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Mary BRUMBAUGH7402 was born on 5 December 1811. She died on 22 August 1898 at the age of 86. Parents: Conrad BRUMBAUGH-122 and Catharine/Catherine MARKLEY-124.

Spouse: Henry NODLE-6105. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Henry NODLE were married on 24 March 1832. Children were: Abraham NODLE-6106, Catharine NODLE-6107, Susan NODLE-6108, John NODLE-6109, Lewis NODLE-6110, Esther "Hettie" NODLE-6111, Lydia NODLE-6112, Jacob NODLE-6113, Sarah NODLE-6114, Mary Almeda NODLE-6115.

Mary BRUMBAUGH7403 was born about 1816 in Montgomery Co., OH.18 She died on 20 March 1838 at the age of 22. Parents: David BRUMBAUGH-1117 and Catharine "Kate" VANIMAN-2971.

Mary BRUMBAUGH7114 was born on 27 July 1821. She died on 22 March 1891 at the age of 69. She was buried at Brumbaugh Cem. in Jefferson Twp., Kosciusko Co., IN.18 Parents: William Hiser BRUMBAUGH-1115 and Eve CABLE/GABLE-1544.

Spouse: Joseph LEATHERMAN-1561. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Joseph LEATHERMAN were married.

Mary BRUMBAUGH1468 was born on 8 January 1824 in Washington Co., MD. She died. Parents: Joseph BRUMBAUGH-135705 and Elizabeth ANGLE-135761.

Spouse: Edward Lacy BETTS-136176. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Edward Lacy BETTS were married about 3 May 1844. Children were: Annie A. BETTS-136179, Laura BETTS-136180, Fremont BETTS-136186, Carrie BETTS-136187, Etta BETTS-136188, George W. BETTS-136189.

Mary BRUMBAUGH7349 was born on 13 January 1825. She died on 18 July 1890 at the age of 65 at a farm in near Hartville, Stark Co., OH. Parents: William BRUMBAUGH-5115 and Elizabeth CRAMER-5513.

Spouse: Andrew WERSTLER-5521. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Andrew WERSTLER were married on 28 March 1853. Children were: Rufena WERSTLER-5523, John WERSTLER-5524.

Mary BRUMBAUGH3148 was born on 28 June 1826. She died on 24 May 1865 at the age of 38. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-2077 and Catharine WAGAMAN-2083.

Mary BRUMBAUGH6890 was born on 2 March 1826 in Lake Twp., Stark Co., OH. She died on 11 January 1892 at the age of 65 in Miami Co., IN. Parents: John BRUMBAUGH-5112 and Susan MARKLEY-5127.

Spouse: Jacob SAUSAMAN-5168. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Jacob SAUSAMAN were married in 1866. Children were: Orlando Smith SAUSAMAN-5169, Catharine A. SAUSAMAN-5170, SAUSAMAN-5171.

Mary BRUMBAUGH2650,7404 was born on 4 February 1826 in Williamsburg, Blair Co., PA. She died on 28 November 1916 at the age of 90 in Clappertown, Huston Twp., Blair Co., PA.198 She was buried at Clapper Cem. in Clappertown, Blair Co., PA.1326 Parents: Jacob Miller BRUMBAUGH-6343 and Christena DITCH-6742.

Spouse: John Hartle CLAPPER-6756. Mary BRUMBAUGH and John Hartle CLAPPER were married on 11 April 1845 or 24 April 1845 in Bedford Co., PA. The marriage date of 11 APR 1845 comes from an antique family Bible of The CLAPPER family which was for sale on Ebay 20 MAR 2004. Children were: Laura Hannah CLAPPER-6759, William H. CLAPPER-6760, Elizabeth Jane CLAPPER-6761, Margaretta CLAPPER-6762, Jacob B. CLAPPER-6763, Archibald C. CLAPPER-6764, Agnes/Agness Cecilia CLAPPER-6765, John Stanton CLAPPER-6766.

