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I have been researching my family history since 1997. I have been assisted by many very helpful people who have sent me copies of documentation and files and have shared their own information with me. I wish to thank everyone who has contributed to the present state of my work. I hope this information will be useful to others searching for information about their ancestors. This is, of course, a work in progress: genealogical research is never "finished". I will try to keep this site updated regularly and I will add information to it (especially document transcriptions) as the files become ready. Come back soon!




The primary family surnames on which I am working are Bailey, Bastin, Bolin, Harrison, Hepner, Hitchner, Knowles, Payton, and Virt. Additional ancillary surnames include Baker, Brockman, Drollinger, Fuess, Leadbetter, Lottholz, McDaniel, Sickler/Ziegler, Slidinger, and Wait, among others.






My HEPNER FAMILY DATABASE is compiled from my data files. As with all genealogical research, this is a work in progress. The files will be updated periodically to reflect corrections, changes, and additions. The data is based on the information I have managed to acquire from many sources. I am always happy to receive any information which will fill in missing data or correct data on any individual or family. I welcome comments, questions, and corrections at my email and post office addresses.







As with any attempt at transcription, some typographical mistakes are likely to have crept into these sources. Please let me know if you locate any or have questions about particular entries. I will correct any errors brought to my attention or any errors I subsequently find in them. I have attempted to transcribe exactly as I found the items, mispellings and name variations included. In some cases, the names present on the records do not reflect the exact name I am using in my own genealogical recording. In such cases, I have chosen a particular entry name for my files based on other sources. Some copies with which I was dealing were faint or illegible in places and I have tried to indicate on the transcriptions where the text was unreadable or confused.



Transcriptions of death certificates I have managed to acquire for some of my more recent family members. Most states with which I have been in contact do not have death certificates available for deaths earlier than the 20th century.



Transcriptions of obituaries I have been able to locate. Some were found as loose clippings without adequate attribution to the sources. Others were adequately labeled or were provided in photocopies which included the newspaper source information.



Transcriptions of marriage licenses and applications either from actual certificates or from county registries. Completeness of source citations varies with the amount of information I was provided.



Transcriptions of military service and pension records for individuals with military service. Many copies were provided through requests to the National Archives and Records Administration. Some were provided by my genealogical cousins who already had copies in their possession. A few are originals in my family papers.



Transcriptions of other texts providing additional information about my families or individuals. Sources of the texts transcribed vary.



These are old signatures I have scanned from documents in my possession. Naturally, these are only for family members who learned to write their names. As with many families, some of my ancestors could not write.






My photograph album includes a selection of family photos from my personal collection as well as a few supplied by my cousins. The photos on most pages are linked to larger versions available by clicking on the picture. Identities of the individuals are based on information supplied by my father and other family members. To make the display more manageable, I have arranged the labelled pictures into a series of pages.






I am happy to share information with other researchers. My mailing address is:


John C. Hepner

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My email address is



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