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Dorcas MILLER4117 was born (date unknown). Parents: Ralph E. MILLER-112005 and Martha D. BRUMBAUGH-112004.

Spouse: (Husband of MILLER, Dorcas) WORTHING-140726. Dorcas MILLER and (Husband of MILLER, Dorcas) WORTHING were married.

Doris Darlene MILLER10 was born on 12 February 1929. Parents: Ray Otis MILLER-94592 and Hattie Mae TREESE-94587.

Doris Jean MILLER8389 was born (date unknown). Parents: Landon Robert MILLER-50644 and Manola Florence EVERS-50647.

Spouse: Lack LACKEY-50650. Doris Jean MILLER and Lack LACKEY were married.

Doris Marie MILLER3306 was born (date unknown). Parents: Robert Replogle MILLER-86680 and Agnes Malinda SELL-86679.

Dorothy MILLER11573 was born (date unknown). Parents: Samuel MILLER-577 and Elsie MCELWAIN-578.

Dorothy MILLER11670 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Charles Oliver MILLER-182761. Dorothy MILLER and Charles Oliver MILLER were married. Children were: Living, Living.

Dorothy A. MILLER12317 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lester A. SPEARING-115844. Dorothy A. MILLER and Lester A. SPEARING were married on 1 November 1952. Children were: Timothy P. SPEARING-138276, Living, Living, Living.

Dorothy M. MILLER674 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Delbert Harold UNKEFER Jr.-18766. Dorothy M. MILLER and Delbert Harold UNKEFER Jr. were married on 7 May 1947 in Stark Co., OH.

Dorothy Olive MILLER1458 was born on 15 July 1919. Parents: Stanley Kimmel MILLER-148939 and Tresa ROYER-149028.

Spouse: Lyle LaVerne YAKE-149042. Dorothy Olive MILLER and Lyle LaVerne YAKE were married on 31 January 1941. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living, Living.

Dorothy Pearl MILLER796,872 was born on 16 October 1917 in Cross Keys, Duncansville, Blair Co., PA.872 She died on 30 September 2004 at the age of 86 in North East, Cecil Co., MD.12877 She was buried at Rosebank Cem. in Calvert, Cecil Co., MD.12877 Parents: Harvey Blair MILLER-38057 and Catherine Belle STIFFLER-38056.

Spouse: Chalmer William SMITH-38059. Dorothy Pearl MILLER and Chalmer William SMITH were married on 20 June 1937 in Cumberland, Allegany Co., MD.872 Children were: Lois Jane SMITH-66168, George Edward SMITH-66169, Living, Living, Living, Living, Joyce Elaine SMITH-66173, Living.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Spouse: Living.

Living (private). Parents: Kenneth Herbert MILLER-148941 and Mabel L. SILER-149283.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Spouse: Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Living (private). Parents: Chester Clessie MILLER-154561 and Evelyn Roberta KEEVER-154581.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Spouse: Living.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Dublina Kennelley MILLER737,8821 was born on 19 January 1852 in Spring Mills, Gregg Twp., Centre Co., PA.8821 She died on 21 January 1932 at the age of 80 in Lock Haven, Clinton Co., PA.8821

Daubaline was a foster child of Jane and Michael NOFSKER. Parents: Charles MILLER-71254 and Hannah KENNELLEY-71253.

Spouse: James Charles Carroll CUMMINGS-34326. Dublina Kennelley MILLER and James Charles Carroll CUMMINGS were married in Bellefonte, Centre Co., PA.8821 They8821 were married by Rev. W. A. Houck8821 Children were: Anna Miller CUMMINGS-71255, Ella Steely CUMMINGS-71256.

Dudley Conrod MILLER373,2215 was born on 18 September 1882 in West Manchester, Preble Co., OH. He died on 22 July 1949 at the age of 66. Parents: Cyrus Spink MILLER-113159 and Elizabeth F. GARBER-109446.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Earl MILLER103 was born on 17 April 1878. Parents: Daniel Whitefield MILLER-140306 and Margaret Ann PEFFLEY-139499.

