A Tribute to My Parents

This site is created in memory of my parents, Rev. James Isaac Turner and Maude Ann (nee Cole) Turner. It is a tribute to them, and the home they made for us to grow up in…a home without a lot of money, but filled with the riches of love, wit, wisdom, fun, music, poetry, and good conversation. A home in which God, The Bible, prayer, and following the Golden Rule was the central theme in our lives…a home where parents led by example. It was also a home where we were taught that we were responsible for our actions, and where we were punished, albeit in a gentle, loving manner, when we misbehaved. A home that produced four responsible, caring, family oriented adult children, who still believe in God and the power of prayer, and who reminisce fondly about their parents and growing up, when they get together. This site will tell you a little about my parents, their ancestors, and descendants.

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