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Robert BRUMBAUGH6628 was born on 14 May 1882. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-5815 and Mary Amanda SWINEHART-5945.

Living (private). Parents: Harold George BRUMBAUGH-99628 and Emma Kathryn GRANDPRE-99631.

Living (private). Parents: Philip Allen BRUMBAUGH-36154 and Anita Louise DUBOIS-36155.

Living (private). Parents: Denver Samuel BRUMBAUGH-77594 and Delcie Pearl MOWERY-77595.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Robert Andrew BRUMBAUGH2000 was born (date unknown). Parents: William Lester BRUMBAUGH-49201 and Beverly Ann HOLLAND-49202.

Robert Anson BRUMBAUGH4312 was born on 3 August 1880. He died on 17 December 1900 at the age of 20 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA. Parents: John Snyder BRUMBAUGH-135831 and Delilah OBER-136584.

Robert Byron BRUMBAUGH951,1297,1323 was born on 3 March 1907 in New Lebanon, Jackson Twp., Montgomery Co., OH.1323,1654 He died on 24 October 2000 at the age of 93 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH.1654 He was an attorney. Parents: Orion F. BRUMBAUGH-1319 and Catherine Elizabeth LIBECAP-1326.

Spouse: Kathleen FLYNN-98344. Kathleen FLYNN and Robert Byron BRUMBAUGH were married on 1 January 1927. Children were: David BRUMBAUGH-98345.

Robert C. BRUMBAUGH6803,6817 was born (date unknown). Parents: William W. BRUMBAUGH-3427 and Effie May MILLER-3435.

Robert Cecil BRUMBAUGH6764 was born about 1911 in Washington. Parents: Daniel Peter BRUMBAUGH-2690 and Ora Rosella SMITH-96360.

Robert Edwin BRUMBAUGH6658 was born on 17 October 1881. Parents: Alison Pote BRUMBAUGH-136543 and Elizabeth GUYER-137053.

Spouse: Flora CASSIDAY-137057. Flora CASSIDAY and Robert Edwin BRUMBAUGH were married on 18 January 1906.

Robert Eugene BRUMBAUGH Jr.2000 was born (date unknown). Parents: Robert BRUMBAUGH-49665 and Deloris HITE-49666.

Spouse: Nancy SMITH-49668. Nancy SMITH and Robert Eugene BRUMBAUGH Jr. were married. Children were: Zachariah A. BRUMBAUGH-49669.

Spouse: Krista MAUK-49670. Krista MAUK and Robert Eugene BRUMBAUGH Jr. were married. Children were: Matthew Aaron BRUMBAUGH-49671, Joshua Allen BRUMBAUGH-49672.

Robert Eugene BRUMBAUGH7134,7222 was born on 23 November 1924. Parents: John Holsinger BRUMBAUGH-7730 and Myrtle May Dilling HAMILTON-7734.

Spouse: Winona HIPPO-80116. Winona HIPPO and Robert Eugene BRUMBAUGH were married.

Robert F. BRUMBAUGH6762 was born on 15 November 1866. Parents: Daniel BRUMBAUGH-8055 and Nancy M. WOOSTER/WOSTER-8170.

Spouse: Amy R. THORNBURGH-8174. Amy R. THORNBURGH and Robert F. BRUMBAUGH were married on 7 August 1890.

Robert Glenn BRUMBAUGH6757 was born on 17 March 1929. Parents: Glenn Quinter BRUMBAUGH-3712 and Bessie Myrtle FENTON-94485.

Robert Henry BRUMBAUGH4212 was born on 24 January 1872. Parents: Alfred BRUMBAUGH-3329 and Sarah Jane MCCARL-3390.

Robert Henry BRUMBAUGH6241 was born on 13 February 1884. Parents: David Dougherty BRUMBAUGH-7400 and Katurah Gochnour ICKES-7409.

Robert John BRUMBAUGH2113 was born on 11 October 1896 in Pennsylvania.7147 He died in 1926 at the age of 30. He was buried at St. Paul's Evangelical Reformed Cem. in Russellville, Hopewell Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. Parents: George Durbin BRUMBAUGH-6934 and Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" RUSSELL-7013.

Spouse: Regna G. BRYAN-10161. Regna G. BRYAN and Robert John BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Nellie BRUMBAUGH-10162.

Robert Leroy BRUMBAUGH774 was born on 3 May 1926 in Hopewell, Huntingdon Co., PA. He died from a heart attack on 5 March 1985 at the age of 58 in Robertsdale, Wood Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. He was an a truck driver. Parents: Charles William BRUMBAUGH-4313 and Mary Kathryn NOEL-61802.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Robert Leslie BRUMBAUGH1326,6713 was born on 19 October 1896. He died in 1896 at the age of 0.6842 He was buried at Brumbaugh Cem. in Fredericksburg, Blair Co., PA.1326 Parents: Rev. Moses Robert BRUMBAUGH-7675 and Sarah Florence STUARD/STEWARD-7685.

