Harry JUDY9644 was born (date unknown). Parents: Michael (Mitchell) JUDY-196883 and Living.

Harry JUDY8689 was born (date unknown). Parents: Markwood JUDY-197396 and Rosa LOCKERY-197495.

Harry JUDY2900 was born (date unknown). Parents: C. D. JUDY-198078 and Laura IMES-198274.

Spouse: Anna DELANEY-198288. Anna DELANEY and Harry JUDY were married in Horse Shoe Run, Preston Co., WV.

Harry Arthur JUDY1060,4231,6066 was born on 28 May 1903. She lived in Chicago, Cook Co., IL. Parents: Jerome Henry JUDY-714 and Barbara Ellen BURKHOLDER-715.

Harry Austin JUDY401 was born in 1896 in Columbus, Franklin Co., OH. Parents: Elmer A. JUDY-104427 and (Wife of JUDY, Elmer) -104432.

Spouse: Hilde HOWARD-104434. Hilde HOWARD and Harry Austin JUDY were married in 1925. Children were: Janice Emily JUDY-104435.

Harry Eugene JUDY11691 was born on 15 October 1871. Parents: Jacob JUDY Jr.-182830 and Barbara GARRISON/PARRISON-182918.

Spouse: Grace DEGROUT-187486. Grace DEGROUT and Harry Eugene JUDY were married on 16 October 1912. Children were: Jean Miriam JUDY-187487, Carl JUDY-187488.

Harry Franklin JUDY9582 was born on 15 December 1891. He died on 9 January 1892 at the age of 0. Parents: Jacob Franklin JUDY-182787 and Mary FLINSPACH/FLIMPACH-182795.

Hartzel JUDY403 was born (date unknown). Parents: Michael JUDY-181045 and Elvira STEERS-181046.

Harvey Dewey JUDY11764 was born on 20 May 1898 in Rockfield, Carroll Co., IN. He died on 3 March 1899 at the age of 0. Parents: George Washington JUDY-188038 and Anne CREE-188039.

Harvey/Harvie JUDY327 was born on 4 November 1869 in Highland Co., IL. He died on 5 January 1937 at the age of 67. Parents: Henry Clay JUDY-16684 and Sarah Catherine DISHONG/DISHON-16685.

Spouse: Ina MUSGROVE-180744. Ina MUSGROVE and Harvey/Harvie JUDY were married on 9 January 1890. Children were: Effie JUDY-180745, Elsworth JUDY-180747, Everett JUDY-180751, Earl JUDY-180753.

Hattie JUDY403 was born (date unknown). Parents: Michael JUDY-181045 and Elvira STEERS-181046.

Spouse: Clarence CLARK-181050. Hattie JUDY and Clarence CLARK were married.

Hattie Eliza JUDY11765 was born on 11 December 1880 in Hillsboro, Jefferson Co., MO. She died on 8 August 1941 at the age of 60 in De Soto, Jefferson Co., MO. She was buried in De Soto, Jefferson Co., MO. Parents: John JUDY-180850 and Eliza L. SMITH-180851.

Spouse: Lewis Alfred MCKEE-180989. Hattie Eliza JUDY and Lewis Alfred MCKEE were married on 17 December 1902. Children were: Julia Catherine MCKEE-180990, Clara Eliza MCKEE-180994, Paul Lewis MCKEE-180996, Grace Margarita MCKEE-181000, Lola Hattie MCKEE-181002, Howard Raphael MCKEE-181004, Alta Marie MCKEE-181006, Thelma Maude MCKEE-181008, John Alfred MCKEE-181013.

Hattie L. JUDY11766 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jacob K. JUDY-198935 and Almeda BLAND-199144.

Spouse: Irad W. HUFFMAN-199199. Hattie L. JUDY and Irad W. HUFFMAN were married. Children were: Helen Judy HUFFMAN-199200, Hancell Lee HUFFMAN-199201.

Haven JUDY2985 is the twin brother of Herschel JUDY Parents: Perry JUDY-197069 and Laura WISE-197086.

Spouse: Irma SEIMER-197106. Irma SEIMER and Haven JUDY were married. Children were: Harold JUDY-197107.

Hazel JUDY3446 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jacob K. JUDY-198935 and Almeda BLAND-199144.

