Rose BRUMBAUGH6921 was born on 14 April 1881. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-3324 and Nancy DAVIS-3372.

Rose Eliza BRUMBAUGH6758 was born on 26 December 1870. Parents: John Nicholas BRUMBAUGH-135971 and Elizabeth J. LEWIS-136687.

Spouse: Harvey SWISHER-137031. Rose Eliza BRUMBAUGH and Harvey SWISHER were married in 1889. Children were: Vesta Grace SWISHER-137032.

Rose Kissecker BRUMBAUGH7113,7491 was born on 22 May 1848 in Bloomfield Twp., Bedford Co., PA. Parents: Simeon K. "Simon and Simmie" BRUMBAUGH-135725 and Christiana/Christine STUCKEY-135978.

Spouse: Andrew Snowberger STAYER M. D.-135853. Rose Kissecker BRUMBAUGH and Andrew Snowberger STAYER M. D. were married on 30 June 1870. Children were: Edgar Simon STAYER-136319, Morrison Clay STAYER M.D.-136320, Clara Mabel STAYER-136322.

Roxie Amelia BRUMBAUGH6905 was born in 1888. Parents: Samuel BRUMBAUGH-5344 and Henrietta GEIB-5395.

Roy A. BRUMBAUGH7278 was born about 1896 in Pennsylvania. Parents: Clayton BRUMBAUGH-3586 and Della CARBAUGH-97458.

Roy B. BRUMBAUGH2341 was born on 28 September 1877. Parents: George BRUMBAUGH-2435 and Rosannah C. DEARDORF-2478.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Roy Earl BRUMBAUGH6785 was born on 11 July 1893. He was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Reuben Hoover BRUMBAUGH-4870 and Minnie Etta MILLER-4891.

Spouse: Mildred TURNER-36176. Mildred TURNER and Roy Earl BRUMBAUGH were married.

Roy Emmert BRUMBAUGH6772 was born on 25 October 1903. Parents: Ira Elmer BRUMBAUGH-4804 and Maggie FORD-4810.

Roy Melvin BRUMBAUGH7084 was born on 7 October 1906. He died on 28 January 1907 at the age of 0. Parents: George Roy BRUMBAUGH-6894 and Maud BRAULIER (BRALLIER)-6898.

Rev. Roy Talmage BRUMBAUGH D. D.6897,7492 was born on 15 April 1890 in Pipersville, Bucks Co., PA. He died on 3 January 1957 at the age of 66 in Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA. Parents: Simon Schmucker/Smucker BRUMBAUGH M.D.-135981 and Elizabeth "Lizzie" MOYER/MORGAN-136323.

Spouse: Margaret Grayson VALENTINE-146859. Margaret Grayson VALENTINE and Rev. Roy Talmage BRUMBAUGH D. D. were married on 25 January 1911 in Wilmington, New Castle Co., DE.

Ruba Belle BRUMBAUGH6797 was born (date unknown). Parents: Daniel Harmon BRUMBAUGH-136242 and Ella BENDER-136953.

Ruby Violet BRUMBAUGH6798,6799 was born on 23 December 1901. She died on 19 March 1959 at the age of 57.6798 Parents: Samuel J. Tilden BRUMBAUGH-5756 and Iva Pearl HERR-5768.

Spouse: Robert DAILY-63351. Ruby Violet BRUMBAUGH and Robert DAILY were married.

Rufena/Ruphena BRUMBAUGH2998,6838 was born on 27 April 1836. She died in July 1896 at the age of 60. She was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: William BRUMBAUGH-5115 and Elizabeth CRAMER-5513.

Spouse: David BOWERS-5618. Rufena/Ruphena BRUMBAUGH and David BOWERS were married on 21 October 1856. Children were: Franklin W. BOWERS-5619, Elizabeth BOWERS-5620, John A. BOWERS-5621, William D. BOWERS-5622, Mary J. BOWERS-5623, Caroline BOWERS-5624, Emma BOWERS-5625, Jacob H. BOWERS-5626, Rebecca BOWERS-5627, Catharine BOWERS-5628, Susan BOWERS-5629, Henry E. BOWERS-5630, Ellen BOWERS-5631, Elta BOWERS-5632.

Rufus BRUMBAUGH211 was born on 11 January 1843. He died on 31 August 1847 at the age of 4. Parents: Samuel BRUMBAUGH-5118 and Magdalena PALMER-5693.

Rufus BRUMBAUGH735 was born on 21 February 1865. He died on 9 September 1942 at the age of 77. He was buried at Bunker Hill Cem. in Liberty Twp., Bedford Co., PA. Parents: (FATHER OF BRUMBAUGH, RUFUS)-33018 and Elizabeth Hoover BRUMBAUGH-4298.

