Jacob Morris BRUMBAUGH3753,6676,6852 was born on 24 October 1864. He died about 1 September 1950 at the age of 85.

Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-3324 and Nancy DAVIS-3372.

Spouse: Emma LOCKARD-29201. Emma LOCKARD and Jacob Morris BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Frank Morris BRUMBAUGH-29207, Charles Jerome BRUMBAUGH-29208, (Daughter of Emma and Jacob BRUMBAUGH) BRUMBAUGH-29209.

Jacob Pote BRUMBAUGH1135,6658 was born on 7 March 1858 in South Woodbury Twp., Bedford Co., PA.6658 He was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Jacob Snyder BRUMBAUGH-135633 and Susannah POTE-136538.

Spouse: Deliah POTTER-75554. Deliah POTTER and Jacob Pote BRUMBAUGH were married on 29 June 1884.6658 Children were: Elda Pote BRUMBAUGH-81931, Susan Frances BRUMBAUGH-109845, Walter Wood BRUMBAUGH-137063, Bruce Graham BRUMBAUGH-75552, Edith Pote BRUMBAUGH-137064, Erma BRUMBAUGH-81932.

Jacob Quinter BRUMBAUGH6960,7275 was born on 15 December 1890. Parents: David Pote BRUMBAUGH-136546 and Martha Isadora EBERLY-137069.

Spouse: Laura Letitia JENKINS-197547. Laura Letitia JENKINS and Jacob Quinter BRUMBAUGH were married about 6 September 1916.

Governor's Cousin Weds. - Jacob Quinter Brumbaugh, an Altoona brakeman on the Pennsylvania railroad who said he is a "distant cousin" of Governor Martin G. Brumbaugh today got a license to wed Miss Laura Letitia Jenkins of Altoona.  They were married at the parsonage of Christ Lutheran Church by the Rev. Thomas Reisch, the pastor.
Harrisburg Telegraph, Harrisburg, Pa., September 6, 1916

Jacob R. BRUMBAUGH3216,7054 was born on 8 January 1849 in near New Lebanon, Jackson Twp., Montgomery Co., OH.6800 He died on 22 March 1923 at the age of 74.6800 He was buried at Mote Cem. in Pitsburg, Monroe Twp., Darke Co., OH.6998 Jacob was a farmer and minister in Pitsburg, Monroe Twp., Darke Co., OH. He was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Samuel BRUMBAUGH-3122 and Mary RIFE-3126.

Spouse: Mary Ann ERBAUGH-3136. Mary Ann ERBAUGH and Jacob R. BRUMBAUGH were married on 23 November 1871. Children were: Rachel Catharine BRUMBAUGH-3139, Samuel Irvin BRUMBAUGH-3140, Ora Silvester BRUMBAUGH-3141.

Jacob S. BRUMBAUGH6629,6931 was born on 14 March 1800 in Bedford, Bedford Co., PA. He died on 25 November 1865 or 28 November 1865 at the age of 65.6629 Parents: John BRUMBAUGH-8232 and Mary Elizabeth MILLER-8233.

Spouse: Susannah TEETERS-135835. Susannah TEETERS and Jacob S. BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Elias BRUMBAUGH-135836, Samuel BRUMBAUGH-135837, Jacob BRUMBAUGH-135838, Mary BRUMBAUGH-135839, BRUMBAUGH-135841, BRUMBAUGH-135842.

Jacob Snyder BRUMBAUGH3655,6296 was born on 11 December 1825 in South Woodbury Twp., Bedford Co., PA. He died from La Grippe on 22 February 1894 at the age of 68 in New Enterprise, Bedford Co., PA. He was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: David BRUMBAUGH-8228 and Mary "Polly" SNYDER-8229.

Spouse: Magdaline FURRY-135632. Magdaline FURRY and Jacob Snyder BRUMBAUGH were married on 28 January 1849. Children were: John Furry BRUMBAUGH-136537.

Spouse: Susannah POTE-136538. Susannah POTE and Jacob Snyder BRUMBAUGH were married in 1857. Children were: Caroline Pote BRUMBAUGH-136541, Nancy Pote BRUMBAUGH-136542, Alison Pote BRUMBAUGH-136543, Jacob Pote BRUMBAUGH-75553, Mary Jane Pote BRUMBAUGH-136544, Susan Pote BRUMBAUGH-136545, David Pote BRUMBAUGH-136546, Martin Pote BRUMBAUGH-136547.