Hazel JUDY8027 was born on 13 October 1886. Parents: Charles Edwin JUDY-182838 and Ellen/Mary MICHAEL-186957.

Spouse: Robert Keller STALEY-186959. Hazel JUDY and Robert Keller STALEY were married on 18 June 1914. Children were: Robert STALEY Jr.-186960, Joseph Charles STALEY-186961.

Helen JUDY11744 was born about 1895. Parents: William Moore JUDY-196930 and Nancy Ann WOOD-197151.

Spouse: Thomas "Tom" PORTER-197260. Helen JUDY and Thomas "Tom" PORTER were married. Children were: Jack PORTER-197261.

Helen JUDY8384 was born on 20 August 1917. Parents: Justin Everett JUDY-197294 and Susie M. MINEAR-197300.

Spouse: Rev. George E. HARDY-197308. Helen JUDY and Rev. George E. HARDY were married on 27 June 1943. Children were: Living.

Helen JUDY8597 was born about 1918 in Richland Co., IL. Parents: Leroy "Roy" JUDY-180741 and Nettie SEYMORE-180771.

Helen Elizabeth JUDY5036 was born on 20 July 1892 in Viele, Lee Co., IA. Parents: Henry JUDY-182943 and Mary Rozena SCHOENE-182944.

Spouse: Perry Avery BOND-182951. Helen Elizabeth JUDY and Perry Avery BOND were married on 11 June 1931.

Helen Evelyn JUDY2797 was born on 1 March 1913 in Bonne Terre, Saint Francois Co., MO. She died on 7 March 1953 at the age of 40. She was buried in Crystal City, Jefferson Co., MO. Parents: John Mayfield JUDY-180909 and Edith Esther GUYTON-180910.

Spouse: Paul Victor THOMURE-180927. Helen Evelyn JUDY and Paul Victor THOMURE were married on 12 November 1939.

Helen Louise JUDY8106 was born on 20 November 1913. Parents: Samuel DeWitte/DeWitt JUDY-182842 and Clara EMMINGER-186731.

Helen Marie JUDY10235 was born on 12 January 1896. Parents: Jacob Lawrence/Laurence "Lon" JUDY-182872 and Nora GARLAND-188062.

Spouse: Leonard RESOR-188064. Helen Marie JUDY and Leonard RESOR were married on 18 August 1914. Children were: Helen May RESOR-188065, Raymond Edward RESOR-188066, Martha Louise RESOR-188067.

Helen May JUDY4198 was born on 2 February 1922. Parents: Orrie Ellis JUDY-188042 and Elizabeth TWAITS/TWAITE-188043.

Helen Susan JUDY3211 was born on 21 June 1922. Parents: Leon Hulver JUDY-186617 and Grace Victoria MONGOLD-186628.

Spouse: James ARNOLD-186633. Helen Susan JUDY and James ARNOLD were married.

Hellen Gougar JUDY401 was born on 12 November 1902. Parents: Harley Marelle JUDY-104438 and Myrtle Elizabeth SUTHERLAND-104439.

Spouse: George W. MCKAY-104443. Hellen Gougar JUDY and George W. MCKAY were married on 22 March 1921. Children were: Robert Stephenson MCKAY-104444.

Spouse: Earl Woodward SADLER-104447. Hellen Gougar JUDY and Earl Woodward SADLER were married on 10 March 1938. Children were: Living.

Henry JUDY559 was born (date unknown). Parents: John JUDY-182778 and Elsbeth/Elizabeth MOYER-182925.

Henry JUDY10158 was born (date unknown). Parents: George JUDY-182926 and (Second wife of JUDY, George) FURGUSON-183131.

Henry JUDY8047 was born (date unknown). Parents: George JUDY-186504 and Mary SHOBE-51137.

Spouse: Dollie GREEN-186511. Dollie GREEN and Henry JUDY were married.

Henry JUDY Jr.1880,11767 was born about 1775 in North Mill Creek, Hampshire Co., VA. He died in 1847 at the age of 72 in Pendleton Co., WV. Parents: Henry TSCHUDI-JUDY Sr.-51120 and Barbara (Magdalena)/Madelene (WIFE OF TSCHUDI-JUDY, HENRY)-51121.

