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David JUDY4948 was born (date unknown). Parents: Leo JUDY-197778 and Susan BODKIN-197779.

David JUDY3277 was born on 25 March 1797 in Kentucky.2481 He died on 10 August 1815 at the age of 18 in Clark Co., KY. Parents: Martin TSCHUDI/JUDY, (XXXI) III-16630 and Elizabeth TSCHUDI-JUDY-16635.

David JUDY9163 was born on 25 May 1802 in Grant Co., KY. He died on 14 April 1886 at the age of 83 in Mackinaw, Tazewell Co., IL. Parents: Jakob/Jacob TSCHUDI-JUDY, (XXXI) Sr.-16634 and Nancy HATFIELD-16638.

Spouse: Mary DEVORE-103091. Mary DEVORE and David JUDY were married on 31 August 1826.

David JUDY408 was born on 16 November 1828 in Montgomery Co., KY. He died on 20 January 1830 at the age of 1. Parents: Henry JUDY-16651 and Hester "Hetty" GREENING/GRENNING-16652.

David JUDY7789 was born on 17 October 1831. Parents: Martin JUDY 4th-105047 and Nancy BURROUGHS-105048.

David JUDY11706 was born on 7 March 1844 or 9 March 1844 in Pendleton Co., WV. He died on 20 June 1920 at the age of 76. He was buried at Wallace Chapel Cem. in Potomac, Vermilion Co., IL. Parents: George Washington JUDY-103050 and Martha SKIDMORE-103051.

Spouse: Catherine WRIGHT-197388. Catherine WRIGHT and David JUDY were married in 1868 in Potomac, Vermilion Co., IL. Children were: William Guy or Grant JUDY-197389, Laura JUDY-197390, Elva JUDY-197391, Preston JUDY-197392, Albert "Bert" JUDY-197393, Stella JUDY-197394.

Spouse: Nancy KILE-197395. Nancy KILE and David JUDY were married in January 1883. Children were: Markwood JUDY-197396, Olen David JUDY-197397, Clinton Riley "Clint" JUDY-197398.

David JUDY1886 was born in 1860. Parents: Martin JUDY-104538 and Clementine MARSH-104539.

David Burroughs JUDY5091 was born on 4 November 1815. He died on 8 January 1893 at the age of 77. Parents: John JUDY-104511 and Susan BURROUGHS-104512.

Spouse: Eliza Ann HUTCHINGS-104517. Eliza Ann HUTCHINGS and David Burroughs JUDY were married in October 1841. Children were: John Kader JUDY-104518, Mary Elizabeth JUDY-104526, Isabel JUDY-104529, George William JUDY-104531, Thomas Dudley JUDY-104533, Garrett Davis JUDY-104535.

David Christian JUDY11707 was born on 26 June 1831 in near Greenville, Darke Co., OH. He died from the effects of a kick from a horse on 4 August 1864 at the age of 33. Parents: Michael JUDY-182785 and Anna/Ann Margaret KURTZ-182860.

Spouse: Lavina BEACHLER-188037. Lavina BEACHLER and David Christian JUDY were married in 1858. Children were: George Washington JUDY-188038, Henry Luther JUDY-188051, John JUDY-188053.

Living (private). Parents: Frank Edward JUDY-182450 and Marylou CRAVEN-182451.

David J. JUDY5954 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lavina JUDY-182320. Lavina JUDY and David J. JUDY were married on 4 October 1834.

David Jackson JUDY3300 was born on 26 May 1856 in Cooper Co., MO. He died in October 1920 at the age of 64. He was buried in Bunceton, Cooper Co., MO. Parents: Jeremiah Vardaman JUDY-182327 and Lucille ALLEN-182328.

Spouse: Frances DAVIS-182371. Frances DAVIS and David Jackson JUDY were married in 1875 in Cooper Co., MO. Children were: Martin JUDY-182373, Sally JUDY-182374, Joseph Richard JUDY-182375, Drury JUDY-182376.

Spouse: Nellie PAXTON-182372. Nellie PAXTON and David Jackson JUDY were married.

Living (private). Parents: Jesse David JUDY-197487 and Marjorie Lorene FOREST-197488.

