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Samuel BOWLSBY/BOWLBY1241,5521,5523,5564,5680,5760,5860,5863 was born in 1735 in Burlington, Burlington Co., NJ. He died on 22 November 1823 at the age of 88 in Imlaydale, Sussex Co., NJ.

Samuel was the first of three sons named in his father's will signed 7 DEC 1779 and received a third of his father's land when the will was probated in 1782. According to a history of the HARRIMAN family of New Jersey quoted in OUR BOWLBY Kin, Volume 1, compiled by June B. BAREKMA, Samuel was born in 1735, Burlington, NJ, died 12 1823, Imlaydale, Sussex Co., NJ, married Elizabeth DUNN prior to 1760, who died prior to 1823. On the other hand, PATRIOTIC INDEX of the D.A.R. gives: "Samuel BOWLSBY, 1730-1810, pvt., NJ, Rev. W., married Betsey DURAN." Adding to confusion, family historians, Cordelia KELLY and Eva Crumbaugh GRIZZELLE, give the name of Samuel's wife as Elizabeth DAVIS, and state that he died in 1805 or 1810, and that he was buried in the graveyard that his father deeded to the Mansfield Presbyterian Church in 1765. Samuel's father lived in Springfield Twp., Burlington Co., from 1727 to 1737, so Samuel probably was born there. TRADITIONS OF HUNTERDON by John W. LEQUEAR states that Samuel and his brothers all lived to be over 80 years of age. Samuel's estate was introduced into the Prerogative Court, Sussex Co., 22 Nov 1823, at which time it was stated that Samuel "... died in the month of November last past intestate seized of land and real estate, lying on both sides of the Musconetcong creek." Therefore, Samuel must have died in Nov 1822, and was over 80 years old even if he were born as late as 1741 or 1742. That Samuel married Elizabeth _____, there is no doubt, because they both signed as grantors in Hunterdon Co. land deeds as late as 1816. Since his wife is not mentioned in the prerogative proceedings, she must have died between 1816 and 1822. The prerogative court proceedings make clear that Samuel and Elizabeth had six children, and that they were born in the following order: John, Mary, Hannah, Sarah, Ann, and Samuel.

At the time of his death, Samuel held land described as "... the farm in the counties of Hunterdon and Sussex on both sides of the Musconetcong River, containing two hundred and fifty acres more or less, and also the farm situate in the county of Sussex near the village of Washington, containing one hundred and seventy-five acres more or less..." A quitclaim on 3 Nov 1801, for 35 acres from Samuel BOWLBY (8) to Henry DUSENBERY reveals that at that time Samuel owned practically all of what is today New Hampton with exception to the six acres bequeathed in his father's will to assorted grandchildren. These were the lands that fell in dispute in 1823. A manuscript map by D, Stanton HAMMOND of Hunterdon County drawn from early deeds shows that Samuel held a fifty acre tract before his father's death that lay along the south bank of the Musconetcong River in the vicinity of New Hampton in Hunterdon County. The land inherited from his father is said to have included the family grist mill at Imlaydale on the north bank of the Musconetcong River in Syssex, now Warren County.

Information on Samuel's life is not at all clear. There were several members of the BOWLBY family named Samuel living in the general area at the same time, and records as well as family traditions became confused. Samuel probably operated the family mill at Omlaydale until it was sold to Thomas STEWART, then later to Noab CRAMER. D.A.R. has accepted lineages of Samuel's descendants under the service record of "Samuel BOWLSBY" who, according to Stryker's OFFICIAL REGISTER OF OFFICERS AND MEN OF NEW JERSEY, served as a private in Captain Jacob STULL's company, Second Regiment, Sussex Co., New Jersey militia, and the Continental line as a captain under Colonel Aaron HANKINSON. TRADITIONS OF HUNTERDON by John W. LEQUEAR states: "Samuel BOWLBY was an officer in the expedition that was sent to Wilkes-Barre after the massacre in Wyoming. The party had to cut their way through forests. Joseph H. BOWLBY had his father's commission for a number of years." Since Samuel had no son named Joseph, the Joseph H. BOWLBY referred to in this quote, and later described, must have been Jospeh Lanning BOWLBY, son of Samuel's son, John. The massacre at Wyoming, PA, occurred in July, 1778, when Samuel was around 43 years old. Samuel's military record appears to be contradicted in an excerpt from NEW JERSEY AS A ROYAL PROVINCE by Edgar J. FISHER:

"County committees reported to the Provincial Congress those persons who were unfriendly to the articles of association. Non-associates were directed to be disarmed and give security for their future behavior. After their refusal to join the association had led to their disarmament, they were fined for not attending the military reviews properly accounted. Charges were proffered against Christopher HARRISON by the committee of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co. His case was examined and considered by the Provincial Congress, and HARRISON was ordered to pay costs, be disarmed and give £50 security for good behavior. The county jail was to be his abode until he complied with those conditions. Similar judgements were returned against Samuel BOWLSBY and Dr. Andrew McCLINCY of Sussex Co. ..."
This would indicate that Samuel was of Loyalist persuasion. Further doubt is cast upon Samuel's reputation as a soldier of the American Revolution when a search of New Jersey records reveals:
"New Jersey Continental Line ... BOWLSBY, Samuel ... Newton ... Sussex ... MSS, Number 3660 ... A list of the Recruits raised for nine months out of the Second Battalion of Sussex Co. Militia Commanded by Col. Aaron HANKINSON raised by order of the State New Jersey, that is to say, - Sixth Company, commanded by Captain STULL 5 Class, Newton - Name, Samuel BOWLSBY, 5 feet, 9 inches, aged 25 years."

The pay records attached to this record were addressed to Morris Co. on 3 May, 1784. The Samuel BOWLBY considered here was around 33 years old in 1778, so it can only be concluded the above records were for Samuel's cousin, Samuel BOWLBY, fifth son of George BOWLBY (7), whose estimated birth was after 1737, probably in the middle to late 1740's.

An overview of Samuel's attitude during the war is given in a biographic sketch of Joseph I. BOWLSBY of Neligh, NE, who is believed to be a grandson through Samuel's son, Samuel. Several items given in the sketch are of doubtful validity, but in light of what is now known of Samuel's life, this has the ring of truth:
"His grandfather, Captain Samuel BOWLSBY. .. served for some time in the militia, which was organized for protection against the Indians. When the Revolutionary War broke out he resigned his position as an officer in the militia, as he was too old to enter the service had he been so inclined. His sympathies were with the British, as the sympathies of his family, still he took no active part either way."

The following was sent to Cynthia BOWLBY from Melva CALAMAN on 12 NOV 2000:
Found the Prerogative Court Petition of the heirs of Samuel BOWLBY dated Nov. 1824 in my back pocket--Ray BOWLBY sent me a copy . It says that Samuel (8) died "in the month of November, 1822 (no age given )..leaving heirs at law to whom it (property) hath descended, to wit, Samuel BOWLBY, his son, entitled to one share. Hannah PIATT, wife of Benjamin PIATT, his daughter, entitled to one share. Mary LACY, widow of John LACEY dec'd. his daughter, entitled to one share. Joseph L. BOWLBY, John S. BOWLBY, Henry BOWLBY, Samuel BOWLBY and James BOWLBY, sons of John BOWLBY his son who was entitled to one share. Sally Martin HESS, wife of John Martin HESS his daughter who was entitled to one share. Samuel LACEY, Elizabeth MORSE late LACEY, wife of Robert MORSE, and Mary LACEY, a minor, children of Ann LACEY deceased who was the wife of Garret LACEY and daughter of said Samuel BOWLBY deceased and entitled to one share of his said real estate." Also states that the property is "clear of all debt and that the said real estate is not depreciating in value".

The following was supplied by James LEMING on 23 AUG 2001:
Samuel BOWLSBY appears to have seen military service in the New Jersey Militia, at least early on in the Revolutionary War.
After reading your notes, I realize how difficult it is to get a clear picture of Samuel BOWLSBY'S vital information and his involvement in the War effort. As did his own family (in which he was a child and grandchild), I can see where Samuel BOWLSBY might have had leanings as a Loyalist--but at the same time being a Rebel.
Samuel BOWLSBY was the grandson of Thomas BOWLBY, born 1665. Three of Thomas' sons, John, George and Richard came to America. We know that Richard remained a loyalist. I'm not sure about George, but do know that his sons Edward and Richard both fought for the British and that his son John probably also sympathized with them.
The status of John BOWLBY, the father of our Samuel BOWLSBY, is not clear, but although he may have been sympathetic toward the British, he does not seem to have been active in supporting them as did his brothers, Richard and George.
One account (source named later) which we believe is referring to
their brother, John, states: "Richard's brother (name not stated),
although a Loyalist, remained in New Jersey throughout and after the War with his wife and children, who were 'Rebels'." One of these "Rebels" would have been my ancestor, Samuel BOWLSBY.