Spouse: Francina STRALEY-136548. Francina STRALEY and Jacob Snyder BRUMBAUGH were married on 6 October 1869. Children were: Daniel Straley BRUMBAUGH-136549, Franklin Straley BRUMBAUGH-136550, Annie Straley BRUMBAUGH-136551.

Jacob Theodore BRUMBAUGH4472 was born on 28 March 1844. Parents: Nathan Henry BRUMBAUGH-135728 and Lavinia "Eveline" MYERS-136003.

James BRUMBAUGH7276 was born (date unknown). Parents: Thomas Jefferson BRUMBAUGH-2774 and Mary EDWARDS-2780.

Living (private). Parents: Bobby D. BRUMBAUGH-130834 and Living.

James Arthur BRUMBAUGH6652 was born on 18 February 1884. Parents: Jacob Craton BRUMBAUGH-7898 and Flora HESS-7906.

Spouse: Annie BURGOM-7917. Annie BURGOM and James Arthur BRUMBAUGH were married.

James Bruce BRUMBAUGH6743 was born on 4 May 1888. Parents: Milton Grove BRUMBAUGH-3998 and Sarah Catharine SIMPSON-4009.

Spouse: Sadie E. (WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, JAMES BRUCE-12122. Sadie E. (WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, JAMES BRUCE and James Bruce BRUMBAUGH were married.

James C. BRUMBAUGH2157,7025 was born on 13 December 1836. He died on 1 October 1911 at the age of 74.2157 Parents: John Miller BRUMBAUGH-6341 and Margaret SCOTT-6570.

Spouse: Penina SNOWDEN-6637. Penina SNOWDEN and James C. BRUMBAUGH were married in April 1854. Children were: William R. BRUMBAUGH-6641, David Lewis BRUMBAUGH-6642, Samuel A. BRUMBAUGH-6643.

Spouse: Mattie SECRIST-6638. Mattie SECRIST and James C. BRUMBAUGH were married in 1870. Children were: Cora E. BRUMBAUGH-6644, James H. BRUMBAUGH-6645, Earl W. BRUMBAUGH-6646, Mattie Pearl BRUMBAUGH-6647.

Spouse: Anna J. BOWSER-6639. Anna J. BOWSER and James C. BRUMBAUGH were married on 7 May 1890. Children were: Tyla J. BRUMBAUGH-6648.

James Casper BRUMBAUGH7134,7222 was born on 5 February 1916 or 5 February 1917 in Martinsburg, North Woodbury Twp., Blair Co., PA.7168 He died in an auto accident before 1964 at the age of 48 in Duarte, Los Angeles Co., CA.7059,7168 He graduated from Morrisons Cove High School, Martinsburg, Blair Co., PA. Parents: John Holsinger BRUMBAUGH-7730 and Myrtle May Dilling HAMILTON-7734.

Spouse: Velma Arlene KEITH-90179. Velma Arlene KEITH and James Casper BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Thomas Eugene/G. BRUMBAUGH-90180, Glenn BRUMBAUGH-91344.

James Clair BRUMBAUGH1465,3387 was born on 5 October 1925.3387 Parents: James Lee or Leo BRUMBAUGH-52393 and Anna Florence FOUSE-52392.

Spouse: Marjorie CORLE-98005. Marjorie CORLE and James Clair BRUMBAUGH were married.3387

James Clair/Clare BRUMBAUGH1322,5016 was born on 4 October 1887 in Jefferson Co., PA.1322 He died on 12 March 1897 at the age of 9 in Jefferson Co., PA.1322 He was buried at Paradise Cem. in Winslow Twp., Jefferson Co., PA.1322 Parents: David Lewis BRUMBAUGH-6642 and Margaret Susan "Maggie" BOLLINGER-6653.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

James Dean BRUMBAUGH3753,6872 was born on 11 June 1922. He died on 7 July 1961 at the age of 39 in England, UK. He was buried at Grandview Cem. in Logan Twp., Blair Co., PA.6872 Parents: Charles Jerome BRUMBAUGH-29208 and Lois Rhae HELLER-29212.