Spouse: (Wife of BRUMBAUGH, Rufus) -166389. (Wife of BRUMBAUGH, Rufus) and Rufus BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Blanche BRUMBAUGH-33020, William BRUMBAUGH-33022.

Russell Cromwell BRUMBAUGH6713 was born on 8 July 1896. Parents: Isaac Holsinger BRUMBAUGH-7639 and Ida C. POTE-7642.

Russell Ewing BRUMBAUGH7089 was born on 23 August 1907. Parents: Jesse W. BRUMBAUGH-1683 and Alice B. EWING-1704.

Living (private). Parents: Edwin Lee BRUMBAUGH-24856 and Living.

Spouse: Living.

Spouse: Living.

Russell R. BRUMBAUGH Jr.1330 was born (date unknown). Parents: Russell R. BRUMBAUGH Sr.-196465 and Audrey J. (WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, RUSSELL R., SR.)-196466.

Spouse: Living.

Russell R. BRUMBAUGH Sr.1330 was born on 23 November 1922 in Dover, Tuscarawas Co., OH. He died on 9 May 2014 at the age of 91. He was buried on 14 May 2014 at Eden Cem. in Eden Twp., Wyandot Co., OH. Russell was a member of the Eden Church of the Brethren in Eden Twp., Benton Co., IA. Parents: Homer BRUMBAUGH-4907 and Elizabeth B. SHEAR-195699.

Spouse: Audrey J. (WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, RUSSELL R., SR.)-196466. Audrey J. (WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, RUSSELL R., SR.) and Russell R. BRUMBAUGH Sr. were married. Children were: Russell R. BRUMBAUGH Jr.-196473, Living, Living.

Ruth BRUMBAUGH1533 was born (date unknown). Parents: John Allen BRUMBAUGH-3399 and Emma M. WILSON-3409.

Spouse: (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Ruth) SOUDER-111648. Ruth BRUMBAUGH and (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Ruth) SOUDER were married. Children were: Robert SOUDER-122181.

Ruth BRUMBAUGH1307 was born (date unknown). Parents: Andrew BRUMBAUGH-4805 and Susanna B. "Sannie" RHODES-41601.

Spouse: (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Ruth) MCBURNEY-41996. Ruth BRUMBAUGH and (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Ruth) MCBURNEY were married.

Ruth BRUMBAUGH4747 was born (date unknown). Parents: Arch B. "Archie" BRUMBAUGH-4809 and Orpha REPLOGLE-34522.

Spouse: (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Ruth) BIRCH-82955. Ruth BRUMBAUGH and (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Ruth) BIRCH were married.

Ruth BRUMBAUGH6909 died in 2001. Parents: Clyde Delvin BRUMBAUGH-6615 and Fannie Sarah SIMPSON-49416.

Spouse: Albert QUINN-49421. Ruth BRUMBAUGH and Albert QUINN were married. Children were: Randall QUINN-49422, Gerald QUINN-49423, Sarah Louise QUINN-49424.

Ruth BRUMBAUGH1330 died before 9 May 2014. Parents: Homer BRUMBAUGH-4907 and Elizabeth B. SHEAR-195699.

Spouse: (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Ruth) PRICE-196472. Ruth BRUMBAUGH and (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Ruth) PRICE were married.

Ruth BRUMBAUGH2365 was born on 25 January 1893. Parents: Isaac C. BRUMBAUGH-3135 and Barbara E. TEETER-3176.

Ruth BRUMBAUGH209 was born in August 1893. Parents: Monroe BRUMBAUGH-5437 and Minnie RHODES-5453.

Ruth BRUMBAUGH1615,2957 was born on 10 March 1897. Parents: Charles Ober BRUMBAUGH-136587 and Annie EBERSOLE-137102.

Spouse: J. Charles CORLE-103822. Ruth BRUMBAUGH and J. Charles CORLE were married on 21 June 1928.2957 Children were: Cletus CORLE-121595.

Living (private). Parents: Owen BRUMBAUGH-96564 and Martha Frances LAVY-97041.

Spouse: Living.

Ruth Elzada BRUMBAUGH1835,2654 was born on 19 October 1912. Parents: Samuel M. BRUMBAUGH-7355 and Mary L. SMITH-7354.

Ruth Margaret BRUMBAUGH1141 was born on 12 January 1909. Parents: Daniel Holsinger BRUMBAUGH-7724 and Elizabeth BAUMGARDNER-7736.

Ruth Margaretta BRUMBAUGH6758 was born on 11 October 1893. She graduated in 1908 from Roaring Spring High School, Roaring Spring, Blair Co., PA. Parents: David Stuckey BRUMBAUGH-135979 and Fannie Louisa COWEN-136283.

Ruth R. BRUMBAUGH7493 was born on 25 February 1888. Parents: John Adam BRUMBAUGH-5341 and Laura TAYLOR-5362.