The information which I have presented here comes from the publication, "The Loyalists of New Jersey in The Revolution," pp. 31-32, 88, 262-263. My apologies for at this time not providing a more complete description of this publication. I made use of this book in the Orlando Public Library at Orlando, Florida.
My purpose in writing you is hopefully to give a clearer picture of Samuel BOWLSBY'S situation during the Revolutionary War and to more accurately determine his War record. Might this also give us a lead as to actually which was his wife's family--DUNN, DURAN or DAVIS? Who were the patriots bearing these respective names?

Cordelia Carbaugh KELLY goes as far as naming the father of Samuel BOWLSBY'S wife. She states: "He married Elizabeth DAVIS of Nottingham, Greewich, N.J. and she died in Warren Co., N.J. Her father was Jonathan DAVIS." I've done no follow up on this.

My BOWLBY ancestry descending from Samuel BOWLSBY is through his son John and his first wife, Mary HARRIMAN; their son Samuel Barker BOWLBY and through his daughter Mary Ann Bowlby CARBAUGH; continuing through Martha E. Carbaugh RICHARDS, Ada Ann Richards WELCH and Viola Welch LEMING, my mother.

Parents: John M. BOWLBY Sr.-13037 and Mary LANING-13038.

Spouse: Elizabeth DUNN/DURAN/DAVIS-13036. Elizabeth DUNN/DURAN/DAVIS and Samuel BOWLSBY/BOWLBY were married before 1760. Children were: Samuel BOWLBY-13092, John BOWLSBY/BOWLBY-13030, Mary Ann BOWLBY-13088, Hannah BOWLBY-13089, Sarah "Sally" BOWLBY-13090, Ann BOWLBY-13091, James BOWLSBY/BOWLBY-185608.

Samuel BOWLSBY/BOWLBY1241,4846,5599,5762 was born on 14 November 1826 in Newark, Licking Co., OH. He died on 16 October 1894 at the age of 67. He was buried at Bucklin Cem. in Bucklin, Ford Co., KS.1728 Cemetery Block 5, Lot 2.

Samuel was probably the son of Joseph I. and Lettice (BLAIR) BOWLSBY, born 14 NOV 1826, Newark, Licking Co., OH according to his daughter, Mattie. According to his father;s biography, he would have been one of the three children born in Fayette Co., PA before moving to Licking Co., OH. Mrs. Mattie Pennycuff, Samuel's daughter, writes: " My grandfather, William BOWLBY, married his cousin, Sarah BOWLBY, in New York, New Jersey, and settled in New York. Their children were Samuel, John, Manuel, Sophia, Adeline, and Serriptia." Obviously, Mrs. PENNYCUFF speaks from a childhood confusion of family tradition. Her grandfather had a brother and sister who married their second cousins who were also BOWLBYs, and her grandfather, who was born in New Jersey, lived in Newark, OH. All the names given as brothers and sisters of her father have been recognized as children of Joseph I. and Lettice (BLAIR) BOWLSBY; only James and Joseph are missing. Mrs. PENNYCUFF's parents were reared and married at Gratiot, WI, where Joseph I. left his family in 1833, and where Lettice BOWLSBY and her children were enumerated in 1850. According to his daughter, Samuel went to California and returned before his marriage in Wisconsin. Soon after thei marriage, Samuel and Elizabeth headed for California, but stopped at Leadville, CO; from there, the family moved near Denver, then on to Fountain, El Paso County. It was in 1876 that the family finally settled on a ranch near Sum City, Kiowa Co., KS. Parents: Joseph Insley BOWLSBY-13921 and Lettice Parkhill "Letty" BLAIR-13922.

