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Ray Dwight BOWLBY4777 was born on 11 February 1913 in Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA. He lived in Somerset, Somerset Co., PA. Parents: Harmer Moore BOWLBY-444 and Carrie Idella HAUGER-485.

Spouse: Virginia DUPPSTADT-489. Virginia DUPPSTADT and Ray Dwight BOWLBY were married about 1934. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living, Living.

Raymond Dean BOWLBY1229,5440 was born on 15 July 1940. He died on 3 April 1988 at the age of 47. Parents: Raymond Kirk "Scotty" BOWLBY Sr.-147511 and "Diane" Elsie MYERS-167264.

Living (private). Parents: Maurice James "Jim" BOWLBY-127731 and Agnes Estie EVANS-127732.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Raymond Kirk "Scotty" BOWLBY Sr.1229,5440 was born on 28 December 1899. He died on 31 October 1983 at the age of 83. Parents: Edwin Ernest Lorenzo BOWLBY-147500 and Margaret Ella SELLERS-147501.

Spouse: Ida Louise TROWBRIDGE-147512. Ida Louise TROWBRIDGE and Raymond Kirk "Scotty" BOWLBY Sr. were married. Children were: Raymond Kirk "Ray" BOWLBY Jr.-147513.

Spouse: "Diane" Elsie MYERS-167264. "Diane" Elsie MYERS and Raymond Kirk "Scotty" BOWLBY Sr. were married in 1939. Children were: Raymond Dean BOWLBY-147518, Living.

Raymond Kirk "Ray" BOWLBY Jr.1229,5440 was born on 10 December 1923 in Tilton, Belknap Co., NH. He served in the military in the U. S. Marine Corps in 1941–1945. He died on 11 July 1994 at the age of 70. Parents: Raymond Kirk "Scotty" BOWLBY Sr.-147511 and Ida Louise TROWBRIDGE-147512.

Spouse: Edythe MERRILL-147514. Edythe MERRILL and Raymond Kirk "Ray" BOWLBY Jr. were married about 1943. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Raymond Leigh BOWLBY942,3055,5719 was born on 28 October 1931. He died on 28 June 1988 at the age of 56 in Washington, Warren Co., NJ. He was buried at Musconetcong Valley Cem. in Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Raymond served in the military with the U. S. Army in Korea. Parents: Earle William BOWLBY-124703 and Olive Eick BANGHART-124704.

Spouse: Jeanne Ann NUNN-124712. Jeanne Ann NUNN and Raymond Leigh BOWLBY were married on 27 January 1952. Children were: Living, Living.

Raymond Theodore BOWLBY32 was born on 19 February 1905 in Junction Boro, NJ. He died on 2 August 1967 at the age of 62. He was buried at Woodlawn Cem. in Allentown, Lehigh Co., PA.5601 Parents: Harvey BOWLBY-124736 and Anna Lurinda "Lulu" MARTIN-124737.

Spouse: Marian Janet BRENEISER-124739. Marian Janet BRENEISER and Raymond Theodore BOWLBY were married on 12 August 1929 at Trinity Church in Easton, Northampton Co., PA. Children were: John Leigh "Jack" BOWLBY-124740, Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: William BOWLBY-15127 and Emma RAMCHISEL-15128.

Spouse: Harland FROST-15136. Children were: Claire FROST-15137.

Spouse: (Second husband of BOWLBY, Reba) WEIDNER-15138.

Spouse: Living.

Rebecca BOWLBY191 was baptized on 2 July 1682 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK. Parents: George BOWLBY-135441 and Mary FRANK-135442.

Rebecca BOWLBY191 was baptized on 5 October 1657 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK. Parents: George BOWLBY-135424 and Elizabeth BRUSBY-135426.

Rebecca BOWLBY693,3482,5350 was born on 29 July 1767.1246 She was baptized on 11 June 1769.1246 She died on 2 September 1793 at the age of 26.1246 Parents: John BOWLBY Jr.-13085 and Catharine/Katherine HORNBAKER-40655.

Rebecca BOWLBY801,2801,5554 was born on 25 September 1790 in Sussex Co., NJ. She died on 23 March 1842 at the age of 51 in Monongalia Co., VA, now WV. She was buried at Lazzell Cem. in Cass District, Monongalia Co., WV.2801 Parents: James BOWLBY Sr.-40658 and Lydia CARHART-75215.

