Charles L. HOOVER756 was born in 1868.

Spouse: Alma LANNING-72344. Alma LANNING and Charles L. HOOVER were married on 19 March 1887. Children were: Rollo HOOVER-72407, Verna Belle HOOVER-72408, Lura June HOOVER-72409.

Charles O. HOOVER11235,11257 was born on 2 September 1868 in Montgomery Co., OH. He died on 26 August 1935 at the age of 66 in New Lebanon, Jackson Twp., Montgomery Co., OH. He was buried at Hill Grove Cem. in Miamisburg, Montgomery Co., OH. Parents: Moses Knee HOOVER Jr.-15619 and Sarah TURNER-168974.

Spouse: Mary C. KEENER-169024. Mary C. KEENER and Charles O. HOOVER were married.

Dr. Charles Oliver HOOVER M.D.858,8899 was born on 15 July 1881 in Kansas. He died on 30 May 1973 at the age of 91 in Kansas. Parents: Isaac L. HOOVER-25908 and Mary Elizabeth STUTSMAN-34153.

Spouse: Ida May METSKER/METZKER-34164. Ida May METSKER/METZKER and Dr. Charles Oliver HOOVER M.D. were married on 1 January 1905 in Kansas. Children were: Gulah Velma HOOVER-161441, Ada Maxine HOOVER-161443, John Sylvan HOOVER-161439, Cecil Ross HOOVER-161445, Ivan Lowell HOOVER-161447, Merle Wallace HOOVER-161449.

Charles Vincent HOOVER was born in 1866. He died in 1934 at the age of 68 in Carroll Co., IN. He was buried at Hickory Grove Cem. in Miami Co., OH. Parents: Hamilton HOOVER-15832 and Cerilda LOWE-15897.

Spouse: Lulu JOH-15911. Lulu JOH and Charles Vincent HOOVER were married.

Spouse: Marietta (Mary) Ella MILLION-15912. Marietta (Mary) Ella MILLION and Charles Vincent HOOVER were married.

Charles W. HOOVER10 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lottie BRUBAKER-94681. Lottie BRUBAKER and Charles W. HOOVER were married. Children were: Elva Mae HOOVER-94679.

Charles Wilford HOOVER858,6434 was born on 21 January 1879 in Henrietta, Blair Co., PA. He died on 9 October 1940 at the age of 61 in Cross Keys, Duncansville, Blair Co., PA. Parents: John Henry HOOVER-7282 and Catharine E. REPLOGLE-33896.

Charlotte HOOVER1079,4187 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Thomas Perry FLETCHER-137986. Charlotte HOOVER and Thomas Perry FLETCHER were married. Children were: Violet FLETCHER-137979, Thomas FLETCHER-137988, William FLETCHER-137989, Elvira FLETCHER-137990, Flora FLETCHER-8552, Louisa FLETCHER-137992, Cleva FLETCHER-45711.

Charlotte HOOVER11258 was born about 1874 in Pennsylvania. Parents: David HOOVER-15873 and Elizabeth EBERLY-15880.

Charlotte Anna HOOVER164 was born on 12 January 1931. Parents: Irvin R. HOOVER-153616 and Martha STUMP-153617.

Spouse: Kenneth ESPENSHADE-153667. Charlotte Anna HOOVER and Kenneth ESPENSHADE were married on 28 August 1954. Children were: Living, Living.

Cheryl HOOVER749 was born (date unknown). Parents: Living and Living.

Christenah HOOVER2958 was born on 22 October 1804. Parents: Samuel HOOVER-186085 and Susanna SNIVELY-79928.

Spouse: Henry BEAVER-186019. Christenah HOOVER and Henry BEAVER were married.

Spouse: Daniel SNOWBERGER-186031. Christenah HOOVER and Daniel SNOWBERGER were married on 15 April 1825.

Spouse: Jacob LONGENECKER-186032. Christenah HOOVER and Jacob LONGENECKER were married in August 1849.

Rev. Christian HOOVER2784 was born (date unknown).

Children were: Mary H. HOOVER-53241.

Christian HOOVER10862 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Salley HARTLE-61119. Salley HARTLE and Christian HOOVER were married.

Christian HOOVER286,814,2662,11259,11260 was born in 1752 in Washington Co., MD.814,4521,6943 There is conflicting information concerning both his birth and death dates. There is also a birth date of 1763 mentioned. He died on 9 October 1816 at the age of 64 in Taylor Twp., Blair Co., PA.796,2684,4521,6943 Death dates of 9 MAY and 23 MAY 1817 are also given. Parents: Johann Adam HOOVER/HUBER-21913 and (FIRST WIFE OF HUBER, JOHANN ADAM)-79589.

Spouse: Anna Catherina HOUSER-7249. Anna Catherina HOUSER and Christian HOOVER were married in 1784.4521 Children were: Elizabeth HOOVER-38012, Nancy HOOVER-38014, Susannah HOOVER-38015, Jacob HOOVER-38017, David HOOVER-17865, Isaac HOOVER-1137, Christian HOOVER Jr.-38019, Barbara HOOVER-38021, Samuel HOOVER-38023, Mary HOOVER-1139, Esther HOOVER-7383.

