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Henry S. SNOWBERGER1366 was born on 3 October 1859. He died on 1 July 1889 at the age of 29. Parents: Daniel D. SNOWBERGER-102180 and Magdelena SMITH-102181.

Spouse: Mary KAUFFMAN-37775. Mary KAUFFMAN and Henry S. SNOWBERGER were married.1366 Children were: David SNOWBERGER-102192, Howard SNOWBERGER-102193.

Horace SNOWBERGER2784 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Bernice BEACH-53300. Bernice BEACH and Horace SNOWBERGER were married.

Howard SNOWBERGER1366 was born (date unknown). Parents: Henry S. SNOWBERGER-102179 and Mary KAUFFMAN-37775.

Howard SNOWBERGER1,1412 was born on 6 February 1882.

Spouse: Elva M. FORSHEY-22952. Elva M. FORSHEY and Howard SNOWBERGER were married in 1903. Children were: Eli D. SNOWBERGER-22954, Earl M. SNOWBERGER-22955, Helen E. SNOWBERGER-22956.

Ira SNOWBERGER2149 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Bertha BRUMBAUGH-3039. Bertha BRUMBAUGH and Ira SNOWBERGER were married.

Irene A. SNOWBERGER1064,14298 was born about 1904 in Pennsylvania. Parents: W./Winman Calvin SNOWBERGER-71885 and Marjie M. RUGGLES-66118.

Jacob SNOWBERGER697,2674 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary PAUL-7307. Mary PAUL and Jacob SNOWBERGER were married in 1845.

Jacob SNOWBERGER7491 was born (date unknown). Parents: Andrew B. SNOEBERGER-135867 and Mary HOLSINGER-135868.

Jacob SNOWBERGER6278 was born about 1746. He died on 4 July 1819 at the age of 73 in Bloomfield Twp., Bedford Co., PA.

Spouse: Catherine MILEY-36603. Catherine MILEY and Jacob SNOWBERGER were married. Children were: Elizabeth SNOWBERGER-36599.

Jacob SNOWBERGER1366 was born on 21 May 1797. He died on 7 January 1865 at the age of 67. Parents: John/Ulrich/Johannes SNOWBERGER-8248 and Barbara BYERS-53239.

Spouse: Sarah DIEHL-102195. Sarah DIEHL and Jacob SNOWBERGER were married. Children were: Daniel D. SNOWBERGER-102180.

Jacob B. SNOWBERGER858 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary DOOLEY-30652. Mary DOOLEY and Jacob B. SNOWBERGER were married after 1867.

Jacob C. SNOWBERGER4699,14095 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sarah B. SHOENFELT-64035. Sarah B. SHOENFELT and Jacob C. SNOWBERGER were married. Children were: Kirk R. SNOWBERGER-124497, Missouri Lewis SNOWBERGER-124498.

John SNOWBERGER10862 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Susey HARTLE-61111. Susey HARTLE and John SNOWBERGER were married.

John B. SNOWBERGER859,2343 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary BENNER-34513. Mary BENNER and John B. SNOWBERGER were married. Children were: Nancy Jane SNOWBERGER-3900.

John M. SNOWBERGER2664,2784 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Minnie M. SNYDER-12422. Minnie M. SNYDER and John M. SNOWBERGER were married. Children were: Nellie SNOWBERGER-12420.

John S. SNOWBERGER2274 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Susan CLAPPER-32724. Susan CLAPPER and John S. SNOWBERGER were married.

John/Ulrich/Johannes SNOWBERGER789,2784 was born on 1 August 1767.1366 He died on 22 June 1840 at the age of 72.1366 Parents: Ulrich S. SNOWBERGER-132768 and Barbara INGOLD-132769.

Spouse: Barbara BYERS-53239. Barbara BYERS and John/Ulrich/Johannes SNOWBERGER were married. Children were: Elizabeth SNOWBERGER-8247, Jacob SNOWBERGER-102194.

