Henry Turney JUDY5091 was born on 21 December 1912. He died on 20 April 1940 at the age of 27. Parents: Henry Turney JUDY-104523 and Lillian B. WALLER-104524.

Henry Wilson JUDY2124,4231 was born on 20 October 1877 in Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA.3507 He died on 26 June 1969 at the age of 91 in Meyersdale, Somerset Co., PA.3507 He was buried at Ridgeway Cem. in Ridgeway, Mercer Co., MO or Beachdale Rd. Cem., Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA.3507 Parents: Cornelius JUDY-710 and Henrietta Dorthea HOFFMAN-711.

Spouse: Lecia/Leocia POORBAUGH/STEVENUS-766. Lecia/Leocia POORBAUGH/STEVENUS and Henry Wilson JUDY were married in 1905.7848 Children were: James Allen JUDY-90263, Clyde William JUDY-90264, Earl Wilson JUDY-90266, Eugene JUDY-90269, Charles Melvin JUDY-90270, Ethel M. JUDY-90268.

Henson JUDY11762 was born (date unknown). Parents: Henry JUDY-103069 and Elizabeth KIMBLE-103070.

Herbert JUDY3180 was born (date unknown). Parents: Charlie JUDY-198945 and Fratan WAYBRIGHT-198952.

Herbert Bolivar JUDY9964 was born on 28 December 1874 in Plattsburg, Harmony Twp., Clark Co., OH. He died on 15 April 1946 at the age of 71 in New York City, NY. Parents: Bolivar JUDY Sr.-106109 and Katherine MILLER-106111.

Spouse: Gertrude E. RINENOUR-106383. Gertrude E. RINENOUR and Herbert Bolivar JUDY were married on 27 August 1904.

Herbert C. JUDY2717 was born (date unknown). Parents: Glen JUDY-198644 and Marjorie V. ANDERSON-198645.

Herbert E. JUDY1884 was born (date unknown). Parents: Arthur M. JUDY-182126 and Hannah S. SITES-182143.

Herman Clarence JUDY2549 was born on 18 February 1902. Parents: Charles W. JUDY-197335 and Nora MERCEREAU-197336.

Spouse: Dora Belle WILSON-197339. Dora Belle WILSON and Herman Clarence JUDY were married on 14 February 1937 in Lapeer Co., MI. Children were: Audrey Ellen JUDY-197342, Norman Clarence JUDY-197343, John Wesley JUDY-197345, Living, Living, Living.

Herschel JUDY2985 is the twin brother of Haven, JUDY Parents: Perry JUDY-197069 and Laura WISE-197086.

Spouse: Mabel GLADDEN-197091. Mabel GLADDEN and Herschel JUDY were married. Children were: Velma JUDY-197092, Alma JUDY-197093, Eloise JUDY-197094, June JUDY-197095, Joyce JUDY-197096, Bobby JUDY-197097.

Herschel Luther JUDY6350 was born on 15 March 1888. Parents: Daniel Luther JUDY-182868 and Louise Sophia BAUGHMAN-188147.

Spouse: Luretha Lucille SHADE-188178. Luretha Lucille SHADE and Herschel Luther JUDY were married. Children were: Wilmer Junius JUDY-188179, Herschel Luther JUDY Jr.-188180.

Herschel Luther JUDY Jr.11771 was born on 31 July 1926. Parents: Herschel Luther JUDY-188177 and Luretha Lucille SHADE-188178.

Hester JUDY398 was born (date unknown). Parents: Elijah JUDY-103056 and Christina (WIFE OF JUDY, ELIJAH)-104212.

Hilda JUDY7744,7749 was born in December 1888 in Garrett, Somerset Co., PA.7751 She lived in Burns, Laramie Co., WY in 1931. Parents: Samuel JUDY-704 and Lydia BURKHOLDER-705.

Spouse: (Husband of JUDY, Hilda) ZIMMERMAN-53866. Hilda JUDY and (Husband of JUDY, Hilda) ZIMMERMAN were married.

Hiram JUDY11762 was born (date unknown). Parents: Henry JUDY-103069 and Elizabeth KIMBLE-103070.

Howard JUDY9644 was born (date unknown). Parents: William JUDY-196907 and Anna NELSON-196908.

Howard JUDY4397 was born (date unknown). Parents: Clinton Riley "Clint" JUDY-197398 and Edna HENRY-197518.

Spouse: Marian MUELLER-197523. Marian MUELLER and Howard JUDY were married. Children were: Nancy JUDY-197524.

Howard JUDY8593 was born (date unknown). Parents: Sylvester G. JUDY-197653 and Etta "Ettie" BENNETT-198024.

Howard JUDY3181 was born (date unknown). Parents: William D. JUDY-198522 and Maude BOLYARD-198523.

Howard JUDY4683 was born about 1853. Parents: Amos JUDY-197554 and Ursula SUMMERS-197555.

Howard Alden JUDY7970 was born on 15 October 1892 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA. Parents: Martin JUDY IV-197573 and Fredericka/Frederika Bremer KELLY-197574.

Spouse: Marguerite MORGAN-197647. Marguerite MORGAN and Howard Alden JUDY were married on 31 March 1934.