Christian HOOVER1433 was born on 1 January 1763. He died on 9 May 1817 at the age of 54. Parents: Jacob J. HOOVER/HUBER-15197 and Anna Christina GOOD/GUTH-15198.

Spouse: Anna HOUSER-195971. Anna HOUSER and Christian HOOVER were married. Children were: Elizabeth Houser HOOVER-195967.

Christian HOOVER814,2958,6704 was born in 1767. He died on 22 June 1835 at the age of 68 in Stark Co., OH. He was buried at brother William's farm in Nemishellen Twp., Stark Co., OH. Christian was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Johann Adam HOOVER/HUBER-21913 and Catherine KRAMER-21914.

Spouse: Catherine WESOUR/WISHOUR/WISOUR-79935. Catherine WESOUR/WISHOUR/WISOUR and Christian HOOVER were married. Children were: David HOOVER-79938, Jacob HOOVER-79939, Esther HOOVER-5209, Elizabeth HOOVER-79940, John HOOVER-79941, Daniel HOOVER-79942.

Christian HOOVER Jr.796,5886 was born in 1793. He died in 1827 at the age of 34. Parents: Christian HOOVER-15245 and Anna Catherina HOUSER-7249.

Spouse: Catharine CLAPPER-38020. Catharine CLAPPER and Christian HOOVER Jr. were married. Children were: Sarah HOOVER-48387, Catharine HOOVER-48389, Mary Ann HOOVER-48391, Nancy HOOVER-48393, Jacob HOOVER-48395.

Christian C. HOOVER858,2676,7638,11261,11262 was born after 1830. He died after 1845 at the age of 15. Parents: John Puderbaugh HOOVER-7277 and Christina Brumbaugh HOOVER-7266.

Spouse: Susan D. HOOVER-7288. Susan D. HOOVER and Christian C. HOOVER were married. Children were: HOOVER-86711, HOOVER-86712, HOOVER-86713, HOOVER-86714.

Christianna/Christina HOOVER858,2676,11261,11262 was born after 1830. She died after 1845 at the age of 15. Parents: John Puderbaugh HOOVER-7277 and Christina Brumbaugh HOOVER-7266.

Spouse: Levi BENNER-7292. Christianna/Christina HOOVER and Levi BENNER were married after 1845.

Christie HOOVER6182 was born (date unknown). Parents: Guy P. HOOVER-31883 and Bertha Rebecca SAVITZ/SAVITS/SAVITTS-31882.

Christina HOOVER697,10137 was born on 8 December 1821 in Bedford, Bedford Co., PA. She died after 1849 at the age of 28. Parents: Frederick HOOVER-7252 and Catharine/Catherine BRUMBAUGH-7240.

Spouse: John HEASTON-25846. Christina HOOVER and John HEASTON were married on 20 December 1838 in Henry Co., IN. Children were: Henry HEASTON-25847, Sidney A. HEASTON-25848, Lucinda HEASTON-25849, William F. HEASTON-25850, Natthaniel HEASTON-25851.

Christina Brumbaugh HOOVER697,2224,2676,6434,7064,11261,11262 was born on 29 December 1815 in Clover Creek, Huntingdon Co., PA.814 She died on 16 May 1885 at the age of 69 in Fredericksburg, Blair Co., PA.814 She was buried at Brumbaugh Cem. in Fredericksburg, Blair Co., PA. Parents: Elder John Kramer HOOVER-4755 and Elizabeth Metzger BRUMBAUGH-4756.

Spouse: John Puderbaugh HOOVER-7277. Christina Brumbaugh HOOVER and John Puderbaugh HOOVER were married after 1830. Children were: Esther HOOVER-7278, Levi HOOVER-170087, Isaac C. HOOVER-7279, Christian C. HOOVER-7280, Elizabeth HOOVER-7281, John Henry HOOVER-7282, Martin C. HOOVER-66451, Sarah HOOVER-170088, Mary Ann HOOVER-170089, Christianna/Christina HOOVER-7284, Moses HOOVER-170090, Harriet HOOVER-7285.

Christina S. HOOVER19 was born on 20 May 1819. She is the twin sister of Anna HOOVER She died on 7 November 1889 at the age of 70 in Lancaster Twp., Huntington Co., IN. Christina was buried at Hopewell Cem. in Farmland, Randolph Co., IN.19 Parents: David HOOVER-17865 and Mary SCHULTZ-17866.

Christina/Christianna HOOVER814,1929,11237,11246,11263 was born on 10 May 1778 in Pennsylvania.2684 She died on 18 October 1856 at the age of 78 in Blair Co., PA.814,2684 Parents: Martin Good HOOVER/HUBER Sr-15195 and Gertrude KNEE-82947.

Spouse: John METZGER Jr.-20641. Christina/Christianna HOOVER and John METZGER Jr. were married in 1793 in Martinsburg, North Woodbury Twp., Blair Co., PA.198,814 Children were: Andrew METZGER-21643, John METZGER-21642, David METZGER-21641, Christianna METZGER-21649, Daniel METZGER-21648, Susanna METZGER-21647, Jacob METZGER-21650, Nancy Anna METZGER-21651, George Hoover METZGER/METZKER-21652, Elizabeth METZGER-21644, Isaac METZGER/METZKER-138707, Katharine METZGER-64016, Fannie METZGER-21653.

