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Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Helen DETWILER8067 was born (date unknown). Parents: Clayton M. DETWILER-53000 and Blanche Ethel TEETERS-53001.

Spouse: (Husband of DETWILER, Helen) CARUSO-104484. Helen DETWILER and (Husband of DETWILER, Helen) CARUSO were married.

Helen DETWILER2778 was born on 15 September 1888. Parents: Abraham DETWILER-52138 and Charlotte FRY-52139.

Spouse: Albert HETRICK-52880. Helen DETWILER and Albert HETRICK were married.

Helen Louise DETWILER922,3082 was born on 15 March 1919.3082 Parents: John Melvin DETWILER-54226 and Eva L. MALLERY/MALLORY-54227.

Spouse: Wilbur KRAMER-54251. Helen Louise DETWILER and Wilbur KRAMER were married on 5 June 1946.3082

Helen Zimmerman DETWILER132 was born on 17 February 1908 in Montgomery Co., PA. She died on 26 February 1993 at the age of 85. Parents: Harry Tyson DETWILER/DETWEILER-193183 and Anna M. ZIMMERMAN-193584.

Spouse: Robert ROBBINS-193589. Helen Zimmerman DETWILER and Robert ROBBINS were married.

Henry DETWILER2568 was born on 22 July 1845. He died on 4 October 1845 at the age of 0. Parents: Samuel DETWILER-54466 and Catharine FLUKE-54467.

Henry DETWILER1341 was born about 1860.

Spouse: Annie LEIDY-63948. Annie LEIDY and Henry DETWILER were married. Children were: Margaret DETWILER-63950, Gertrude DETWILER-63960, (Third daughter of DETWILER, Annie and Henry) DETWILER-63962.

Henry Dilling DETWILER858,922,3346 was born on 13 May 1858 in Martinsburg, North Woodbury Twp., Blair Co., PA. He died on 10 May 1928 at the age of 69 in Martinsburg, North Woodbury Twp., Blair Co., PA. He was a road repair man and carpenter. Parents: Samuel Snowberger DETWILER-8025 and Catharine B. DILLING-8017.

Spouse: Anna Mary KYLE-34034. Anna Mary KYLE and Henry Dilling DETWILER were married on 14 August 1883. Children were: Arthur Kyle DETWILER Sr.-88193, Nora Kyle DETWILER-88845, Emma Bertha DETWILER-89459, Mary Irene DETWILER-25363, Mark/Mahlon DETWILER-89528, Albert Edward DETWILER-54257, Kathryn Beatrice DETWILER-54260.

Herman Clair DETWILER1465,2654,6305,7646 was born on 9 June 1914. He was also known as Clair Herman Detwiler. He died on 24 June 1994 at the age of 80. Parents: Ezra Luther DETWILER-52578 and Pearl WICKER-52579.

Spouse: Belva Marie RHODES-78206. Belva Marie RHODES and Herman Clair DETWILER were married on 7 May 1948. Children were: Living.

Herman Edgar DETWILER1576,2000,7473 was born on 7 January 1917. He died on 26 October 1995 at the age of 78. Parents: Blandon K. DETWILER-49312 and Palmo/Calmo Odessa BRUMBAUGH-4876.

Spouse: Roberta "Betty" CAROTHERS-49452. Roberta "Betty" CAROTHERS and Herman Edgar DETWILER were married on 3 October 1936. Children were: Living, Living.

Hester Sivera DETWILER1291,2595 was born on 26 February 1920. Parents: Harrison D. DETWILER-55390 and Elsie Hester GILLAND-55391.

Spouse: Howard DICKERSON-55488. Hester Sivera DETWILER and Howard DICKERSON were married. Children were: DICKERSON-92707, DICKERSON-92708.

Homer DETWILER8525 was born (date unknown). Parents: James Garfield DETWILER-69356 and Grace COOK-69357.

Howard Bolton DETWILER5028 was born (date unknown). Parents: Andrew J. DETWILER-52207 and Anna Senora BOLTON-52208.

Howard Newton DETWILER3082,4834 was born on 18 July 1898. Parents: Jacob Kifer DETWILER-51625 and Nancy Jane FOUSE-51626.

Spouse: Grace Anna BOWERS-88165. Grace Anna BOWERS and Howard Newton DETWILER were married. Children were: Wilbur L. DETWILER-88167, Mary E. DETWILER-88168.

Hulda Louise DETWILER2778 was born on 21 August 1929. Parents: Charles A. DETWILER-52891 and Ada H. FISHER-52892.

Spouse: Carl SMITH-52982. Hulda Louise DETWILER and Carl SMITH were married.

