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Sparling and Irish Palatine Family Tree

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This is the starting page for Kent Sparling's web tree covering the Sparling and related families. Many of the Irish Palatine families are represented in this database.

Much of the data in this file comes from the great work of Kathleen Bryant, who has published "Over the Hills and Far Away : Tracing the Sparlings."

The original publisher, Mike Barkman, passed away in 2004.
Kathleen, Dawn Turner and I are in the middle of a revised version.
Please contact me for availability of the original version (or updates on progress of the new one).

You can read the first few chapters of the first edition here :


Some of the lines represented here are merely possibilities, so if you are unsure please contact me, and I can let you know if the line is fully documented or not. The data posted here has not been updated since late 2007, so may not reflect our current knowledge.

I also welcome any corrections, additions, comments or abuse.