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WOW! Don't you just love going through old letters and stuff? Me too and the following material is taken from correspondence I received from 1964-1970. A little history: My Grandmother, GUSSIE TUBBS PARSONS, was 3 years old, in 1898, when someone shot and killed her father, PERRY COLIN TUBBS. And that was all she ever knew about her Tubbs family. She grew up unable to extract any information from anyone about him, his life, his death or his background. In 1960, This is how I got started in genealogy. I corresponded with anyone who might have Tubbs information, and within a year, I had learned a great deal....and 2 carloads of Tubbs relatives from Alabama, descendants of Perry's siblings, drove to Monroe, La. and visited with Gussie!! Their parents had always wondered what had happened to her after Perry was killed!! These letters, especially the ones to and from Lora Lee Layne, are filled with our latest findings, suppositions, what-ifs and Is-It-Possible-thats...just like we're all doing today! I'm not going to attempt to organize it...I'm just going to put it out here and let you have a great time with it. But please keep this in mind: so much of this information came from stories handed down through families over many generations and may or not be proven fact. I imagine that the majority of the people who wrote these letters have died, but if you know of anyone who is still living, I would love to make contact with them again! Jan Parsons Armstrong 27 August 2000

11 November 2007..here we go again!! Digging through all the old stuff and scanning more for your pleasure...hope you find something you need and want!!



Chloe Tubbs Letter 1965 Pg 1
Chloe Tubbs Letter 1965 Pg 2
Chloe Tubbs Letter 1965 Pg 3
Chloe Tubbs Letter 1965 Pg 4
Chloe Tubbs Letter 1965 Pg 5
Chloe Tubbs Letter 1965 Pg 6
The following letter was received in 1979 from Bob Blackwell of Houston. His address is on page 2 of his letter.

Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 1
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 2
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 3
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 4
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 5
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 6
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 7
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 8
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 9
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 10
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 11
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 12
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 13
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 14
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 15
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 16
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 17
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 18
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 19
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 20
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 21
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 22
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 23
Bob Blackwell Letter Pg 24

Jeremiah Tubbs, The Northern Lines

More Tubbs Miscellaneous Material

A Letter from Bruce Myers, Jasper Alabama, 1966 Old and faded and a bit difficult to read

A Letter from Pauline Gandrud to Lora Lee Layne, 1965

A Letter from Pratt Thomas to Lora Lee Layne, 1966

More Tubbs Stuff Collected in the 50s & 60s

April 21, 2001 Here's some Tubbs data from Kentucky...searching for Tubbs in KY is new for me, guess I just never thought of them being there....but, they were...ja
ESTILL CO., KY Marriages:
BARTLETT TUBBS to Jane McDowell, 29 June 1841
REBECCA TUBBS to Hiram Chaney 4 Sept 1846
#49B 99A

March 3, 2001 PLEASE NOTE: Some of these LLL letters have been grossly edited for personal writings...as our relationship grew, our letters had more and more about us and our families...those things have been removed...Jan Parsons Armstrong

24 September 2000--Today, through the generosity of Ila Smith we have new material on the CURB - TUBB families, plus some interesting old photos, one of which is a tintype of SION TUBB Enjoy!! Thanks, Jan

Photo: Curb Family With Rebecca Perry Tubbs
Curb Letter
Curb Letter page 2
Curb History
Sion Tubb & Others
Curb - Tubb Photos

from Mrs. Robert N. Mitchell, Dubach, La. 29 Jan 1965
Dear Mrs. Armstrong
I asked Mr. Mitchell's father, HILL MITCHELL, the questions you asked in your last letter. He said that PEARL TUBBS maiden name was AUTREY and happens to be his 2nd cousin. Her daughter, MRS. FRANKIE MCCALLUM lives two doors from him. CECIL TUBBS, a son, has a mercantile store in Hico, La. The father was DAVE TUBBS. Dave Tubbs' sister, BELL, married a PILGREEN. There is a DR. PILGREEN, Baptist preacher in Shreveport, that originally lived in that neighborhood. Mr. Mitchell couldn't recall any of the other Tubb names you mentioned or anything about them being shot and killed.
Mr. Hill Mitchell has suggested that I hand Mrs. McCallum your letters and he feels that she is a type of person who would be interested and who would know more of the information. She is a bookkeeper for Trammell Lumber Company in Dubach.
Sincerely, Mrs. Robert Mitchell

