1. AHTA. A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical or historical interest in the Anti-Horse Thief Association (AHTA) and the people associated with it. The AHTA began before the Civil War in Missouri to prevent criminality. It guaranteed protection to members and helped law enforcement with the pursuit, capture, arrest, conviction and recovery of stolen horses, mules, equipment, etc. To subscribe send "subscribe" to ahta-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or ahta-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  2. ANCESTRIAL_TECHNOLOGY. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding how our ancestors used the technologies that were available to them in order to put their lives in perspective. The list covers all aspects of life from business, farming, and home life. To subscribe send "subscribe" to ancestrial_technology-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or ancestrial_technology-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  3. AOLers-RootsWeb. A mailing list for AOL users at RootsWeb who often have specific needs and specific issues or may need specific information. This list is for user-supported self help. The goal is to prevent RootsWeb mail from being blocked by AOL by providing AOL subscribers with accurate information about using RootsWeb. To subscribe send "subscribe" to aolers-rootsweb-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or aolers-rootsweb-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  4. BIGAMY. A mailing list for the discussion of bigamy and illigitimacy including how they affect genealogy research, how to effectively research their occurrences, and how to record them. To subscribe send "subscribe" to bigamy-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or bigamy-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  5. BLACK-DUTCH. A mailing list for anyone who wants to help define the most common meaning of the term "Black Dutch". To subscribe send "subscribe" to black-dutch-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or black-dutch-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  6. Black_Dutch. A mailing list for anyone researching their Black Dutch ancestry. You can subscribe from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/black_dutch/ or by sending the following to black_dutch-subscribe@yahoogroups.com: subscribe
  7. BLACK-DUTCH-AMERICA. A mailing list for anyone with genealogy interest in the Black-Dutch American Ancestry. This list has great emphasis on the theory of Native American, African American, Scotch, Irish and other cultures being connected to this great mystery called Black Dutch. Throughout America researchers have tried to solve this ancestral mystery, if you feel you can contribute or add some suggestions, then this is the right list for you. To subscribe send "subscribe" to black-dutch-america-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or black-dutch-america-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  8. BLIND-GENEALOGISTS. A mailing list for those who are blind or have very poor eyesight where they can communicate with other researchers with the same disability and help each other in the research of their family tree as well as the problems encountered during their research efforts. Most subscribers will be using the talking computer software and problems related to the use of this software may also be discussed. To subscribe send "subscribe" to blind-genealogists-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or blind-genealogists-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  9. BYEGONE-TOWNS. A mailing list for anyone who is interested in towns, communities, and settlements that are no longer found on the maps and seem to have become lost in time. To subscribe send "subscribe" to byegone-towns-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or byegone-towns-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  10. CHILDLESSNOTBYCHOICE. A mailing list for the posting of diary entries, biographies or any other writings of a genealogical nature documenting histories, accomplishments and lives of women and/or couples who could not have children. To subscribe send "subscribe" to childlessnotbychoice-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or childlessnotbychoice-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  11. CitingSources. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding how to cite and document sources associated with genealogical research efforts. To subscribe send "subscribe" to citingsources-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or citingsources-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  12. CITY-DIRECTORIES. A mailing list for those who desire lookups in city directories such as the old directories found in many local and state public libraries, and for volunteers who are willing to undertake requested lookups in these directories. To subscribe send "subscribe" to city-directories-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or city-directories-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  13. COPYRIGHT. A mailing list for the discussion of copyright issues, particularly as they pertain to genealogical matters (e.g., reprints; fair use; mailing lists; publishing of books, webpages and the like). To subscribe send "subscribe" to copyright-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or copyright-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  14. DISABLED-GENIES. A mailing list for genealogists who have disabilities that sometimes make researching difficult. This is a place to meet and network, and allow us to let others know of new devices and software that come into the market. To subscribe send "subscribe" to disabled-genies-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or disabled-genies-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  15. DNB-TRANSCRIPTION. A mailing list to coordinate and paste the transcription of Dictionary of National Biographies. To subscribe send "subscribe" to dnb-transcription-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or dnb-transcription-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  16. ETHICS-IN-GENEALOGY. A mailing list for discussions of ethics, accuracy, integrity, and excellence in genealogical research. To subscribe send "subscribe" to ethics-in-genealogy-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or ethics-in-genealogy-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  17. FAMILY-RECIPES. A mailing list for the sharing of family recipes whether they have been passed down from one or from many generations of your family. To subscribe send "subscribe" to family-recipes-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or family-recipes-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  18. FAMILYSEARCHLABS. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding FamilySearch Labs which showcase emerging family history technologies including those dealing with finding records, requesting lookups, etc. Additional information can be found on the FamilySearch Labs website. To subscribe send "subscribe" to familysearchlabs-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or familysearchlabs-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  19. GALLANTRY-AWARDS. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding gallantry awards and the acts of specific individuals receiving these awards for use by their descendants and relatives as part of their genealogy research efforts. To subscribe send "subscribe" to gallantry-awards-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or gallantry-awards-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  20. GEN-ANCIENT. A mailing list for sharing genealogical research from the "dawn of history" (or historical records, ca. 2/3000 BCE) until 600 CE with a primary focus on Rome; Greece; and the Near, Middle and Far East although other areas, especially Descents from Antiquity (DFAs), may also be addressed. To subscribe send "subscribe" to gen-ancient-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or gen-ancient-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  21. GEN-COURTRECORDS. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of genealogical information that can be gleaned from county, state and federal court cases through the use of legal case reports books, law digests and actual case files, with emphasis on legal terminology and how to access such records. To subscribe send "subscribe" to gen-courtrecords-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or gen-courtrecords-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  22. GENEALIB. A mailing list for librarians who specialize in genealogy to discuss topics of mutual interest. To subscribe send the following to lyris@lists.acomp.usf.edu: subscribe genealib your_full_name
  23. Gen-Fraud. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding fraudulent genealogy businesses and related topics. You can subscribe from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gen-fraud/ or by sending the following to gen-fraud-subscribe@yahoogroups.com: subscribe
  24. GEN-MEDIEVAL. Gatewayed with the soc.genealogy.medieval newsgroup for genealogy and family history discussion among people researching individuals living during medieval times (loosely defined as the period from the breakup of the (Western) Roman Empire until the time public records relating to the general population began to be kept and extending roughly from AD 500 to AD 1600). To subscribe send "subscribe" to gen-medieval-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode), gen-medieval-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode), or gen-medieval-i-request@rootsweb.com (index mode).
  25. GenSwap. A mailing list for exchanging research time and swapping records for records with others (e.g., researching in your area for someone else in exchange for like efforts on their part). To subscribe send "subscribe" to genswap-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or genswap-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  26. GEN-TRAVEL-EUROPE. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding travel to and within Europe in search of information on ancestors. Experienced travelers and those familiar with Europe are encouraged to sign on and share their knowledge with prospective visitors. To subscribe send "subscribe" to gen-travel-europe-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or gen-travel-europe-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  27. GEN-TRAVEL-US. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding travel to and within the United States in search of information on ancestors. To subscribe send "subscribe" to gen-travel-us-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or gen-travel-us-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  28. GENTUTORS. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of newly discovered ideas and the posting of suggestions and descriptions of discoveries and techniques in genealogical research. To subscribe send "subscribe" to gentutors-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or gentutors-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  29. GOOD-SHEPHERD-HOMES. A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the thousands of girls and young women who passed through the Houses of the Good Shepherd over the last several hundred years. To subscribe send "subscribe" to good-shepherd-homes-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or good-shepherd-homes-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  30. HARBINERS. A mailing list for anyone researching the refugees who were stranded in Harbin, China in the late 1920s and 1930s or those non-Chinese who resided in Harbin, or are researching ancestors from the area. Stranded Mennonites and Lutherans came to the United States in church-sponsored groups while others went to South America and Canada. While English