Mary BRUMBAUGH6782 was born about 1829 in Pennsylvania.6996 Parents: George Miller BRUMBAUGH-6344 and Susan SKYLES-6804.

Mary BRUMBAUGH6650,7405 was born on 27 October 1830. She was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-5114 and Susan DITCH/DEISCH-5324.

Spouse: Daniel MADLEM-5413. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Daniel MADLEM were married on 8 June 1848. Children were: Susan MADLEM-5415, Orlando MADLEM-5416, Jacob A. MADLEM-5417, Isaac Fred MADLEM-5418, Horace G. or H. MADLEM-5419, Thomas J. MADLEM-5420, Hannah MADLEM-5421, William Henry MADLEM-5422, Settiah E. MADLEM-5423, Delphos MADLEM-5424, Esther "Hetty" MADLEM-5425, Clarence Fulton MADLEM-5426.

Spouse: Jacob GRIPE-47483. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Jacob GRIPE were married in December 1896.7405

Mary BRUMBAUGH697,1906,2220,6850 was born on 27 December 1830 in near Bradford, Miami Co., OH. She died in 1911 at the age of 81.5937 She was buried at New Harris Creek Cem. in Bradford, Miami Co., OH.5937 Mary was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-1173 and Susanna WARNER-1174.

Spouse: Solomon/Soloman B. CHRISTIAN II/Jr.-1186. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Solomon/Soloman B. CHRISTIAN II/Jr. were married on 19 January 1854 in Newberry Twp., Miami Co., OH. Children were: Susan "Sue" CHRISTIAN-1189, CHRISTIAN-127682, Philip CHRISTIAN-1190, George W. CHRISTIAN-1191, Mary CHRISTIAN-1192, Martha CHRISTIAN-1193, Solomon B. CHRISTIAN III-1194, John S. R. CHRISTIAN-1195.

Mary "Polly" BRUMBAUGH697,951,5080 was born on 1 September 1831 in Montgomery Co., OH. She died on 27 February 1901 at the age of 69 in Montgomery Co., OH.951 She was buried at Trissel Cem. in Jackson Twp., Montgomery Co., OH.951 Parents: Elder David BRUMBAUGH-1290 and Elizabeth BOWMAN-1291.

Spouse: Christian BOWSER-1307. Mary "Polly" BRUMBAUGH and Christian BOWSER were married in December 1852 in Montgomery Co., OH.951 Marriage is recorded in Book C, page 114. Children were: Katie A. BOWSER-62288, Barbara E. BOWSER-62289.

Spouse: Benjamin BOWSER-1309. Mary "Polly" BRUMBAUGH and Benjamin BOWSER were married after 1846.

Mary BRUMBAUGH was born on 10 May 1832. She died on 14 June 1846 at the age of 14. Parents: David J. BRUMBAUGH-2078 and Elizabeth RARICK-2259.

Mary BRUMBAUGH6046 was born on 25 March 1836. She died on 19 October 1908 at the age of 72. Parents: John BRUMBAUGH-2998 and Dianna/Diana SWIHART-3002.

Spouse: Abraham BRANDENBURG-3016. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Abraham BRANDENBURG were married.

Mary BRUMBAUGH7372 was born on 3 November 1838. Parents: Samuel BRUMBAUGH-5118 and Magdalena PALMER-5693.

Spouse: Abram LIBBY-5790. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Abram LIBBY were married on 13 November 1856 in Jackson Co., IA. Children were: Otis B. LIBBY-5791, Luva A. LIBBY-5792.

Mary BRUMBAUGH3504 was born on 19 August 1838. She died on 1 July 1863 at the age of 24. Parents: Samuel BRUMBAUGH-1566 and Elizabeth RINEHART-1642.

Spouse: John GILBERT-1653. Mary BRUMBAUGH and John GILBERT were married.

Mary BRUMBAUGH6815 was born on 25 March 1839. Parents: David BRUMBAUGH-5116 and Mary ZELLERS-5658.

Spouse: Daniel HOLLABAUGH-5668. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Daniel HOLLABAUGH were married.