Earl Addison MILLER2086 was born on 10 January 1901. He is the twin brother of Carl Madison MILLER He died on 14 January 1920 at the age of 19. Parents: Levi Addison MILLER-98574 and Emily Frances HURLEY-98583.

Earl Stanley MILLER373,2215 was born on 1 September 1876 in West Manchester, Preble Co., OH. He died on 1 February 1956 at the age of 79 in Hudson, Lenawee Co., MI. Parents: Cyrus Spink MILLER-113159 and Elizabeth F. GARBER-109446.

Earl Wilbert MILLER103 was born in 1892 in Spring Creek, Rockingham Co., VA. Parents: Julius Andrew MILLER-139866 and Mary Catherine FLORY-139263.

Earle N. "Danny" MILLER12872,12878 was born on 10 February 1907 in North Manchester, Chester Twp., Wabash Co., IN. He died on 23 December 1997 at the age of 90 in Goshen, Elkhart Co., IN. He was buried at Pilgrims Rest Cem. in Huntington, Huntington Co., IN. Parents: Daniel Thomas MILLER-172119 and Mary Ellen MILLER-172122.

Spouse: Olga Lou SCHROEDER-172186. Olga Lou SCHROEDER and Earle N. "Danny" MILLER were married on 16 November 1927.

Edgar H. MILLER2087 was born in 1865. He died in 1935 at the age of 70. He was buried at Beamsville Cem. in Richland Twp., Darke Co., OH.2087 Parents: Henry MILLER-70556 and Mary A. SHAFFER-108847.

Spouse: Mary (WIFE OF MILLER, EDGAR H.)-108852. Mary (WIFE OF MILLER, EDGAR H.) and Edgar H. MILLER were married.

Edith MILLER8156 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Francis Manley STUMP-159115. Edith MILLER and Francis Manley STUMP were married on 30 June 1918. Children were: Edward Melvin STUMP-159128.

Edith Eliza MILLER2419 was born on 1 June 1916 in Oakton, Fairfax Co., VA. She was Methodist. She lived in Cobbs Creek, Mathews Co., VA. Parents: Charles MILLER-50640 and Sallie Elizabeth MILLER-50641.

Spouse: William Hance STERLING-50688. Edith Eliza MILLER and William Hance STERLING were married on 15 October 1936. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Edith L. MILLER2866 was born on 30 March 1907 in Liberty Twp., Darke Co., OH. Parents: Daniel B. MILLER-74205 and Daisy A. MOORE-141942.

Spouse: Norman C. IRELAN-141968. Edith L. MILLER and Norman C. IRELAN were married on 30 March 1930. Children were: Living, Richard IRELAN-141970, Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: George Conley MILLER-48692 and Elsie Lucille GRAHAM-48691.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living, Trey Harrison GWALTNEY-48720.

Edith Viola MILLER697 was born on 18 December 1871 in Panora, Guthrie Co., IA. She died on 2 November 1957 at the age of 85 in Arlington, Riverside Co., CA. Parents: Benjamin Cramer MILLER-22547 and Matilda REPLOGLE-21865.

Spouse: Michael SHROCK-22557. Edith Viola MILLER and Michael SHROCK were married.

Edna Kay MILLER788 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Samuel Dorsey CLARK-51789. Edna Kay MILLER and Samuel Dorsey CLARK were married. Children were: Living.

Edna Lois MILLER700 was born on 24 February 1898.858 Parents: Otho H. MILLER-21149 and Martha A. (WIFE OF MILLER, OTHO H.)-21150.

Edna M. MILLER373,10207 was born on 26 May 1869 in West Manchester, Preble Co., OH. She died on 26 April 1886 at the age of 16 in West Manchester, Preble Co., OH. Parents: Cyrus Spink MILLER-113159 and Elizabeth F. GARBER-109446.

Edna Susan MILLER103 was born in 1899 in Spring Creek, Rockingham Co., VA. Parents: Julius Andrew MILLER-139866 and Mary Catherine FLORY-139263.

Edward MILLER2088 was born (date unknown). Parents: Harold MILLER-89662 and Greta Ann SCHILMILLER-89663.