Robert Lowell BRUMBAUGH6662 was born on 26 March 1908. Parents: Charles Webster BRUMBAUGH-1739 and Lillie MANUEL-1740.

Robert M. BRUMBAUGH164 was born on 10 March 1925. He died on 28 March 1999 at the age of 74 in Salem, Marion Co., OR. Parents: Glen Miller BRUMBAUGH-2243 and Mary W. (WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, GLEN MILLER)-152639.

Robert Nevin BRUMBAUGH4339 was born on 16 February 1878 in Miamisburg, Montgomery Co., OH. Parents: Levi BRUMBAUGH-136076 and Rebecca HOOVER-136438.

Spouse: Rose WAGNER-137144. Rose WAGNER and Robert Nevin BRUMBAUGH were married on 28 November 1900 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. Children were: Mary Ellen BRUMBAUGH-137147, Phyllis Louise BRUMBAUGH-137148, Nathan Kingsbury BRUMBAUGH-137149.

Robert Newcomer BRUMBAUGH4538 was born on 25 November 1875. Parents: John Nicholas BRUMBAUGH-135971 and Elizabeth J. LEWIS-136687.

Robert Owen BRUMBAUGH7488,7489 was born on 25 December 1921 in Saxton, Liberty Twp., Bedford Co., PA. He died on 19 August 1922 at the age of 0 in Johnstown, Cambria Co., PA. He was buried at Bunker Hill Cem. in Saxton, Liberty Twp., Bedford Co., PA. Parents: Theodore C. BRUMBAUGH-168314 and Rosa HOOVER-91581.

Robert R. BRUMBAUGH1318,6669 was born (date unknown). Parents: Paul Dewayne BRUMBAUGH-60356 and Mary June NEVILLE-60357.

Spouse: Joi (WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, ROBERT R.)-102332. Joi (WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, ROBERT R.) and Robert R. BRUMBAUGH were married.

Robert Roy BRUMBAUGH2000,4991,4992 was born on 26 March 1902. He died on 3 July 1994 at the age of 92.2000 Parents: Martin Hoover BRUMBAUGH-4868 and Emma Mary BOLLER-4873.

Spouse: Mae FORSHEY-49873. Mae FORSHEY and Robert Roy BRUMBAUGH were married on 18 April 1931. Children were: Donald L. BRUMBAUGH-49874, Clair Eugene BRUMBAUGH-49882.

Robin BRUMBAUGH1323 was born (date unknown). Parents: Thomas Eugene/G. BRUMBAUGH-90180 and Toni (WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, THOMAS EUGENE)-98334.

Spouse: (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Robin) MARTIN-98337. Robin BRUMBAUGH and (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Robin) MARTIN were married. Children were: David MARTIN-98338.

Living (private). Parents: Gary L. BRUMBAUGH-130816 and Living.

Spouse: Living.

Living (private). Parents: Richard Lee BRUMBAUGH-200840 and June L. SMITH-200841.

Spouse: Living.

Living (private). Parents: Dale Calvin BRUMBAUGH-23680 and Jayne MASON-23681.

Rodney Craig BRUMBAUGH738,1318,6669 was born on 13 January 1958 in Huntingdon, Huntingdon Co., PA.1318 He died on 23 August 2005 at the age of 47 at Lewistown Hospital in Lewistown, Mifflin Co., PA.1318 He was buried on 26 August 2005 at Bunker Hill Cem. in Saxton, Liberty Twp., Bedford Co., PA.1318 Rodney was member of the Raven Run Church of the Brethren in Saxton, Liberty Twp., Bedford Co., PA. Parents: Paul Dewayne BRUMBAUGH-60356 and Mary June NEVILLE-60357.

Spouse: Living.

Spouse: Jackie BARTON-60354. Jackie BARTON and Rodney Craig BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Carey BRUMBAUGH-60358, Wendi/Wendy Jo BRUMBAUGH-60359.

Rodney Dale BRUMBAUGH2000 was born (date unknown). Parents: Melvin H. BRUMBAUGH-49529 and C. Lucille CLOUSE-49530.

Rodney Eugene BRUMBAUGH2000 was born (date unknown). Parents: Clair Eugene BRUMBAUGH-49882 and Living.

Spouse: Theresa Lynn ACKER-49885. Theresa Lynn ACKER and Rodney Eugene BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Trent Allen BRUMBAUGH-49886, Rachel Elaine BRUMBAUGH-49887.

Living (private). Parents: Edwin Lee BRUMBAUGH-24856 and Living.

Roland Edward BRUMBAUGH6766 was born on 9 November 1885. Parents: David Stuckey BRUMBAUGH-135979 and Fannie Louisa COWEN-136283.