Spouse: Elizabeth B. "Betsy" SUITS/SUITZ-13927. Elizabeth B. "Betsy" SUITS/SUITZ and Samuel BOWLSBY/BOWLBY were married on 14 February 1859 in Gratiot, Lafayette Co., WI. Children were: Irvin BOWLBY-13928, Samuel E. BOWLBY-13929, Adeline BOWLBY-13930, John Grant BOWLBY-13931, Emma BOWLBY-13956, Dora BOWLBY-13958, Mattie BOWLBY-13959, Lee BOWLBY-13961.

Benjamin BOWLUS3709 was born in 1877. He died on 16 February 1940 at the age of 63. Parents: Charles BOWLUS-106480 and Jennie A. JUDY-106479.

Spouse: Anna BALDWIN-106482. Anna BALDWIN and Benjamin BOWLUS were married.

Charles BOWLUS3709 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jennie A. JUDY-106479. Jennie A. JUDY and Charles BOWLUS were married on 7 January 1877. Children were: Benjamin BOWLUS-106481.

(Child of Phoebe and Joseph A. BOWMAN) BOWMAN685 was born on 21 June 1934 in Norristown, Montgomery Co., PA. She died on 21 June 1934 at the age of 0 in Norristown, Montgomery Co., PA. Parents: Joseph A. BOWMAN-27353 and Phoebe SMITH-30827.

(First husband of BRENNEMAN, Eve) BOWMAN37 died before 1750.

Spouse: Eve BRENNEMAN-47731. Eve BRENNEMAN and (First husband of BRENNEMAN, Eve) BOWMAN were married. Children were: John BOWMAN-140525, Mary BOWMAN-140526.

(Husband of DUNMIRE, Mary Ann) BOWMAN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Ann DUNMIRE-10428. Mary Ann DUNMIRE and (Husband of DUNMIRE, Mary Ann) BOWMAN were married. Children were: Living.

(Husband of HAUGER, Mildred) BOWMAN5864 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mildred HAUGER-104918. Mildred HAUGER and (Husband of HAUGER, Mildred) BOWMAN were married.

(Husband of MADDOCKS, Gladys M.) BOWMAN5865 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Gladys M. MADDOCKS-105673. Gladys M. MADDOCKS and (Husband of MADDOCKS, Gladys M.) BOWMAN were married.

(Husband of Nancy HOOVER) BOWMAN3834 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nancy Ellen HOOVER-29414. Nancy Ellen HOOVER and (Husband of Nancy HOOVER) BOWMAN were married. Children were: Mildred Bernice BOWMAN-29416.

(Husband of WADE, Lydia) BOWMAN4623 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lydia WADE-167489. Lydia WADE and (Husband of WADE, Lydia) BOWMAN were married.

(Husband of WAMPLER, Rhea May) BOWMAN103 was born about 1900.

Spouse: Rhea May WAMPLER-139888. Rhea May WAMPLER and (Husband of WAMPLER, Rhea May) BOWMAN were married about 1925.

(Second husband of BOWLSBT, Opal Naomie) BOWMAN2166 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Opal Naomie BOWLSBY-145420. Opal Naomie BOWLSBY and (Second husband of BOWLSBT, Opal Naomie) BOWMAN were married.

Living (private). Parents: (Husband of DUNMIRE, Mary Ann) BOWMAN-10430 and Mary Ann DUNMIRE-10428.

Addie Bell BOWMAN5866 was born on 21 June 1921 in Rockville, NJ. She was an assistant librarian. She was Bible Protestant. Parents: Isaac Kenneth BOWMAN-48534 and Estella Bernice Lilly MCCLAIN-48535.

Spouse: Robert E. WHITFIELD-50484. Addie Bell BOWMAN and Robert E. WHITFIELD were married. Children were: Robert E. WHITFIELD Jr.-50485, Living, Living, Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: John Daniel BOWMAN-48551 and Mary D. PIZZUTO-48552.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Agnes Cecelia BOWMAN685 was born on 18 February 1895 in Norristown, Montgomery Co., PA. She died on 14 April 1963 at the age of 68 in Chelsea, Washtenaw Co., MI. Parents: Harry Francis BOWMAN-27349 and Harriet Catherine WAGNER-26387.