From Lora Lee Layne, Waco, Texas 25 Nov 1964..letter #2 for this date
Dear Jan,
I got a letter from Mr. Hobson today. He says of the Perry County MCRAEs: Auntie McRae was the mother of Emma, Louisa, James, Kit and Mary. Auntie was a school teacher. Hobson's grandmother was Emma McRae Hobson. James and Kit each married and moved to Ark. around 1885. Hobson does not know who James married, but Kit married a Judkins. They lived in the area of Hot Springs and went to Ala to visit about 1890. Mary McRae married a Rutherford, he died and then she married a Holifield. Louisa married John Tubb Note: Louisa McRae and John Tubb were the gr gr grandparents of Jan Parsons Armstrong There was a Sarah Elizabeth McRae who married William McLean in Jan. 1845 in Perry Co., but Hobson did not know who she was or where she fit in. I believe she was my gr grandmother Hays. She was born about 1825 and she died in 1882 at age 56 (tombstone) I don't know what happened to her McLean husband, but my grandmother was the oldest Hays child born to her in Oct 1847, and there was a half-brother William McLean who was 2 years older than her. The 1850 census shows this family: William Hays age 61, a daughter age 15, his wife, Sarah E. age 25, William age 4 and Mary age 2 and James age 6 months. The 1870 census shows Sarah E., a widow, her youngest child age 11...and they all moved to Texas in 1878 except Uncle Jim Hays.
Mr. Hobson says there was a place called the old McLANE places in the extreme western part of Bibb County, Ala about 25 miles south of Tuscaloosa. He also has heard that Auntie McRae married Jack Hobson and moved to Miss. He says his grandfather Hobson was born in 1824 in Jasper, Walker Co., Ala. His grandfather was Elijah Hobson who married Emma McRae. Mr. Hobson and Erbie Nevin both said your gr grandfather (Perry Colin Tubbs) was killed in a saloon in 1898.
I wish I knew the birth dates of Louisa and Emma McRae. Emma and Elijah married about 1845. Elijah Hobson was closely related to Richmond Pearson Hobson, the Naval Officer during the Civil War. His bust is in the hall of the State Archives at Montgomery and he was so handsome. 7 April 2001 NOTE: According to DJ Rowe, there is no relationship between Elijah Hobson and Richmond Pearson Hobson. This is based on much Perry County Hobson research has been done by Denver Ragland. JA
I asked Erbie Note: Erbie Nevin was the son of Beedy Ann Tubb, sister to my Perry Colin Tubbs, both were children of John Tubb and Louisa McRae if he ever heard of Pinck Blackburn and wife, Mary Tubb, the dau of Rev. James Tubb and Hinson H. Tubb. He replied "yes, my grandfather John Tubb lived on the Pink Blackburn place in Perry Co. until they moved to Hale County in the early 1880s, and I rememer mother mentioning Wiley (cousin or uncle) Tubb. But I don't recall the name Wm. Kinchen Perry Tubb" He tells about the many Dockery connections in his family and said I should write to S.K. Tucker of Moundville, Ala., they are distant cousins to the Tubbs.
This is probably so disorganized you will never make heads or tails of it! Did you notice that Rebecca Perry Tubb born 1801, died 1900, 99 yrs old. I wonder who she lived with after Sion died in 1872. He was born in Tenn and she was born in SC. Sion and Rebecca married 5 Aug 1822. Their oldest children were born in Tenn and then they came to Ala between 1827 and 1829. their children:, Dolley md Wm. Holifield 10 Nov 1852, Perry Co. Sarah md. Tom Curb in 1845. Minerva married Firney Sanders 1855. William Tubb born 1840 was grandfather of Woodfin Tubb, an old bachelor in Marion, Al. Woodfin says all the above mentioned women were sisters to his grandfather.
Your John Tubb and Louisa "Eliza" McRae lived next house to my grandfather Woolley's family in 1860 in old Jerico, now Heiberger, Ala. Then in 1880 she says her parents were born in NC and John says his were too.
Love, Lora Lee