is the principle language for the list, postings in other languages are acceptable. To subscribe send "subscribe" to harbiners-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or harbiners-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  31. IMMI-GRAND. A mailing list for those attempting to do genealogical research whose grandparents (or parents) arrived in the USA after 1875. Volunteers who have addressed this issue in the United States or other countries are especially welcome in order to assist others in their research efforts. To subscribe send "subscribe" to immi-grand-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or immi-grand-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  32. INTERRACIAL-GENEALOGY. A mailing list for anyone who is researching their interracial ancestry. To subscribe send "subscribe" to interracial-genealogy-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or interracial-genealogy-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  33. MEDIEVAL-GEN. A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the time period of roughly AD 500 to AD 1600 in the general area of Europe. To subscribe send "subscribe" to medieval-gen-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or medieval-gen-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  34. NOTABLE-WOMEN-ANCESTORS. A mailing list for the discussion of female ancestors (famous and not-so-famous) and methods of researching women in conjunction with the NWA web site and the NWA Newsletter "Notable Women Ancestors: The Journal of Women's Genealogy and History". To subscribe send "subscribe" to notable-women-ancestors-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or notable-women-ancestors-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  35. OH-TRACERS. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Tracers group that meets monthly at the Fairview Park Senior Center, Fairview Park, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, to learn and teach techniques for tracing the ancestry and history of the regions traversed by the families of the group members. These meetings are presented cooperatively by the Greater Cleveland Genealogical Society, the Computer Assisted Genealogical Group, and the Fairview Park Senior Center. To subscribe send "subscribe" to oh-tracers-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or oh-tracers-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  36. ORPHAN-TRAINS. A mailing list is for the discussion of the orphan trains that carried thousands of children to new homes in any and all states, and anything pertaining to them from the 1850s to 1930. Discussions pertaining to anything related to these children, circumstances, finding their families, history of these trains, etc. are encouraged. To subscribe send "subscribe" to orphan-trains-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or orphan-trains-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  37. PML-USERS. A mailing list for users of the Personalized Mailing List (PML) that is available to Rootsweb sponsors at http://pml.rootsweb.com/. To subscribe send "subscribe" to pml-users-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or pml-users-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  38. PODCAST. A mailing list for anyone interested in listening to or producing genealogy or history podcasts. To subscribe send "subscribe" to podcast-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or podcast-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  39. POORHOUSES. A mailing list for the discussion of the Poorhouses that were homes to thousands of people in any and all states and anything pertaining to them including these people, circumstances, finding their families, history of poorhouses, etc. To subscribe send "subscribe" to poorhouses-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or poorhouses-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  40. ProResearchers. A mailing list just for Professional Researcher to discuss their industry. Some topics include: How to advertise services? How to collect on bad accounts? What accounting package to use? How to become certified? To subscribe send "subscribe" to proresearchers-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or proresearchers-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  41. PSYCHIC-ROOTS. A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the coincidences that occur while researching. Are they just coincidences? To subscribe send "subscribe" to psychic-roots-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or psychic-roots-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  42. QEXPRESS. A mailing list strictly for USGenWeb/WorldGenWeb volunteers who are using the Query Express system. Additional information can be found on the USGenWeb Query Express web page. To subscribe send a message to Joy Fisher at jfisher@ucla.edu stating your role as a USGenWeb/WorldGenWeb volunteer and requesting that you be added to the list.
  43. RAOGK. A mailing list for the volunteers of the Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK) project. It is a tool for them to ask questions on how to do something; how to make their researching for others easier; and to share hints, tips, and the good and the bad on volunteering. It is NOT a mailing list to find someone to do research for you nor to post any queries regarding your ggggrandfather Deadiam. Additional information can be found on the RAOGK website. You can subscribe from http://lists.raogk.org/mailman/listinfo/raogk-l or by sending the following to raogk-l-request@raogk.org: subscribe
  44. RECORD-KEEPING-METHODOLOGY. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the storing, filing, archiving and recording of genealogical data collected by both physical and electronic means. To subscribe send "subscribe" to record-keeping-methodology-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or record-keeping-methodology-d-request@rootsweb.co m (digest mode).
