John JUDY1883 was born about 1828 in Kentucky. Parents: Alexander Shelton JUDY Sr.-181632 and Susan BRADLEY-181633.

John JUDY11798 was born on 8 March 1831 in Pendleton Co., WV. He died on 11 October 1909 at the age of 78 in near Potomac, Vermilion Co., IL. Parents: George Washington JUDY-103050 and Martha SKIDMORE-103051.

Spouse: Emma WISE-197327. Emma WISE and John JUDY were married on 4 March 1854 or 1858. Children were: George W. JUDY III-197328, Nancy M. JUDY-197329, Martha E. JUDY-197330, Alvin A. JUDY-197331, Aaron L. JUDY-197332, Jesse G. JUDY-197333, Charles W. JUDY-197335.

John JUDY Jr.403 was born on 15 December 1834 in Hittle Grove Twp., Tazewell Co., IL. He died on 1 October 1844 at the age of 9. He was buried at in Tazewell Co., IL. Parents: John Wheatley JUDY-103082 and Christine/Christina HITTLE-103083.

John JUDY11799 was born on 7 May 1844 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH. He died on 20 March 1924 at the age of 79 in Victoria, Jefferson Co., MO. He was buried in Saint James, Phelps Co., MO. Parents: Samuel JUDY-180841 and Nancy IRWIN-180842.

Spouse: Eliza L. SMITH-180851. Eliza L. SMITH and John JUDY were married on 24 April 1867. Children were: Jessie Minerva JUDY-180862, Samuel Smith JUDY-180863, William Edwin JUDY-180864, Albert JUDY-180882, Catherine "Kate" JUDY-180883, Hattie Eliza JUDY-180884, Ida Maude JUDY-180885, John Mayfield JUDY-180909.

John JUDY200 was born about 1845. He died in 1926 at the age of 81. Parents: Peter Lyle JUDY-181636 and Margaret HEDGES-181637.

John JUDY1401,3421 was born on 14 August 1848 in near Garrett, Somerset Co., PA.3507 He died in 1925 at the age of 77. He was a farmer in Nebraska. Parents: Jonathan JUDY-632 and Eve CHRISTNER-633.

Spouse: Eliza SWARNER-713. Eliza SWARNER and John JUDY were married in 1873.

John JUDY III3475 was born in 1849. He died in Richwood, Union Co., OH. Parents: Simon JUDY Sr.-104349 and Luncinda/Ann/Nancy SHEARER-104351.

Spouse: Barbara STUMP-104379. Barbara STUMP and John JUDY III were married.

John JUDY403 was born about 1853. Parents: Jacob Hittle JUDY-181027 and Lucinda CLARNO-181055.

John JUDY2163 was born on 3 February 1856 in Kentucky. He died on 12 June 1936 at the age of 80 in Missouri. Parents: Philip JUDY-182330 and Sarah Ann O'REAR-182331.

John JUDY11764 was born in 1864. Parents: David Christian JUDY-182862 and Lavina BEACHLER-188037.

Spouse: Mollie HECK-188054. Mollie HECK and John JUDY were married in 1894. Children were: Grace JUDY-188055, Oneta JUDY-188056.

John JUDY II2873 was born on 26 February 1898 in near Potomac, Vermilion Co., IL. Parents: Charles W. JUDY-197335 and Nora MERCEREAU-197336.

John JUDY2717 was born on 14 February 1898. Parents: George A. JUDY-198615 and Cynthia Alice HEDRICK-198635.

Spouse: Catherine STINLA-198682. Catherine STINLA and John JUDY were married.

John A. JUDY11693 was born (date unknown). Parents: Charles N. JUDY-186534 and Deniza/Denisa A. J. KILE-186535.

John A. JUDY1886 was born on 16 June 1845. Parents: Martin JUDY-104538 and Clementine MARSH-104539.

John A. JUDY11711 was born on 16 July 1893 in Pendleton Co., WV. Parents: George W. JUDY-198454 and Cynthia Jane COOK-198453.

Spouse: Myrtle MULLENAX-197896. Myrtle MULLENAX and John A. JUDY were married in Cherry Grove, Pendleton Co., WV. Children were: Maine JUDY-198581, Glenna JUDY-198582, Carrie JUDY-198583, Delano JUDY-198584, Evonna JUDY-198585, Dale JUDY-198586.