Spouse: Elizabeth TETER-51127. Elizabeth TETER and Henry JUDY Jr. were married on 20 January 1795 in Pendleton Co., WV. Children were: George JUDY-186504, Nathan JUDY-197548, Solomon JUDY-197549, Sarah JUDY-197550, (Wife of WEIMER/WIMER, Henry) JUDY-197552.

Spouse: Mary CALHOUN-51129. Mary CALHOUN and Henry JUDY Jr. were married on 7 November 1810 in Pendleton Co., WV. Children were: Amanda Melvina JUDY-76276, Amos JUDY-197554, John JUDY-197556, Elizabeth JUDY-197558, Mary A. JUDY-197560, Abigail JUDY-197562.

Spouse: Nancy SUMMERS-51128. Nancy SUMMERS and Henry JUDY Jr. were married on 21 December 1830 in Pendleton Co., WV.

Henry JUDY10543 was born on 25 August 1780 in Chester Co., PA. He died on 27 December 1848 at the age of 68 in Montgomery Co., KY.2481 Parents: Martin TSCHUDI/TSCHUDY, (XXX) II-16623 and Anna BONI-16629.

Spouse: Hester "Hetty" GREENING/GRENNING-16652. Hester "Hetty" GREENING/GRENNING and Henry JUDY were married in 1810. Children were: Mary Ann "Polly" JUDY-182318, Lavina JUDY-182320, Sally Ann JUDY-182322, William B. JUDY-182324, Jeremiah Vardaman JUDY-182327, David JUDY-182329, Philip JUDY-182330, Henry Fields JUDY-182332, Thomas Boone JUDY-182334.

Henry JUDY11737 was born about 1803 in Pendleton Co., WV. Parents: Nicholas TSCHUDI-JUDY Sr.-51122 and Mary FULTZ/FULK-51123.

Spouse: Elizabeth KIMBLE-103070. Elizabeth KIMBLE and Henry JUDY were married. Children were: Hiram JUDY-103071, Henson JUDY-103072, Noah JUDY-103073, Hannah JUDY-103074.

Henry JUDY4515 was born about 1837. Parents: Jacob JUDY Jr.-103092 and Mary Ann MUSICK-103093.

Henry JUDY987 was born on 31 August 1840. Parents: Peter JUDY-104388 and Rebecca BELTZ-104389.

Henry JUDY III4683 was born on 13 December 1849. He died on 5 August 1925 at the age of 75 in Cave, WV. He was a member of the United Brethren Church. Parents: Amos JUDY-197554 and Ursula SUMMERS-197555.

Spouse: Sarah E. MAUZY-197581. Sarah E. MAUZY and Henry JUDY III were married in 1873. Children were: Charles JUDY-197584, Zadie W. JUDY-197585, Kenny/Kennie JUDY-197587, Elizabeth "Lizzie" JUDY-197589, Grace Alice "Gracie" JUDY-197591, Henry Harry JUDY-197593, James E. JUDY-197597.

Henry JUDY559 was born on 1 December 1861 in Viele, Lee Co., IA. He died on 2 June 1934 at the age of 72 in Viele, Lee Co., IA. Parents: John Christian JUDY-182933 and Sarah HONADEL-182935.

Spouse: Mary Rozena SCHOENE-182944. Mary Rozena SCHOENE and Henry JUDY were married on 28 October 1886 in Fort Madison, Lee Co., IA. Children were: Emma Ernestine JUDY-182947, Clio Salome JUDY-182948, Helen Elizabeth JUDY-182950, Alice Sarah JUDY-182952, Gertrude Mary JUDY-182954, Wayne Myron JUDY-182955, Henry Kenneth JUDY-182958.

Henry Claire JUDY2902 was born on 7 April 1898 in Falls City, Richardson Co., NE.2903,11768 He died on 9 October 1967 at the age of 69 in Arvada, Jefferson Co., CO.2903 He was buried at Crown Hill Cem. in Denver, Denver Co., CO.2903 Henry was a florist.2903 He was a Presbyterian. Parents: John Henry JUDY-740 and Clara Daphene MILLER-48120.

Spouse: Bernice Blythe HARKINS-48134. Bernice Blythe HARKINS and Henry Claire JUDY were married on 15 October 1922.2903 Children were: Mable Daphene JUDY-48135.