Spouse: Thomas LAZZELL Jr.-133636. Rebecca BOWLBY and Thomas LAZZELL Jr. were married about 1810. Children were: James LAZZELL-133639, Thomas LAZZELL-133657, Willampe B. LAZZELL-133658, Mary "Polly" LAZZELL-133659, John W. LAZZELL-133668, Sanuel C. LAZZELL-133670, Lydia H. LAZZELL-133671, Joseph S. LAZZELL-133676, Cornelius Carhart LAZZELL-133679, Nancy L. LAZZELL-133703, William P. LAZZELL-133757, Matilda J. LAZZELL-133765.

Rebecca BOWLBY1263 was born on 26 October 1796.188 Parents: Thomas BOWLBY Jr.-40674 and Hannah (WIFE OF BOWLBY, THOMAS, JR.)-122354.

Rebecca BOWLBY5298 was born on 16 October 1807 in Sussex Co., NJ. Parents: Thomas BOWLBY-40664 and Sarah "Sally" MARSHALL-73946.

Spouse: George RIBBLE-135251. Rebecca BOWLBY and George RIBBLE were married on 20 November 1825 in Sussex Co., NJ. Children were: Jesse RIBBLE-135252.

Rebecca BOWLBY801,967 was born on 11 February 1816 in Greene Co., PA.967 She is the twin sister of Lydia BOWLBY She died on 17 October 1895 at the age of 79.967 Parents: Robert Lanning BOWLBY-75217 and Margaret SMITH-75223.

Spouse: Josephus M. GARRISON-75234. Rebecca BOWLBY and Josephus M. GARRISON were married on 18 August 1839 in Monongalia Co., VA, now WV. Children were: Adolphus Augustus GARRISON-75237, Phillip GARRISON-75238, Thompson Lockwood Johns GARRISON-75239, Columbus V. GARRISON-75241, Melissa Jane GARRISON-75243, Melinda Ann GARRISON-75244, Miranda H. GARRISON-75246, George Lamon GARRISON-75247, Philip GARRISON-75248.

Rebecca BOWLBY3398 was born about 1828 in Pennsylvania. She died in Pennsylvania. Parents: John BOWLBY-1090 and Mollie MILLER-1091.

Spouse: Michael KING-13010. Rebecca BOWLBY and Michael KING were married about 1846. Children were: Lucritia KING-13011, Mary A. KING-17111, Margaret C. KING-17112, John W. KING-17113.

Rebecca BOWLBY5297 was born about 1833 in New Jersey. Parents: John C. BOWLBY-135173 and Ann YOUNG-135174.

Spouse: William HAZEL-135199. Rebecca BOWLBY and William HAZEL were married.

Rebecca BOWLBY762,4845 was born about 1839 in New Jersey. Parents: Samuel L. BOWLBY-13905 and Jemima (FIRST WIFE OF BOWLBY, SAMUEL)-13906.

Rebecca BOWLBY1827 was born in 1874. Parents: Marion Sylvester BOWLBY-13263 and Barbara "Ellen" FARNER/FARMER-92091.

Living (private). Parents: Bernard BOWLBY-133375 and Josephine HARVEY-133376.

Spouse: Living.

Living (private). Parents: Fred Howard BOWLBY Jr.-13469 and Marjorie MURPHY-13470.

Rebecca A. BOWLBY1213 was born about 1840 in New Jersey. Parents: Bartley BOWLBY-91170 and Effa (WIFE OF BOWLBY, BARTLEY)-122466.

Rebecca A. BOWLBY5292 was born in 1859. Parents: John M. BOWLBY-1092 and Ticey/Editha CLEVENGER-13093.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Rebecca Ellen BOWLBY110 was born on 25 April 1884. Parents: James Bradford BOWLBY-147174 and Frances Isabella CHAPMAN-147175.

Spouse: James MCMASTER-147197. Rebecca Ellen BOWLBY and James MCMASTER were married.

Rebecca Ellen Horton "Ella" BOWLBY188,3140 was born on 7 October 1886. She died on 20 October 1901 at the age of 15. She was buried at Sharpsville Cem. in Sharpsville, Tipton Co., IN.188,3140 Parents: James Franklin BOWLBY-123634 and Mary Elizabeth HORTON-123637.