Ida DETWILER2778 was born on 16 April 1886. Parents: Silas DETWILER-52424 and Mary MOCK-52425.

Spouse: Dorsey C. TREESE-52991. Ida DETWILER and Dorsey C. TREESE were married. Children were: Mary E. TREESE-53126, Clayton TREESE-53128, Eva TREESE-53129, (Fourth child of Ida and Dorsey C. TREESE) TREESE-53131, (Fifth child of Ida and Dorsey C. TREESE) TREESE-53132.

Ida Elizabeth DETWILER789,1465 was born on 10 February 1871 or 10 February 1872.789 She died on 17 March 1920 at the age of 49. She was also known as Isadora Elizabeth. Parents: George DETWILER-52406 and Mary Ann EASTEP-52407.

Ira J. DETWILER2784 was born on 22 June 1887. He died on 17 February 1965 at the age of 77. Parents: Isaac Teeter DETWILER-53285 and Amanda "Mandy" STRAIGHT-53286.

Spouse: Elizabeth BAKER-53312. Elizabeth BAKER and Ira J. DETWILER were married on 12 October 1911. Children were: Willis Oakley DETWILER-53853, Cletus Ellsworth DETWILER-53868, Julius Oden DETWILER-53870, Janet Lacreda DETWILER-53872, John William DETWILER-53874.

Ira Tobias DETWILER1305 was born on 10 June 1896 in Loysburg, Bedford Co., PA.9133 He died from a heart attack at work on 20 May 1949 at the age of 52 in Cresson, Cambria Co., PA.9133 Parents: Levi Franklin "Lee" DETWILER-54514 and Lorenna/Lorena HARTMAN-54515.

Spouse: Fern/Ferne B. MOCK-55195. Fern/Ferne B. MOCK and Ira Tobias DETWILER were married on 28 October 1924 in Roaring Spring, Blair Co., PA. Children were: Charles Wilbur/Wilber DETWILER-55335, Lois DETWILER-55345.

Irene DETWILER2778 was born on 12 July 1884. She died on 8 May 1960 at the age of 75. Parents: Abraham DETWILER-52138 and Charlotte FRY-52139.

Spouse: Albert S. OTT-52877. Irene DETWILER and Albert S. OTT were married on 19 September 1903. Children were: George Orville OTT-52899, Mary E. OTT-52901, Belva C. OTT-52903, Margarette OTT-52906, (Fifth child of Irene and Albert S. OTT) OTT-52908, (Sixth child of Irene and Albert S. OTT) OTT-52909.

Irvin F. DETWILER2568 was born on 23 August 1855. He died on 3 April 1891 at the age of 35. Parents: Samuel DETWILER-54466 and Catharine FLUKE-54467.

Spouse: Lydia CREPS-54510. Lydia CREPS and Irvin F. DETWILER were married. Children were: Gertrude DETWILER-54519, Preston DETWILER-54521.

Spouse: Margaret Lavenia FOREMAN-54511. Margaret Lavenia FOREMAN and Irvin F. DETWILER were married. Children were: Thora Ann DETWILER-54522, Lalura Belle DETWILER-54524, Effie May DETWILER-54526.

Isaac DETWILER1305 was born (date unknown). Parents: Samuel DETWILER-53234 and Elizabeth GEHR-53235.

Isaac Teeter DETWILER2347,2784,7860 was born on 21 June 1845. He died on 19 July 1915 at the age of 70. Parents: Daniel Snowberger DETWILER-53242 and Elizabeth TEETER-53243.

Spouse: Amanda "Mandy" STRAIGHT-53286. Amanda "Mandy" STRAIGHT and Isaac Teeter DETWILER were married in 1871. Children were: Ester Ann DETWILER-53296, Jeremiah Straight DETWILER-53298, Charles S. DETWILER-53302, (Third son of Amanda and Isaac T. DETWILER) DETWILER-53304, (Fourth son of Amanda and Isaac T. DETWILER) DETWILER-53305, Preston J. DETWILER-53306, Rosella DETWILER-53307, Alverna DETWILER-53309, Ira J. DETWILER-53311, Daniel S. DETWILER-53313, John Raymond DETWILER-53314, (Ninth son of Amanda and Isaac T. DETWILER) DETWILER-53316.

Spouse: Sadie STRAIGHT-53287. Sadie STRAIGHT and Isaac Teeter DETWILER were married after 8 February 1898.

Spouse: Loretta AKE-53288. Loretta AKE and Isaac Teeter DETWILER were married.

Living (private).1285 Parents: Living and Living.

Ivan L. DETWILER2568,2773 was born on 17 July 1925.2773 Parents: Donald Lytle DETWILER-54276 and Kathryn QUERRY/QUARRY-54277.