Howard Thomas JUDY3277 was born on 29 April 1923. Parents: Owen JUDY-105082 and Mallie D. LATHEREM-105083.

Spouse: Sally HOLBART-105097. Sally HOLBART and Howard Thomas JUDY were married. Children were: Brenda Thomas JUDY-105098.

Hoyt Ralph JUDY1427 was born on 26 March 1917 in Lawrence Co., IL. He died when killed in an air accident while a Capt. with the Royal Force in 1941 at the age of 24 in the coast of England, UK. Parents: Edward Lee JUDY-107132 and Mabel H. HELPINGSTINE-107150.

Ida JUDY3838 was born about 1841. Parents: Isaac JUDY-186528 and Mary C. BYRNS-186529.

Spouse: James M. OURS-186563. Ida JUDY and James M. OURS were married in Parsons, Tucker Co., WV. Children were: Frederick OURS-186564, Elmer OURS-186565, John OURS-186566, Clarence OURS-186567, Leonard OURS-186568, Nellie OURS-186569, Annie OURS-186570, Leota OURS-186571.

Ida Florence JUDY8841 was born on 22 September 1904 in near Eglon, Preston Co., WV. Parents: D. Grant JUDY-196851 and Rachel WEIMER-196852.

Spouse: Artenis B. HARSH-199386. Ida Florence JUDY and Artenis B. HARSH were married on 20 September 1932 in Eglon, Preston Co., WV. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living.

Ida Kate JUDY8208 was born about 1855 in near Fowler, Adams Co., IL. Parents: Paris Tracy JUDY-181642 and Nancy MARKWELL-181643.

Spouse: Charles HORN-181973. Ida Kate JUDY and Charles HORN were married.

Ida Mae JUDY11772 was born (date unknown). Parents: John William JUDY-182825 and Elizabeth ULLERY-186834.

Ida Mae JUDY8032 was born on 7 July 1876. She died on 27 February 1896 at the age of 19. Parents: Abraham Newton JUDY-182836 and Lorinda POFFENBARGER-186943.

Ida Maude JUDY2158 was born on 20 June 1883. Parents: John JUDY-180850 and Eliza L. SMITH-180851.

Spouse: Charles NULL-180886. Ida Maude JUDY and Charles NULL were married on 20 March 1901. Children were: Gladys Viola NULL-180889, Harvey Charles NULL-180891, Carl Edwin NULL-180893, Earl Alfred NULL-180894, Hazel Edith NULL-180896, Norvell Hamilton NULL-180898, Cecil Howard NULL-180900, Mildred Eilene NULL-180902, Vernon Stanford NULL-180904, Warren Wallace NULL-180905, Rollen Ross NULL-180907.

Ida Maybelle JUDY11773 was born on 19 January 1873. She died on 8 January 1952 at the age of 78. She was a minister. Parents: Joel JUDY-196839 and Ellen JUDY-196840.

Ida P. JUDY11758 was born in 1868. Parents: Martin JUDY Jr.-198335 and Christina/Christena HARPER-198336.

Spouse: Charlie HINKLE-199295. Ida P. JUDY and Charlie HINKLE were married in Circleville, Pendleton Co., WV. Children were: Zoe HINKLE-199296, Jesse HINKLE-199297, Zona HINKLE-199298, Zena HINKLE-199299.

Ina JUDY398 was born (date unknown). Parents: Elijah JUDY-103056 and Christina (WIFE OF JUDY, ELIJAH)-104212.

Spouse: George YOKUM-197371. Ina JUDY and George YOKUM were married.

Ina JUDY4948 was born (date unknown). Parents: Early T. JUDY-197785 and Mona SPONAUGLE-197815.

Spouse: Richard KUEHL-197840. Ina JUDY and Richard KUEHL were married in Orlando, Orange Co., FL.

Ira JUDY2900 was born (date unknown). Parents: C. D. JUDY-198078 and Laura IMES-198274.

Spouse: Jessie MANNING-198296. Jessie MANNING and Ira JUDY were married.

Ira JUDY4007 was born on 22 July 1917 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville Co., ID. Parents: William Aaron JUDY-181225 and Mary Ann WARD-181241.

Spouse: Dorothy HAMMER-181316. Dorothy HAMMER and Ira JUDY were married on 31 March 1942.

Ira Sankey JUDY11682 was born on 23 April 1885. Parents: Jehu JUDY-196915 and Cinderella M. GREEN-197023.

Spouse: Mabel E. CHANEY-197055. Mabel E. CHANEY and Ira Sankey JUDY were married on 10 June 1914. Children were: Marjorie Ann JUDY-197056, Mary Winifred JUDY-197060, Ira Stanley JUDY-197063, Esther Louise JUDY-197065.

Ira Stanley JUDY1882 was born on 28 September 1919 in Cissna Park, Pigeon Grove Twp., Iroquois Co., IL. Parents: Ira Sankey JUDY-197031 and Mabel E. CHANEY-197055.

Spouse: Living.

Ira W. JUDY4680 was born (date unknown). Parents: William H. JUDY-197650 and Maude V. KLINE-197853.