Rebecca J. BOWLBY5396 was born about 1856 in Ohio. Parents: Joseph BOWLBY-13232 and Mary WILLIAMSON-13233.

Living (private). Parents: Gordon Lewis BOWLBY-135223 and (First wife of BOWLBY, Gordon Lewis) -135225.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Reeder BOWLBY1614 was born about 1848 in New Jersey. Parents: James BOWLBY-14751 and Sarah SMITH-14752.

Reese Dwayne BOWLBY5352 is the twin brother of Chad Kermit BOWLBY Parents: Living and Living.

Rhoda BOWLBY155 was born in 1866. Parents: George Freeman Allen BOWLBY-41184 and Clarissa MCMEAHEN-41185.

Rhoda Clara BOWLBY35 was born on 27 August 1871 in Herscher, Kankakee Co., IL. She died on 12 January 1954 at the age of 82 in Momence, Kankakee Co., IL. She was buried at Momence Cem. in Momence, Kankakee Co., IL.35 Parents: James BOWLBY-41186 and Mary Jane BARBER-41187.

Spouse: Guy Manis FARR-147414. Rhoda Clara BOWLBY and Guy Manis FARR were married on 25 November 1897 in Herscher, Kankakee Co., IL. Children were: Addie Lucille FARR-147415, James Alfred FARR-147416, Mary Jeanette FARR-147417, Ruth Evelyn FARR-147419.

Richard BOWLBY5615 was baptized on 29 June 1703 in Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England, UK. He was buried on 12 March 1736/7 in Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England, UK.158 Parents: Richard BOWLBY-13068 and Frances SWAINSTON-143824.

Spouse: Emma EASTERBY-144323. Emma EASTERBY and Richard BOWLBY were married on 16 May 1734 in Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England, UK. Children were: Richard BOWLBY-144326, Elizabeth BOWLBY-144327.

Richard BOWLBY63 was baptized on 29 October 1722 in St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham, England, UK. Parents: Thomas BOWLBY-143827 and Mary BURRELL-143830.

Richard BOWLBY158 was baptized on 25 July 1735 in Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England, UK. Parents: Richard BOWLBY-143829 and Emma EASTERBY-144323.

Richard BOWLBY1238,1240,1241,1252,5720 was born about 1506 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK. He lived Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England.. He died between 12 December 1552 and 31 May 1553 at the age of 46 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK.1242

This transcription has been made available by Barry Burley, to whom we are all grateful!

The Will of Richard Bolbie of Helmsley, 1552:
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. The xii day of December the yere of owre Lord God 1552 I Rychard Bolbie Helmesley sik of body and perfytt in memorie maikith this my last will and testament in maner and forme following ffirst I bequeath my soull into the hands of almightie God. And my bodie to be buried within the church earth of Helmesley Item I give to Rychard Bolbie my sone xIs within stokkyn to enter at saint Ellen Day next ensuyng And also I give to the said Rychard my sone one Acree of haver that shall be sowen at the tyme of the yere And also if my sone Richard will manor one Acree of winter and a nother of ware he shall have them Item I bequeath to Bridgett my Daughter vis viiid within stokkyn after the death ot my wif Item I bequeath to John Bolbie my eldest sone vis. viiid within stokkyn after my wif wynter & somer Itern I bequeath to Jane Rowlande my daughter vis viiid within stokkyn boith wynter and somer after the death of my wif Item I bequeath to Rychard Bolbie my sone by his good abearinge vis viiid. within stokkyn after the death of my wif Item I bequeath to Rauf Bolbie and to Matthew Bolbie my too sonnes half of the conynge garth after the death of my wif And the other half of it to Jane Rowland my Daughter after the death of my wif Item I bequeath to John Bolbie my eldest sone half of the Lowe Medowe beneth greff the rent xs. after the death of my wif Item I will that none of my children shall taverne or put away any parte or parcel of ther bequests for if they doo they shall have no part of ther legacie And also I will and comande that all my said children shal be griable amonge them selves as they will have my blessings And if any of them do contemne or stryve with another who so ever they be they shall have no part of ther legace as well John my sonne of the greff as the other of my children Item I will that John my sone of the griff shall have xls at griff and xs in the low medowe beneth griff Item I bequeath to Matthew Rowlande a yowe and a lambe and eyther one of my childers children a lambe Item I bequeath to Richard Bolbie my sone my interest and title of my farmhold within Helmyslay after the death of my wif if he demean hym self gentle to his mother and she ( ) it her lif And if he do any thing contrarie to the said will or comandement he shall have no part of it nor legacie nether Item the residue of my goods unbequest.
I give to Alison my wiff whom I make my whole executrix of this my last will and testament witness hereof Thomas vickerbie curati Hugh Read Christopher Rayc John Bell Rauff Rolland