David O'Rear JUDY11708 was born on 25 April 1859 in Missouri. He died on 1 July 1931 at the age of 72 in Winters, Yolo Co., CA. He was buried at the Masonic Cem. in Winters, Yolo Co., CA. Parents: Philip JUDY-182330 and Sarah Ann O'REAR-182331.

Spouse: Hattie Elizabeth DAFOE-182433. Hattie Elizabeth DAFOE and David O'Rear JUDY were married on 8 November 1894. Children were: Roe LaVerne JUDY Sr.-182435, Rosa Grace JUDY-182446, Frank Edward JUDY-182450.

David S. JUDY1884 was born (date unknown). Parents: Arthur M. JUDY-182126 and Hannah S. SITES-182143.

David Thomas JUDY3211 was born on 23 July 1925. Parents: Leon Hulver JUDY-186617 and Grace Victoria MONGOLD-186628.

Spouse: Althea LAWRENCE-186635. Althea LAWRENCE and David Thomas JUDY were married.

Davis JUDY3211 was born in Mansfield, Scott and Sebastian Co., AR. Parents: Arlie JUDY-186607 and Sadie DAVIS-186608.

Living (private). Parents: Robert Raymond JUDY-1018 and Twila HOLSOPPLE-1019.

Spouse: (Husband of JUDY, Dawn Lorene) EMERY-1021.

Living (private). Parents: Otis Earl JUDY-106948 and Priscilla Kathryn MOORE-106956.

Dean Walter JUDY7747 was born on 23 February 1895 in near Atlanta, Logan Co., IL. Parents: Walter Henry JUDY-104270 and May GRAY-181592.

Spouse: Blanche BURKHOLDER-181595. Blanche BURKHOLDER and Dean Walter JUDY were married on 5 April 1916 in Bloomington, McLean Co., IL. Children were: Robert Gray JUDY-181596.

Living (private). Parents: Lloyd Emery JUDY-197349 and Ruthal LARKIN-197352.

Deborah JUDY9650 was born (date unknown). Parents: John Jacob TSCHUDI-182643 and Catherine SULLIVAN-182644.

Spouse: Natty WILLIAMS-182673. Deborah JUDY and Natty WILLIAMS were married on 27 August 1811 in Kentucky.

Deborah JUDY7788 was born on 2 March 1783 in Reading, Berks Co., PA. Parents: Martin TSCHUDI/JUDY, (XXXI) III-16630 and Elizabeth TSCHUDI-JUDY-16635.

Spouse: Peter LYLE Jr.-104501. Deborah JUDY and Peter LYLE Jr. were married on 27 March 1807. Children were: Dulcinda LYLE-172843.

Living (private). Parents: Robert Miller JUDY-182398 and Rosalie F. RING-182399.

Living (private). Parents: Elton A. JUDY-198796 and Wilmetta SHAWEN-198797.

Debra JUDY3211 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jesse Jackson JUDY-186542 and Lula HULVER-186543.

Delano JUDY3181 was born (date unknown). Parents: John A. JUDY-198527 and Myrtle MULLENAX-197896.

Deleah/Delia JUDY11709 was born about 1878 or 1880 in Pansy, Grant Co., WV. Parents: Simon JUDY-196879 and Anna Jemima BORROR-196880.

Spouse: Ralph EMERSON-196904. Deleah/Delia JUDY and Ralph EMERSON were married in Dunbar, Fayette Co., PA. Children were: Ruth EMERSON-196905, George EMERSON-196906.

Delilah JUDY1401,7750,11710 was born about 1834 in Pennsylvania. She appeared in the census in 1850 at REEL NO: M432-828 PAGE NO: 277a in Summit Twp., Somerset Co., PA.7750 Parents: Mathias JUDY-630 and Mary (Elizabeth) CHRISTNER-631.

Spouse: Adam WALTER-703. Delilah JUDY and Adam WALTER were married.

Della JUDY8593 was born (date unknown). Parents: Zebulon JUDY-103041 and Cynthia GRAHAM-186652.

Spouse: Wayne KISAMORE-198299. Della JUDY and Wayne KISAMORE were married. Children were: Bertha KISAMORE-198300, Frank KISAMORE-198301, Alva KISAMORE-198302, Clarence KISAMORE-198303, Gladys KISAMORE-198304.