Christopher Kit HOOVER749 was born (date unknown). Parents: Living and Janet (WIFE OF HOOVER, LONNIE)-92581.

Christopher S. HOOVER19 was born on 19 March 1815 in Blair Co., PA. He died on 24 December 1882 at the age of 67 in Indiana. He was buried at Hopewell Cem. in Farmland, Randolph Co., IN.19 Parents: David HOOVER-17865 and Mary SCHULTZ-17866.

Spouse: Susannah WAGONER-109747. Susannah WAGONER and Christopher S. HOOVER were married on 9 December 1838 in Pennsylvania.

Cindy HOOVER3719 was born (date unknown). Parents: (Second husband of STEELE, Nellie Jayne) HOOVER-57512 and Living.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living.

Clara HOOVER312 was born (date unknown). Parents: Charles HOOVER-2284 and Amanda A. GARY-2273.

Clara HOOVER3655 was born (date unknown). Parents: George B. HOOVER-136524 and Mary SUMMERS-136525.

Clara HOOVER168 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Raymond ARTZ-203620. Clara HOOVER and Raymond ARTZ were married. Children were: Dorothy M. ARTZ-203619.

Clara Alice HOOVER6434 was born in 1871. She died in 1956 at the age of 85. Parents: John Henry HOOVER-7282 and Catharine E. REPLOGLE-33896.

Spouse: (Husband of HOOVER, Clara Alice) SHIFFLER-176634. Clara Alice HOOVER and (Husband of HOOVER, Clara Alice) SHIFFLER were married.

Clara Elizabeth HOOVER858 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lawrence K. REPLOGLE-34226. Clara Elizabeth HOOVER and Lawrence K. REPLOGLE were married on 26 May 1915 in Woodbury, Bedford Co., PA.

Clara Pearl HOOVER1995 was born (date unknown). Parents: William Isaiah HOOVER-88337 and Emma LICHTY-74031.

Clara R. HOOVER2151 was born in 1872. She died in 1959 at the age of 87. She was buried at Nettle Creek Church of the Brethren Cem. in near Hagerstown, Wayne Co., IN. Parents: John Dilling HOOVER-83109 and Elizabeth REPLOGLE-83110.

Spouse: Frank E. HAY-83115. Clara R. HOOVER and Frank E. HAY were married on 27 January 1894. Children were: Mary Elizabeth HAY-83116, Rupert Orion HAY-83121.

Clarence HOOVER4223 was born in Pennsylvania. He died in Pennsylvania. Parents: Eugene HOOVER-74814 and Anna LITZ-74822.

Clarence Martin HOOVER858 was born after 1879. Parents: Isaac L. HOOVER-25908 and Mary Elizabeth STUTSMAN-34153.

Clarence Moses HOOVER164 was born on 29 May 1901. He died on 15 July 1993 at the age of 92. Parents: Elmer B. HOOVER-153613 and Lydia Ellen HOKE-153612.

Spouse: Josephine M. WELTY-153682. Josephine M. WELTY and Clarence Moses HOOVER were married on 22 July 1935 in Ohio. Children were: Rhoda Miriam HOOVER-153685, Living, Living, Living.

Clarence Raymond HOOVER749,6152 was born on 24 October 1918. Parents: William Arthur HOOVER-19333 and Mary Catherine LUCAS-19356.

Spouse: Gladys HAZEL-92459. Gladys HAZEL and Clarence Raymond HOOVER were married in January 1940.749 Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Clatie HOOVER6152 was born (date unknown). Parents: Levi Edward HOOVER-19329 and Amelia LUCAS-19354.

Claudia Louvenia HOOVER19 was born on 7 June 1870. She died on 13 March 1957 at the age of 86. Parents: Alfred Marsh HOOVER-109757 and Wincy Ann DAWSON-109758.

Spouse: John Riley MCDOWELL-109770. Claudia Louvenia HOOVER and John Riley MCDOWELL were married on 28 July 1887.

Clay HOOVER was born (date unknown). Parents: Daniel HOOVER/HUBER-15311 and Susan "Susy" BYRKET-15404.

Living (private). Parents: Donald F. HOOVER-90532 and Living.

Clifford Carroll HOOVER858 was born after 1879. Parents: Isaac L. HOOVER-25908 and Mary Elizabeth STUTSMAN-34153.

Living (private). Parents: George Washington HOOVER-111168 and Myra Olive WILT-111167.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Connie HOOVER was born (date unknown). Parents: Fuller HOOVER-16069 and Elma A. HODGES-16153.

Spouse: Ronald POWLEY-16286. Connie HOOVER and Ronald POWLEY were married. Children were: Jena Marie Tories POWLEY-16287, Michelle Sola POWLEY-16288, Kevin Eugene POWLEY-16289.

Corda HOOVER75 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Samuel LAVY-111772. Corda HOOVER and Samuel LAVY were married. Children were: Daniel LAVY-111767.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.