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Lula May JUDY10066 was born about 1878 in Jewell Co., KS. Parents: Alexander Shelton JUDY Jr.-181859 and Jennie "Jane" PENNINGTON-181860.

Spouse: B. E. HILL-181924. Lula May JUDY and B. E. HILL were married. Children were: Dwayne Shelton HILL-181925.

Lulu JUDY4506 was born (date unknown). Parents: William JUDY-186682 and Ann DYER-186691.

Spouse: Glen MOOMAU-186693. Lulu JUDY and Glen MOOMAU were married. Children were: Diana MOOMAU-186694.

Lulu B. JUDY6303 was born on 12 August 1923. She died on 12 August 1923 at the age of 0. Parents: Edwin JUDY-182793 and Beulah FOX-187465.

Lura C. JUDY11687 was born (date unknown). Parents: William H. JUDY-197650 and Mary or Rachel L. LAMBERT-197656.

Spouse: Charles E. MOYERS-197681. Lura C. JUDY and Charles E. MOYERS were married in Dayton, Rockingham Co., VA. Children were: Leona MOYERS-197682, Lillian MOYERS-197683, Grace MOYERS-197684, Mary O. MOYERS-197685, Ruth MOYERS-197686, Raymond MOYERS-197687, Icedora MOYERS-197688, Mabel MOYERS-197689.

Living (private). Parents: James Briggs JUDY-182440 and Harriet FLY-182441.

Luther "Luke" JUDY5104 was born about 1874 in Pansy, Grant Co., WV. Parents: Simon JUDY-196879 and Anna Jemima BORROR-196880.

Luttie JUDY11640 was born (date unknown). Parents: James Franklin JUDY Sr.-30560 and Elizabeth RAGLAND/RAGLIN-30562.

Lydia Anna JUDY11827 was born on 4 January 1829. She died on 10 February 1905 at the age of 76 in Beecher, Will Co., IL. Parents: John JUDY Jr.-16661 and Anna HULL-105455.

Spouse: John W. WALKER-106113. Lydia Anna JUDY and John W. WALKER were married on 1 June 1854 or 21 June 1854. Children were: Anna Pearl WALKER-106389, John WALKER Jr.-106397, Samuel Hull WALKER-106404, Stella WALKER-106405, Katherine WALKER-106413, Etta WALKER-106417, James Frank WALKER Sr.-106432, Rodney W. WALKER-106445.

Lydia Virginia JUDY4958 was born on 29 December 1854 in near Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH. She died on 12 December 1934 at the age of 79. Parents: Samuel JUDY-180841 and Juliet INSKIP-180843.

Spouse: George N. BOGGS-180859. Lydia Virginia JUDY and George N. BOGGS were married on 6 February 1879. Children were: Wilbur Inskip BOGGS-180941, Leroy Ingrim BOGGS-180942.

Spouse: Levi Franklin MCKEE-180860. Lydia Virginia JUDY and Levi Franklin MCKEE were married on 5 August 1886. Children were: Catherine Amanda MCKEE-180943, Wilza Alice MCKEE-180944, Maude Arminda MCKEE-180945.

Lyman Edwin JUDY8043 was born on 21 May 1927 in Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co., IL. Parents: Joseph Lyman JUDY-106868 and Glenna Mae MARKLEY-106888.

Spouse: Anna Lee CARPER-106896. Anna Lee CARPER and Lyman Edwin JUDY were married on 22 November 1949. Children were: Living.

Lynn C. JUDY2955 was born on 1 May 1929 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville Co., ID. He died on 1 September 1929 at the age of 0. Parents: Alva Clark JUDY-181254 and Louie Dean OTTESON-181255.

M. Garber JUDY1884 was born (date unknown). Parents: John David JUDY-182119 and Margaret MILLER-182122.

M. K. JUDY1161 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jesse JUDY Jr.-106760 and Mary L. WEED-106761.

Mabel JUDY3178 was born (date unknown). Parents: Martin JUDY-198524 and Hassie JOHNSTON-198531.