Mary BRUMBAUGH915,7406 was born on 31 May 1840 in New Enterprise, Bedford Co., PA.915 She died on 31 May 1904 at the age of 64. She was buried at Woodbury Cem. in Woodbury, Bedford Co., PA.915,4913 Mary was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: David BRUMBAUGH-8228 and Mary "Polly" SNYDER-8229.

Spouse: Rinehart Long REPLOGLE-3844. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Rinehart Long REPLOGLE were married on 17 January 1860. Children were: Esther B. REPLOGLE-8202, Charles Brumbaugh REPLOGLE-8203, Annie B. REPLOGLE-8204, Electra REPLOGLE-8205, Delilah REPLOGLE-8206, Martin REPLOGLE-8207, David Brumbaugh REPLOGLE-8208, Joseph B. REPLOGLE-8209, Cyrus Brumbaugh REPLOGLE-8210, Lyon REPLOGLE-40032, Mary REPLOGLE-8211, Elizabeth REPLOGLE-8212, Rinehart Brumbaugh REPLOGLE-8213, (Child of REPLOGLE, Mary and Rinehart Long) REPLOGLE-8214, Lena REPLOGLE-8215.

Mary BRUMBAUGH6837 was born on 18 April 1843 in Penn Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. She was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-146 and Rachel BOYER-775.

Spouse: John W. FOUST-4096. Mary BRUMBAUGH and John W. FOUST were married on 28 November 1867.

Mary BRUMBAUGH7289 was born on 30 June 1844. Parents: John BRUMBAUGH-3192 and Catherine/Katharine E. SHINGLER-3319.

Spouse: Jacob CLARK-3418. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Jacob CLARK were married. Children were: Albert CLARK-3419, Annie CLARK-3420, William CLARK-3421, John CLARK-3422.

Spouse: Lewis YOCUM-3423. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Lewis YOCUM were married. Children were: Blaine YOCUM-3424.

Mary BRUMBAUGH443 was born on 15 March 1846. She died in 1858 at the age of 12. Parents: Samuel BRUMBAUGH-1458 and Lydia Ann LEER-1520.

Mary BRUMBAUGH7201,7407 was born on 28 July 1846 in Richwood, Union Co., OH. She died on 23 July 1907 at the age of 60 in Tallmadge, Summit Co., OH. She was buried at Restland Cem. in Brimfield, Portage Co., OH. Mary was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Henry BRUMBAUGH-5119 and Catharine/Catherine STIFFLER-5809.

Spouse: Jacob J. WERTENBERGER-6040. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Jacob J. WERTENBERGER were married on 13 October 1867. Children were: Orra Valente "Valee" WERTENBERGER-6041, Manetta Catharine "Nettie" WERTENBERGER-6042, Charles Lester WERTENBERGER-6043, Eva May WERTENBERGER-6044, Henry Arthur WERTENBERGER-6045.

Mary BRUMBAUGH3967 was born in 1854. Parents: Henry BRUMBAUGH-1576 and Judah FLORY-1584.

Spouse: (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Mary) BARNHART-1586. Mary BRUMBAUGH and (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Mary) BARNHART were married in Kansas.

Mary BRUMBAUGH6919 was born on 11 March 1854. Parents: Andrew BRUMBAUGH-5125 and Elizabeth KAMP-6216.

Spouse: Charles F. GEIDLINGER-6242. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Charles F. GEIDLINGER were married on 9 November 1876. Children were: Phoebe Luella GEIDLINGER-6243, Charlotte GEIDLINGER-6244, Ruth GEIDLINGER-6245.

Mary BRUMBAUGH3037,3537 was born on 23 October 1876 in Pennsylvania. She died on 26 October 1938 at the age of 62.3526 Parents: Levi Hoover BRUMBAUGH-88 and Elizabeth Brumbaugh DILLING-3700.