Barry Burley offers the following explanations:
I explain the terms used in Rychard's will as I knew there would be readers unfamiliar with mediaeval farming pactices and the Yorkshire accent.
The land around Helmsley was divided into very large fields, one of these being called the Maisterstokking. The 'Town Fields' were held by the Lord of the Manor from the King. The fields were divided by temporary wooden hurdles into strips 220 yards x 22 yards. This is 1 acre, the amount of land a team of oxen and a man could plough in 1 day. Each farmer's strips were scattered about the fields so each had a selection of the good productive land and no one person had only waste land.
The rent for their strips would vary from one field to another so the amount of land they held was counted according to the rent paid.

In Latin numerals, l =50 and x = 10. xl means 50 - 10. Rychard was therefore leaving his son an amount of land with a rental of 40 shillings per annum.
Before the calendar was reformed in 1752, the New Year began on 25 March. The changes included a jump of 11 days made by missing out 3 Sept to 13 Sept 1752 to bring us in line with astronomical time. The year formerly ended on 25 March but the tax year had to be its usual length so now the tax year ends on April 5 which is 25 March plus 11 days. At the same time the year began officially on 1 January as in the rest of Europe. You will have seen this in Parish Registers and other documents. I have an example which is dated 'the eleventh month called February'.
25th March is Saint Helen's Day and all farming agreements have always commenced on this date. Labourers were engaged from 25 March to 24 March so that they did not qualify for Parish Relief if they were unable to work. The Poor Law said they must live in the parish for at least a year to gain 'Settlement' and so qualify. March 25 is still used for farm leases and our Tax Year ends on 25 March plus 14 days for settlement making it the 5 April. That does not add up but it is something like that!

St Ellen's day next ensuying just means 25 March next.

vis viiid is 5+1 shillings, 5+1+1+1 pence. In more modern form that would have been 6/8 d. or in full, six shillings and eight pence.
Again it is a piece of land as above.

Conning was a common local family name. A Garth is a small field. like a paddock. I have not found where the Conyng Garth was.

The practice of strip farming died out early around Helmsley and by a survey of 1642 the land was divided into individual farms as now. A strip was called a selion. There are no definite records of the field names or their exact locations. The modern Griff Farm has 242 acres.

Until schooling became compulsory in 1880, there was no standard spelling. Griffe, Griff and Greff all mean the same place.

The Lowe Medowe below Greff can still be identified. Beside Griff Farm the land falls sharply down to the River Rye. This steep drop is about 100 feet and below the bottom of the 'cliff' and the river is a flat meadow. The road from the village site runs down this hill through a narrow gully, the Viking name for which is a griff.

I hope this helps.

He lived Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England.. His will, dated 12 December 1552, and proven at York 31 May 1553, is the earliest known document in the lineage of this family. Therefore, he is considered the first generation. Richard BOWLBY and Alison ? were married.

His will, dated 12 Dec 1552, is the earliest known document in the lineage of this family. Therefore, he is considered the first generation. His will was proven 31 MAY 1553. Parents: (Father of BOWLBY, Richard) BOWLBY-39139.

Spouse: Alison (WIFE OF BOWLBY, RICHARD)-13051. Alison (WIFE OF BOWLBY, RICHARD) and Richard BOWLBY1252 were married.

Gunnor, second wife of Richard the Fearless, became Duchess Dowager of Normandy upon the death of her husband, and was the great grandmother of William, Duke of Normandy. Gunnor had two sisters, Wevis and Aveline, one of whom -- authorities disagree as to which one -- married Osborne Giffard, Sieur de Bolebec. The lands of Bolebec are today represented by Bolbec, a small town about twenty miles northeast of Le Havre in Normandy, France. Around 1053, Walter Giffard, Sieur de Bolebec, was rewarded for his support of his kinsman, William, Duke of Normandy, with the title of Counte de Longville, and after the Conquest of 1066, became the first Earl of Buckingham. Hugh de Bolebec, brother of Walter Giffard, also took part in the conquest. DOOMS DAY lists many properties under Hugo de Bolebec and Hugo de Bolebech as "tenant in capite" -- a tenant holding land immediately from the king. However, Hugh held other lands under his brother, and was subfeudatory to the Earl of Buckingham. Hugh's descendants built Bolebec castle at Whitchurch, and held the title "Baron de Bolebec", The title descended through a daughter to the de Vere family, and became a secondary title to the Earls of Oxford, but the surname of Bolebec remained extent through other kinsmen as evidenced by land records in Buckingham and Yorkshire.