Spouse: Paul WILMOTH-198548. Mabel JUDY and Paul WILMOTH were married in Bartow, Pocahontas Co., WV. Children were: Paul WILMOTH Jr.-198549, George WILMOTH-198550.

Mabel JUDY404 was born about 1886. She died about 1943 at the age of 57. She was buried in Trenton, Grundy Co., MO. Parents: Lott C. JUDY-181067 and Addie PHILLIPS-181068.

Spouse: William MCKISSEN-181074. Mabel JUDY and William MCKISSEN were married. Children were: Faustine MCKISSEN-181075.

Mabel JUDY2800 was born on 1 October 1912. Parents: Elmer JUDY-187457 and Viola ALBAUGH-187458.

Mabel (Mable) Dailey JUDY2482,9469 was born on 7 April 1894. She died in 1997 at the age of 103. Parents: Virgil JUDY-30572 and Laura B. FLORENCE-30573.

Spouse: O. D. MARSH-182079. Mabel (Mable) Dailey JUDY and O. D. MARSH were married.

Mabel E. JUDY4506 was born (date unknown). Parents: Lafayette JUDY-186656 and Texie MORRAL/MORREL-186657.

Spouse: Bruce THATCHER-186670. Mabel E. JUDY and Bruce THATCHER were married in West Union, Adams Co., OH. Children were: Joann Susan THATCHER-186671, Carol THATCHER-186672.

Mable Daphene JUDY2902 was born on 14 December 1926 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE.2903 She was Methodist.2903 Parents: Henry Claire JUDY-48123 and Bernice Blythe HARKINS-48134.

Spouse: Orville C. ROCK-48153. Mable Daphene JUDY and Orville C. ROCK were married on 23 March 1946.2903 Children were: Living, Living.

Mable Lee JUDY274 was born on 25 May 1877 in Macon Co., MO. She died on 17 March 1902 at the age of 24. Parents: Joseph Lee JUDY-181671 and Frances WALKER-181672.

Spouse: Samuel MOSS-181679. Mable Lee JUDY and Samuel MOSS were married on 9 February 1896 in Macon Co., MO. Children were: Ann MOSS-181682, Frances Harriet MOSS-181683, Lena Irene MOSS-181691.

Madeline JUDY4680 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph W. JUDY-197787 and Elizabeth SPONAUGLE-197848.

Madge JUDY3446 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jacob K. JUDY-198935 and Almeda BLAND-199144.

Spouse: Lester SIMMONS-199166. Madge JUDY and Lester SIMMONS were married in Riverton, Pendleton Co., WV. Children were: Mary SIMMONS-199167, Jakie SIMMONS-199168, Paul SIMMONS-199169, Martha SIMMONS-199170, Fay SIMMONS-199171, Nancy SIMMONS-199172, Wayne SIMMONS-199173.

Madge Virginia JUDY11673 was born on 18 December 1889 in Liberty Twp., Warren Co., IN. Parents: Melville Augustus JUDY-106390 and Anna Pearl WALKER-106389.

Spouse: Brooks Fowler BEERY-106491. Madge Virginia JUDY and Brooks Fowler BEERY were married on 28 February 1915 in West Lebanon, Warren Co., IN. Children were: Jerry Rea BEERY-106501, Anna Mae BEERY-106506.

Magdalene JUDY4397 was born (date unknown). Parents: Kile F. JUDY-197504 and Mary RIGGLEMAN-197505.

Magdalene JUDY1880 was born about 1819 in Hardy Co., VA. She died between 1822 and 1900 at the age of 3. Parents: John JUDY-51140 and Clory (Chlora) SHOBE-51141.

Spouse: Conrad ROHRBOUGH-51164. Magdalene JUDY and Conrad ROHRBOUGH were married estimated 1822.