Spouse: Joy (WIFE OF MILLER, EDWARD)-89697. Joy (WIFE OF MILLER, EDWARD) and Edward MILLER were married. Children were: Heather MILLER-89698, Amber MILLER-89699, Stephen MILLER-89700.

Living (private). Parents: William W. MILLER-138228 and (First wife of MILLER, William W.) -183245.

Spouse: Living.

Edward C. MILLER1830 was born on 16 March 1865 in Preble Co., OH. He died on 29 August 1946 at the age of 81. Parents: Abraham MILLER-196158 and Hester (WIFE OF MILLER, ABRAHAM)-196159.

Spouse: Lavina BRUBAKER-196157. Lavina BRUBAKER and Edward C. MILLER were married on 12 September 1886 in Preble Co., OH. Children were: Jesse E. MILLER-196140.

Edward Franklin MILLER874 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ida STEPHENS-163611. Ida STEPHENS and Edward Franklin MILLER were married on 2 August 1898. Children were: Shearl MILLER-163613.

Living (private). Parents: John MILLER-149363 and Josephine (WIFE OF MILLER, JOHN)-149364.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Edward L. MILLER4137 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Margaret LANE-158751. Margaret LANE and Edward L. MILLER were married. Children were: Robert Ellsworth MILLER-158749.

Living (private). Parents: Edward X. MILLER-50676 and Pauline SHERWOOD-50677.

Spouse: (Wife of MILLER, Edward Sherwood) -107690. Children were: Kathryn Ann MILLER-50681, Sandra Kay MILLER-50682, James Edward MILLER-50683.

Edward X. MILLER2091 was born on 9 May 1911 in Oakton, Fairfax Co., VA. He died in 2002 at the age of 91.5092 He was a Civil Service engineer. Edward was United Methodist. Parents: Charles MILLER-50640 and Sallie Elizabeth MILLER-50641.

Spouse: Pauline SHERWOOD-50677. Pauline SHERWOOD and Edward X. MILLER were married on 7 September 1936. Children were: Living, Paula Haines MILLER-50684.

Edwin A. MILLER4207 was born on 1 March 1910.

Spouse: Hazel Faye BEAGLE-155397. Hazel Faye BEAGLE and Edwin A. MILLER were married on 26 February 1931. They were divorced. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living.

Edwin S. MILLER651 was born in August 1869 in Berks Co., PA. He died after 1930 at the age of 61.

Spouse: Hannah S. YERGER-106729. Hannah S. YERGER and Edwin S. MILLER were married on 1 January 1889 in Reading, Berks Co., PA. Children were: Estella M. "Stella" MILLER-106731, Clarence E. MILLER-106732.

Effie Margaret MILLER3118 was born on 17 June 1898. Parents: Alonzo James MILLER-106153 and Effie Hannah MCARTHUR-106148.

Spouse: Grant TIMMONS-106157. Effie Margaret MILLER and Grant TIMMONS were married.

Effie May MILLER6803,6817,7559,12879 was born on 8 February 1879. She died on 16 December 1905 at the age of 26. She was buried at Mapleton I.O.O.F. Cem. in Union Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA.

Spouse: William W. BRUMBAUGH-3427. Effie May MILLER and William W. BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Wilbur Austin BRUMBAUGH-3436, Sherman M. BRUMBAUGH-3437, Robert C. BRUMBAUGH-3438, Leslie Carlton BRUMBAUGH-3439.

Eileen Elizabeth MILLER1948 was born on 31 July 1919 in Preble Co., OH. She was member of the Church of the Brethren. Parents: Rufus Anderson MILLER-121205 and Ella ROYER-121212.

Spouse: Wilbur SNYDER-121403. Eileen Elizabeth MILLER and Wilbur SNYDER were married on 24 December 1943. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: Edwin A. MILLER-155451 and Hazel Faye BEAGLE-155397.

Spouse: Robert George DUNN-155457. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: Maurice Winston MILLER-77133 and Blanche Fern MOSIER-77136.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.