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Channel Islands Genealogy - Volunteers/Lookups CHANNEL ISLANDS



Last update: July 4, 2008 by John Fuller,

Many of our friends have research material related to Channel Islands genealogy and have kindly offered to search this material in support of your research efforts. The following describes the available material and the applicable volunteers. If there are multiple volunteers, please spread your lookup requests around so none of them become overloaded.

Please remember that these are "volunteers". It is doubtful that they have the time to do extensive research so send them as much information as you can to make their search easier. Also, please be patient ... I am sure they will get to your queries as soon as possible but delays may be experienced depending on the time they have available to support others.

Census/Vital Records

1841 Census for St. John's, Jersey: Lorna Pratt

1841 Census for St. Martin, Jersey: Lorna Pratt

1851 Alderney Census: Peter

1851 Jersey Census Index: Daryla Cuthbertson, Pam Hislop

1871 Jersey Census Index: Pam Hislop

1881 Jersey Census Index: Daryla Cuthbertson

1891 Alderney Census: Peter

1891 Guernsey/Alderney Census Index: Alex Glendinning

1891 Jersey Census Index: Pam Hislop or

1891 Enumerated Jersey Census (St Helier, St Saviour, St Clement, Grouville, St Martin, Trinity, St Peter, St Brelade, St Lawrence only): Pam Hislop. Please provide full references ex 1891 Jersey Census Index.

1901 Jersey Census: Pam Hislop. Must be able to supply address since references do no match details given on On-line 1901 Census Site unless you got in early and managed to obtain the District.Folio.Page numbers. A huge thanks to Heather Brown for making them available.

Marriage Index (St Helier, Jersey ONLY) for 1797-1837 ONLY: Alex Glendinning

Civil Death Records (Guernsey) for 1840-1907: Barry Englert (all parishes) or John Falla (all parishes except for St Peter Port). If possible please provide full name, approximate dates, and parish ... records are not indexed.

1737 - List of Men between ages of 16-60 (St Clement only) giving name, Vingtaine, and age: Pam Hislop

1788 St Lawrence List of Parishoners (whole parish) containing names (including maiden names), ages, and parish they resided in; also includes those absent: Pam Hislop

List of Parishoners St Lawrence, April 1788 (Vingtaine du Coin Tourgis ONLY) containing names/ages apparently in family groups but not defined households: Pam Hislop (please provide names and/or approximate ages with your queries)

Guernsey County Ohio: Shirley O'Neil has extensive census material on the Guernsey people who settled in this county


Descriptions of most of the documents listed below were previously contained on a website maintained by Charles Picot. The website is moving and the new location will be included once the move is complete.

A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey by G.R. Balleine: Roland de Caen

A History of the Bailiwick of Guernsey: the Islanders' Story by L.J. Marr: Shirley O'Neil

Alderney Railroad, A Souvenir History, 1847-1997 by Dr. Michael Taylor: Robin Linn

Another Eye on the Past by Alex Glendinning: Robin Linn

A People of the Sea, The Maritime History of the Channel Islands by A.G. Jamieson: Roland de Caen

Balleine's History of Jersey by Marguerite Syvret and Joan Stevens: Roland de Caen

Brief History And Genealogy of the Pipon Family by Alfred S. Pipon: Roland de Caen

Channel Island Churches by John McCormack: Roland de Caen

Channel Islands Silver by Richard Mayne: Roland de Caen

Elizabeth College Register 1824-1873; includes brief biographies of past members: Ray Le Mesurier-Foster

Eye on the Past, Yearbook 1992 by Alex Glendinning: Robin Linn

Guernsey Through the Lens Again by Victor Coysh and Carel Toms: Robin Linn

Guille Of The Rohais And St. George, In The Island Of Guernsey. Some Account Of That Family For Fifteen Generations: Les Guille

History of the Channel Islands by Raoul Lempriere: Robin Linn

Jersey Sailing Ships by John Jean: Roland de Caen

Map of the Island of Jersey by Hugh Godfray showing proprietors of houses: Roland de Caen

Notebook of Pierre le Roy by the Guernsey Historical and Antiquarian Society (covers first half of 17th century): Paul Le Roy

Old Jersey Houses by Joan Stevens (Vols I and II): Alex Glendinning or Roland de Caen

Portrait of the Channel Islands by Raoul Lempriere: Robin Linn

Sark history a large number of books (too many to mention) by various authors: Liz Elmont

"St Lawrence Jersey - a celebration of our parish (1999): James Brannan

"St Martin" Jersey, the story of an Island Parish edited by Chris Blackstone and Katie Le Quesne: Nicholas Jouault

Stories of Jersey's Ships by John Jean: Roland de Caen

The Bailwick of Jersey by G.R. Balleine: Roland de Caen

The Charm of the Channel Islands by R. M. Lockley: Robin Linn

The Guernsey House by John McCormack: Barry Englert or Shirley O'Neil

The Maretts of La Haule by Robert Marett: Roland de Caen

The Quiet Adventurers in Canada by Marion G. Turk: Barry Englert, or Shirley O'Neil

The Quiet Adventurers in North America by Marion G. Turk: Charles Picot, Shirley O'Neil, Les Guille, or Cheryl Pepin

The Robins in the Gaspe 1766-1825 by David Lee: Roland de Caen

The Royal Guernsey Militia, a short history and list of officers by Major Edwin Parks: Paul Le Roy

Ward Lock's Red Guide to the Channel Islands, circa 1952: Robin Linn


Maps of Guernsey and St. Peter Port: Barry Englert (will provide graphics files of these maps and do lookups of Guernsey place names and St. Peter Port streets)

Dating old Jersey photos: Richard Hemery has researched Jersey photographers and studios, mainly from the period 1840 to 1914, and can assist in the dating of photos from this period if scans of the front and back of the photos are provided.

Surname Data

A number of our friends who have fairly extensive information, but generally limited to their particular surnames, have offered their assistance. While providing entries for the Channel Islands Surname Interests list implies an offer to help others, I have listed these individuals below so others will be aware of what they have available.