James SPARLING / Elizabeth MACNEIL

James SPARLING / Elizabeth MACNEIL

Husband : James SPARLING

Male Born : 1806at :
Married : 12 JUN 1878at : Baddeck, Nova Scotia
Died : 31 JAN 1880at : Baddeck, Nova Scotia
Buried : [100] at : Private Cemetery, Baddeck, Nova Scotia
Father : William Peter SPARLING
Mother : Eleanor LEAVER
Spouses : Maria LEAVER , Elizabeth MACNEIL


Wife : Elizabeth MACNEIL

Female Born : abt 1848at : Baddeck, Nova Scotia
Died : at :
Father : Malcolm MACNEIL
Mother : Mary UNKNOWN
Spouses : James SPARLING

Family :
  • CENSUS: 1881, Baddeck, Victoria, Nova Scotia


Name : James SPARLING [309]
Male Born : 1878at :
Married : at :
Died : bef 1921at :
Spouses : Mary GILLIS

  • RESIDENCE: 1901, Sydney, Nova Scotia

Name : Malcolm SPARLING [308]
Male Born : 22 MAY 1879at : Baddeck, Nova Scotia
Married : 04 MAR 1919at : Whitney Pier, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Died : 24 FEB 1961at : Victoria, British Columbia
Spouses : Elizabeth GILLIS

  • CENSUS: 1921, Cowichan Lake, Nanaimo, British Columbia
  • RESIDENCE: 1901, Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • OCCUPATION: Soldier, 1919


[100] Baddeck Private Burial Site
Shore Road, Baddeck, Victoria County, NS
Recorded by James E. Roberts about 1993.
On the west end of Shore Rd., only yards from where it rejoins the TCH on the water side, is a house at the end of a long driveway. It was # 10 Shore Rd., but may have a different number now because of 911 numbering. It was owned by a ROSS. On the lee side of the house is a sizeable mound, about 4-5 feet high, and about 12-15 feet in diameter with large trees growing out of the mound. A gravestone is mounted on top. The ROSS's have no idea who these folks are. They came with the house when they bought it.

[309] Boarding in home of half-brother Wesley Darwin Sparling in 1901. A James and Mary Sperling appear in 1911 cenus at 158 Victoria Road, Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia with sons: Hugh J b906 and Vincent b1909 which may be this family.

[308] Boarding in home of half-brother Wesley Darwin Sparling in 1901


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