Spouse: Paul Asbury MILLER-30820. Agnes Cecelia BOWMAN and Paul Asbury MILLER were married on 19 August 1916 in Jackson, Jackson Co., MI. Children were: June Agnes MILLER-30823, Paul Jay MILLER-30824.

Spouse: Frank Leaman FLOYD-30825. Agnes Cecelia BOWMAN and Frank Leaman FLOYD were married on 26 June 1939 in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., PA.

Spouse: William Cole BRYAN-30826. Agnes Cecelia BOWMAN and William Cole BRYAN were married on 4 May 1960 in Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA.

Alice L. BOWMAN1402 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William Henry CHUTE-147284. Alice L. BOWMAN and William Henry CHUTE were married on 12 November 1866.

Alice Marie BOWMAN685 was born on 2 June 1900 in Norristown, Montgomery Co., PA. Parents: Harry Francis BOWMAN-27349 and Harriet Catherine WAGNER-26387.

Spouse: William COPPOLA-30836. Alice Marie BOWMAN and William COPPOLA were married on 15 June 1933 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA. Children were: Diane Patricia COPPOLA-30839.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Christy MESSER-11774.

Annie E. BOWMAN809 was born on 18 April 1840. She died on 23 December 1862 at the age of 22.

Spouse: Jacob J. HOFFMAN-180040. Annie E. BOWMAN and Jacob J. HOFFMAN were married. Children were: HOFFMAN-180071.

B. BOWMAN2086 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Beverly KING-99053. Beverly KING and B. BOWMAN were married. Children were: Living.

Barbara BOWMAN915 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Abraham EBERSOLE-40008. Barbara BOWMAN and Abraham EBERSOLE were married. Children were: Rosanna EBERSOLE-40007.

Living (private). Parents: Jacob Jay BOWMAN-47176 and Marie MUNDY-47177.

Spouse: Hammy WRENN-105259. Children were: Corri WRENN-105263, Jayme Gray WRENN-105265.

Living (private). Parents: Joseph Ralph BOWMAN-11760 and Beatrice May HUSLER-11761.

Spouse: Wayne R. MERTZ-11777. Children were: Living, Living.

Benjamin BOWMAN1456 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Emiliah CRAMER-177855. Emiliah CRAMER and Benjamin BOWMAN were married.

Elder Benjamin BOWMAN786 was born on 4 February 1785. He died on 21 February 1856 at the age of 71 in Eaton, Delaware Co., IN. He was buried at Union Cem. in Eaton, Delaware Co., IN.786

Spouse: Hannah ULERY/ULRICH-19026. Hannah ULERY/ULRICH and Elder Benjamin BOWMAN were married on 9 August 1850 in Delaware Co., IN.

Benjamin BOWMAN766 was born in 1785. He died in 1857 at the age of 72. Parents: John BOWMAN-80573 and Elizabeth (FIRST WIFE OF BOWMAN, JOHN)-80574.

Spouse: Elizabeth SHIDELER-83157. Elizabeth SHIDELER and Benjamin BOWMAN were married in Wayne Co., IN.

Spouse: Hannah ULRICH-83158. Hannah ULRICH and Benjamin BOWMAN were married in Delaware Co., IN.

Bertha Florence BOWMAN1502 was born on 1 September 1884 in Port Republic, Rockingham Co., VA. She died on 9 April 1973 at the age of 88. She was buried in Greenbottom. LeSage, Cabell Co., WV.1502 Bertha was a registered nurse. She lived in Lesage, Cabell Co., WV. Parents: Isaac Daniel BOWMAN-48306 and Addie Bell SHOWALTER-48307.

Spouse: William Thomas CURRY-48316. Bertha Florence BOWMAN and William Thomas CURRY were married on 20 June 1920. Children were: Wilma Bowman CURRY-48319.

Bessie Alice BOWMAN1502 was born on 3 June 1887 in Saint James, Washington Co., MD. She was Brethren. She lived in Howe, LaGrange Co., IN. Parents: Isaac Daniel BOWMAN-48306 and Addie Bell SHOWALTER-48307.