J. Homer DETWILER2568 was born (date unknown). Parents: John Weimer DETWILER-54476 and Martha Ann BRIDENTHAL-54477.

Jacob DETWILER8760 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lydia VANNER-67105. Lydia VANNER and Jacob DETWILER were married. Children were: Susan DETWILER-67101.

Jacob DETWILER Sr.788,789 was born in 1733 in Switzerland. He immigrated on 29 September 1754 to Philadelphia, PA on the Richard and Mary. He died on 10 March 1804 at the age of 71 in Franklin Co., PA.789

Spouse: Anna MOYER-51592. Anna MOYER and Jacob DETWILER Sr. were married. Children were: Jacob D. DETWILER Jr.-51589, Elizabeth DETWILER-55505, John Anthony DETWILER-55506, Abram DETWILER-54825, Christian DETWILER-54826.

Spouse: Mary MARADEL-51593. Mary MARADEL and Jacob DETWILER Sr. were married.

Jacob DETWILER III789,2784 was born on 30 August 1791. He died on 30 May 1875 at the age of 83. Parents: Jacob D. DETWILER Jr.-51589 and Veronica WENGER-51590.

Spouse: Katherine/Katharine WINGERT/WENGER/WENGERT-53231. Katherine/Katharine WINGERT/WENGER/WENGERT and Jacob DETWILER III were married on 14 November 1813 in Franklin Co., PA. Children were: Elizabeth DETWILER-53731, John DETWILER-54463, Jacob DETWILER IV-54464, Samuel DETWILER-54466, Michael DETWILER-54468, Fanny DETWILER-54470, Joseph DETWILER-9516, Soloman DETWILER-54472, Daniel DETWILER-54473, George DETWILER-54475.

Jacob DETWILER788,2654 was born on 18 October 1795. He died on 15 February 1838 at the age of 42 in Greencastle, Franklin Co., PA. Parents: John Anthony DETWILER-55506 and Elizabeth WENGER-51594.

Spouse: Mary Susannah WENGER-183347. Mary Susannah WENGER and Jacob DETWILER were married. Children were: Anthony DETWILER-51598, Joseph DETWILER-183349.

Jacob DETWILER3534 was born in 1812–1816. Parents: Joseph DETWILER-178043 and Catherine MILLER-178044.

Spouse: Barbara HOUSEHOLDER/HOUTSWOLDER-178046. Barbara HOUSEHOLDER/HOUTSWOLDER and Jacob DETWILER were married.

Jacob DETWILER IV2568 was born on 9 April 1820. He died on 21 March 1895 at the age of 74. Parents: Jacob DETWILER III-53230 and Katherine/Katharine WINGERT/WENGER/WENGERT-53231.

Spouse: Lydia WEIMER-54465. Lydia WEIMER and Jacob DETWILER IV were married. Children were: John Weimer DETWILER-54476, Mary DETWILER-54478, Susan DETWILER-54479, Catharine DETWILER-54480, Levi DETWILER-54481, Nancy Ann DETWILER-54482, Franklin E. DETWILER-54483, Sarah Ellen DETWILER-54484, Elizabeth DETWILER-54485, William H. DETWILER-54486.

Jacob DETWILER1200 was born on 8 March 1877. He died on 20 June 1939 at the age of 62.9140 Parents: Joseph DETWILER-52411 and Julianna BOSSLER-55762.

Spouse: Nettie Jane RUDY-55781. Nettie Jane RUDY and Jacob DETWILER were married.

Jacob D. DETWILER Jr.788,789,9135 was born in 1760. He died in 1832 at the age of 72. Parents: Jacob DETWILER Sr.-51591 and Anna MOYER-51592.

Spouse: Veronica WENGER-51590. Veronica WENGER and Jacob D. DETWILER Jr. were married. Children were: Susanna DETWILER-53228, John DETWILER-8246, Jacob DETWILER III-53230, Barbara DETWILER-53232, Samuel DETWILER-53234, Christian DETWILER-53236, Abraham DETWILER-12952, Elizabeth DETWILER-53237.

Jacob Kifer DETWILER788,2654,3082,9141 was born in 1867 in Pennsylvania. He died in 1925 at the age of 58. Parents: Joseph DETWILER-4851 and Nancy Ann KEIFER/KIFER-4852.

Spouse: Nancy Jane FOUSE-51626. Nancy Jane FOUSE and Jacob Kifer DETWILER were married. They had 5 children. Children were: Clara Verna DETWILER-112500, Howard Newton DETWILER-88166, Florence DETWILER-112504, Nettie DETWILER-112508, Mabel G. DETWILER-137649.

