LYLE family group photo

LYLE Family Group Photo
Scanned from Postcard

This picture (slightly cropped) was scanned from a postcard image in a group of family pictures that had belonged to Virginia (Lyle) McClintock. I want to identify the people in the picture and date and place it as near as possible.

I believe the little girl is my Aunt Pat (Pansy Lyle, later Mrs. Wayne Darnell) and if she was about 5 or less, the picture would be from 1918 or earlier. From the height of the corn, it is well into the summer. I believe the man is Emmet Lyle, my great grandfather. The mustache is one clue and I have compared this to a picture of him in 1931 and think it is the same man. I also think the woman with the girl on her lap is Effie (Irion) Bell who was Pat's grandmother. The younger woman on the left is surely my grandmother, Bessie (Bell) Lyle. That leaves the large woman on the right, who is probably Emmet's wife, Esther Virginia (Coughenour) Lyle. We have been trying to determine who my sister heard stories about needing two chairs to sit in, any maybe we have found and identified her? She looks too young to be Emmet's mother, I think, so it must be. I don't remember when Emmet moved into Gallipolis from Cheshire, but this is definitely out in the country and Emmet looks right at home. Esther Virginia, known as Jennie, died on July 1, 1920, so this would only be a few years before that. I don't know that I have ever seen a picture of her that I knew of.

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