Spouse: Avenell BIBLE-197876. Avenell BIBLE and Ira W. JUDY were married in Franklin, Pendleton Co., WV. Children were: Joan JUDY-197877, Stephen JUDY-197878, James JUDY-197879, Ronald JUDY-197880.

Irene JUDY8384 was born on 22 July 1915. Parents: Justin Everett JUDY-197294 and Susie M. MINEAR-197300.

Spouse: Rev. James WEBSTER-197304. Irene JUDY and Rev. James WEBSTER were married on 28 June 1942. Children were: Living, Living.

Irene Ruth JUDY2797 was born on 24 February 1911 in East Bonne Terre, Saint Francois Co., MO. Parents: John Mayfield JUDY-180909 and Edith Esther GUYTON-180910.

Spouse: Claude Joseph AUBUCHON-180924. Irene Ruth JUDY and Claude Joseph AUBUCHON were married in March 1933. Children were: Living, Living.

Isaac JUDY11745 was born (date unknown). Parents: Zebulon JUDY-103041 and Cynthia GRAHAM-186652.

Spouse: Hannah HARMAN-198125. Hannah HARMAN and Isaac JUDY were married in West Virginia. Children were: Zebbie JUDY-198126, Ellen JUDY-198127, Elizabeth JUDY-198128, Jane JUDY-198129, Charlie JUDY-198130, Glen JUDY-198131, Florence JUDY-198132, Cena JUDY-198133, Sarah JUDY-198134, Maggie JUDY-198135.

Isaac JUDY3391 was born (date unknown). Parents: Adam JUDY-198325 and Mary HINKLE-198331.

Isaac JUDY178 was born on 19 March 1809. He is the twin brother of Reason Smith JUDY Parents: John Jacob TSCHUDI-182643 and Catherine SULLIVAN-182644.

Isaac JUDY1880 was born on 7 December 1815 in Hardy Co., VA. He died on 31 May 1897 at the age of 81 in Pendleton Co., WV. Parents: John JUDY-51140 and Clory (Chlora) SHOBE-51141.

Spouse: Rebecca MALLOW-51158. Rebecca MALLOW and Isaac JUDY were married on 14 December 1848 in Pendleton Co., WV.

Isaac JUDY11693 was born in 1821. Parents: George JUDY-186504 and Mary SHOBE-51137.

Isaac JUDY11774 was born on 22 August 1829 in Mill Creek, Hardy Co., WV. He is the twin brother of Rebecca JUDY He died in 1913 at the age of 84. Parents: Nicholas JUDY Jr.-103048 and Mary Ann SKIDMORE-103049.

Spouse: Elizabeth HORNBECK-197067. Elizabeth HORNBECK and Isaac JUDY were married about 1855. Children were: Mary V. JUDY-197068, Perry JUDY-197069, Joseph JUDY-197070, Ambrose JUDY-197071, Grant JUDY-197072, Laura JUDY-197073, Alice JUDY-197074.

Isaac JUDY3838 was born about 1840. Parents: Daniel JUDY-186512 and Phoebe GRAHAM-186513.

Spouse: Mary C. BYRNS-186529. Mary C. BYRNS and Isaac JUDY were married in Laneville, Tucker Co., WV. Children were: Daniel JUDY III-186546, Ida JUDY-186547, Thomas JUDY-186548, Glenn JUDY-186549, Anna "Annie" JUDY-186550, Russell JUDY-186545.

Isaac JUDY11663 was born about 1842 in Brushy Run, Mill Run District, Pendleton Co., WV. Parents: Amos JUDY-198603 and Mary TETER-198604.

Spouse: Cena/Cenia MALLOW-198607. Cena/Cenia MALLOW and Isaac JUDY were married about 1863 in Landes, Grant Co., WV. Children were: George A. JUDY-198615, Samuel JUDY-198616, Abraham S. JUDY-198614, Rebecca JUDY-198617, Susan JUDY-198618, Sally JUDY-198619.

Isaac Harold JUDY2985 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph JUDY-197070 and Mabel WARD-197112.

Spouse: Almeeda HOLLIS-197124. Almeeda HOLLIS and Isaac Harold JUDY were married.

Isaac N. JUDY11775 was born in 1857. Parents: Martin JUDY Jr.-198335 and Christina/Christena HARPER-198336.

Spouse: Catherine HEDRICK-199008. Catherine HEDRICK and Isaac N. JUDY were married. Children were: Ada JUDY-199009, Eva JUDY-199010, Tena JUDY-199011, Cora JUDY-199012, Frederick JUDY-199013, Edward B. JUDY-199014, Martin JUDY III-199015, Dr. William J. JUDY-199016.

Isaac Paul JUDY3211 was born about 1902 in Laneville, Tucker Co., WV. Parents: Jesse Jackson JUDY-186542 and Loretta Adeline "Addie" WHITE-186544.

Spouse: (Wife of JUDY, Isaac Paul) PENNINGTON-186639. (Wife of JUDY, Isaac Paul) PENNINGTON and Isaac Paul JUDY were married in 1938 in Oakland, Garrett Co., MD. Children were: Living, Living.