Today, the Bowlby family in England claims Hugh de Bolebec as founder of their family though records are insufficient to establish an unbroken line of descent. As in the case of most families, the Bowlbys depend upon the parish records, established in the mid-sixteenth century, for the documentation of a direct lineage. Charles Cotsford Bowlby found the earliest, continuous records for his family in the parish of Helmsley in North Riding, Yorkshire. He compiled "Pedigree of the Family of Bowlby from 1552 to 1915", a record of the family in England, and recorded it in the files of the College of Arms in January of 1915. Subsequently, this record has been published with additions in Burke's PEERAGE AND BARONETAGE, and in his LANDED GENTRY. This record is of particular interest because it establishes the first five generations of the lineage in the American branch of the family considered here.
Children were: John BOWLBY-13048, Richard BOWLBY-13052, Bridget BOWLBY-13053, Jane BOWLBY-13054, Ralph BOWLBY-13055, Matthew BOWLBY-13056.

Richard BOWLBY1238,1239,1241,5332 was born before 1552 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK.1242 Parents: Richard BOWLBY-13050 and Alison (WIFE OF BOWLBY, RICHARD)-13051.

Richard BOWLBY1238,1241,1242,5721 was born in 1588. He was baptized on 16 March 1588/9 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK. He was buried on 9 May 1652 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK.2927

The University of Nottingham Library Manuscripts and Special Collections
Catalogue of the Papers of Henry Walter of Haughton, relating to the estates of the Earls of Clare in Nottinghamshire.
NS 45 26 Mar 1690 Receipt of John, 4th Earl of Clare to Henry Shipton of Yoxall, one bond due from Bryan Bowlby of Mansfield
Woodhouse, and one Spanish piece of gold.
Parents: John BOWLBY-13046 and Jane FORREY-13047.

Spouse: Elizabeth SPENCE-13045. Elizabeth SPENCE and Richard BOWLBY were married on 31 July 1625 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK. Children were: Helen BOWLBY-13064, Robert BOWLBY-13065, George BOWLBY-13066, Bryan BOWLBY-13042, Jordan BOWLBY-13067, Richard BOWLBY-13068, Thomas BOWLBY-13069.

Richard BOWLBY223,1241,1242,3897,3898 was born about 1640 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK.1242 He was baptized on 9 July 1640 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK.1242 He signed a will on 16 January 1708/9.1242 Richard died in 1708/9 at the age of 69.1242 He was buried on 22 January 1708/9 in Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England, UK.223,1242

He became Alderman and Mayor of Stockton-on-Tees in 1707.

Parents: Richard BOWLBY-13044 and Elizabeth SPENCE-13045.

Spouse: Frances SWAINSTON-143824. Frances SWAINSTON and Richard BOWLBY were married on 2 November 1697 in Norton, County Durham, England, UK. Children were: Thomas BOWLBY-143827, Jordan BOWLBY-143828, Richard BOWLBY-143829.

Richard BOWLBY191 was born on 13 February 1653/4. He was baptized on 16 February 1653/4. Parents: George BOWLBY-135424 and Elizabeth BRUSBY-135426.

Richard BOWLBY2927,3897,3898 was born in 1662.1242 He was christened on 26 March 1662 in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, England, UK.1242 Parents: Bryan BOWLBY-13042 and Elizabeth MANNERS-13043.

Richard BOWLBY Sr.1244,1245,3484,3897,3898,5557,5618,5722 was born before 12 January 1719. He was christened on 12 January 1719 in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, England, UK.1246,3485 He immigrated in 1727 to the Colony of New Jersey. Richard died in 1818 at the age of 99 in Bricton Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.3485,5463

Appointed Justice of the Peace for Sussex Co. (Perth Amboy), NJ in 1772. A Loyalist who remained in NJ throughout the American Revolution. Went to Annapolis, Nova Scotia in 1784. Died in a farming accident at the age of 99.
Source: Descendant, Mike Sharp, Oct 14 1998 posted on the Internet "GenForum" site "Bowlby Family Genealogy Forum".

