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After the death of Raymond Lewis

Ruby Aline Reeves Lewis married Ernest Edward Martin On Feb. 7, 1954. He was born. Dec. 14, 1918 and died. May 9, 1997. He is buried at Waco Memorial Park Cemetery. They were married in Collin County TX.

Their Children Are:

1. Jerry Lynn Martin b. Nov. 22, 1954

2. Nickey Don Martin b. Aug. 12, 1961

3. Sherri Lannette Martin b. Feb. 22, 1967

 Curious Story About Names!

Curious story about names. There is no relationship between the Martin family and the Lewis family that we know of except this marriage of Ernest Edward Martin to Ruby Aline Reeves Lewis. But there exist in the history of the Lewis family folks with the following names: The author of this page is the son of Raymond Lewis and Ruby Aline Reeves Lewis. After the death of Raymond Lewis, Ruby Aline Reeves Lewis married Ernest Martin. The authors gggggrandfather was Martin Lewis. Martin had a son who was named Felix Grundy Lewis who named one of his son's Martin Grundy Lewis. It was Martin Grundy Lewis who named one of his son's Ernest Martin Lewis. Martin Lewis, Felix Grundy Lewis, Martin Grundy Lewis and Ernest Martin Lewis all lived long before, and never knew Ernest Martin or Ruby Aline Reeves Lewis, and neither Ernest Edward Martin, nor Ruby Aline Reeves Lewis knew of the existence of any of the Lewis family mentioned above. Ernest Edward Martin died never knowing of these facts, and Ruby Aline Reeves Lewis Martin only learned of them in the year 2002 from the author. The facts are that the name Martin is used several times in this Lewis lineage, and that Ernest Martin Lewis is in the same lineage as that of Raymond Eugene Lewis who married Ruby Aline Reeves Lewis who after his death married Ernest Edward Martin.