Spouse: Fred BOYER-5366. Ruth R. BRUMBAUGH and Fred BOYER were married. Children were: Charlotte BOYER-5367.

Ruth Susan BRUMBAUGH743 was born (date unknown). Parents: William Louis/Lewis BRUMBAUGH-4432 and Jeanettie Nettie MYERS-4456.

Spouse: (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Ruth Susan) MOORE-34697. Ruth Susan BRUMBAUGH and (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Ruth Susan) MOORE were married.

Ryan Edward BRUMBAUGH2000 was born (date unknown). Parents: Clair Eugene BRUMBAUGH-49882 and Living.

Dr. S. S. BRUMBAUGH6641 was born (date unknown). Parents: Simeon K. "Simon and Simmie" BRUMBAUGH-135725 and Christiana/Christine STUCKEY-135978.

Sallie BRUMBAUGH7494 was born on 18 July 1815. Parents: Abraham BRUMBACH/BRUMBAUGH-201199 and Elizabeth ALBRIGHT-201244.

Spouse: Jacob WILAND-201246. Sallie BRUMBAUGH and Jacob WILAND were married. Children were: John WILAND-201481, Abraham WILAND-201483, Elizabeth WILAND-201484, Kate WILAND-201486, William WILAND-201489, Harry WILAND-201492, Sarah WILAND-201494, Lovina WILAND-201496.

Sallie BRUMBAUGH2021 was born in 1854. She died in 1885 at the age of 31. Parents: Andrew BRUMBAUGH-135755 and Susan LYNCH-136077.

Spouse: Norman SHINDELL-136084. Sallie BRUMBAUGH and Norman SHINDELL were married.

Salome BRUMBAUGH2451 was born on 6 June 1805. Parents: William Hiser BRUMBAUGH-1115 and Eve CABLE/GABLE-1544.

Samantha BRUMBAUGH6205 was born (date unknown). Parents: John BRUMBAUGH-8052 and Margaret KLEPSER/KLEPSON-8097.

Samantha BRUMBAUGH7052 was born on 26 May 1848. She was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-5114 and Susan DITCH/DEISCH-5324.

Spouse: Henry BARKER-5507. Samantha BRUMBAUGH and Henry BARKER were married in November 1867. Children were: Harvey BARKER-5508, William BARKER-5509, Charles BARKER-5510.

Samantha BRUMBAUGH6656 was born on 2 February 1850 in Rockford, Winnebago Co., IL. Parents: Solomon Albright BRUMBAUGH-201247 and Lydia Ann NEAL-201248.

Spouse: Daniel ROOF-201885. Samantha BRUMBAUGH and Daniel ROOF were married.

Spouse: John WILLIAMS-201886. Samantha BRUMBAUGH and John WILLIAMS were married.

Samuel BRUMBAUGH7276 was born (date unknown). Parents: Thomas Jefferson BRUMBAUGH-2774 and Mary EDWARDS-2780.

Samuel BRUMBAUGH6683 was born (date unknown). Parents: Andrew Hetrick BRUMBAUGH-169543 and Barbara TREESE-169542.

Samuel BRUMBAUGH4404 was born (date unknown). Parents: Samuel Sanford BRUMBAUGH-3326 and Mary Catherine MCKEETHAN-116193.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Spouse: Living.

Samuel BRUMBAUGH7495 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: (Wife of BRUMBAUGH, Samuel) HOOVER-173855. (Wife of BRUMBAUGH, Samuel) HOOVER and Samuel BRUMBAUGH were married.

Samuel BRUMBAUGH3701 died in 1838. Parents: Daniel BRUMBAUGH-1455 and Mary STUDEBAKER-1504.

Samuel BRUMBAUGH2220,3127,3883,6028,7157 was born on 3 March 1788 in Marklesburg, Huntingdon Co., PA. He is the twin brother of Ester BRUMBAUGH He died on 29 May 1875 at the age of 87 in Saxton, Liberty Twp., Bedford Co., PA. Samuel was buried at Brumbaugh Cem. in Saxton, Liberty Twp., Bedford Co., PA. He was member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Johann Jacob Kemper "Jockel" BRUMBAUGH-113 and Mary Elizabeth ANGLE-135748.

Spouse: Catharine OAKS-134. Catharine OAKS and Samuel BRUMBAUGH were married in 1817. Children were: Elizabeth BRUMBAUGH-4283, George Oaks BRUMBAUGH-4284, Susanna BRUMBAUGH-4285, Margaret BRUMBAUGH-4286, Jane BRUMBAUGH-4287, Catharine BRUMBAUGH-4288, Samuel BRUMBAUGH-4289, Mariah BRUMBAUGH-4290, David Oaks BRUMBAUGH-4291, Hannah BRUMBAUGH-4292, Caroline BRUMBAUGH-4293, Jacob BRUMBAUGH-4294, Levi L. BRUMBAUGH-4295.