Maggie JUDY5053 was born (date unknown). Parents: Isaac JUDY-198072 and Hannah HARMAN-198125.

Maggie JUDY4231 was born in 1860.3507 Parents: Solomon JUDY Jr.-639 and Rebecca BAKER-640.

Spouse: (Husband of JUDY, Maggie) DUVERDIER-737. Maggie JUDY and (Husband of JUDY, Maggie) DUVERDIER were married.

Maggie JUDY11711 was born on 19 April 1884 in Pendleton Co., WV. Parents: George W. JUDY-198454 and Cynthia Jane COOK-198453.

Spouse: Philip BENNETT-198506. Maggie JUDY and Philip BENNETT were married in Circleville, Pendleton Co., WV. Children were: Warren BENNETT-198507, Clem BENNETT-198508, Richard BENNETT-198509.

Spouse: Jake MCDONALD-198521. Maggie JUDY and Jake MCDONALD were married.

Mahala JUDY11730 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jacob JUDY-103035 and Elizabeth HARPER-103036.

Spouse: Isaac TETER-199499. Mahala JUDY and Isaac TETER were married.

Mahala JUDY3391 died in 1827. Parents: Adam JUDY-198325 and Mary HINKLE-198331.

Mahala JUDY1880 was born on 1 March 1816 in Hardy (Grant) Co., VA. She died on 17 February 1895 at the age of 78. Parents: John JUDY-51140 and Clory (Chlora) SHOBE-51141.

Spouse: Abraham DEITRICK-51160. Mahala JUDY and Abraham DEITRICK were married on 13 July 1839. Children were: Jacob DETRICK-51175.

Maine JUDY3181 was born (date unknown). Parents: John A. JUDY-198527 and Myrtle MULLENAX-197896.

Malinda JUDY1884 was born (date unknown). Parents: Nimrod JUDY-51153 and Mary Ann ROHRBOUGH/ROHRBAUGH-51154.

Malinda JUDY11730 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jacob JUDY-103035 and Elizabeth HARPER-103036.

Malinda Ellen JUDY736,1401,4617,6335 was born in 1858 in Garrett, Somerset Co., PA. She died in 1942 at the age of 84.736 She was buried at Beachdale Cem. in Beachdale Road near Berlin, Somerset Co., PA. Parents: Jonathan JUDY-632 and Eve CHRISTNER-633.

Spouse: Herman FOGLE/VOGEL-720. Malinda Ellen JUDY and Herman FOGLE/VOGEL were married. Children were: Robert FOGLE-35721, Charles FOGLE-35723, Anna Pearl FOGLE-35750, Hilda FOGLE-35753, Edward FOGLE-35754, Samuel N. FOGLE-35812.

Mamie JUDY2163 was born on 9 June 1876 in Missouri. She died on 5 July 1879 at the age of 3 in Missouri. Parents: Philip JUDY-182330 and Sarah Ann O'REAR-182331.

Manassah JUDY Jr.4506 was born (date unknown). Parents: Manassah JUDY Sr.-186516 and Sarah N. DYER-186517.

Manassah JUDY Sr.11754 was born about 1828. Parents: George JUDY-186504 and Mary SHOBE-51137.

Spouse: Sarah N. DYER-186517. Sarah N. DYER and Manassah JUDY Sr. were married. Children were: Jennie JUDY-186681, William JUDY-186682, Henry Seymore JUDY-186683, George F. JUDY-186684, Edward/ Edmund D. JUDY-186685, Parren JUDY-186686, Virginia JUDY-186687, Josephine "Fenney" JUDY-186688, Rebecca JUDY-186689, Manassah JUDY Jr.-186690.

Manassah Sampson JUDY4506 was born on 23 September 1892. Parents: George F. JUDY-186684 and Martha Ellen Virginia "Mattie" SITES-186700.

