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Descendants of William Parsons

First Generation

1. William Parsons was born about 1570 in of Beaminster, Dorsetshire, England. He died - 19 Mar 1654 in Beaminister, Dorsetshire, England. He was buried in St. Mary's, Beaminister, Dorsetshire, England.

English Ancesters
WILLIAM PARSONS of Beaminster, Dorset, England
Nothing is known of William Parsons before he married Margaret Hoskins in St. Mary’s Church on the 15th of November 1602. The name Parsons does not appear in any of the town records until the late sixteenth century. Based on St. Mary's records there were other people named Parsons/Persons living in Beaminster before 1602. What is not known is their relationship with William Parsons. (A statement in a letter written by Rev. Jonathan Parsons, indicated his Grandfather, Benjiman (son of William) might have came from Great Torrington or Tiverton, Devonshire, England. However, there are no records to support this statement. We know that Benjamin was born in Beaminster and his father and mother were married there. There are no known records of William's birthplace.)
Margaret Hoskins was born in Beaminster, about 1584, her father was Robert Hoskins, glover, by an unknown wife..
NOTE: There were two Robert Hoskinses living in Beaminster at the same time, viz., Robert Hoskins, glover, and Robert Hoskins, tanner. The latter did not have a daughter Margaret as proved by his will. The tanner's first wife was a Margaret.
William apparently met Margaret in Beaminster and they were married in St. Mary’s Church on the 15th of November 1602. No record of his age or occupation has been found, but most likely he was a husbandman. They and their children, William, Thomas, Christopher, Mary, Joseph & Benjamin, lived in town on East Street. William and Margaret died in Beaminster and are presumably buried in St. Mary’s Churchyard (no records exist to support this).
According to the Bishop of Salisbury Transcripts (1585-1638), William and Margaret had the Vector baptize their known children at St. Mary’s Church in Beaminster. The transcripts also list Anne Persons being buried on 11 January 1591/92, Thomas Persons & Alice Colles being married on 28 September, 1593 and Avis Persons & John Collins were married 28 April, 1594 in ST. Mary’s Church. This shows that others with the name Parsons/Persons were in Beaminster prior to William’s marriage. William named his second son Thomas. Was the Thomas that married in 1593 related to William?
William PARSONS (Sr.)
BIRTH: ABT 1576, England (No record or proof)
DEATH: BET 19 Feb. - 19 Mar. 1653/4, Beaminster, Dorset, England
BURIAL: ABT 1653, St. Mary’s, Beaminster, Dorset, England
Wife: Margaret (Margret) HOSKINS
BIRTH: ABT 1580, Beaminster, Dorset, England
DEATH: 15 April 1655, Beaminster, Dorset, England
BURIAL: 1655, St. Mary’s, Beaminster, Dorset, England
MARRIAGE: 15 Nov 1602, St. Mary’s, Beaminster, Dorset, England
Their Children:
1. William PARSONS, baptized 28 Oct 1604
2. Thomas PARSONS, baptized 08 Feb 1608/9
3. Christopher PARSONS, baptized 06 Dec 1612
4. Mary PARSONS, baptized 28 Sep 1617
5. Joseph (Cornet) PARSONS, baptized 25 Jun 1620
6. Benjamin (Deacon) PARSONS, baptized 01 May 1625

William married Margret Hoskins daughter of Robert Hoskins and Margret on 15 Nov 1602 in Beaminster, Dorsetshire, England St Mary's Church. Margret was born about 1584 in Beaminster, Dorsetshire, England. She died on 15 Apr 1655 in Beaminister, Dorsetshire, England. She was buried in St. Mary's, Beaminister, Dorsetshire, England.

They had the following children:

  2 M i William Parsons was christened on 28 Oct 1604 in St. Mary's, Beaminister, Dorsetshire, England.
  3 M ii Thomas Parsons was christened on 8 Feb 1608/1609 in St. Mary's, Beaminister, Dorsetshire, England.
  4 M iii Christopher Parsons was christened on 6 Dec 1612 in St. Mary's, Beaminister, Dorsetshire, England.
  5 F iv Mary Parsons was christened on 28 Sep 1617 in St. Mary's, Beaminister, Dorsetshire, England.
+ 6 M v Cornet Joseph Parsons
+ 7 M vi Deacon Benjamin Parsons

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