Rev. James Dougherty BRUMBAUGH1326,2220,6651,7277 was born on 6 July 1850 in Clover Creek, Huston Twp., Blair Co., PA. He died in 1922 at the age of 72.1326 He was buried at Brumbaugh Cem. in Fredericksburg, Blair Co., PA.1326 James was a minister in the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Elder George BRUMBAUGH Jr.-7244 and Elizabeth DOUGHERTY-7390.

Spouse: Susanna/Susannah GOCHNOUR-7407. Susanna/Susannah GOCHNOUR and Rev. James Dougherty BRUMBAUGH were married on 24 November 1870 in Clover Creek, Huston Twp., Blair Co., PA. Children were: David BRUMBAUGH-7787, Sarah Elizabeth BRUMBAUGH-7788, Edward BRUMBAUGH-7789, Rebecca May BRUMBAUGH-7790, Charles Arthur BRUMBAUGH-7791, John Henry BRUMBAUGH-7792, Martha Mary BRUMBAUGH-7793, George Albert BRUMBAUGH-7794, Ida Catharine BRUMBAUGH-7795, Margaret Frances BRUMBAUGH-7796, Jennie Gertrude BRUMBAUGH-7797, Minnie Prudence BRUMBAUGH-7798.

James E. BRUMBAUGH7278 was born about 1901 in Pennsylvania. Parents: Clayton BRUMBAUGH-3586 and Della CARBAUGH-97458.

James Edgar BRUMBAUGH7089 was born on 16 October 1896. He died in 1907 at the age of 11. Parents: Irvin Keith BRUMBAUGH-3977 and Eliza Bell MCNEILL-3981.

Living (private). Parents: John Granville BRUMBAUGH-23677 and Living.

Spouse: Cynthia (WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, JAMES EDWARD)-23689.

James Franklin BRUMBAUGH101 was born in 1889 in Missouri. Parents: Solomon/Soloman Newton BRUMBAUGH-5138 and Eliza Ellen ANDERSON-116081.

Spouse: Emma COX-116138. Emma COX and James Franklin BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Helena BRUMBAUGH-116139, Leland O. BRUMBAUGH-116140, Helen BRUMBAUGH-116141, James O. BRUMBAUGH-116142, Isabel BRUMBAUGH-116143, Raymond L. BRUMBAUGH-116144.

James Fred BRUMBAUGH6796 was born on 27 November 1889. Parents: William Franklin BRUMBAUGH-5583 and Mary Almeda GEIB-5587.

James H. BRUMBAUGH6205 was born on 23 October 1864. Parents: Frederick BRUMBAUGH-8053 and Amanda C. HOOVER-8114.

Spouse: Ida M. BRINER-8125. Ida M. BRINER and James H. BRUMBAUGH were married.

James H. BRUMBAUGH3967 was born on 8 November 1871. He died on 17 August 1893 at the age of 21. Parents: James C. BRUMBAUGH-6578 and Mattie SECRIST-6638.

James K. BRUMBAUGH4926,4928 was born on 2 April 1844 in Elkhart Co., IN. He died on 26 May 1928 at the age of 84 in Elkhart Co., IN. He was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Isaac BRUMBAUGH-1459 and Juliann IMBODY-1521.

Spouse: Elizabeth S. BLOUGH-1527. Elizabeth S. BLOUGH and James K. BRUMBAUGH were married on 16 January 1867 in Goshen, Elkhart Co., IN. Children were: Nancy E. BRUMBAUGH-2583, Minnie BRUMBAUGH-2584, John Daniel BRUMBAUGH-2585, Charles Edward BRUMBAUGH-2586, William Henry BRUMBAUGH-2587, Lewis/Louis Emanuel BRUMBAUGH-2588, Jesse M. BRUMBAUGH-2589, Maude B. BRUMBAUGH-2590, Janette BRUMBAUGH-2591.

James Keith BRUMBAUGH7192,7279,7280 was born on 18 December 1865 in Lincoln Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. He died on 20 May 1948 at the age of 82 in Hesston, Penn Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA.