  45. RECORD-PRESERVATION. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the preservation of historical records. To subscribe send "subscribe" to record-preservation-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or record-preservation-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  46. RESEARCH-TRIP. A mailing list for anyone who is planning a research trip to share tips and discuss all aspects of logistics, resources, and accomodations. To subscribe send "subscribe" to research-trip-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or research-trip-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  47. RVING-GENEALOGIST. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the conduct of genealogy research while traveling in a recreational vehicle (RV). To subscribe send "subscribe" to rving-genealogist-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or rving-genealogist-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  48. SANATORIUMS. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding asylum patients including where to write for patient records; whether a cemetery on the grounds exists; reported deaths, births, etc in these facilities; life in these facilities up through the 1930's; and all knowledge of any asylum, sanitorium, and/or state hospital. To subscribe send "subscribe" to sanatoriums-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or sanatoriums-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  49. SCANNERS-PHOTOS. A mailing list dedicated to support of genealogists who use scanners and/or digital cameras for documentation. It suggests hardware and software, digital techniques, and tips. To subscribe send "subscribe" to scanners-photos-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or scanners-photos-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  50. SHIPWRECK. A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in shipwrecks and persons lost at sea, on inland waterways, on lakes, etc. To subscribe send "subscribe" to shipwreck-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or shipwreck-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  51. SOCIAL-NETWORKING. A mailing list to share information and queries about the use of social networking sites or services in family research and genealogy. To subscribe send "subscribe" to social-networking-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or social-networking-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  52. SteamshipCamenello. A mailing list for anyone with ancestral connections to the steamship Campenello which was owned by the Uranium Steamship Company of Rotterdam, Netherlands. To subscribe send the following to steamshipcamenello-subscribe@smartgroups.com: subscribe
  53. STRAYS. A mailing list for anyone who want to share the strays they have accumulated during their research efforts anywhere. To subscribe send "subscribe" to strays-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or strays-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  54. TRANSITIONAL-GENEALOGISTS-FORUM. A mailing list for anyone who is on the road to becoming a professional genealogist in order to share experiences, problems, obstacles, downfalls and triumphs; compare notes; and learn from each other's successes and failures. To subscribe send "subscribe" to transitional-genealogists-forum-l-request@rootsweb. com (mail mode) or transitional-genealogists-forum-d-request@rootswe b.com (digest mode).
  55. TREETOPS-NEWS. A mailing list created to go hand in hand with the Tree Tops Family Tree and We'll Meet Again Query service which is broadcast on SKY NEWS TV throughout the UK, Ireland & Europe and also on CHANNEL 5 (UK) TEXT Pages 488 & 489, thus increasing exposure to the general public. The owner receives messages from all over the globe and the list will provide news to users and those interested in the service. More details are available on the Tree Tops Web Page. To subscribe send "subscribe" to treetops-news-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or treetops-news-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  56. TREETOPS-OVERSEAS. The ***NEW*** FREE service from Tree Tops aimed at those who are researching in the areas which are not covered by the British Television Teletext (UK, Ireland and Europe). This is a read-only list. To send messages to TREETOPS-OVERSEAS send them to Carol at tree.tops@virgin.net with TT/O in the Subject line. These messages will be collated and posted to the list once a week and will include an email address. More details are available on the Tree Tops Web Page. To subscribe send the following to treetops-overseas-l-request@rootsweb.com: subscribe
  57. USGW-KIDS. A mailing list for all kids, teens and young adults interested in researching their family tree. Subscribers are encouraged to participate in the USGenWeb Kidz Project. To subscribe send "subscribe" to usgw-kids-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or usgw-kids-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  58. WITCH-HUNTING. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the ancestors and descendants of any person mentioned in original records related to witch hunting. To subscribe send "subscribe" to witch-hunting-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or witch-hunting-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  59. WITCH-TRIALS. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding witch trials anywhere in the world. To subscribe send "subscribe" to witch-trials-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or witch-trials-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
  60. Y2K. A mailing list for the discussion of Year 2000 issues as they relate to genealogy. To subscribe send "subscribe" to y2k-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or y2k-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).

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