Jonathan SNOWBERGER2347,2348 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Theressa SPECHT-4072. Theressa SPECHT and Jonathan SNOWBERGER were married. Children were: Lydia Ann SNOWBERGER-4070.

Jonathan SNOWBERGER4453,14299 died before 1935.

Spouse: Charlotta/Charlotte KOONTZ-3768. Charlotta/Charlotte KOONTZ and Jonathan SNOWBERGER were married after 1891. Children were: Orpha SNOWBERGER-7505.

Joseph SNOWBERGER5009 was born in 1816. He died in 1847 at the age of 31.

Spouse: Hannah DEETER-89450. Hannah DEETER and Joseph SNOWBERGER were married.

Kirk R. SNOWBERGER14095 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jacob C. SNOWBERGER-112013 and Sarah B. SHOENFELT-64035.

Lydia SNOWBERGER1307 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jacob SPECHT-39123. Lydia SNOWBERGER and Jacob SPECHT were married. Children were: Sarah SPECHT-39122.

Lydia Ann SNOWBERGER2347,2348 was born on 7 June 1864. She died on 22 June 1917 at the age of 53.2347 She was buried at Albright Cem. in Roaring Spring, Blair Co., PA.2347 Parents: Jonathan SNOWBERGER-4071 and Theressa SPECHT-4072.

Spouse: (First husband of SNOWBERGER, Lydia Ann) SNYDER-202332. Lydia Ann SNOWBERGER and (First husband of SNOWBERGER, Lydia Ann) SNYDER were married.

Spouse: Mahlon Faulkender BRUMBAUGH-4062. Lydia Ann SNOWBERGER and Mahlon Faulkender BRUMBAUGH were married on 12 February 1910.

Margaret SNOWBERGER2000 was born (date unknown). Parents: Elmer J. SNOWBERGER-49674 and Matilda Boller BRUMBAUGH-4878.

Spouse: Gerald HARCLERODE-49676. Margaret SNOWBERGER and Gerald HARCLERODE were married on 25 November 1937. Children were: Marjorie Ellen HARCLERODE-49677, Living, Lottie Mae HARCLERODE-49684, Gerald Wayne HARCLERODE-49685, Martha Louise HARCLERODE-49689, Joyce Margaret HARCLERODE-49693, Eleanor Kay HARCLERODE-49699.

Margaret M. SNOWBERGER2817,8760 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jacob M. SHOENFELT-10286. Margaret M. SNOWBERGER and Jacob M. SHOENFELT were married. Children were: Susan SHOENFELT-67094, Elizabeth S. SHOENFELT-10285, Margaret SHOENFELT-67287.

Margerite SNOWBERGER2948 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John ALLISON-175710. Margerite SNOWBERGER and John ALLISON were married. Children were: James B. ALLISON-175709, Living, Living, Living.

Marguerite SNOWBERGER7917 was born on 17 January 1916 in Fredericksburg, Blair Co., PA. Parents: Thomas C. SNOWBERGER-126288 and Lillie Belle OAKES-126289.

Mary SNOWBERGER2773 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John D. LONG-89624. Mary SNOWBERGER and John D. LONG were married.

Mary E. SNOWBERGER1064,14298 was born about 1900 in Pennsylvania. Parents: W./Winman Calvin SNOWBERGER-71885 and Marjie M. RUGGLES-66118.

Maude SNOWBERGER9227 was born on 13 February 1883.

Spouse: Adam Earl DILLING-84947. Maude SNOWBERGER and Adam Earl DILLING were married on 12 May 1910. Children were: Faye DILLING-84949, Fern DILLING-84950.

Spouse: Chester PETERSON-79569. Maude SNOWBERGER and Chester PETERSON were married on 11 January 1927.

Missouri Lewis SNOWBERGER14095 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jacob C. SNOWBERGER-112013 and Sarah B. SHOENFELT-64035.

Nancy SNOWBERGER814,4311 was born (date unknown). Parents: Theodoris/Theodore Ingold SNOWBERGER-132766 and Elizabeth ESHELMAN-132767.