John Abram JUDY3915 was born about 1887 in near Golden, Adams Co., IL. Parents: Eli Finley JUDY-182032 and Auretta C. WHITE-182033.

Spouse: Helen BELCOVER-182044. Helen BELCOVER and John Abram JUDY were married. Children were: Patricia JUDY-182045.

John Alexander JUDY1886 was born on 23 January 1820. Parents: John JUDY-104511 and Susan BURROUGHS-104512.

Spouse: Elizabeth J. RICHART/RICHARDS-104609. Elizabeth J. RICHART/RICHARDS and John Alexander JUDY were married on 19 November 1845. Children were: Clay Webster JUDY-104612, (Wife of DAVIS, J. M.) JUDY-104613, John D. JUDY-104615, Richard "Dick" JUDY-104616.

John B. JUDY4948 was born (date unknown). Parents: William A. JUDY-197662 and Ona LAMBERT-197750.

John B. JUDY987 was born on 18 May 1838 in Tarlton, Pickaway Co., OH. He died on 22 February 1917 at the age of 78 in Columbus, Franklin Co., OH. Parents: Peter JUDY-104388 and Rebecca BELTZ-104389.

Spouse: Margaret Ann GOUGAR-104400. Margaret Ann GOUGAR and John B. JUDY were married on 31 August 1865 in Tarlton, Pickaway Co., OH. Children were: Harley Marelle JUDY-104438.

John Bard JUDY4948 was born (date unknown). Parents: O. Bard JUDY-197755 and Mabel Lou NELSON-197766.

John C. JUDY400,11516 was born in 1837. He died in 1913 at the age of 76 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA. Parents: Joshua JUDY-16670 and Sarah Jane IRWIN/IRVIN-16671.

Spouse: Jennie SHERIDAN-106805. Jennie SHERIDAN and John C. JUDY were married.

Spouse: Elizabeth Hawkins DAVENPORT-106806. Elizabeth Hawkins DAVENPORT and John C. JUDY were married. Children were: Lucille JUDY-106807.

John Carl JUDY8106 was born on 27 August 1927. Parents: Harold Emminger JUDY-186732 and Dorothy SMITH-186733.

John Christian JUDY559 was born in 1829 in Sangamon Co., IL. He died about 21 June 1904 at the age of 75 in Iowa City, Johnson Co., IA. Parents: John JUDY-182778 and Elsbeth/Elizabeth MOYER-182925.

Spouse: Sarah HONADEL-182935. Sarah HONADEL and John Christian JUDY were married about 1850 in Sangamon Co., IL. Children were: John JUDY III-182936, Sarah JUDY-182937, Jacob C. JUDY-182939, Charles JUDY-182941, Henry JUDY-182943.

John D. JUDY3301 was buried in Mexico, Audrain Co., MO.3301 Parents: John Alexander JUDY-104608 and Elizabeth J. RICHART/RICHARDS-104609.

John D. JUDY1884 was born (date unknown). Parents: William Hayes JUDY-182123 and Edna R. (WIFE OF JUDY, WILLIAM HAYES)-182131.

Spouse: Lucille GIVVINS/GIVENS-182136. Lucille GIVVINS/GIVENS and John D. JUDY were married. Children were: William Hayes JUDY III-182137, Margaret S. JUDY-182138.

John D. JUDY4948 was born (date unknown). Parents: Leo JUDY-197778 and Susan BODKIN-197779.

John David JUDY1884 was born (date unknown). Parents: Nimrod JUDY-51153 and Mary Ann ROHRBOUGH/ROHRBAUGH-51154.

Spouse: Margaret MILLER-182122. Margaret MILLER and John David JUDY were married. Children were: William Hayes JUDY-182123, John N. JUDY-182124, M. Garber JUDY-182125, Arthur M. JUDY-182126, Hannah M. JUDY-182127, Keren H. JUDY-182128, Clara M. JUDY-182129, Edna JUDY-182130.

Living (private). Parents: Edward Chester "Jack" JUDY-180650 and Ruth COLLIE-180651.

John Edwin JUDY2797 was born on 14 April 1915 in St. Louis, MO. He died on 20 November 1916 at the age of 1. He was buried in Bonne Terre, Saint Francois Co., MO. Parents: John Mayfield JUDY-180909 and Edith Esther GUYTON-180910.