Spouse: Charles Robert BAKER-3728. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Charles Robert BAKER were married. Children were: John C. BAKER-96877, Carl BAKER-96867, Roy BAKER-96868, Charles R. BAKER-96878, Irene BAKER-96869, Alice BAKER-96879, Edna BAKER-96871.

Mary BRUMBAUGH2276 was born on 7 October 1879. Parents: John BRUMBAUGH-5214 and Rose ROSIA-5225.

Mary BRUMBAUGH4921 was born on 17 September 1884. She died on 17 October 1884 at the age of 0. Parents: Abraham Houser "Abe" BRUMBAUGH-2486 and Susan "Susie" KATHERMAN-2544.

Mary BRUMBAUGH2365 was born on 12 November 1888. Parents: Isaac C. BRUMBAUGH-3135 and Amy ERBAUGH-3173.

Spouse: (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Mary) LANDIS-3175. Mary BRUMBAUGH and (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Mary) LANDIS were married.

Mary BRUMBAUGH5920 was born on 13 November 1890.

Mary was married July 1908. Parents: David BRUMBAUGH-4300 and Mary Ann BOWSER-4310.

Mary BRUMBAUGH2365 was born on 4 January 1901. Parents: Isaac C. BRUMBAUGH-3135 and Barbara E. TEETER-3176.

Mary BRUMBAUGH858 was born after 1902. Parents: Noah BRUMBAUGH-2874 and Applona REPLOGLE-22645.

Spouse: Paul F. CRIPE-33796. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Paul F. CRIPE were married.

Mary BRUMBAUGH6813 was born on 19 May 1903. Parents: Samuel LeRoy BRUMBAUGH-1752 and Delia JENKINSON-1753.

Mary BRUMBAUGH6800,7112 was born in 1910. She died in 1986 at the age of 76. Parents: Ora Silvester BRUMBAUGH-3141 and Susie Imo JOBES-3156.

Spouse: Raymond KLEPINGER-143417. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Raymond KLEPINGER were married. Children were: Living, Living.

Mary BRUMBAUGH1465,3387 was born on 25 August 1927.3387 Parents: James Lee or Leo BRUMBAUGH-52393 and Anna Florence FOUSE-52392.

Spouse: Weldon BASSLER-52405. Mary BRUMBAUGH and Weldon BASSLER were married. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: Walter Studebaker BRUMBAUGH-3714 and Norma V. LONG-94525.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Mary Adams BRUMBAUGH6695 was born on 1 December 1846. She died on 8 May 1896 at the age of 49. Parents: David Albright BRUMBAUGH-201251 and Magdalena HATTLE-201252.

Spouse: Living.

Mary Agnes BRUMBAUGH2347,7408 was born on 9 August 1868 at the homestead farm in Penn Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. She died on 13 July 1946 at the age of 77.6447,7409 Parents: Abraham Wineland BRUMBAUGH-781 and Hannah FAULKENDER/FAULKNER-3925.

Spouse: Edward Ellsworth SHAVER-4073. Mary Agnes BRUMBAUGH and Edward Ellsworth SHAVER were married on 11 August 1891. Children were: Chalmer SHAVER-4076, Ruth M. SHAVER-115440, Roland Paul SHAVER-4078, Stanley Brumbaugh SHAVER-4079, Viola SHAVER-4080, Mahlon SHAVER-4081, Laura Ethel SHAVER-4082, Gaius Ray SHAVER-4083, Galen Roy SHAVER-4084.

Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH342,6111 was born (date unknown). Parents: Isaac BRUMBAUGH-1339 and Catharine CROWELL/CROWEL-1414.

Spouse: Edward BREESE-52763. Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH and Edward BREESE were married. Children were: Isaac Samuel BREESE-52764.

Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH2000 was born (date unknown). Parents: Kenneth BRUMBAUGH-49557 and Edith REESE-49558.

Spouse: Jerry GUYER-49560. Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH and Jerry GUYER were married. Children were: Jerri Lynn GUYER-49561, Sherry Jo GUYER-49562.

Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH4029 was born (date unknown). Parents: William Lincoln BRUMBAUGH-7834 and Lillian MILLER-57595.

Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH6814 was born (date unknown). Parents: Abraham BRUMBACH/BRUMBAUGH-201199 and Elizabeth ALBRIGHT-201244.

Spouse: John MORELAND-201258. Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH and John MORELAND were married. Children were: John B. MORELAND-201549, William MORELAND-201551, David L. MORELAND-201553, Henry MORELAND-201555, Emma MORELAND-201557, Mary E. MORELAND-201559, Living.

Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH448,697,1815,7078,7410,7411,7412 was born on 31 March 1823 in Huston Twp., Blair Co., PA. She died on 10 July 1856 at the age of 33 in Huston Twp., Blair Co., PA. She was buried at Brumbaugh Cem. in Martinsburg, North Woodbury Twp., Blair Co., PA.7078 Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-7245 and Susan Metzger CLAPPER-7839.

Spouse: John Hoover DILLING-3701. Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH and John Hoover DILLING were married on 12 January 1847 in Huntingdon Co., PA. Children were: Elizabeth Brumbaugh DILLING-3700, Susan/Susannah Brumbaugh DILLING-7878, Mary Brumbaugh DILLING-7879, Andrew Brumbaugh DILLING-7880.

Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH7413 was born on 24 March 1837. She died in Kochs, Wayne Co., OH. Parents: Samuel BRUMBAUGH-3194 and Susan EAGLEY-3497.

Spouse: Henry GOUDY-3508. Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH and Henry GOUDY were married on 12 June 1862. Children were: Laura W. GOUDY-3509, Addie J. GOUDY-3510, Jennie Lind GOUDY-3511, Dayton L. GOUDY-3512, Nettie GOUDY-3513, Nora E. GOUDY-3514, Charles W. GOUDY-3515.

Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH6855,6916,6917 was born in 1846 or 1847. She died before 1850 at the age of 4. Parents: John Wineland BRUMBAUGH-6836 and Margaret NICODEMUS-6869.

Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH6954 was born on 10 May 1850 in Entriken, Lincoln Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. She died on 20 April 1911 at the age of 60. She was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Daniel Bowers BRUMBAUGH-84 and Mary Puterbaugh HOOVER-85.

Spouse: George Jackson PARKS-95. Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH and George Jackson PARKS were married on 2 June 1874. Children were: Flora Belle PARKS-3764, Minnie Blanche PARKS-3765.

Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH6653 was born on 11 March 1852 in Webster, Darke Co., OH. Parents: Daniel BRUMBAUGH-2081 and Susan "Sue" HOUSER-2483.

Spouse: C. H. BLOOMHERST-2579. Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH and C. H. BLOOMHERST were married on 17 March 1878 in Troy, Miami Co., OH. Children were: Dellious J. BLOOMHERST-2580, Bertha H. BLOOMHERST-2581, Walter M. BLOOMHERST-2582.

Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH6699 was born on 3 September 1856. Parents: John Rinehart BRUMBAUGH-1646 and Elizabeth HECKMAN-1654.

Spouse: Samuel SNELL-1678. Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH and Samuel SNELL were married on 24 January 1891. Children were: John SNELL-1679.

Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH6843 was born on 25 September 1866. She died on 23 February 1875 at the age of 8. Parents: John Dougherty BRUMBAUGH-7393 and Hannah HOLSINGER-7401.

Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH2640,6199,7300 was born on 1 September 1884. Parents: Samuel Hoover BRUMBAUGH-76 and Elizabeth Ann BRINDLE-77.

Spouse: Harry D. MILLER-80. Mary Ann BRUMBAUGH and Harry D. MILLER were married. Children were: Ada Gertrude MILLER-36548.

Mary Ann Holsinger BRUMBAUGH1559 was born on 18 August 1874 in Pennsylvania. Parents: Jacob Dougherty BRUMBAUGH-7396 and Rebecca HOLSINGER-7404.

Spouse: Frank E. KAUFFMAN-7733. Mary Ann Holsinger BRUMBAUGH and Frank E. KAUFFMAN were married.