Rolla BRUMBAUGH2408 was born on 2 October 1897. Parents: Jacob Allen BRUMBAUGH-2134 and Sarah HORNER-2159.

Rolland M. BRUMBAUGH216 was born on 26 October 1864 in Ohio. He died on 1 June 1950 at the age of 85. Parents: Samuel BRUMBAUGH-1334 and Susanna MAURER/MOURY-1342.

Spouse: (Wife of BRUMBAUGH, Rolland M.) -192462. (Wife of BRUMBAUGH, Rolland M.) and Rolland M. BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Lavern BRUMBAUGH-192463.

Romaine E. BRUMBAUGH79 was born on 22 June 1909 in Goshen, Elkhart Co., IN. She graduated in 1928 from Gosjen High School, Goshen, Elkhart Co., IN. She died on 24 December 2013 at the age of 104 in Goshen, Elkhart Co., IN. Romaine was buried on 27 December 2013 in Goshen, Elkhart Co., IN. She was a member of Clinton Frame Mennonite Church. Parents: Charles Edward BRUMBAUGH-2586 and Fanny/Fannie C. CRIPE-2596.

Spouse: Harley C. WEAVER-195526. Romaine E. BRUMBAUGH and Harley C. WEAVER were married on 15 February 1936 in Goshen, Elkhart Co., IN. Children were: Living.

Spouse: Raymond MARTIN-195527. Romaine E. BRUMBAUGH and Raymond MARTIN were married on 6 May 1995 in Nappanee, Elkhart Co., IN.

Ron BRUMBAUGH6878 was born on 25 November 1949. He died on 25 February 2012 at the age of 62 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Brookville, Montgomery Co., OH. Parents: Charles Russell BRUMBAUGH Jr.-96356 and Naomi Mae UHRIG-121358.

Ronald BRUMBAUGH774 was born (date unknown). Parents: Frank Albert BRUMBAUGH-61815 and Ruth Eleanore REED-61816.

Living (private). Parents: Denver Samuel BRUMBAUGH-77594 and Delcie Pearl MOWERY-77595.

Rosa BRUMBAUGH450 was born (date unknown). Parents: Samuel David BRUMBAUGH-135714 and Eliza KISSECKER-135919.

Rosalia Amelia BRUMBAUGH4952,7439 was born on 11 December 1862. She was buried at Kimbal Cem. in Kimbal, Brule Co., SD. Parents: Moses BRUMBAUGH-5694 and Ann BLACK-5703.

Spouse: William Wilson HAWN-5729. Rosalia Amelia BRUMBAUGH and William Wilson HAWN were married on 25 March 1883. Children were: Harry H. HAWN-5730, Lula Ann HAWN-5731, Roy HAWN-5732, Ethel Mae HAWN-5733, Lena Pearl HAWN-5734.

Rosanna BRUMBAUGH5194 was born (date unknown). Parents: John Miller BRUMBAUGH-6341 and Margaret SCOTT-6570.

Rosanna BRUMBAUGH7372 was born on 22 September 1840. She died on 5 March 1892 at the age of 51. Parents: Samuel BRUMBAUGH-5118 and Magdalena PALMER-5693.

Spouse: Horace MILLER-5794. Rosanna BRUMBAUGH and Horace MILLER were married on 27 December 1858. Children were: Charles L. MILLER-5795, Ulysses G. MILLER-5796, Samuel B. MILLER-5797.

Spouse: George STRAMP-5799. Rosanna BRUMBAUGH and George STRAMP were married. Children were: John W. STRAMP-5800, Mary E. STRAMP-5801, Rosa E. STRAMP-5802.

Rosanna Caroline BRUMBAUGH4537 was born (date unknown). Parents: Daniel S. BRUMBAUGH-135701 and Elizabeth LONG-135702.

Rosanna Caroline BRUMBAUGH524 was born on 27 September 1829. She died on 19 December 1902 at the age of 73 at 2 miles East in Greenville, Darke Co., OH. Parents: Daniel BRUMBAUGH-135710 and Annie GRAY-135901.

Roscoe Conkling BRUMBAUGH6179,6874 was born on 7 November 1883. He graduated in 1901 from Juniata College, Huntingdon, Huntingdon Co., PA. Parents: John Furry BRUMBAUGH-136537 and Margaret IMLER-137039.

Spouse: Sarah SUMMERS-137171. Sarah SUMMERS and Roscoe Conkling BRUMBAUGH were married.

Roscoe Philip BRUMBAUGH7490 was born on 19 January 1872 in near Sidney, Shelby Co., OH. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Parents: Henry W. BRUMBAUGH-1335 and Matilda FINK-1352.

Spouse: Alice CANADA-1362. Alice CANADA and Roscoe Philip BRUMBAUGH were married on 20 February 1906 in Winchester, Randolph Co., IN.