Adam Harness JUDY11647 was born in 1853. Parents: Martin JUDY Jr.-198335 and Christina/Christena HARPER-198336.

Spouse: Ruhama/Rhua PHARES-198944. Ruhama/Rhua PHARES and Adam Harness JUDY were married in Circleville, Pendleton Co., WV. Children were: Charlie JUDY-198945, John M. JUDY-198946, Sallie JUDY-198947, Annie JUDY-198948.

Spouse: Jennette MULLENAX-199394. Jennette MULLENAX and Adam Harness JUDY were married.

Adam S. JUDY11648 was born on 4 April 1905. Parents: Abraham S. JUDY-198614 and M. Belle HISER-198620.

Spouse: Mildred PILES-198634. Mildred PILES and Adam S. JUDY were married. Children were: Sterling W. JUDY-198792, Elton A. JUDY-198796, Mildred D. JUDY-198799.

Addie May JUDY4136,4837 was born on 15 July 1876. She died on 5 July 1927 at the age of 50. Parents: Daniel Luther JUDY-182868 and Louise Sophia BAUGHMAN-188147.

Spouse: Frederick Arthur SHAW-188151. Addie May JUDY and Frederick Arthur SHAW were married on 12 January 1900. Children were: Robert Neil SHAW-188152, Maud Isabella SHAW-188155, Alberta Loretta SHAW-188156, Leora SHAW-188157.

Spouse: (Husband of SHAW, Addie May) DONALDSON-188159. Addie May JUDY and (Husband of SHAW, Addie May) DONALDSON were married about 1910. Children were: Florence Irene DONALDSON-188160.

Spouse: Ralph SIPES-188161. Addie May JUDY and Ralph SIPES were married about 1916. Children were: Anna Merilla SIPES-188162, John Elmer SIPES-188163.

Adelia JUDY296 was born about 1844 in Adams Co., IL. She died in near Fowler, Adams Co., IL. Parents: Paris Tracy JUDY-181642 and Nancy MARKWELL-181643.

Spouse: William A. FINLEY-181955. Adelia JUDY and William A. FINLEY were married. Children were: Jefferson Davis FINLEY-181956, "Buz" FINLEY-181957, Delia FINLEY-181958.

Adeline/Adaline Eliza JUDY11649 was born on 5 September 1871 in Olney, Richland Co., IL. Parents: Harrison Loy JUDY Sr.-16680 and Lucinda Louise PETTY-16688.

Spouse: William DISHON-180691. Adeline/Adaline Eliza JUDY and William DISHON were married on 18 October 1892. Children were: Cecil DISHON-180692, Nellie DISHON-180693, Russel DISHON-180696.

Adella JUDY11650 was born on 28 March 1871 in Lawrence Co., IL. She died in October 1945 at the age of 74. Parents: Richard Lemaster JUDY Jr.-16679 and Isabell WELCH-47650.

Spouse: Marion MULLINS-107085. Adella JUDY and Marion MULLINS were married. Children were: Essie Lorene MULLINS-107086, Lena Isabelle MULLINS-107089, Olin MULLINS-107091, Emil MULLINS-107093, Robert MULLINS-107095.

Agnes Margaret JUDY4158 was born in 1917. Parents: Skillman Francis JUDY-106232 and Agnes BAXTER-106233.

Ailene/Eliene JUDY2482,9469 was born on 12 May 1910. She died on 20 July 1951 at the age of 41. Parents: Virgil JUDY-30572 and Laura B. FLORENCE-30573.

Spouse: Charles H. MCCAULEY-182080. Ailene/Eliene JUDY and Charles H. MCCAULEY were married.

Living (private). Parents: Otis Earl JUDY-106948 and Priscilla Kathryn MOORE-106956.

Albert "Bert" JUDY3370 was born (date unknown). Parents: David JUDY-103057 and Catherine WRIGHT-197388.

Spouse: (Wife of JUDY, Albert) -197437. (Wife of JUDY, Albert) and Albert "Bert" JUDY were married. Children were: Velma E. JUDY-197438, Opal Faye JUDY-197447.

Albert JUDY2158 was born on 12 April 1872 in Victoria, Jefferson Co., MO. He died on 26 June 1876 at the age of 4. Parents: John JUDY-180850 and Eliza L. SMITH-180851.