Henry Clay JUDY9344 was born on 20 June 1844 in Darke Co., OH. He died on 10 April 1919 at the age of 74 in Richland Co., IL. He was buried at Old Asbury-Stoltz Cem. in German Twp., Richland Co., IL. Parents: Richard Lemaster JUDY Sr.-16672 and Eliza SARGENT-16674.

Spouse: Sarah Catherine DISHONG/DISHON-16685. Sarah Catherine DISHONG/DISHON and Henry Clay JUDY were married on 1 November 1868. Children were: Harvey/Harvie JUDY-180737, Elnorah JUDY-180738, Charles JUDY-180739, Franklin "Frank" JUDY-180740, Leroy "Roy" JUDY-180741, Jesse JUDY-180742, Eva JUDY-180743.

Henry Edsel JUDY3446 was born (date unknown). Parents: Austin L. JUDY-199145 and Beula WARNER-199151.

Henry Fields JUDY11769 was born about 1833 in Montgomery Co., KY. Parents: Henry JUDY-16651 and Hester "Hetty" GREENING/GRENNING-16652.

Spouse: Frances "Fanny" NELSON-182333. Frances "Fanny" NELSON and Henry Fields JUDY were married. Children were: Nancy "Nanie" JUDY-182455, Anna JUDY-182459, Laura JUDY-182461.

Henry Fields JUDY2163 was born on 21 March 1858 in Kentucky. He died on 16 December 1928 at the age of 70. Parents: Philip JUDY-182330 and Sarah Ann O'REAR-182331.

Spouse: Lucy SPARKS-182418. Lucy SPARKS and Henry Fields JUDY were married on 15 September 1885 in Missouri.

Henry Fields JUDY408 was born about 1868. Parents: Thomas Boone JUDY-182334 and Ellen FERGUSON-182335.

Spouse: Minnie DALE-182341. Minnie DALE and Henry Fields JUDY were married in 1889. Children were: Emerald JUDY-182342.

Henry Grant JUDY11770 was born on 29 January 1864. He died on 7 November 1864 at the age of 0. Parents: Jacob JUDY Jr.-182830 and Barbara GARRISON/PARRISON-182918.

Henry Harry JUDY4683 was born on 3 May 1887. Parents: Henry JUDY III-197580 and Sarah E. MAUZY-197581.

Spouse: Berlie E. OBAUGH-197594. Berlie E. OBAUGH and Henry Harry JUDY were married on 31 October 1911.

Henry Kenneth JUDY11656 was born on 26 February 1908. Parents: Henry JUDY-182943 and Mary Rozena SCHOENE-182944.

Spouse: Frances PLOUGE-182959. Frances PLOUGE and Henry Kenneth JUDY were married on 17 March 1937. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: Henry Kenneth JUDY-182958 and Frances PLOUGE-182959.

Henry Luther JUDY11764 was born on 9 January 1862. He died on 25 December 1921 at the age of 59. Parents: David Christian JUDY-182862 and Lavina BEACHLER-188037.

Spouse: Miranda WILCOX-188052. Miranda WILCOX and Henry Luther JUDY were married on 16 September 1907.

Henry Seymore JUDY4506 was born (date unknown). Parents: Manassah JUDY Sr.-186516 and Sarah N. DYER-186517.

Spouse: Sallie HUFFMAN-186695. Sallie HUFFMAN and Henry Seymore JUDY were married.

Spouse: Alice JUDY-186696. Alice JUDY and Henry Seymore JUDY were married. She may be a distant cousin of Henry.

Henry Talbott JUDY9469 was born on 1 January 1897 in Harrison Co., KY. Parents: Charles Edmond JUDY-30571 and Frances PETTICORD-182059.

Spouse: Aleene KEARNS-182065. Aleene KEARNS and Henry Talbott JUDY were married on 20 April 1926. Children were: Ernest Wayne JUDY-182066, Marjory Lucille JUDY-182068, Living, Living.

Henry Turney JUDY5091 was born on 30 June 1881. Parents: John Kader JUDY-104518 and Georgia A. SECREST-104519.

Spouse: Lillian B. WALLER-104524. Lillian B. WALLER and Henry Turney JUDY were married on 12 August 1902 in Paris, Bourbon Co., KY. Children were: Henry Turney JUDY-104525.