Spouse: Daniel BECHTEL/BEIGHTEL-4160. Nancy SNOWBERGER and Daniel BECHTEL/BEIGHTEL were married on 8 April 1832.814 Children were: Elizabeth Snowberger BECHTEL-4159, Andrew BECHTEL/BEIGHTEL-79383, Peter BECHTEL/BEIGHTEL-79384, Joseph BECHTEL/BEIGHTEL-79385, Annie BECHTEL/BEIGHTEL-79386, Daniel BECHTEL/BEIGHTEL-79387, Susan BECHTEL/BEIGHTEL-79388.

Nancy SNOWBERGER697,6080 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Henry PAUL-7304. Nancy SNOWBERGER and Henry PAUL were married in 1840. Children were: Samuel PAUL-109678.

Nancy SNOWBERGER922 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George BIDDLE-54097. Nancy SNOWBERGER and George BIDDLE were married. Children were: Andrew BIDDLE-53247.

Nancy SNOWBERGER9309 was born on 23 March 1828 in Snake Spring Valley, Bedford Co., PA. She died on 27 May 1899 at the age of 71. She was buried at Pike Creek Brethren Church Cem. in Monticello, White Co., IN. Nancy was member of the Pike Creek Church of the Brethren in Monticello, White Co., IN. Parents: Andrew Eshelman SNOWBERGER-132760 and Rosannah SNYDER/SNIDER-132761.

Spouse: John DILLING-79528. Nancy SNOWBERGER and John DILLING were married on 16 December 1847 in Bedford Co., PA. Children were: Sarah DILLING-79533, Andrew DILLING-79544, Elizabeth DILLING-79545, Ephraim DILLING-79572, Catharine DILLING-79573, John DILLING-80005, Rosann DILLING-80006, Eli S. DILLING-80008, George DILLING-80009, Amanda DILLING-80010, Nancy DILLING-80011, DILLING-80012, Alby S. DILLING-80013.

Nancy SNOWBERGER6080 was born on 22 January 1854. She died on 27 May 1898 at the age of 44 in Huntington Co., IN.

Spouse: John F. HEASTON-109663. Nancy SNOWBERGER and John F. HEASTON were married on 6 February 1873 in Huntington Co., IN.

Nancy Jane SNOWBERGER859,2343,3235,6759 was born (date unknown). Parents: John B. SNOWBERGER-34512 and Mary BENNER-34513.

Spouse: Andrew Zook REPLOGLE-3879. Nancy Jane SNOWBERGER and Andrew Zook REPLOGLE were married on 17 May 1874 in New Enterprise, Bedford Co., PA. Children were: Charles Edward REPLOGLE-34514, Harry S. REPLOGLE-34517, Shannon S. REPLOGLE-34518, Harriet Viola REPLOGLE-34519, Cora REPLOGLE-110874, Rosa/Rosanna "Rosie" REPLOGLE-34521, Orpha REPLOGLE-34522, Andrew S. REPLOGLE-34523.

Nellie SNOWBERGER2664,2784 was born on 22 October 1908 in Baker's Summit, Bloomfield Twp., Bedford Co., PA. Parents: John M. SNOWBERGER-12421 and Minnie M. SNYDER-12422.

Spouse: John Homer DILLING-12419. Nellie SNOWBERGER and John Homer DILLING were married on 12 November 1932. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Orpha SNOWBERGER343 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jonathan SNOWBERGER-3776 and Charlotta/Charlotte KOONTZ-3768.

Spouse: John Brumbaugh STOUDNOUR-7491. Orpha SNOWBERGER and John Brumbaugh STOUDNOUR were married.

John and Orpha had 3 children.

