steele, niece of Mr John Steele, of this village, since which date the young couple, have made their home with Mr Steele, the deceased being employed at intervals with several of the farmers in the neighborhood. he was a young man of very quiet, inoffensive disposition, against whom no one had any thing to say, so far as can be learned, save that he was accounted a little too easily influenced, or "soft" as the term goes.

The evidence adduced at the enquette, which was of a somewhat lengthy and searching character, went to show, that the young couple had got on fairly well together since their marriage.
However, following a "spat" over a woman paying visits to the family of Allan Murray, who occupies a part of the same building, the young husband objected to these visits, as did also John Steele and his wife. on the ground - as alleged in the evidence - that it would cause gossip and trouble.

It appears that Mrs Sparling had gone away from home for a time subsequent to the difficulty referred to, and that during her absence her husband got sick.

The evidence of Dr Knox was deeply interesting. He stated that on the way to the house John Steele informed him that he suspected foul play in the matter, and that before going into the sick man's room he had examined the green spots on the ground opposite the window, and thought they closely resembled Paris green. On visiting Sparling he found him in a state of semi collapse, and his condition indicative of arsenical poisoning. The evidence of this witness, however, pointed rather strongly towards the criminality of the deceased's wife. In effect it was, that while alone with the deceased in his room on Friday evening, the latter distinctly told him he had been given poison in the liquor administered to him by his wife.

Meanwhile, the suspected woman has been committed to jail on the strength of the declaration grounded on the evidence.

Sparling poisoning case:
The Sparling poisoning case was the sensation of the day and the courtroom at Bryson was packed to the doors, when Mrs Edward Sparling stood trial for the alleged paris green poisoning of her husband. The principal witness was John Steele, with whom the couple had lived since their marriage a year previous. Jurymen chosen for the trial were: Thomas Bums, Chichester; William Alexander, Bristol; Thomas Letts, Calumet Island; Henry Meredith, South Onslow; William Farrell, Otter Lake; Martin Davis Jr, Bristol; James Cotie, Portage du Fort; James Amm, South Onslow; James Wilson, Leslie; James Lee, Chapeau; James Bergin Jr, Allumettes Island and Joseph Valilee of North Onslow. The trial continues.
Sparling trial: Costs have been estimated in Ottawa papers at $10,000, however, we have pretty good authority for stating that the above figure is grossly inaccurate, the actual cost being well within the $3000 mark.

Sparling poisoning case:
Jury fails to find a verdict and are discharged: Following the hearing of further evidence, long address by Messrs B Rainville and McDougall council for Mrs Sparling and by Asa Gordon, Crown Prosecutor, the jury disagreed, were sent back and held overnight. They still disagreed in the morning by a ratio of 10 for acquittal and 2 for conviction. The failure of the jury to agree would necessitate a new trial, which might take place this autumn, and perhaps not for a year after, so uncertain and slow are the movements of legal machinery.

100 Years Ago
July 13, 1899
Refused bail: On Friday morning last Judge Lavergne refused to allow bail in the case of Laura Alice Steele, at present confined in jail at Bryson. She will therefore remain in jail till the next session of Court of Queen's Bench which may not take place till next summer

May 17, 1900 -The Sparling Case: Mrs Sparling again took her place in the prisoner's dock to stand her trail for the second time for the murder of her husband.

Her long incarceration did not seem to have affected her health though she looked somewaht pale. She has lost the jaunty air with which she carried herself at the beginning of her first trail and seems like a woman who realizes in some degree at least the terrible serious position in which she is placed. She was dressed neatly in black and wore a black straw hat and veil.

The work of selecting a jury began at once and from the outset it is quite evident that her counsel Messrs Rainville and McCougall are determined to repeat the magnificent fight of last year.

The 12 men entrusted with this responsibile duty are: Pierre Bouillanne of Ville Marie, Albert Dahms of Thorne, William J Hodgins of Cawood, John Flood of Waltham, Michael Bruneau of Allumette Island, James Jamieson of Cawood, David Cadieux of Litchfield, Sam Molenix of Calumet, Francois Champagne of Ville Marie, John Prendergast of Clarendon, Michael Meehan of Sheen and John Moorehead of Cawood.

The twelve were carefully housed up in the court house all day Sunday and were closely watched by special constables to see that no outsider had any communication with them


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