James Brumbaugh, aged and respected resident of Hesston, died at his home on Thursday morning, May 20, 1948, at 4:30 o'clock. Death came after a lengthy illness. Born in Lincoln Township, Huntingdon County, December 18, 1865, he was aged at the time of death 82 years, 5 months and 2 days. He was a son of Peter Brumbaugh and Mary (Keith) Brumbaugh, and was united in marriage with Mary Stinson on June 10, 1911, at Huntingdon. He is survived by his wife; one son and one daughter, Mrs. John Wagner of Altoona and Harry Brumbaugh of Hesston; 19 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and the following step-children: Mrs. David Kyles, Stanford Hunter and John Hunter, all of Huntingdon; Howard M. Hunter of Hesston and Gertrude Hunter of Marklesburg. Funeral services will be held at the James Creek Church of the Brethren on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock conducted by the Rev. Harold Knoll. Interment will be made in the Brumbaugh Cemetery, James Creek R.D., directed by Huff's funeral service. Friends may call at the late residence.
Daily News, Huntingdon, Pa., undated. He was buried on 23 May 1948 at Brumbaugh Cem. in James Creek, Lincoln Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. Parents: Peter BRUMBAUGH-3817 and Mary KEITH-3976.

Spouse: Blanche STINSON-122178. Blanche STINSON and James Keith BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Mary BRUMBAUGH-122179.

Spouse: Ida Mary STINSON-122170. Ida Mary STINSON and James Keith BRUMBAUGH were married on 10 June 1911 in Huntingdon, Huntingdon Co., PA. Children were: Howard BRUMBAUGH-3988, Harry BRUMBAUGH-3989.

James Lee or Leo BRUMBAUGH1326,1465,3387,6630,7120,7121 was born on 26 May 1898 in Fredericksburg, Blair Co., PA.7281 He died from a heart attack on 26 September 1977 at the age of 79 at Nason Hospital in Roaring Spring, Blair Co., PA.7281 He was buried at Brumbaugh Cem. in Martinsburg, North Woodbury Twp., Blair Co., PA.1326,7281 James was a member of the Clover Creek Church of the Brethren. Parents: Henry Dilling BRUMBAUGH-4769 and Sarah SHOENFELT-4858.

Spouse: Anna Florence FOUSE-52392. Anna Florence FOUSE and James Lee or Leo BRUMBAUGH were married on 28 March 1918 in Altoona, Blair Co., PA.7281,7282 Children were: Thelma G. BRUMBAUGH-52399, Hazel BRUMBAUGH-52401, James Clair BRUMBAUGH-52403, Mary BRUMBAUGH-52404.

James Milton Morgan BRUMBAUGH6652 was born on 10 August 1901. Parents: Harvey Potter BRUMBAUGH-7814 and Edythe May MORGAN-7815.

James O. BRUMBAUGH101 was born (date unknown). Parents: James Franklin BRUMBAUGH-116087 and Emma COX-116138.

James P. BRUMBAUGH7283 was born on 30 April 1853. Parents: Frederick D. BRUMBAUGH-6576 and Elizabeth SHARRES-6586.

Spouse: Margaret STAUL-6618. Margaret STAUL and James P. BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Elizabeth BRUMBAUGH-6619, Arena May BRUMBAUGH-6620, Mary Ellen BRUMBAUGH-6621.

James Perry BRUMBAUGH6813 was born on 7 November 1901. Parents: Samuel LeRoy BRUMBAUGH-1752 and Delia JENKINSON-1753.

James Saint BRUMBAUGH1563 was born on 17 March 1886. Parents: Henry P. BRUMBAUGH-5822 and Eva SAINT-6076.

James T. BRUMBAUGH6921 was born on 9 October 1870. He died on 29 November 1881 at the age of 11. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-3324 and Nancy DAVIS-3372.

James Vinton BRUMBAUGH5903 was born on 20 March 1860. He died on 23 September 1871 at the age of 11. Parents: Eli BRUMBAUGH-6577 and Arvilla DILLEY-6626.

James William BRUMBAUGH581 was born in 1859 in Indiana. He died in 1898 at the age of 39. Parents: George BRUMBAUGH-2815 and Dorinda/Drinda Anna MCCLOUD-2821.

Spouse: Ida L. SMITH-204446. Ida L. SMITH and James William BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Bertha Catherine BRUMBAUGH-204447.