Excerpt from "Bowlby Families in England and America, Part 2", page 64, written by Raymond Edwin Bowlby:

Richard Bowlby was the ninth child and sixth son of Thomas and Martha (Barker) Bowlby, christened 12 Jan 1719/20... Though no original documents can now be found, several early family historians unequivocally state that he married Mary Drake in New Jersey around 1750...

Richard evidently accompanied his father and two brothers to Burlington in the province of West Jersey in 1727, since his father's will of 23 February 1730/31, states that only one of his sons, Thomas, remained in "Old England" at that time.
Richard's farm was confiscated in 1779 by the Rebels, while he was in exile in New York.
Parents: Thomas BOWLBY-13039 and Martha S. BARKER-13040.

Spouse: Mary DRAKE-40905. Mary DRAKE and Richard BOWLBY Sr. were married about 1754.947,3379 Children were: Martha BOWLBY-40906, Elizabeth BOWLBY-40907, Mary BOWLBY-40949, Abraham BOWLBY-40952, Rachel BOWLBY-40954, Catherine BOWLBY-40958, Sarah BOWLBY-40960, Josiah BOWLBY-40962, George BOWLBY Sr.-40963, Richard BOWLBY Jr.-40975, Thomas BOWLBY-41096, James BOWLBY-41105.

Richard BOWLBY764,1244,1245,1274 was born after 1753 in Hanover Twp., Morris Co., NJ.1246 Parents: George B. BOWLBY-13079 and Elizabeth TONKIN-36399.

Richard BOWLBY Jr.1244,1245,5258,5259 was born in 1761 in New Jersey.1246,3379,5455 He lived in Gate's Mountain, Wilmot Twp., Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia, Canada in 1783.1246,3379 He died on 12 August 1845 at the age of 84.3379 Richard was buried at Middleton Pine Grove Cem., #146 in Middleton, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.3379 Parents: Richard BOWLBY Sr.-13082 and Mary DRAKE-40905.

Spouse: Elizabeth HAWKESWORTH/HAWKSWORTH-40976. Elizabeth HAWKESWORTH/HAWKSWORTH and Richard BOWLBY Jr. were married on 20 June 1786.947,3379 Children were: Josiah BOWLBY-40977, Richard BOWLBY III-40978, Mary BOWLBY-40979, Adam H. or James BOWLBY-40980, George Hawksworth/Hawkesworth BOWLBY-40982, Samuel BOWLBY-40981, Elizabeth W. BOWLBY-41090, Sidney Smith BOWLBY-41091, Sarah BOWLBY-41092, Thomas BOWLBY-41093, Mary BOWLBY-41094, John Wedgewood BOWLBY-41095.

Richard BOWLBY III1244,1245,5258,5259 was born on 25 July 1788.1246,3379 He died in 1877 at the age of 89 in Little Creek, Nova Scotia, Canada. Parents: Richard BOWLBY Jr.-40975 and Elizabeth HAWKESWORTH/HAWKSWORTH-40976.

Spouse: Leah ELLIOTT-123448. Leah ELLIOTT and Richard BOWLBY III were married on 28 March 1815. Children were: Adam BOWLBY-123449, Parker BOWLBY-146574, John E. BOWLBY-146575, Israel BOWLBY-146576, Elkanah BOWLBY-146577.

Richard "Richey" BOWLBY188,194,1253 was born on 4 May 1854. He died in 1939 at the age of 85. He was buried at Musconetcong Valley Cem. in Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Parents: William H. BOWLBY Sr.-122656 and Rebecca WELLER-122657.

Spouse: Mary L. (WIFE OF BOWLBY, RICHEY)-170125. Mary L. (WIFE OF BOWLBY, RICHEY) and Richard "Richey" BOWLBY were married. Children were: Chester BOWLBY-170126.

Richard BOWLBY1211,5347 was born about 1857 in Ohio. Parents: Andrew BOWLBY-135240 and Eliza J. (WIFE OF BOWLBY, ANDREW)-146459.