(from a copy of a letter I wrote 12 May 1965 to Lora Lee Layne. LLL was an avid Tubb/Tubbs researcher. She died about 1979 in Waco, Tx.)

"Mildred Watkins sent this cemetery data from the Cemetery at Auld's Chapel, 1/4 mile off highway in Ward 6, Ouachita Parish, La. 'MARY J TUBB, wife of S. G. WINNINGER, 5 Jan 1827 - 1 Aug 1896'
Miss Lela Farrar said that her grandfather, BEN TUBBS, b. 15 Dec 1834, Ala came from Ala to Ark. 'when he was 21 years old' He married twice but she was not sure which one was first: SUSAN PIERCE AND NANCY WOMBLE BROWN. She does not know who the mother of the children was, and the children are: WILLIAM "BILL" born 2 April 1866, Rawls, Ashley Co., Ark., died 1896, md. KATE HOLEMAN (HOLMAN?) ETHEL BORN 10 aUG 1867, Rawls, Ashley Co., Ark., died 22 Dec 1892, married JAMES T. FARRAR. FRANK b 21 Aug 1871, Rawls, and died unmarried, no death date. She knows of only 1 brother who came with him, SAM TUBBS. Ben stayed in Ashley Co., Ark but Sam moved 'across Bouef River' into La. and 'a bunch of Uncle Sam's people still live around Jones and Bonita'(Morehouse Parish) She said her grandfather, Ben, referred to WILLIAM RUFUS TUBB, as a 1st or 2nd cousin.
CHLOE TUBB, wife of SAM, in Bernice wrote that 'BILLY TUBB and his brother BEN came to La. from Perry Co., Ala sometime between 1855 and 1860. Billy and his oldest sons were in the Civil War and some of the sons were killed in the war, but, Billy, the father returned home and did not live much longer after that. Billy ad a son, GEORGE TUBB, who moved to Prescott, Ark. (Navada Co.) and lost contact with Billy and the rest of the family. Recently, a BENJAMIN F. TUBBS, age 87 was located living in Big Spring, Tx. Benjamin F. is the son of George and he said that George was killed in Prescott, Ark. in 1880 when Benjamin was only 3 years old. Billy had other sons, JOHN who was the father of the RICHARD PERRY TUBBS in Shreveport and SAM in Bernice. RICHARD PERRY TUBBS md. SAMANTHA TINGLE and both are buried near Hornbeck, La. RP and Samantha may have had many children, I only know of DEE TUBBS who lives in Junction City, Ark. Billy had 7 sons and I don't know how many children George had.' Chloe's husband Sam was born on Dec 1, 1900.
There was a WILLIAM RICHARD TUBBS, b 1 July 1867, d 26 July 1927, buried Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Newbern, Ala.
ELIZABETH E. TUBB, wife of J. B. TUBB, SR. b 17 Dec 1828, d 8 June 1887, buried Shiloh Cemetery, 5 miles east of Bernice, La.
and buried right next to her is NETTIE J. TUBB, wife of J. B. TUBB, JR. b 6 Sept 1865, d 17 Jan 1885...but no sign of JB, Sr. and JB, Jr.