Albert Barton JUDY1060,4231,6066 was born on 2 March 1888 in near Garrett, Somerset Co., PA. He died on 5 September 1960 at the age of 72. He was a merchant in Garrett, Somerset Co., PA. Albert was a member of the Church of the Brethren. Parents: Jerome Henry JUDY-714 and Barbara Ellen BURKHOLDER-715.

Spouse: Margaret Mae ROMESBERG-757. Margaret Mae ROMESBERG and Albert Barton JUDY were married on 28 April 1910 in Cumberland, Allegany Co., MD. Children were: Charlotte M. JUDY-106859, Wilma Mae JUDY-106855, Emaline R. JUDY-106860, Regina B. JUDY-106861, Ivadene Louise JUDY-106862, Albert De Von JUDY-106857.

Albert De Von JUDY244,1060,6066 was born on 19 July 1927 in Garrett, Somerset Co., PA. He died on 12 April 2006 at the age of 78 in Meyersdale Medical Center, Meyersdale, Somerset Co., PA. He was buried on 15 April 2006 at Highland Cem. in Garrett, Somerset Co., PA.244 Parents: Albert Barton JUDY-756 and Margaret Mae ROMESBERG-757.

Spouse: Elizabeth Christner BRANT-106858. Elizabeth Christner BRANT and Albert De Von JUDY were married about 1949. Children were: Living.

Living (private). Parents: Albert De Von JUDY-106857 and Elizabeth Christner BRANT-106858.

Albert E. "Bert" JUDY11651 was born about 1873 in Adams Co., IL. Parents: James Markwell JUDY-181939 and Amanda E. MITCHELL-181940.

Alexander JUDY1885 was born on 16 December 1824 in near Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co., KY. He died on 25 May 1882 at the age of 57 in Macon Co., MO. He was buried at Friendship Baptist Church Cem. in Macon, Macon Co., IL. Parents: Asa JUDY-181629 and Mary "Polly" GOSSETT-113927.

Spouse: Nancy SMALLEY-181660. Nancy SMALLEY and Alexander JUDY were married on 8 November 1845 in Bourbon Co., KY. Children were: Matilda Katherine JUDY-181663, Mary Hannah JUDY-181664, Amanda Frances JUDY-181670, Joseph Lee JUDY-181671, Winepark Moses JUDY-181699, Sarah Meriam JUDY-181700, Asa Jacob JUDY-181710, Nancy Docia JUDY-181713.

Alexander Shelton JUDY Sr.6034 was born in 1803 in Woodford Co., KY. He died about 1868 at the age of 65. He was buried in near Nashua, Clay Co., MO. Parents: Weinbert/Wynepark/Winepark TSCHUDI (TSCHUDY) JUDY, (XXXI)-16644 and Anne TRACY-16646.

Spouse: Susan BRADLEY-181633. Susan BRADLEY and Alexander Shelton JUDY Sr. were married about 1825. Children were: William JUDY-181848, John JUDY-181849, Franklin "Frankie" JUDY-181850, Martha JUDY-181852, Garret Davis JUDY-181854, Alexander Shelton JUDY Jr.-181859, James JUDY-181863, French JUDY-181864, Docia JUDY-181868, Mary "Polly" JUDY-181870, Belle JUDY-181872, Daniel JUDY-181874, Philip JUDY-181875.

Alexander Shelton JUDY Jr.11652 was born on 7 September 1842 in Montgomery Co., KY. He died in 1926 or 1928 at the age of 84. He was buried in Burr Oak, Jewell Co., KS. Parents: Alexander Shelton JUDY Sr.-181632 and Susan BRADLEY-181633.

Spouse: (First wife of JUDY, Alexander Shelton, Jr.) MONAN-181918. (First wife of JUDY, Alexander Shelton, Jr.) MONAN and Alexander Shelton JUDY Jr. were married.

Spouse: Jennie "Jane" PENNINGTON-181860. Jennie "Jane" PENNINGTON and Alexander Shelton JUDY Jr. were married on 2 December 1875. Children were: Ora Martin JUDY-181919, Lula May JUDY-181923, Lillian Bradley JUDY-181926, Jennie June JUDY-181927, Frank JUDY-181928.

Living (private). Parents: Arthur Brice JUDY-1001 and Mary Elizabeth LYNCH-1002.

Spouse: John MATTHEWS-1004. Children were: Jennifer MATTHEWS-1005.

Alfred Isaac JUDY65,11516 was born in 1833 in Clark Co., OH. He died in 1897 at the age of 64. Parents: Joshua JUDY-16670 and Sarah Jane IRWIN/IRVIN-16671.

