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 Silas A. "Al" BAILEY to Ludie Lillian HARRISON

 George BAKER to Sally FULFORD

 James BAKER to Nancy HITE

 James A. BAKER to Elizabeth WARREN

 William BAKER to Delilah MANLEY

 Hawkins BALES to Ferreby BOLIN

 Jackson BALES to Lucinda BOLIN

 Henry Anderson BASTIN to Elizabeth MCDANIEL

 Balaam BOLIN to Anna GOODWIN

 Christopher Columbus BOLIN to Nancy BAKER

 Christopher Columbus BOLIN, Jr., to Elizabeth Amanda GUY

 Emanuel Eli BOLIN to America Ann BASTIN

 James Jefferson BOLIN to Lettie Beatrice VIRT

 Stephen BOLIN to Ellen LOLLAR

 Stephen Willis BOLIN to Eliza Catherine EDWARDS

 Henry G. FAVRE to Dolly VIRT

 Absalom Bales FULFORD to Leatha Allie BOLIN

 Jacob GIVENS to Mary BAKER

 Harry Glee HEPNER to Lillian "Lillie" Bell SLIDINGER

 Ivo Arthur Glee HEPNER to Thelma Jewel BOLIN

 Matthias HEPNER to Mary TURNPAUGH

 Matthias T. HEPNER to Lovisa Bliss SPOOR

 Oliver "Ollie" D. HEPNER to Clara May HOFSTEATER

 William Riley Dwight HEPNER to Eliza Lea FOLTZ

 Asa JOHNSON to Margaret J. PAYTON

 Kit Carson KNOWLES to Mary Elizabeth BAILEY

 Elijah LONG to Nancy BAKER

 William S. MANNAN to Margaret J. PAYTON

 David T. NEAL to Susannah BOLIN

 Egbert E. PAGE to Ettie M. HEPNER

 Leroy PAYTON to Mary Ann DENNY

 Wiley Buchanan PAYTON to Lucinda BROWN

 Benjamin QUACKENBUSH to Nancy E. BOLIN

 Morton STILES to Pearl E. BOLIN

 Edward H. TAYLOR to Norma L. HEPNER

 Benjamin H. VIRT to Cora Ann CRONE

 James H. VIRT to Nancy Ellen BURKHART

 John W. VIRT to Margaret J. PAYTON

 George H. WALKER to Elizabeth CHAPPELL



Transcriptions by John C. Hepner.

Page Last Updated: 3 July 2000