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Letter from W. E. Hobson, Jr. Perry Co., Ala. 1964
My first letter from Lora Lee Layne September 1964
My first letter from Lora Lee Layne September 1964, page 2
Layne Letter 25 Nov 1964
Layne Letter 25 Nov 1964
Layne Letter 25 Nov 1964
Layne Letter
Layne Letter Pg 2
Sorry, page 3 is illegible when scanned, so I will transcribe it
Mr. Wade Tubb, Woodville, Texas also member S. A. R. on George Tubb, Sr. D. A. R. National #462185--Miss Stella Tubb

Children of Elisha Floyd Tubb and Bethenia Lane Mitchell:
Susan Elizabeth Tubb, b 1 Dec 1827 md. a Reed
Cemantha Isabella Tubb, born 5 June 1830 md. Rhodeham Yoe
Richard Washington Tubb born 3 Feb 1832 md. Ester Hanna
Note by LLL: Think he was great grandfather of E. W. Tubb of Woodville
Sarah Jane Tubb born 16 Sept 1834 md. a Colbert
George Hanson Tubb born 25 Mar 1837
Elisha William Floyd Tubb born 12 Aug 1839, d. age 9
David Jefferson Tubb, born 22 Mar 1843
Horatio James Monroe Tubb, born 30 July 1845father of Stella Tubbmd. Nannie A. Tubb, born 6 Sept 1845, daughter of Rev. Jesse Tubb. Rev. Jesse Tubb was brother to William Tubb who md. Mary Proctor
Leonidas Tubb born 3 Dec 1847
Elisha Floyd Tubb born 15 Feb 1853
Elisha Floyd, Sr. died 2 Dec 1862, age 57.
Bethenia Mitchell Tubb died 8 Feb 1875, aged 68, died at home of Horatio and Nannie Tubb.
Layne Letter Pg 4
Layne Letter Pg 5
Layne Letter Pg 6
Layne Letter
Layne Letter
Layne Letter
Layne Postcards
Copy of a letter I wrote
Alabama Information from Lora Lee Layne
Alabama Information from Lora Lee Layne, Page 2
Alabama Information from Lora Lee Layne, Page 3
Layne Letter 1964 Page 1
Layne Letter 1964 Page 2
Layne Letter 1964 Page 3
Layne Letter 1964 Page 4
Layne Letter 26 Sept 1964
Layne Letter 26 Sept 1964 Pg 2
Layne Letter 14 Oct 1964
Layne Letter 14 Oct 1964 Pg 2
Layne Letter 14 Oct 1964 Pg 3
Layne Letter 14 Oct 1964 Pg 4
Layne Letter 27 Oct 1964
Layne Letter 27 Oct 1964 Pg 2
Layne Letter 5 Nov 1964
Layne Letter 5 Nov 1964 Pg 2
Layne Letter 5 Dec 1964
Layne Letter 5 Dec 1964 Pg 2
Layne Letter 17 Dec 1964
Layne Letter 17 Dec 1964 Pg 2
Layne Letter 22 Dec 1964
Layne Letter 18 Jan 1965
Layne Letter 29 Jan 1965
Layne Letter 5 Feb 1965
Layne Letter 8 Aug 1965
Layne Letter 8 Aug 1965 pg 2
Layne Letter 22 June 1966
Layne Letter 22 June 1966 pg 2
Layne Letter 15 Nov 1966
Layne Letter 15 Nov 1966 pg 2
My notes from one of Lora Lee Layne's Letters
Layne Letter 11 Nov 1965
Layne Letter 7 April 1965
Layne Letter No Date 1
Layne Letter No Date 2
Layne Letter No Date 3
Layne Letter No Date 3 pg 2
Layne Letter No Date 3 pg 3
Layne Letter 8-31-65
Layne Letter 8-31-65 pg 2
Layne Letter 8-31-65 pg 3
Layne Letter 9-16-65
Layne Letter 9-16-65 pg 2
Layne Letter 4-11-67

Genealogy of Sion Tubb
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Genealogy of Sion Tubb Page 2
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Genealogy of Sion Tubb Page 6

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