Spouse: Earl Wilbur DEITRICK-48451. Bessie Alice BOWMAN and Earl Wilbur DEITRICK were married on 10 September 1906. Children were: Alice Woodring DEITRICK-48455, Earl Wilbur DEITRICK Jr.-48473, Miriam Bowman DEITRICK-48475.

Spouse: Alvin GROWE-48454. Bessie Alice BOWMAN and Alvin GROWE were married after 1918.

Bessie Lillian BOWMAN5867 was born on 20 December 1910 in Leesburg, Cumberland Co., NJ. She was Methodist. She lived in Palmyra, Burlington Co., NJ. Parents: Isaac Kenneth BOWMAN-48534 and Estella Bernice Lilly MCCLAIN-48535.

Spouse: Clarence Henry DOUGHTEN-48539. Bessie Lillian BOWMAN and Clarence Henry DOUGHTEN were married on 30 April 1928. Children were: Ruth Leona DOUGHTEN-48540, Bessie Virginia DOUGHTEN-48549.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Living (private). Parents: Roscoe BOWMAN-157396 and Naomi Catherine FISHER-157393.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Bonnie Belle BOWMAN329 was born in 1917. She died in 1919 at the age of 2. Parents: Paul A. BOWMAN Sr.-108164 and Bessie Pearl GEARHART-107888.

Living (private). Parents: Howard Snyder BOWMAN-78065 and Pauline KUNES-78074.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Spouse: Cindy (WIFE OF BOWMAN, BRIAN KENNETH)-105261.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Living (private). Parents: Jacob Jay BOWMAN-47176 and Marie MUNDY-47177.

Spouse: Nancy SHIFFLETT-105258. Children were: Margaret Ashley BOWMAN-105266, Samuel Jacob BOWMAN-105267.

Carl BOWMAN5868 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Margaret METZGAR-74560. Margaret METZGAR and Carl BOWMAN were married. Children were: Living.

Carl Showalter BOWMAN5869 was born on 20 July 1911. Parents: Otis H. BOWMAN-38954 and Edna H. SHOWALTER-47197.

Spouse: Vera Mavis GOOD-47315. Vera Mavis GOOD and Carl Showalter BOWMAN were married. Children were: Garland Good BOWMAN-47316, Darlene LaRue BOWMAN-47320, Glenn Carl BOWMAN-47324, David Lee BOWMAN-47325.

Carol Ann BOWMAN685 was born (date unknown). Parents: Charles Crispin BOWMAN-27361 and Rita FAHEY-30862.

Carrie H. BOWMAN4428 was born on 9 August 1881. Parents: Ithamar BOWMAN-94415 and Susannah HARDMAN-94414.

Spouse: Frank W. RATHBUN-94419. Carrie H. BOWMAN and Frank W. RATHBUN were married.

Living (private). Parents: Nelson John BOWMAN-112378 and Living.

Catherine BOWMAN765,766,2451 was born in 1776 in Frederick Co., MD.765 She died in 1880 at the age of 104 in Elkhart Co., IN.765 Parents: John BOWMAN-80573 and Elizabeth (FIRST WIFE OF BOWMAN, JOHN)-80574.

Spouse: Jacob STUTZMAN-80534. Catherine BOWMAN and Jacob STUTZMAN were married.766

Spouse: Daniel B. STUTSMAN/STUTZMAN-80538. Catherine BOWMAN and Daniel B. STUTSMAN/STUTZMAN were married on 11 February 1821 in Montgomery Co., OH.765 Children were: Samuel STUTZMAN-2988.

Catherine BOWMAN3688 was born about 12 April 1796. She died on 2 September 1871 at the age of 75.5870 She was buried at Pine Hill Cem. in Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA.5870

Spouse: John RAUCH-27753. Catherine BOWMAN and John RAUCH were married. Children were: Roseann RAUCH-27752.

Charity Edith BOWMAN3565 was born on 14 November 1881. She died on 16 July 1882 at the age of 0. She was buried in Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., VA.3565 Parents: Isaac Daniel BOWMAN-48306 and Addie Bell SHOWALTER-48307.

Charles BOWMAN47 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Grace BECKER-25026. Grace BECKER and Charles BOWMAN were married.

Charles BOWMAN918 was born (date unknown). Parents: John BOWMAN-68848 and Molly GEISSINGER-68576.