Spouse: (First wife of JUDY, Alfred Isaac) -106782. (First wife of JUDY, Alfred Isaac) and Alfred Isaac JUDY were married.

Spouse: Jennie WINGET-106783. Jennie WINGET and Alfred Isaac JUDY were married in 1857. Children were: Leroy Winget JUDY-106785, Charles JUDY-106786.

Spouse: Thressa ROWLAND-106784. Thressa ROWLAND and Alfred Isaac JUDY were married.

Alice JUDY4506 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Henry Seymore JUDY-186683. Alice JUDY and Henry Seymore JUDY were married. She may be a distant cousin of Henry.

Alice JUDY11653 was born (date unknown). Parents: Isaac JUDY-196920 and Elizabeth HORNBECK-197067.

Alice JUDY11106 was born in 1903. Parents: William Edwin JUDY-180864 and Alice SHEIBLE-180865.

Spouse: T. B. WILSON-180869. Alice JUDY and T. B. WILSON were married about 1928.

Alice JUDY7769 was born on 7 April 1918 in Salem, Madison Co., ID. Parents: Junius Victor JUDY-181238 and Nellie Jane ROYLANCE-181239.

Spouse: Gerald Freeman BURNHAM-181401. Alice JUDY and Gerald Freeman BURNHAM were married. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: John William JUDY II-182998 and Sara Christine BROWN-182999.

Alice M. JUDY2124,4231,11654 was born on 24 August 1875.7848 She died on 8 July 1964 at the age of 88.7848 She was buried at Berlin IOOF Cem. in Berlin, Somerset Co., PA.11654 Parents: Cornelius JUDY-710 and Henrietta Dorthea HOFFMAN-711.

Spouse: William A. MERRILL-764. Alice M. JUDY and William A. MERRILL were married on 8 July 1893.11654 Children were: Charles A. MERRILL-90262, Emma MERRILL-90260, Harold J. MERRILL-123152, Howard "Howdy" MERRILL-90261.

Alice Mildred JUDY11655 was born on 24 May 1874. She died on 29 September 1888 at the age of 14. Parents: Samuel JUDY-182865 and Amanda KARN-188105.

Alice Sarah JUDY11656 was born on 26 November 1894 in Viele, Lee Co., IA. Parents: Henry JUDY-182943 and Mary Rozena SCHOENE-182944.

Spouse: George RAPP-182953. Alice Sarah JUDY and George RAPP were married on 8 March 1919.

Aliene Baker JUDY2482 was born on 14 May 1914. She died in 1954 at the age of 40. Parents: Virgil JUDY-30572 and Laura B. FLORENCE-30573.

Allen JUDY4683 was born about 1851 in Cave, WV. Parents: Amos JUDY-197554 and Ursula SUMMERS-197555.

Spouse: Amanda WHITE-197600. Amanda WHITE and Allen JUDY were married.

Spouse: Nancy VARNER-197601. Nancy VARNER and Allen JUDY were married.

Living (private). Parents: Ethan Allen JUDY-197481 and Virginia DELONG-197482.

Living (private). Parents: Isaac Paul JUDY-186624 and (Wife of JUDY, Isaac Paul) PENNINGTON-186639.

Alma JUDY11657 was born (date unknown). Parents: Ora L. JUDY-186387 and Lillian M. POLAND-186388.

Alma JUDY2985 was born (date unknown). Parents: Herschel JUDY-197088 and Mabel GLADDEN-197091.

Spouse: John LAYTON-197101. Alma JUDY and John LAYTON were married. Children were: Gene LAYTON-197102, Margie LAYTON-197103.

Alta JUDY11658 was born (date unknown). Parents: William Moore JUDY-196930 and Nancy Ann WOOD-197151.

Spouse: Floyd I. BURRILL-197212. Alta JUDY and Floyd I. BURRILL were married. Children were: Judith Ann BURRILL-197213, Richard Lee BURRILL-197214.

Spouse: Edward FLORENCE-197215. Alta JUDY and Edward FLORENCE were married. Children were: Maxine FLORENCE-197216.

Alta F. JUDY3300 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph Richard JUDY-182375 and Pearl FURNISH-182377.

Alva Clark JUDY11659 was born on 27 March 1901 in Salem, Madison Co., ID. Parents: William Aaron JUDY-181225 and Mary Ann WARD-181241.

