The Kansas City Journal, Wednesday, January 25, 1885

Bertie Kiefer, Mike Walters, Willie Smith fatally scalded in accident.

Mrs. Henry Donnell fatally burned.

Same Newspaper Above

James Johnson Died on Monday Suddenly

Personal Information from This Kansas City Paper Mentions many names.

Marshall Allen, Mrs. E.C. Hoffman, H.L. Meeks, J.W. Craucer, Jas. C. Foster, E.M. Beinstein, Sheriff Timberlake, J.H. Kemp & wife, P.W. Latham, J.C. Driggs, James Wood, J.M. & Amanda Fisher, H.G. Bell, L.T. Lollick, S.W. Groesbeck, Col. L.H. Walters, W.M. Harris, J.R. Webber, J.P. Morlan, Peter Haynes, E.S.Kars, L.H. Tuster & wife, C.C. Cross, David Biggam. K. Hoffman, L. Witherspoon, Geo. A. Gibbons, Thomas Duryer, C.H. Griffin, J.B. Powell, John W. Harris, T.J. Clarkson, F.H. Jackson, J.C. Cuppy, S.S. Bentley, S.K. Reeve, and Danie Geary.

These are not torn from the Newspaper but just made to look like it. The original newspaper is still intact though it is separated at the seam for it was at one time bound in a large volume. This original is available forsale at $9.99 plus S&H by contacting the owner.