Jamie BRUMBAUGH6696 was born (date unknown). Parents: Living and Virginia DRIVER-94521.

Jan Kent BRUMBAUGH5966 was born on 14 December 1946 in Piqua, Miami Co., OH. He died on 21 November 2002 at the age of 55 at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, Orange Co., CA. Parents: Melvin F. BRUMBAUGH-151057 and Betty Ann MILLER-151058.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Jane BRUMBAUGH was born (date unknown). Parents: Carl Johnston BRUMBAUGH-3556 and Edna CRAVEN-11605.

Spouse: Stephen Patrick KASPICK-11615. Jane BRUMBAUGH and Stephen Patrick KASPICK were married. Children were: Carl KASPICK-11616.

Spouse: Cloyd LUCAS-11617. Jane BRUMBAUGH and Cloyd LUCAS were married. Children were: Keith LUCAS-11618, Edna Jane LUCAS-11619.

Spouse: Joseph MODZIE-11620. Jane BRUMBAUGH and Joseph MODZIE were married.

Jane BRUMBAUGH7284 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: C. Glen "Nick" PRESSEL-125007. Jane BRUMBAUGH and C. Glen "Nick" PRESSEL were married on 18 December 1941 in New Enterprise, Bedford Co., PA. Children were: James N. PRESSEL-125013, Kringe PRESSEL-125014, Todd K. PRESSEL-125015.

Jane BRUMBAUGH213 was born (date unknown). Parents: Philip D. BRUMBAUGH-135782 and Jane MATEER-136748.

Spouse: Richard CHILDERS-136751. Jane BRUMBAUGH and Richard CHILDERS were married.

Jane BRUMBAUGH2224,6031,7285 was born on 26 July 1826 in Liberty Twp., Bedford Co., PA.6028 She died on 14 December 1886 at the age of 60 in near Saxton, Liberty Twp., Bedford Co., PA.6028 Parents: Samuel BRUMBAUGH-133 and Catharine OAKS-134.

Spouse: David P. HOOVER-4353. Jane BRUMBAUGH and David P. HOOVER were married in 1846. Children were: Caroline HOOVER-4354, Elizabeth HOOVER-4355, Margaret HOOVER-4356, David HOOVER-4357.

Spouse: James GORDON-4372. Jane BRUMBAUGH and James GORDON were married on 4 December 1858. Children were: Clara B. GORDON-4373, Virginia Alice GORDON-4374, Sarah GORDON-4375.

Jane E. BRUMBAUGH6921 was born on 10 November 1868. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-3324 and Nancy DAVIS-3372.

Living (private). Parents: Rev. Ernest/Earnest Acker BRUMBAUGH-4832 and Bertha Marie LONGENECKER-42027.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Stephen GOUGH-79522, Shelly GOUGH-79523, Diane GOUGH-79524.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Janet Louise BRUMBAUGH6202,6865 was born on 4 June 1930 in Derry Twp., Mifflin Co., PA.6202 She graduated in 1948 from Yeagertown High School, Yeagertown, Derry Twp., Mifflin Co., PA. She died on 15 February 2011 at the age of 80 at Ohesson Manor Nursing Home in Lewistown, Mifflin Co., PA. Janet was buried on 18 February 2011 at Juniata Memorial Park in Granville Twp., Mifflin Co., PA.6865 She was a member of the Holy Communion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Yeagertown, Derry Twp., Mifflin Co., PA. Parents: Charles Ellsworth BRUMBAUGH-82 and Almeda Orla ORREN-3316.

Spouse: John Richard WATSON-3318. Janet Louise BRUMBAUGH and John Richard WATSON were married on 15 August 1950.6202 Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living.

Janette BRUMBAUGH3135 was born on 15 February 1888. She died on 14 September 1888 at the age of 0. Parents: James K. BRUMBAUGH-1524 and Elizabeth S. BLOUGH-1527.

Janie BRUMBAUGH7286 was born (date unknown). Parents: John Samuel BRUMBAUGH-77598 and Living.

Spouse: (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Janie) SNYDER-101659. Janie BRUMBAUGH and (Husband of BRUMBAUGH, Janie) SNYDER were married.

Living (private).

Spouse: Galen/Gaylon Ray MARKER-20109.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.