Walnut Grove Cemetery Rhea Mills Near McKinney Texas

Winnie Lewis was the first one buried at Walnut Grove Cemetery. Martin Lewis was born Nov. 28, 1812 and died Oct. 19, 1897.

From the Western Most Point in the road at Walnut Grove Cemetery where it crooks and then goes back on the Farm Road and directly in Front of Martin and Winnie Lewis' Grave these pictures were taken. Starting due South with Martin and Winnie Lewis' graves on the left side of the picture and then going clockwise around the grave yard from this point. Winnie's grave is marked on the opposite side of Martin's stone as seen above. Winnie Wife of Martin Lewis born Aug 22, 1816 and died July 7, 1881

   This is Great Grandmother and Grandfather, Joseph Hinsley and Delia Denny Hinsley who were the parents of my grandmother Pearl Mae Hinsley who married Lesley Lewis. Joseph was born on Feb. 11, 1851 and died on Nov. 5, 1930. Delia was born on Feb. 14, 1856 and died on April 9, 1944.

  Grave marker of Bennie Lewis the son of Felix Grundy and Lavina Bryant Lewis born Jan. 2, 1886 and died in 1946 in Collin County. His grave is located in the same plot as that of Felix Grundy on the north side of Felix and Lavina's marker within the concret border.

  Lavina Bryant Lewis wife of Felix Grundy Lewis born dec. 7, 1841 died Dec. 2, 1919.

Other Gave markers at Walnut Grove Cemetery are as follows


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Grave Marker for Restland Cemetery Where Raymond E. Lewis is buried;