Spouse: Louie Dean OTTESON-181255. Louie Dean OTTESON and Alva Clark JUDY were married on 6 June 1923. Children were: Gary Alva JUDY-181358, Darwin Wayne JUDY-181359, Lynn C. JUDY-181360, Living, Living, Living.

Alva Vardaman JUDY3300 was born on 15 February 1861 in Cooper Co., MO. He died on 24 January 1944 at the age of 82 in Pilot Grove, Cooper Co., MO. He was buried in Pilot Grove, Cooper Co., MO. Parents: Jeremiah Vardaman JUDY-182327 and Lucille ALLEN-182328.

Spouse: Laura Cecelia LONG-182391. Laura Cecelia LONG and Alva Vardaman JUDY were married on 8 January 1890. Children were: Lon Hall JUDY-182392.

Alverda Margaret JUDY11106 was born about 1905. She died in 1946 at the age of 41 in Breckenridge, Caldwell Co., MO. Parents: William Edwin JUDY-180864 and Alice SHEIBLE-180865.

Spouse: Robert J. HICKS-180871. Alverda Margaret JUDY and Robert J. HICKS were married about 1928.

Alvin JUDY1883 was born (date unknown). Parents: Asa Gossett JUDY Sr.-181734 and Frances SMALLEY-181735.

Alvin A. JUDY2873 was born on 13 December 1862. He died on 3 June 1953 at the age of 90. Parents: John JUDY-103053 and Emma WISE-197327.

Amanda JUDY11660 was born in 1814. Parents: Jacob JUDY-103035 and Elizabeth HARPER-103036.

Amanda JUDY1059 was born on 20 May 1857. She lived Cherokee, IA. Parents: Joseph JUDY-69 and Harriet WALTER-70.

Amanda C. JUDY8457 was born on 21 January 1842 in near Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH. Parents: Samuel JUDY-180841 and Nancy IRWIN-180842.

Spouse: (Husband of JUDY, Amanda C.) SMITH-180846. Amanda C. JUDY and (Husband of JUDY, Amanda C.) SMITH were married. Children were: Charles SMITH-180847, Bertha SMITH-180848.

Amanda Frances JUDY274 was born on 3 April 1850 in Boone Co., KY. Parents: Alexander JUDY-181659 and Nancy SMALLEY-181660.

Amanda Melvina JUDY4683,8948 was born about 1811. She died after 1879 at the age of 68.1490 Parents: Henry JUDY Jr.-51126 and Mary CALHOUN-51129.

Spouse: George LAMBERT-76277. Amanda Melvina JUDY and George LAMBERT were married on 3 November 1831. Children were: Soloman LAMBERT-81330, William A. LAMBERT-81334, Mary E. LAMBERT-81335, John LAMBERT-81336, Winifred LAMBERT-81337, Elizabeth Jane LAMBERT-81338, Sarah Catherine LAMBERT-81339, Martha Susan LAMBERT-76278, Amanda M. LAMBERT-81340, Margaret A. LAMBERT-81341.

Amaziah JUDY1161 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jesse JUDY Jr.-106760 and Mary L. WEED-106761.

Spouse: (Wife of JUDY, Amaziah) TURNER-106776. (Wife of JUDY, Amaziah) TURNER and Amaziah JUDY were married.

Amaziah JUDY1834 was born on 20 September 1823 in Clark Co., OH. He died on 10 October 1898 at the age of 75 in Plattsburg, Harmony Twp., Clark Co., OH. Parents: John JUDY Jr.-16661 and Lydia HULL-105448.

Spouse: Hope Ann "Hopy" NICHOLSON-105452. Hope Ann "Hopy" NICHOLSON and Amaziah JUDY were married on 20 March 1844. Children were: William Herbert JUDY-106335, Nettie JUDY-106255, Gertrude Rachel JUDY-106282, Frances Minerva JUDY-106257, Stella Louise JUDY-106337.

Ambrose JUDY2985 was born (date unknown). Parents: Isaac JUDY-196920 and Elizabeth HORNBECK-197067.

Ambrose B. JUDY11661 was born on 31 July 1842 in Mill Creek, Hardy Co., WV. He died on 22 March 1936 at the age of 93 at Lake View Hospital in Danville, Vermilion Co., IL. Parents: Nicholas JUDY Jr.-103048 and Mary Ann SKIDMORE-103049.

Spouse: Mary E. STERLING-197292. Mary E. STERLING and Ambrose B. JUDY were married on 19 January 1879.