Pearl SNOWBERGER7474 was born on 18 December 1898 in Williamsburg RD, Blair Co., PA. She died on 16 August 1980 at the age of 81 in Altoona, Blair Co., PA. She was buried at Fairview Cem. in Martinsburg, North Woodbury Twp., Blair Co., PA.7474 Pearl had Social Security Number 208-22-2386.13797 Parents: Thomas C. SNOWBERGER-126288 and Lillie Belle OAKES-126289.

Spouse: Paul Alvin BRUMBAUGH Sr.-4880. Pearl SNOWBERGER and Paul Alvin BRUMBAUGH Sr. were married on 7 June 1947 in Clover Creek, Huston Twp., Blair Co., PA.

Peter B. SNOWBERGER915 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Susan B. TEETER-40126. Susan B. TEETER and Peter B. SNOWBERGER were married. Children were: Rosanna SNOWBERGER-40124.

Rosanna SNOWBERGER915 was born on 2 September 1866. Parents: Peter B. SNOWBERGER-40125 and Susan B. TEETER-40126.

Spouse: William Zook REPLOGLE-40000. Rosanna SNOWBERGER and William Zook REPLOGLE were married. Children were: Clay REPLOGLE-40127, Ira REPLOGLE-40128, E. REPLOGLE-40129, Effie Catherine REPLOGLE-40130.

Rosie SNOWBERGER6843 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: David MADDOCKS-7661. Rosie SNOWBERGER and David MADDOCKS were married.

Sarah SNOWBERGER915,5021 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William Snyder RITCHEY-40732. Sarah SNOWBERGER and William Snyder RITCHEY were married. Children were: Albert S. RITCHEY-40731, Katie RITCHEY-78278, Elizabeth RITCHEY-78280, (Wife of MILLER, Roy) RITCHEY-78282, (Wife of FUNK, H. H.) RITCHEY-78284, Mary RITCHEY-78286, Isaac RITCHEY-78288.

Sarah SNOWBERGER2060 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William SHAFFER-98097. Sarah SNOWBERGER and William SHAFFER were married. Children were: Margaret E. SHAFFER-98096.

Susan SNOWBERGER was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Peter BECHTEL-4164. Susan SNOWBERGER and Peter BECHTEL were married.

Susan Grace SNOWBERGER1326,4700 was born in 1897. She died in 1955 at the age of 58. She was buried at Brumbaugh Cem. in Fredericksburg, Blair Co., PA.1326

Spouse: Earl O. KENSINGER-96303. Children were: Living.

Susanna B. SNOWBERGER7491 was born in May 1828. She died in 1907 at the age of 79. Parents: David SNOEBERGER-135843 and Eve BRUMBAUGH-108756.

Spouse: James H. GRAHAM-135866. Susanna B. SNOWBERGER and James H. GRAHAM were married.

Theodoris/Theodore Ingold SNOWBERGER814,2102,7918 was born on 30 April 1764.2102 He died on 26 July 1859 at the age of 95.2102 Parents: Ulrich S. SNOWBERGER-132768 and Barbara INGOLD-132769.

Spouse: Elizabeth ESHELMAN-132767. Elizabeth ESHELMAN and Theodoris/Theodore Ingold SNOWBERGER were married. Children were: Andrew Eshelman SNOWBERGER-132760, Elizabeth SNOWBERGER-136554, Nancy SNOWBERGER-4161.

Thomas C. SNOWBERGER7474,7917 was born on 1 October 1869 or 1 November 1869.2102,7917 He died on 11 June 1944 or 11 August 1944 at the age of 74.2102,7917 Parents: Andrew Snyder SNOWBERGER-132751 and Martha Berkheimer CALLIHAN/CALLITHAN-132752.

Spouse: Lillie Belle OAKES-126289. Lillie Belle OAKES and Thomas C. SNOWBERGER were married between June 1891 and June 1892.7917 Children were: Elma Jane SNOWBERGER-132753, Grace SNOWBERGER-132754, Pearl SNOWBERGER-126287, Esrella/Stella Mae SNOWBERGER-126290, Dorothy M. SNOWBERGER-126292, Marguerite SNOWBERGER-132755.