Jacob M. DETWILER738,1291 was born in 1846. He is the twin brother of Fanny DETWILER Parents: Abraham DETWILER-12952 and Elizabeth MARSHALL-12953.

Spouse: Mary Ann HELLMAN-60405. Mary Ann HELLMAN and Jacob M. DETWILER were married. Children were: Charles H. DETWILER-60300.

Jacob Snowberger DETWILER2784,9135 was born on 6 May 1815 in Hickory Bottom, Woodbury Twp., Bedford Co., PA.9142 He died on 20 March 1864 at the age of 48. Parents: John DETWILER-8246 and Elizabeth SNOWBERGER-8247.

Spouse: Mary H. HOOVER-53241. Mary H. HOOVER and Jacob Snowberger DETWILER were married. Children were: Moses H. DETWILER MD-53250, John DETWILER-53253, Elizabeth DETWILER-53254, Catherine DETWILER-53255, Calvin DETWILER-53256, Anna DETWILER-53258, Mary Jane DETWILER-53259, George DETWILER-53261, Susan DETWILER-53262.

Living (private). Parents: Living.

James DETWILER1114,7646 was born (date unknown). Parents: Charles L. DETWILER-52591 and Margaret ROBESON-52592.

James DETWILER265 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Verna O. MININGER-112651. Verna O. MININGER and James DETWILER were married.

James E. DETWILER2778,3826 was born on 6 January 1917. Parents: Grover Cleveland DETWILER-52988 and Fannie KENSINGER-52989.

Spouse: Elizabeth BANKS-53018. Elizabeth BANKS and James E. DETWILER were married. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living, Living.

James Franklin DETWILER1285,2654 was born on 3 January 1870 or 25 January 1872. He died about 21 December 1960 at the age of 90. Parents: William DETWILER-51616 and Anna Elizabeth HOOD-51617.

Spouse: Alice GREASER-52176. Alice GREASER and James Franklin DETWILER were married on 8 July 1894. Children were: DETWILER-78676, Emma May DETWILER-78677, Lester Charles DETWILER-78678, Harry McKinley DETWILER-78679, John Roosevelt DETWILER-78680, Mildred Eliza DETWILER-78681, Anna Elizabeth DETWILER-78682, Dorothy Lenora DETWILER-78683, Margaret Victoria DETWILER-78684.

James Garfield DETWILER8525 was born (date unknown). Parents: Samuel DETWILER-55370 and Serepta Jane LEHMAN-69348.

Spouse: Grace COOK-69357. Grace COOK and James Garfield DETWILER were married. Children were: Albert DETWILER-69358, Homer DETWILER-69359, Otho DETWILER-69360.

James Kenneth DETWILER1079,9143 was born on 18 June 1913 in Williamsburg, Blair Co., PA.789 He died on 1 May 1973 at the age of 59 in Duncansville, Allegheny Twp., Blair Co., PA.789 Parents: James Ralph DETWILER-52446 and Mary Mitchel THOMPSON-52447.

Spouse: Gertrude May HALL-45358. Gertrude May HALL and James Kenneth DETWILER were married on 1 March 1933.789 Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living, Living, Living.

Living (private).1285 Parents: Living and Living.

James Norman DETWILER1576,2000,9132 was born on 9 November 1952 in Williamsburg, Blair Co., PA. He died on 3 March 2000 at the age of 47 in Altoona, Blair Co., PA. He was buried at Fairview Cem. in Shellytown, Woodbury Twp., Blair Co., PA. Parents: Ralph Earnest DETWILER-49315 and Erma K. DICK-49316.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

James Ralph DETWILER789,1465,3822 was born on 12 January 1876 in Williamsburg, Blair Co., PA.789 He died on 26 April 1970 at the age of 94.789 Parents: George DETWILER-52406 and Mary Ann EASTEP-52407.

Spouse: Mary Mitchel THOMPSON-52447. Mary Mitchel THOMPSON and James Ralph DETWILER were married on 9 August 1900. Children were: David Luther DETWILER-52653, Ralph Elwood DETWILER-52654, James Kenneth DETWILER-45357.

Spouse: Catharine GEARHEART-52448. Catharine GEARHEART and James Ralph DETWILER were married.

Living (private). Parents: James Kenneth DETWILER-45357 and Gertrude May HALL-45358.

Spouse: Dorcuas Ann SOLLENBERGER-54731. Children were: Deborah DETWILER-54732, David Frederick DETWILER-54733, Living.

Living (private). Parents: Charles A. DETWILER-52891 and Ada H. FISHER-52892.

James Westwood DETWILER1465 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph Paul DETWILER-4854 and Anna Mae WOODRING-52383.