Mackay and Winder Families Genealogy

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This page is to share genealogical information gathered by members of our families over the years with those of you who share common ancestry.

     Major surnames: 


Our ancestors are primarily from Great Britain, with the Mackay line coming directly from Isle of Man to U.S., but Thomas Mackay, that ancestor, was born in County Down, Northern Ireland.  The Mackays came from Galloway, Scotland, in the mid 1600's and settled as part of the plantation of Ulster.  Tracing the family to medieval times, the family seems to have originally come from Ireland to Scotland prior to 1100.

Three of the above families are County Down, Ireland, settlers -- the Mackay (McKee) line, the Greer (Grierson) line, and the Sloan line.

The Winder family is centered in Kent and Sussex; and the Parkers, Whittakers, and Kenyons were from Lancashire.  The Pughs were settled in Herefordshire.

This data was prepared on Personal Ancestral File 5.2 GEDCOM, translated to the web by GED2HTML, version 3.6.  Additional data may be available by contacting one of us.  

As with any genealogical effort, this is a work-in-progress.  It is changed frequently.  While we have attempted to document all sources, there are many opportunities for human error and conflicts within the sources themselves.

If you have any ties to any of our family links, please let us know. We will be updating this as often as possible. If you have any additions or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to exchange GEDCOM files with you.

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