Spouse: Lillian E. DUNBAR-186704. Lillian E. DUNBAR and Manassah Sampson JUDY were married on 9 June 1912 in Colfax, Clinton Co., IN.

Manville Land JUDY11714 was born on 16 January 1909. Parents: James Hodges JUDY-30574 and (Wife of JUDY, James Hodges) MCDOWELL-182092.

Spouse: Ruthana Anna LESLIE-182098. Ruthana Anna LESLIE and Manville Land JUDY were married. Children were: Living.

Marcellus JUDY4683 was born about 1846 in Cave, WV. Parents: Amos JUDY-197554 and Ursula SUMMERS-197555.

Margaret JUDY11828 was born about 1800. Parents: Nicholas TSCHUDI-JUDY Sr.-51122 and Mary FULTZ/FULK-51123.

Spouse: George FULL-103065. Margaret JUDY and George FULL were married in 1820. Children were: Aaron FULL-103066, Nicodemas FULL-103067, Jason FULL-103068.

Margaret JUDY3843 was born about 1810. She died before 1882 at the age of 72. Parents: Colonel Samuel TSCHUDI/JUDY-182690 and Margaret WHITESIDE-182691.

Spouse: John MCGAUGHEY-182731. Margaret JUDY and John MCGAUGHEY were married.

Spouse: Moses BARBER-182732. Margaret JUDY and Moses BARBER were married.

Margaret JUDY11667 was born on 14 March 1849. She died on 7 March 1935 at the age of 85.

Spouse: George Andrew JUDY II-103059. Margaret JUDY and George Andrew JUDY II were married on 15 February 1870 in West Virginia. Children were: Virginia JUDY-186655, Lafayette JUDY-186656, Tressie G. JUDY-186678, Claude Otto JUDY-186679, Arlie A. JUDY-186680, Jennie JUDY-197376.

Margaret JUDY3442 was born in October 1874 in Logan Co., IL. Parents: Robert Musick JUDY-181173 and Margaret Ann HATFIELD-182200.

Spouse: Charles C. DARNELL-181196. Margaret JUDY and Charles C. DARNELL were married. Children were: Margaret Lucille DARNELL-181198, Mary Louise DARNELL-181199.

Spouse: Edwin Oliver BAILEY-181197. Margaret JUDY and Edwin Oliver BAILEY were married on 10 September 1946.

Margaret JUDY6303 was born in December 1889. She died on 30 December 1894 at the age of 5. Parents: Dr. Charles Sumner JUDY-182922 and Nancy Belle HENTZ-187471.

Margaret A. JUDY10818 was born (date unknown). Parents: James E. JUDY-197597 and Dorothy B. SIMMONS-197598.

Margaret A. JUDY5943 was born (date unknown). Parents: Sinclair JUDY-197571 and Susan HARPER-197572.

Margaret Belle JUDY10177 was born on 29 July 1870 in Edgar Co., IL. Parents: John Francis JUDY-182867 and Acha GALEENER-188117.

Spouse: James Edward "Ed" BAREFOOT-188120. Margaret Belle JUDY and James Edward "Ed" BAREFOOT were married on 15 June 1889. Children were: Mary Emily BAREFOOT-188121, John Wiley BAREFOOT-188123, Percy Galeener BAREFOOT-188126, Acha Elizabeth BAREFOOT-188132, Dorothy Echo BAREFOOT-188134.

Margaret Daphene JUDY2902 was born on 12 December 1892 in Springdale, Stevens Co., WA.2903,11768 She died on 15 March 1966 at the age of 73 in Spokane, Spokane Co., WA.2903 She was buried at Holy Cross Cem. in Spokane, Spokane Co., WA.2903 Margaret was a Catholic.2903 Parents: John Henry JUDY-740 and Clara Daphene MILLER-48120.

Spouse: Clyde B. ALLEN-48129. Margaret Daphene JUDY and Clyde B. ALLEN were married on 12 June 1924.2903 Children were: Living.