The Vanbruggens

Henry Van Bruggen born 1879 Netherlands, died 1945 El Paso, Texas

His wife, Cornelia "Nellie" Boersema Van Bruggen born 1882 Chicago died 1968 El Paso, Texas

Their daughter, Anna Cozette Van Bruggen Armstrong born 1912 El Paso died 1994 El Paso. She is the mother of my husband, Robert C. Armstrong, Jr.

Johns Family

Top: Charles Augustus Johns born 1885 Columbia County, Ark. died 1926 Bienville Parish, La.

His wife, May Jane Moore Johns born 1891 Bienville Parish, La. died 1931 Bienville Parish, La.

His father, James C. Johns born 1851 Alabama died 1910 Columbia County, Ark.

The little girl in May's arms is their first child, Sidney born 1908

Middle: Charley and May Moore Johns

Right: Charley and May Moore Johns, problably wedding picture.

Bottom Left: Mary Marzee Johns born 1917 Bienville Parish, La. died 1977 El Paso, Texas and her daughter, me again!!

Bottom Right: Roy Binford Johns born 1913 son of Charley & May Johns

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