Della Davis JUDY1881 was born on 28 April 1878 in Albert Co., CO. She died in April 1898 at the age of 20 in Glenns Ferry, Elmore Co., ID. Parents: Garret Davis JUDY-181854 and Lucinda Ann JESSE-181855.

Spouse: Benjamin DAVIDSON-181917. Della Davis JUDY and Benjamin DAVIDSON were married.

Delphia JUDY2717 was born on 23 October 1903. Parents: Samuel JUDY-198616 and Mary Alice ALT-198643.

Spouse: Ivan L. JUDY-198650. Delphia JUDY and Ivan L. JUDY were married in Petersburg, Grant Co., WV.

Dennis Lee JUDY3446 was born (date unknown). Parents: Richard K. JUDY-199080 and Martha WIMER-199099.

Dessie JUDY3446 was born (date unknown). Parents: Austin L. JUDY-199145 and Beula WARNER-199151.

Spouse: Charles BRINDLE-199159. Dessie JUDY and Charles BRINDLE were married in Baltimore City, MD. Children were: Steve BRINDLE-199160, Linda BRINDLE-199161.

Dewey JUDY4948 was born (date unknown). Parents: Emory B. JUDY-197661 and Ada MOYERS-197748.

Diana Fay JUDY3446 was born (date unknown). Parents: Richard K. JUDY-199080 and Martha WIMER-199099.

Living (private). Parents: Don William JUDY-181397 and Della Frances HUGHES-181425.

Diana Rae JUDY2420 was born on 20 October 1922. Parents: Raymond Fernandes "Ray" JUDY-181947 and Margaret Ellen LEASER-181153.

Spouse: Nichola Joseph STESHKO-181156. Diana Rae JUDY and Nichola Joseph STESHKO were married.

Living (private). Parents: Richard M. JUDY-1072 and Grace Lorraine SWERINGEN-1073.

Dianna JUDY987 was born on 30 November 1831. Parents: Peter JUDY-104388 and Rebecca BELTZ-104389.

Spouse: William H. HART-104394. Dianna JUDY and William H. HART were married.

Living (private). Parents: Sterling W. JUDY-198792 and Virginia KERNS-198793.

Living (private). Parents: Leon Michael JUDY-24252 and Thelma Mattie HADY-24209.

Docia JUDY1885 was born about 1818 in near Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co., KY. Parents: Weinbert/Wynepark/Winepark TSCHUDI (TSCHUDY) JUDY, (XXXI)-16644 and Anne TRACY-16646.

Docia JUDY402 was born about 1848 in Clay Co., MO. Parents: Alexander Shelton JUDY Sr.-181632 and Susan BRADLEY-181633.

Spouse: (Husband of JUDY, Docia) WILLIAMS-181869. Docia JUDY and (Husband of JUDY, Docia) WILLIAMS were married.

Docia Catherine JUDY1881 was born about 4 January 1872 in near Smithville, Clay Co., MO. She died on 18 October 1927 at the age of 55 at Harlow in Eugene, Lane Co., OR. Parents: Garret Davis JUDY-181854 and Lucinda Ann JESSE-181855.

Spouse: Riley VETTE-181895. Docia Catherine JUDY and Riley VETTE were married about 1899. Children were: George VETTE-181896, Lilly VETTE-181897, Roxie VETTE-181898, Clyde VETTE-181899, Edward "Eddie" VETTE-181900, Lee VETTE-181901, Dorothy "Dolly" VETTE-181902.

Dollie JUDY2163 was born on 10 July 1867 in Missouri. She died on 9 September 1926 at the age of 59. Parents: Philip JUDY-182330 and Sarah Ann O'REAR-182331.

Living (private). Parents: Leon Michael JUDY-24252 and Thelma Mattie HADY-24209.

Living (private). Parents: Don William JUDY-181397 and Della Frances HUGHES-181425.

Don William JUDY7769 was born on 20 March 1920 in Rexburg, Madison Co., ID. Parents: Junius Victor JUDY-181238 and Nellie Jane ROYLANCE-181239.

Spouse: Della Frances HUGHES-181425. Della Frances HUGHES and Don William JUDY were married. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: Durward Gale JUDY-16703 and Sara/Sarah Ann LIPSCOMB-16709.