Living (private). Parents: John Nelson JUDY-180872 and Anna Louise MAY-180873.

John F. JUDY 3rd10956 was born on 11 August 1837 in Clark Co., OH. He was buried at National Cem. in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY. Parents: John JUDY Jr.-16661 and Anna HULL-105455.

Spouse: Sarah "Sallie" HEDRICK-106159. Sarah "Sallie" HEDRICK and John F. JUDY 3rd were married in 1859 at a farm in Independence, Jackson Co., MO. Children were: Genevieve Mabel JUDY-186498, Emma JUDY-186499, William Franklin JUDY-106160, Edgar Lewis JUDY-106161, Paul H. JUDY-106162.

John Finley JUDY8553 was born on 18 March 1856 in Yellow Springs, Greene Co., OH. He died on 12 October 1931 at the age of 75. Parents: Skillman JUDY-105446 and Sarah Jane HUNTER-105447.

Spouse: Matilda HUNTER-106164. Matilda HUNTER and John Finley JUDY were married on 16 December 1877. Children were: Valeria Uszas JUDY-106167, Ole Ruppert JUDY-106170, Elsa Sarah JUDY-106172, Esta Elizabeth JUDY-106183.

John Francis JUDY11800 was born on 24 January 1844 in near Greenville, Darke Co., OH. He died on 20 March 1924 at the age of 80 at National Military Home Hospital in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. He was buried in Union City, Randolph Co., IN. Parents: Michael JUDY-182785 and Anna/Ann Margaret KURTZ-182860.

Spouse: Acha GALEENER-188117. Acha GALEENER and John Francis JUDY were married on 31 January 1865. Children were: JUDY-188118, Margaret Belle JUDY-188119, Mary Leotis "Mamie" JUDY-188137.

John H. JUDY4231 was born in 1870.3507 He died in 1916 at the age of 46.11801 He was buried at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Cem. in near Jennerstown, Somerset Co., PA.11801 Parents: Solomon JUDY Jr.-639 and Rebecca BAKER-640.

John Hendrix JUDY4234 was born on 14 February 1881. He died in an automobile accident on 25 September 1910 at the age of 29. Parents: Martin JUDY-182834 and Clara Belle HENDRIX-182840.

John Henry JUDY11802 was born on 7 November 1846 in Logan Co., IL. He died on 29 October 1932 at the age of 85 in Bloomington, McLean Co., IL. He was buried at the Judy plot of the Atlanta Cem. in Atlanta, Logan Co., IL. Parents: Daniel Hatfield JUDY-103099 and Elizabeth Jane "Jennie" EWING-103102.

Spouse: Jennie WILCOX-104269. Jennie WILCOX and John Henry JUDY were married on 16 March 1870. Children were: Walter Henry JUDY-104270, Leslie Ewing JUDY-104271, Raymond Weldon "Ray" JUDY-104272.

Spouse: Mary H. LEWIS-181447. Mary H. LEWIS and John Henry JUDY were married.

John Henry JUDY9985,11803 was born on 4 December 1865 in near Milledgeville, Carroll Co., IL.2903,9985,11804 He served in the military between 23 September 1899 and 12 March 1902 in Kansas National Guard, Co. G, 1st Regiment, Infantry as a 1st Dgt..11805 He died on 31 January 1947 at the age of 81 in Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS.2902,2903 John was buried at Sabetha Cem. in Sabetha, Rock Creek Twp., Nemaha Co., KS.2903 He was a real estate dealer.11768 He was a Brethren.2903 John lived in Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS.

The Famous Judy Family Violin:

In the year 1711 MARTIN JUDY(1673-1750) of Canton Glarus, Switzerland, purchased a violin from the world famous Hopf Brothers in Klinginthal, Germany, which in 1945 was in possession of John H. JUDY, Topeka, Kansas, a grandson of DANIEL JUDY(1802-1852) native of Somerset Co., Pa.

A record of its owners is preserved from family to family, in this order:

Parents: Franklin JUDY-672 and Susannna/Susan FORNEY-673.

Spouse: Clara Daphene MILLER-48120. Clara Daphene MILLER and John Henry JUDY were married in Falls City, Richardson Co., NE.2903 Children were: Margaret Daphene JUDY-48121, Norla Forresta JUDY-48122, Henry Claire JUDY-48123.

