Carroll Families of Northumberland County
Early Carroll Families of Northumberland County, New Brunswick, Canada
Joseph E. Carroll




This will (someday) be a comprehensive exposition of all early (19th century) Carrolls who have been found associated with Northumberland County in New Brunswick, Canada.

Currently (July of 2000) five progenitor Carrolls and their wives and descendants are included here. There are approximately another dozen lines which are more fragmentary at present; these will be included as time goes by.


The author's great-grandparents, Thomas Carroll and Annastasia Fahey were married in Chatham, New Brunswick in July of 1834 (166 years ago) then migrated west through Montreal, Ottawa, Chelsea, and on to the woods of Wisconsin and Minnesota (and beyond). (This family is currently NOT included in this web page.)

The collecting of Carrolls (which has now gone on for some 10 years) is an attempt to identify any siblings of this Thomas so that this line can be carried back further and the source in Ireland identified. This attempt has so far failed, but so many Carroll lines have been mapped out that others should be given access to this information. Thus this web page.

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It will be helpful if the reader grasps that we have here more or less five separate lines of Carroll descendants. You can explore the whole lot by merely plunging into the Surnames or Index portions. If it is more in your interest to see a given progenitorís line, then here they are:

Thomas Carroll & Ann Carney, Blissfield. Tom arrived in 1827, married Ann in 1836, and had a dozen kids through the late 1850s. He was a farmer and died in 1859.

James Carroll & Mary Callaghan, Newcastle/Bartibog. James and Mary arrived in 1822 with six kids. Three of them married in the next few years but only Miles stayed into the 1851 census.

Thomas Carroll, Alnwick. A farmer, he arrived about 1807 and both purchased and was granted land on both sides of the Bartibog River. Two (the only two?) of his children, Timothy and Ellen, arrived in 1828 and subsequently married and farmed on the Alnwick side.

Patrick Carroll & Margaret ??, Hardwicke. This couple arrived in August of 1828 with three sons: Thomas, Michael, and Patrick, and possibly some daughters. Land was purchased at Bay du Vin in 1833 and at Baie Ste Anne in 1838. Patrick died in the mid-1830s and, by 1851, the sons and mother were all farming on these lands (Escuminac).

Malachy Carroll & Catherine Lowry, Grand Falls. This family started in Ireland and came to the Miramichi about 1823, having six children there through 1830. They then moved in the early 1830s to Victoria County, NB, in the Grand Falls area (Drummond?) and possibly into Aroostook County, Maine.

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