Joseph Henry SPARLING / Hannah REYNARD

Joseph Henry SPARLING / Hannah REYNARD

Husband : Joseph Henry SPARLING

Male Born : 1805at :
Baptised : 30 JUN 1805at : Parish Ch, Adare, Limerick, Ireland
Married : at :
Died : 1850at :
Father : Philip SPARLING
Mother : Catherine Ann CRONSBERRY
Spouses : Hannah REYNARD


Wife : Hannah REYNARD

Female Born : at :
Died : 1877at : Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Father :
Mother :
Spouses : Joseph Henry SPARLING

Family :
  • CENSUS: 1870, Detroit Ward 5, Wayne, Michigan


Name : Anna SPARLING
Female Born : abt 1828at :
Married : 07 SEP 1854[1678] at : London, Ontario
Died : at :
Spouses : James KEILER


Name : John Philip SPARLING [191]
Male Born : 1830at :
Baptised : 16 MAY 1830at : Castletownarra, Ireland
Died : at :
Spouses :


Name : Eliza SPARLING
Female Born : abt 1832at :
Died : 1841at :
Buried : 30 SEP 1841at : Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Spouses :


Name : Charles James SPARLING [193]
Male Born : 16 NOV 1834at : Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Baptised : 28 DEC 1834at : Killaloe Methodist, Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Died : at :
Spouses :

  • CENSUS: 1880, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
  • CENSUS: 1900, 65 Adams Ave, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
  • OCCUPATION: Clerk in Store, 1870
  • OCCUPATION: Clerk in Store, 1880
  • OCCUPATION: Dry Goods Salesman, 1900

Name : Walter D SPARLING
Male Born : 21 JUL 1836at : Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Baptised : 04 SEP 1836at : Killaloe Methodist, Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Married : abt 1875at :
Died : 31 JUL 1917at : Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Spouses : Mary MARSHALL

  • OCCUPATION: Clerk in Store, 1870
  • OCCUPATION: Who Dry Goods Agent, 1900

Name : John George SPARLING
Male Born : 10 AUG 1838at : Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Baptised : 31 AUG 1838at : Killaloe Methodist, Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Married : 22 SEP 1875at : Toronto, York, Ontario
Died : 03 MAY 1901at : Marlette, Sanilac, Michigan
Spouses : Anna Maria SPARLING

  • OCCUPATION: Methodist Preacher, 1880

Name : Mary Anne SPARLING
Female Born : 20 JUL 1840at : Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Baptised : 26 JUL 1840at : Killaloe Methodist, Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Died : 1841at :
Buried : 25 MAY 1841at :
Spouses :


Name : Joseph SPARLING [192]
Male Born : 06 FEB 1844at : Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Baptised : 10 MAR 1844at : Killaloe Methodist, Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Married : 28 FEB 1882at : St Clair, Michigan
Died : 16 DEC 1902at : Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Spouses : Margaret May POTTER

  • RESIDENCE: 1880, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
  • OCCUPATION: Bookkeeper, 1870
  • OCCUPATION: Merchant, Dry Goods, 1900

Name : Arabella SPARLING
Female Born : 03 MAY 1846at : Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Baptised : 14 JUN 1846at : Killaloe Methodist, Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Married : at :
Died : at :
Spouses : William F DEIKE

  • RESIDENCE: 1880, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan

Name : William Henry SPARLING [194]
Male Born : 15 JAN 1849at : Limerick, Ireland
Baptised : 18 FEB 1849at : Killaloe Methodist, Killaloe, Clare, Ireland
Married : 07 DEC 1875at : Shelby, Illinois
Died : at :
Spouses : Mary Eva LYONS - "Minnie"

  • OCCUPATION: Physician, 1880
  • REFERENCE: Ph I 10


[191] Probably died young

[193] There is a Charles Sparling born abt 1836 in Ireland enumerated in the 1860 US census in Port Huron Ward 1, St Clair, Michigan. Working as a Clerk. Household of Asa Learned - Hotel Keeper

[192] Listed as Walter on registration of son Clarence's first marriage.

[194] William H Sparling, MD, Moweaqua, is a fine representative of the best Physicians of this section, whose learning abil­ity and eminent success in their practice have contributed to raise the standard of their noble profession in Central Illinois. Our subject was born in County Clare, Ireland, January 15, 1849. His father, .Joseph Sparling, was also a native of that Irish county, and was of German descent, his an­cestors having left Germany on account of religious persecution and taken up their abode on the Em­erald Isle during the reign of Queen Anne.
The father of our subject was reared and married in his native county, where his whole life was passed, his death occurring in 1850. He was en­gaged in the mercantile business up to that time, and by his removal while yet in life's prime the interests of his community suffered a serious loss. His wife, Hannah Reynard in her maiden days, was born in the same county as himself and was also of German lineage. She survived her husband many years and in 1851 came with her seven children to America. She first settled at London, Canada, whence she subsequently removed to Hamilton. In 1859 she crossed the border, and from that time to her death in 1877 was a resident of the United States, making her home in Detroit, Mich. The following is recorded of her children: Walter, Jos­eph and Charles are in the dry-goods business in Detroit; John is a minister in the Methodist Epis­copal Church, a member of the Detroit Conference; Anna married James Keiller, of Detroit; Bella mar­ried William F. Deike, of Chicago; William H. is the subject of this biography.
Dr. Sparling was but two years old when he came to America with his mother, brothers and sis­ters, and therefore.has no recollection of his native island. He was given fine educational advantages in the public schools of Canada and in the higher institutions of learning in this country. His first experience of school life was in the city schools of London and Hamilton. After the family removed to Detroit he became a student at the High School of that city, and was graduated from there in the Class of '67. He then spent a year of hard study in the Northwestern University at Evanston, Ill. At the expiration of that time he began to prepare himself for the medical profession, for which he had a decided taste, under the instruction of Prof. N. W. Webster, of the Detroit Medical College. He was graduated from the institution in the Class of '72. Having completed his medical education, the Doctor decided to enter upon his chosen calling at Cerro Gordo, Platt County, this State, and he was located there from 1872 to 1875, when he came to Moweaqua and the people of this city and the surrounding country have since had the bene­fit of his knowledge and skill. During his fifteen years' residence here he has devoted himself very closely to his profession, and today has a reputa­tion second to that of none other of his vocation in this part of the State.
To the lady who presides so graciously over his home and looks carefully after his comfort and happiness, our subject was wedded in 1875. They have two children living, James L. and Mabel. Mrs. Sparling was formerly Miss Minnie Eva Lyons, and is a daughter of James and Annie Lyons. Her native place is Simcoe, Canada.
The Doctor is a member of the Illinois State Med­ical Society, and of the Central Illinois Medical Society, also of the American Medical Association. He is connected with the temperance order of Royal Templars. His parents were devoted mem­bers of the Methodist Episcopal Church, reared him in that faith, and he and his wife now belong to the church of that denomination in this city. In the course of his practice he has formed many strong and lasting friendships among the people to whose ailments he has administered and he is the well-beloved physician in many a household where his presence has brought healing, or has soothed the last hours of the dying.

- Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, Illinois. Chicago: Biographical Publishing, 1891. pg 450,451


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