John Kader JUDY5091 was born on 5 November 1842. He died on 15 November 1903 at the age of 61. Parents: David Burroughs JUDY-104516 and Eliza Ann HUTCHINGS-104517.

Spouse: Georgia A. SECREST-104519. Georgia A. SECREST and John Kader JUDY were married in Millersburg, Bourbon Co., KY. Children were: David JUDY-104520, James JUDY-104521, William JUDY-104522, Henry Turney JUDY-104523.

Living (private). Parents: Mark Lynn JUDY-181398 and Mary June WILLMORE-181430.

John M. JUDY3180 was born (date unknown). Parents: Adam Harness JUDY-198931 and Ruhama/Rhua PHARES-198944.

Spouse: Gertie WARNER-198955. Gertie WARNER and John M. JUDY were married in Circleville, Pendleton Co., WV. Children were: Philip JUDY-198956, Clinton JUDY-198957, Sylvia JUDY-198958, Freddie JUDY-198959, Oscar JUDY-198960, Roy JUDY-198961.

John Mayfield JUDY11806 was born on 6 May 1886 in Victoria, Jefferson Co., MO. Parents: John JUDY-180850 and Eliza L. SMITH-180851.

Spouse: Edith Esther GUYTON-180910. Edith Esther GUYTON and John Mayfield JUDY were married on 25 December 1907. Children were: Nellie Mae JUDY-180911, Irene Ruth JUDY-180912, Helen Evelyn JUDY-180913, John Edwin JUDY-180914, Katherine Bernice JUDY-180915, Myrtle Lucille JUDY-180916, Elnora Marie JUDY-180917, Edith Rosalee JUDY-180918.

John Melvin JUDY356 was born on 27 January 1908 in Salem, Madison Co., ID. Parents: William Aaron JUDY-181225 and Mary Ann WARD-181241.

Spouse: Janice CHRISTENSEN-181300. Janice CHRISTENSEN and John Melvin JUDY were married on 23 September 1932.

John Milton JUDY11658 was born (date unknown). Parents: William Moore JUDY-196930 and Nancy Ann WOOD-197151.

Spouse: Myrtle FAIRCHILD-197191. Myrtle FAIRCHILD and John Milton JUDY were married. Children were: Florence Irene JUDY-197192.

Spouse: Mignon CURTIS-197193. Mignon CURTIS and John Milton JUDY were married. Children were: Sylvia JUDY-197194.

Living (private). Parents: Eldon Edward JUDY-16702 and Eleanor Ann MORRIS-107147.

John N. JUDY1884 was born (date unknown). Parents: John David JUDY-182119 and Margaret MILLER-182122.

Spouse: Mernia HENDRICKSON-182142. Mernia HENDRICKSON and John N. JUDY were married.

John Nelson JUDY2158 was born on 16 March 1909 in Piedmont, Wayne Co., MO. Parents: William Edwin JUDY-180864 and Alice SHEIBLE-180865.

Spouse: Anna Louise MAY-180873. Anna Louise MAY and John Nelson JUDY were married on 17 August 1935. Children were: Living, Living.

John Roscoe JUDY11673 was born on 6 November 1884. Parents: Melville Augustus JUDY-106390 and Anna Pearl WALKER-106389.

Spouse: Margaret SULLIVAN-106487. Margaret SULLIVAN and John Roscoe JUDY were married on 5 September 1925.

John S. JUDY11738 was born (date unknown). Parents: William H. JUDY-197650 and Mary or Rachel L. LAMBERT-197656.

Spouse: Carrie/Cary E. REXROAD-197776. Carrie/Cary E. REXROAD and John S. JUDY were married in Franklin, Pendleton Co., WV. Children were: Virgie JUDY-197777, Leo JUDY-197778.

John S. JUDY7744,7749,7751 was born on 6 November 1889 in Garrett, Somerset Co., PA.7751 He died in June 1969 at the age of 79.7751 Parents: Samuel JUDY-704 and Lydia BURKHOLDER-705.

John T. JUDY200 was born about 1807 in Bourbon Co., KY. He died on 18 December 1845 at the age of 38. Parents: Weinbert/Wynepark/Winepark TSCHUDI (TSCHUDY) JUDY, (XXXI)-16644 and Anne TRACY-16646.